Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Are you wondering what the best hospital grade pump on the market is? When you think of a hospital grade pump, you might be thinking of a big, bulky machine, perhaps one that's wheeled around on a stand. Although that may be the case with some brands, here at Spectra we've endeavoured to bring you the best hospital grade breast pumps with modern design and simple interface. Continue reading to learn more about the best hospital grade breast pump on the market.

Do I need a hospital grade breast pump?

Before you consider purchasing a hospital grade breast pump, you should consider whether you need one. A hospital grade pump will have a more powerful motor which is better suited for some pumping situations. You should consider buying or renting a hospital grade breast pump for the following situations...
  • If you're relying on your breast pump to build and maintain milk supply - perhaps your baby is in the NICU, or you're wanting to induce lactation.
  • If you're exclusively expressing, or pumping 8 or more times per day.
  • If you're pumping for more than one baby - perhaps you're pumping for twins, or donating milk.
  • If you have an older baby you have been breastfeeding and are just starting to pump (it's harder to get used to pumping as your baby gets older, so you might do better with a hospital grade breast pump).

If none of those points resonate with you, a personal grade breast pump might be suited for your situation. Perhaps you only plan on pumping once or twice each day, or just want one to have for occasional use. Of course a hospital grade breast pump would never hurt in any situation, but personal grade pumps are less expensive. If you're wondering which breast pump is best for you, get in touch with us and we can help you decide :)

Spectra S1 hospital grade double electric breast pump with rechargeable battery is powerful enough to build and maintain milk supply.

What is the best hospital grade breast pump?

At Spectra, we use the term 'hospital grade breast pump' to describe our most powerful breast pumps - the Spectra S1, Spectra S2, and Spectra Dew 350. These pumps are packed with the most powerful motors with longer motor life and vacuum strength capable of reaching up to 350 mmHg. We've designed these pumps for the long haul, and are proud to offer them at an affordable price - you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars for a quality hospital grade breast pump.

The Spectra S1 (left) and Spectra S2 (right) are two of the best hospital grade breast pumps on the market.

Best hospital grade breast pump

The Spectra S1 is the best hospital grade breast pump on the market. This closed system breast pump comes with all the features you need out of a hospital grade breast pump, plus a few extra features that are uniquely Spectra. With the Spectra S1 comes...
  • An inbuilt rechargeable battery with 2.5 hours of battery life.
  • Whisper quiet pumping, allowing you to pump confidently near your sleeping baby.
  • Night light with 2 brightness settings to make breast pumping at night easy.
  • Powerful, adjustable suction topping at 320 mmHg - much stronger than other hospital grade breast pumps on the market.
  • Inbuilt handle enabling you to comfortably carry around your breast pump.
  • Fully adjustable program: adjust suction level and cycle speed independently.
  • Massage mode to stimulate milkflow.
  • Inbuilt timer and easy to read display.

The Spectra S1's unique features including an inbuilt rechargeable battery, whisper quiet motor, and night light are what make it the best hospital grade breast pump on the market.

Other Spectra hospital grade breast pumps

The Spectra S1 is our best hospital grade breast pump, but that doesn't mean we're skimping on the quality of our other pumps. A great alternative to the Spectra S1 is the Spectra S2. Aside from the difference in colour, the only other difference is that the Spectra S2 does not have an inbuilt rechargeable battery - if you don't need the mobility of the battery, this is a great way to save quite a bit of money while not compromising any features. Just be sure to set up your breast pump in a comfortable area with access to mains power.

Another great hospital grade pump is the Spectra Dew 350. It doesn't have the fully customisable features of the S1 and S2, but it does have adjustable vacuum strength topping at 350 mmHg - the most powerful hospital grade pump on the market. This pump is fantastic for new mums wanting to build and maintain milk supply. If you're not sure if the Dew 350 is the best hospital grade breast pump for you, get in touch and we can help!

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