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Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery

$379.00 $303.20

S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump is a hospital grade breast pump with all the features of the S2 including highly adjustable settings to suit your body, nightlight and more with the brilliant addition of anΒ inbuilt rechargeable battery. Comes with complete double kit for double pumping.

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Finally, the S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery is available. Providing all the features of the S2, with the addition of an inbuilt rechargeable battery. This means that you are now able to benefit from the efficiency, power and performance of a hospital grade breast pump, without compromising on portability.

  • Super quiet
  • Closed system – hygienic for you and baby
  • Night light & timer
  • Everything you need for double pumping
  • Powerful, adjustable suction
  • Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body
  • Slow-flow teats suitable for newborn feeding
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery

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  • Spectra S1 main pump
  • Wide neck breast shield (24mm size) x 2
  • Bottle x 2
  • Slow flow soft teat x 2
  • Tubing x 2
  • Disc x 2
  • Cap x 2
  • Backflow protector x 2
  • Duck valveΒ x 2
  • Power adaptor

All components in contact with your milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum range 0 ~ 300 mmHg
  • Cycle length 38-54 RPM
  • Weight – 2kg
  • Two years Warranty
  • Powered by mains
  • Motor life 1,500 hours
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Certification CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
Weight 2 kg
Vacuum strength


Letdown mode

Cycle speed



Double kit


  1. I recently purchased the spectra S1 after the birth of my second child and I could not be happier. I was originally using the Medela swing and was not expecting anywhere near the volume I am able to using the spectra pump. Highly believe the battery lasts much longer than the suggested time in the manual. Highly recommended.

  2. I recently purchased the S1, the pump is fantastic! Customer service has been great and the pump was delivered on the next business day!

  3. Best Pump. Easy to use, really easy to clean. Love the portability of the battery, and long battery life. Connects easily to the advent storage containers which is easy for reusable storage. Advise any new owner to measure nipples properly to get the right flange to fit. Highly recommended.
    Bottles/teats that come with the machine are great too. My fussy bub took one without issue!

  4. I was recommended the S1 by friends who have been using the Spectra pumps for 2 years. I was not disappointed. The unit is compact and user friendly. We had a power outage yesterday and it did not affect my pumping due to the handy battery function. I am already recommending to other new mums.

  5. Best pump I have ever used and it arrived super fast! I recommend it to everyone.
    Only downside is I wish you could stop pumping but continue to use the timer, as that would make it easier for power pumping.

  6. Very good and handy product ,started pumping since discharging from the hospital, better than the one we used in the hospital. The timer and nightlight are really handy! Also the rechargeable battery makes the life so much easier.

  7. Great product – quiet, portable and easy to use. The range of settings is fantastic as I can ensure that I am getting the most out of each session. The customer service was also fantastic, and they were able to answer all of my questions along the way.

  8. Quiet, strong and reliable. What more could you want? Oh yeah, a light! Great product. Thank you

  9. After attempting and failing to keep my milk supply while exclusively expressing with the Medela Freestyle I decided to try the S1. What a difference between the two pumps. My milk supply is increasing now I have the S1, something that hasn’t happened before.
    The customer service has been incredible as well. I now tell all my pregnant friends not to waste their money on other brands and go straight for the spectra pumps.

  10. Firstly the customer service is excellent, very prompt with getting back to you with any questions or concerns. I researched many pumps and had another brand and when I got my spectra was extremely happy with it! Double pumping feature makes it quick and efficient specially when exclusively pumping. Would definately recommend this pump!!

  11. The pump is amazing! i exclusively expressed because of this pump for 10 whole pumps managing to feed my son for 14 months! highly recommended and ill tell anyone that listens, spectra is best!

  12. This pump has been a life changer abd enabled me to reach 9 months (and counting) of exclusive pumping. It’s so portable and lightweight. Prior to buying the S1 I was renting a bulky hospital grade pump and the spectra has outdone it in every regard, most importantly in boosting my supply.
    Would, and often do, highly recommend.

  13. I LOVE my S1. It is such a great pump! It’s gentle, quick, and quiet. I like that it comes with a rechargeable battery, I don’t feel as if I’m attached to the wall. When I used to pump I would for 30-45 minutes just to get a decent amount of milk. I’ve never pumped for more than 20 minutes with my Spectra. I’ve had it for less than a week and have 800 ml for my stash and this is after feeding my daughter. I only pump about 3 time a day now rather than after every feed. I highly recommend this S1 and the customer service is amazing!

  14. Love love love my spectra s1! So much gentler but with the same if not better suction… I wasted over $500 hiring a medela symphony which in the end I wasn’t able to pump anything and thought my milk was finished only to buy this pump and get 110mls!! Cannot reccomend it enough it’s so much better then the medela symphony also quieter and much more portable can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner

  15. So happy with this purchase! I pump 6-7 times a day so convenience and comfort are of utmost importance to me. This pump is so much more effective than the old Medela Symphony I was using, even though they are both hospital-grade. I get heaps more milk. I’m so glad I got the S1 as it is so compact and portable. Not only is it so easy to pick up and take upstairs/downstairs at home, but I have also been able to pump while in the car. I also love the night light and timer. My only criticism would be that I wish the cycle would automatically change from let down mode after 90 sec, as I sometimes forget to change it manually.

  16. I’m an exclusively pumping mum and this pump has made pumping so much more enjoyable. It’s comfortable, quiet and efficient in emptying my breasts. Ticks all my boxes! Also the customer service is excellent! Love the support and prompt responses from the spectra team! Good work!

  17. This pump is really good and at an affordable price. I have recommended it to a few friends. I love being able to be mobile when pumping if needed!

  18. After lots of research I chose the spectra S1. I needed a reliable pump to help build my supply, in a week i was pumping an extra 60ml and my bub was satisfied. Also love the portability!

  19. I recently purchased the S1 due to it being highly recommended by a friend and it is the best thing I ever did! Going back to work soon I need to start storing some milk and this pump makes the process to qucik and easy and is very pleasant to use.

  20. Love the portability & love the night light.

  21. I decided to give this pump a go after receiving recommendations from friends and reading through the really good reviews on the website. It’s super quiet indeed, and I love the fact that I can customise the vacuum and cycle settings according to my own needs. The Spectra team has also been really good with their customer service. Any messages/questions I sent via Facebook were responded to within a couple of hours. I would highly recommend the S1!

  22. I did a lot of research to find the perfect pump and I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s super quiet, very efficient and I love that it’s a closed system. The customer service so far has been amazing!

  23. I purchased this pump just a few weeks ago, and so far I can not fault it! I love that this pump has the let down mode along with being able to control your suction. The Delivery was so quick, and the Spectra team have been so wonderful and have responded and helped me with any inquires i had about the pump. overall I would highly recommend the S1 to any mum.

  24. I love this pump. very convenient , with the built in battery no need to plug in . I can do pumping in any place at home.

    Should have ordered this earlier , but I didn’t know that this product is existing previously , thanks to product review website was able to get to know this amazing product.
    The customer service team is very friendly and replies very promptly. Delivery also very quick,next day delivered.

    I will highly recommend this Spectra S1 pump to all the mums.


  25. I did a lot of research before choosing the spectra pump. Customer service has been great, love the chat feature.

  26. I couldn’t be happier with my S1 breast pump. I purchased the pump in preparation for when I return to work and I feel so relieved knowing this is certainly one aspect that I will not need to stress about.
    I was also really happy with the customer service I received, as I incorrectly ordered the wrong breast shield size. They refunded the item so I could place my order again. Very friendly, helpful and prompt customer service.
    I would highly recommend this pump to all friends and family!

  27. Absolutely love this pump. Highly recommend it, more than 100% happy with it. Super quick delivery too! After trying two other pumps prior to purchasing my Spectra S1, I will never look back. The customer service is absolutely fantastic and very helpful with tips on boosting my milk supply. My emails and messages were responded to extremely quickly, even over the weekend!

  28. 100% recommend this pump. It is powerful, quiet, portable and convenient – everything you could want in a pump! Was a saviour when my bub was in hospital and i had to pump to keep my supply. I love that it doesn’t need to be plugged in to use it, and the nightlight is very handy for those nighttime pumps.

  29. Definitely recommend this pump. Hospital grade which maximize the supply. Just recommended to my friend who used medela before, she is now so happy with this pump as the supply has increased dramatically. Quiet and easy to use at night, though bit big in size but not an issue.

  30. I just purchased this pump, I haven’t yet received it. But wanted to write a review about the customer service. The customer service is amazing, I accidentally made an error with my order, they refunded my money so that i could place order again correctly. So happy! Cant wait to receive my pump!

  31. Absolutely love this pump. Quiet, versatile and convenient.

  32. LOVE this pump. Ive had friends who have had so much trouble and time wasted trying to pump with other brands including medela but honestly 10 minutes with Spectra just one time every day is all Ive needed to get a good stash of milk for the freezer for my baby. I get about 100 ml in 5 minutes. I bought the double electric but I now only pump one side so I can eat my breakfast and play with my baby with my other hand and it works a treat for me! Theres 10 strength settings but I only need to put it on level 2 or 3 (10 being the highest) to get the milk flowing. I pump straight into another brand bags and pop them straight into the freezer. I’m really happy and would recommend the Spectra pump to very new mum. I like just whacking the plastic bits in the dishwasher for use the next day too.

  33. After months of using a Medela Symphony and not loving my results, I came across Spectra S1 and I can say that I’m not looking back. Really would recommend to any mother wishing to pump.

  34. I bought S1 breast bump few months ago after doing a lot of research and listening to my close friends who also love this pump. The S1 pump is quiet, easy to use and the timer and let down (massage) mode are handy useful functions. Baby not born yet but the product seems very good so far! I will recommend my friends buy this one as well.

  35. The S1 unit has been great. My partner has had an easier time transitioning back from hospital to home with improved production and efficiency in expressing when compared to a Medela unit used with our first baby. Only issue was having one of the bottles plastic pieces breaking within the first month of use but admittedly it was dropped on the tiles in the kitchen. Lucky there’s a $20 review bonus!

  36. Great pump that can be tailored to suit every mum and super fast delivery! Was delivered the very next morning. Importantly great customer service – fast response from spectra-baby with detailed and honest answers. Very quiet also.

  37. Upon a lot of research I purchased Spectra S1 before my due date because there was a discount offer. I am back to add a review after I used this product for more than two months.

    First of all, it is a great product. The battery can be charged fully very shortly and used for long hours. The pumper help me a lot for stimulating breastmilk. After using the pumper twice a day for two months I can breast feed my baby without any infant formula. Please be confident to breast feed your baby because you can definitely produce enough breast milk for your baby after efforts. I had little breast milk when I was in hospital. Taking infant formula made my newborn baby felt very sick within the first month. Thanks for S1 helping me produce enough breast milk for my baby finally.

    Secondly, the customer service is great. The product itself performs very well. I contacted the customer service because I lost my password of my online account when I decided to come back to add a review. I emailed the customer service and got a very quick and detailed response.

    Upon my experience, I will recommend Spectra products to my friends in the future.

  38. Ordered it after the baby was born and the pump arrived the next day … πŸ™‚ .I love this pump so much because the battery lasts so long and gets more milk out than any other pump. 100% recommend it . Very happy with it

  39. I absolutely love my new S1. Very powerful and also gentle on the nipples. I just bought mine a few weeks ago. Wish I had known about the S1 earlier. I wasted so much money on the Meleda Freestyle which did not do the job.

  40. I haven’t really used it yet since baby still isn’t due until October. However, the postage was fast, it’s very cute and their customer support is very friendly and they reply quickly.

  41. After reading so many reviews from all over the US, Australia and NZ this product definitely sounds like the crowd favourite and I knew that I had to get my hands on it! I’ve still got sbout 10 weeks till my little princess is due but I couldn’t resist the birthday sale! Unit looks great and powerful, I can’t wait to use it!

  42. My son was born premature at 32 weeks gestation and was too young to suckle, so the hospital advised me to get a hospital grade breast pump for expressing and building up my milk supply. I was recommended the Spectra by a work colleague and was convinced by the excellent reviews online.

    Firstly, I found the customer service to be outstanding, with next day delivery for orders placed before 1pm and speedy responses to any questions or concerns. Excellent, first class service.

    In terms of the pump ease of use, it is extremely easy to set up and operate. The backflow protectors work really well and the tubing stays dry and strong suction is maintained. It is lightweight and compact, but i haven’t yet ventured anywhere outside the house with it, it certainly can’t be transported in a handbag etc. Also, it would be nice to have a hands free bra associated with this product for more convenient double pumping, though the staff were very helpful in recommending available options.
    For my premmie baby, I think the bottles are too big and I will need to buy narrow neck bottles with the adapter when baby is ready to start bottle feeds.

    From an effectiveness perspective, I find i can express equivalent if not slightly more amounts in each sitting when compared to the Medela which is used in the hospital I was at. My main criticism would be that the pump turns on in full suction mode instead of the more gentle let down mode, and it stays at whatever setting you switched it off at. This can often be quite an abrupt and painful start and i’ve had to learn to turn down both settings to level 1 before switching pump off so that I’m not jumping in pain at the start of each feed.

    Overall though, I am pleased with my purchase and the pump is cost effective and is helping build up my milk supply. The customer service is a definite bonus and I would recommend this pump to others.

  43. Great pump. Way better then the Medela that I used at the hospital.
    Also excellent customer service and very quick responses to all of my questions.
    Thank you 10/10

  44. Was using the Medela Symphony, purchased the S1 and in in love.
    Great machine, so portable and having the battery it’s effortless to pump.
    Wish I used this machine from the start

  45. I’ve been using the spectra s1 for a month now. Its picked up my milk supply. I love how quiet it is compared to other pumps i have used. Its very easy to put together and use. It’s very comfortable to use. the night light is very handy for those midnight pumping sessions.highly recommend the Spectra pumps! certainly the best for your buck.

  46. Haven’t used the pump yet, bub’s not due for another couple months, however could not resist the birthday sale. I’ve been doing the research and this pump comes highly recommended both from online reviews and friends. Can’t wait to use it when the time comes. Delivery was fast and easy and item was perfectly packaged. Thanks!

  47. This unit is fantastic. So easy to use and super effective. I love the battery it makes it great for long trips and the light is great at night so i don’t wake up my baby. I would recommend this to anyone.

  48. This is my second baby and I knew the spectra s1 was for me as other second time mothers have all recommended this brand after trying all the competitors.

  49. I have purchased this breast pump after a lot of research. Spectra S1 is the best hospital grade pump within this price range. Love the night light and it’s very quiet compare to other brand. Shipping was very fast, very happy with my purchase.

  50. Great, quick reply from the Spectra team wheni emailed for advice. Delivery was incredibly quick of the S1 – so a very happy customer so far.

  51. I have been using this pump since I arrived from the hospital and it is working perfectly, so far so good. The built in lights are really handy during night time and the portability is just so convenient. Its also not as noisy as i thought it would be, i can pump while bub is sleeping nearby.

    I highly recommend this pump to anyone who asks me.

  52. – 24 June 2016

    It was a no-brainer when choosing a breast pump 3 weeks ago for our first baby. Heard nothing but good recommendations of the Spectra S1 breast pump from a girlfriend and on the product reviews from customers. I have been using the pump for a few days now and it doesn’t disappointment – user friendly, portable and better than the breast pump that I used at the hospital. Love it! Thanks for making my first few nights at home a little less stressful.

  53. very fast delivery and reliable.

  54. The pump arrived so quickly.
    It weighs less than I expected. Super easy to use and very quiet. This is what I should have purchased last time with a baby who wouldn’t latch!
    I would highly recommend the S1.

  55. After many issues breastfeeding my son I’ve had to make the decision to exclusively pump for him. I ummed and ahhed for weeks over which pump to buy and can’t count how many times I messaged the spectra team to ask another question. They were so helpful, incredibly prompt with replies and always happy provide extra information. I ended up buying the S1 for its versatility with the inbuilt battery and am so glad I did. I love the unique vibration feature of this pump that others dont have and find I get more output than any of the other brands ive used (and I’ve tried almost all!!). Definitely recommend spectra not only as a brilliant company but the S1 has been amazing to my pumping journey! Thanks spectra for all your help πŸ™‚

  56. I’m so happy with the S1 pump. Compared to other pumps, it’s very quiet and efficient!! The double pump feature is awesome and definitely save me a lot of time!

    I’m also happy with the customer service, it’s very prompt and helpful, the purchase is absolutely with no friction at all!

    I strongly recommend it to anyone who is still researching, this is the one you’re looking for!

  57. Very useful machine I have had. Highly recommended to all people! I will introduce to my friends who have babies.

    It is comfortable and good and convenience in use.

  58. I’m so happy with my s1 spectra pump, I was using another pump previously and it was getting very expensive to hire. I also find the massage function on the spectra makes it much more comfortable and hence I can pump for longer without discomfort. The night light and timer are such luxuries! I really love my spectra s1 and the portability is excellent also! Highly recommended

  59. I bought The Spectra 9+ when Bub was 10days old at the advice of the maternal health nurse to express in order to top up my milk supply.
    The Spectra 9+ was recommended by a friend and it was my husband that ordered it on-line. It was very easy to do and arrived within 24hrs which was amazing!
    The Spectra 9+ is perfect for me- it’s surprisingly very quick to express and the battery stays charged ( I am yet to require to charge again yet)
    I have very happy with this product and brand!!

  60. Fantastic product. After using the Medela Swing in hospital and at home for the first 2 weeks, which wasn’t expressing much at all, the Spectra S1 Breast Pump proved to be quite the opposite, with my supply increasing significantly by the end of the first day of pumping with the Spectra. The portability aspect was fantastic as it meant I could express in the baby room, my room or the lounge room. Efficient delivery and service from customer support which was also helpful. Highly recommend it.

  61. I am really happy to receive S1 before I give birth. The quality of this product is good. I will bring it with me after I go back to work, so I pick up S1 instead of S2. My friend introduce it to me when she has baby, she used other products as well, and compare them, she said Spectra is much better. I would like to mention delivery is really quick.

  62. I purchased the S1 after careful consideration. I’d previously hired expensive Medela hospital grade pumps but wanted to own mine and the price is incredibly good for the quality of this product. Shipping was very fast and communication (via email) was so quick. Very happy with the purchase.

  63. I chose this SI model after a lot of web researching and feedbacks from my friends. It’s a really good choice as double pump saves time also has more vacuum power.

  64. I bought the S1 pump after hearing rave reviews from the midwives and second time mums already using it when I was in hospital. Delivery was super fast and customer service was excellent. My twin boys are still in the NICU, and I’m making so much milk I’ve had to start storing it at home. Highly recommended!

  65. Prior to using Spectra S1 I was using another pump and had mastitus every second week! It was very frustrating and stressful and S1 helped me to resolve this. I’ve been using the S1 for 3 months now and I haven’t had an episode of mastitis. Yay!

    I also love having it at work as it makes my life much more easier to express at work. It’s easy to carry around, noise-wise is minimal, and I don’t need to look for a power point to use it.

    Customer service is tops. I’ve contacted the team 3 times and each time they always responded in timely manner and provided very helpful info to assist with my enquiries.

    Overall, a great pump, totally recommend it to others, especially mothers who are thinking about expressing at work.

  66. I love, love, love the S1 pump. I have ben using it now for 2 months and so glad I purchased it. I used the Medela symphony with my first baby which was great but cost a fortune to hire for an extended time. The S1 has been brilliant. Lighter, smaller, rechargeable and cheaper. I wished I knew about the spectra range with my first baby.

  67. I recently purchased a Spectra S1 & love it. I’m finding that I get twice as much as my other pump from a different company. Its so comfortable, quite & convenient compared to others I have used. I’m so glad I purchased this item.

  68. I love the features of this pump so easy to use as well

  69. I bought the Spectra S1 based on the great reviews on this site as well as other review websites. No regrets! Great little pump that has performed well. Easy to use and quiet. It’s definitely worth getting the battery run version as I can take it anywhere to pump. I bought it before he bubs had arrived heating how many friends also had difficulty breastfeeding in the first couple of weeks- and I’m very glad I did. Within the first week, my nipples had been damaged by the baby and having the option to pump breast milk was a relief. Thanks Spectra!

  70. Extremely quiet and easy to use pump that was able gather more milk than comparable brands. Spectra’s delivery was extremely quick and also excellent customer service. Highly recommend.

  71. Bought the S1 after using a different brand for 2.5 months. Wow!!! What a difference. My son was in NICU & I have always been encouraged to pump from the get go. Getting 100ml in 10-12 minutes without having to “milk myself”
    So happy with my purchase. I take the pump with me to work. It’s so quiet and being portable is so handy

  72. At around 5 weeks old my baby started having attachment problems and instead of completely giving up breastfeeding thought I would express instead. It’s been great takes me around 5 minutes to get 120ml. Very easy to use and the battery lasts a long time. I highly recommend this machine.

  73. I brought the spectra S1 last week after hearing such great feedback about it and have been nothing but very happy with it, it’s an incredible pump and also so quite πŸ™‚ also very portable being ran on batteries which I find very handy as it enables me to pump wherever I need to πŸ™‚ also the staff have been incredible help to me in giving me advise and information to get the best out of the pump. Would highly recommend the S1. Best pump.

  74. I bought the S1 pump after recommendations and I love it! It is much quieter and has a much more powerful suction than my previous pump. And there are fewer parts to wash! I’m very happy with my purchase – thank you Spectra!

  75. I bought the S1 after reading so many excellent reviews and I am so pleased I did. With my first born I used a single pump from another well known brand and had trouble getting more than 10ml in 40min. With this pump I get 100ml in 10min. I love the rechargeable battery option giving the flexibility to use it wherever you like, I even pumped in the car on a long trip the other day (I was the passenger!).

    The customer service is second to none. The team respond to any questions promptly and are super helpful with their replies.

    Would highly recommend pump to anyone.

  76. I’ve been really happy with the Spectra S1 pump. The fact this pump has a rechargeable battery is fantastic, really helps with a newborn when you’re constantly needing to get up and down and move around the house multi-tasking. I also love the fact the shield is compatible with other bottles. I use Pigeon wide neck bottles and whilst the kit isn’t completely compatible it still works and saves me having to use 2 different bottles at every feed. The customer support for this product has been brilliant, can’t fault the quick service and even with the product originally on backorder the communication from the Spectra team was great. Very happy with this pump and would certainly recommend it to other new mums.

  77. Other than the fact that the Spectra IS MOST DEFINITELY a hospital grade pump at a fraction of the cost, the customer service and support has been phenomenal.

    My daughter was born 6 weeks prem and began her stay in the SCN.
    After having an extremely rough time establishing and maintaining a milk supply with my 1st child when I owned both a Medela swing and a Medela Freestyle, I was extremely anxious that my milk supply would not cut the requirement of my new born especially being that she was prem – and in my opinion needed the nutrients and immunity support of breast milk so much more than a full term baby,
    The Meldela symphony pumps in the mummies feeding rooms at the SCN in the hospital worked great, but I looked into purchasing it and not only did I find I couldn’t purchase it in Australia, but even if I could it would be in excess of $4000. What a joke. I did end up finding out I could hire it at around $100-$140 per month from a pharmacy. Being that I had no choice and building my milk supply from the beginning was the most important task post birth that I had – I hired the Medela symphony from the chemist and felt dismal about the fact that I was spending HUGE money on something I could never own.
    I started to google hospital grade pumps to see what else was out there and there came across the Spectra. Then the next day I spoke to the lactation consultant at the hospital whilst bringing in milk at the SCN, I told her my pump sadness and she mentioned the Spectra. A few hours later as I sat in the mummie’s feeding room at the SCN pumping on the hospital Medela Symphony along with 3 other mums all pumping milk at the same time we all had a discussion about pumps and 2 of the other mums had also heard great things about the Spectra,…. After 3 mentions in a 24 hour period – I decided to contact Spectra to find out how I could try one out.
    Bron from the Spectra support team – WHAT AN AMAZING CUSTOMER SUPPORT ADVISOR!!! She answered all my questions and pointed me in the right directions on where I could hire the pump to try it out. (Sweet Beats) She sent me tips and hints and ensuring the most efficient use, and sent me through a quick version manual which they had put together themselves for customers to refer to – which eliminated the need to go through the full manual.
    So the next day – I hired the S2 pump which I tried side by side with the Medela Symphony – and I was amazed. Not only did the S2 pump extract all my milk faster on the side which is normally stubborn and requires extra massaging to come out, but it felt more comfortable and not so painful on the highest settings as did the Symphony. After a week of continuing the use of both pumps to be sure I was happy – I hands down picked the Spectra over the Medela.
    I was extremely happy to return the hire Medela symphony hire pump and go ahead with the purchase of the Spectra, I bought the S1 which is the rechargeable and portable version of the s2 – and I am thrilled with it. I have already taken it in the car with me twice in the last week – what an efficient use of time to pump in the car!!!
    Thank-you Spectra from the bottom of my heart – this has made something which I assumed would be most stressful into something I am proud of. Not only has my milk supply been increasing with use of this pump – but I now in 4 weeks of my daughters life have been able to more than fulfill her milk requirements with no formula and i have in abundance of 7 liters frozen in the freezer! Daily milk supply is approx 950mls vs my first child’s daily milk supply of 480 (at its best)

    My daughter has now been discharged from SCN and thriving at home and I am one very happy, breast feeding and milk pumping mummy!

  78. I bought the S1 two weeks ago after many recommendations from other multiple mums. Having newborn twins to feed, this double pump has saved me time as I can now pump in bed in the middle of the night without having to connect to a power source, and it’s relatively quiet. Prior to purchasing the S1 I was hiring another hospital grade pump for $125 a month. The S1 will pay itself off in no time!! As another review mentioned, the parts are not as high quality as some of the more expensive brands, but customer service has been great, and with a 2 year warranty, I am not concerned.

  79. I bought the S1 after speaking to a friend who has one and exclusively expresses. What an amazing product. Not only is it easy to use, it is practical, portable and cute! I love that it has a rechargeable battery. I’m so pleased that I have one and would certainly recommend the S1.

  80. Great value for money! I used to hire a Medela Symphony for $25/week, and I wish I had known about Spectra before. I get the same yield, but on top of saving money on the long run, I love the fact that the S1 is way less bulky and heavy, and has an in-built battery. The night light and the fact that both vacuum and speed can be fine tuned are great ideas. I am very happy with it.

  81. I love this pump so much. Wouldn’t get anything else. Battery lasts so long and gets 10x more milk out than any other pump. 100% worth every penny. After struggling to feed my first, i no longer have to worry about low supply issues. This pump boosted my supply so much. So happy with it.

  82. I love this pump! It is so much better than the other one i used. i get the let down quicker with the massage function and save a lot of time. I used to take 30 mins expressing, now it only took me 10 mins. :):)

  83. I have had the spectra for three days now, after using a hospital grade pump from the pharmacy. Amazingly, I am expressing the milk from the spectra just as quickly as the medela, and it is 1/10th of the price! I’m also loving that I can take the pump anywhere, and it is soooo light. I highly recommend it for anyone that is wanting to express on a regular basis (I’m using it twice daily to give my baby top ups after breastfeeding to stretch her a bit longer with feeds, and to have spare milk if we’re out for a coffee as I find it difficult to feed unless we’re on a couch!). You can tell that the parts are not quite as solidly made as other brands, but they are cheap to replace if needed, and my friend who has been using it for months daily has not needed to replace anything which is a good sign in my opinion!

  84. I have been holding out for my S1. Even before I knew I was pregnant with my second child, I knew I wanted this pump.
    I was exclusively expressing with my first child with only single electric of the other big named brand. I didn’t realise I would be expressing exclusively and thought the single would do. How much easier my life would have been had I had the S1 then!!
    I didn’t realise the importance of having a closed system then either and many times the milk flowed up through the tubing. No change of that happening with the S1.
    It’s also so much quieter!
    Customer service is absolutely fantastic as well.
    Thanks Spectra!!!!

  85. With my first born I had an Avent electric breast pump I ended up hand expressing to get more more! I just received my spectra for my second and I’m already so in love with it, it’s so quiet and easy to use and the customer service is excellent always there to help me when I get stuck and explain everything to me in a way I can understand!
    Best decision I’ve made it buying to S1 ! ?

  86. I love this pump it is so much better than my dinky Miome. I have not tried it as a double pump but I will soon.

  87. Totalky glad with my purchase of Spectra S1. Exclusive expressing and feeding mom so not sure what life would have been without a double pump. Have recommended S1 to many friends and still would . Its portable and quite easy to use. And the customer service is quite remarkable as well. Had an issue with my pump unfortunately and had dropped an email. Eas suprised and relieved to have a call back in 10 min. Also not only was my pump taken for repair I also received my replacement pump in a day. S1 also boosted my supply .totally in love with the product and would highly recommend this one to all

  88. Fast delivery, quality pump! A lot better than the other well known brand. Was thinking to get a 9 plus because it’s a lot smaller and easier to carry around.

  89. Normally I wouldn’t be giving feedback. I purchased S1 after I have used a medela pump but it didn’t work for me. This S1 reduced the pumping time and it’s so gentle compares to medala. Great customer service and fast delivery. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you spectra!!!

  90. Love love love my spectra! By far the best pump. So much more milk and so much faster than all the others. I will never buy anything else & will reccomend to all my friends. Love that the S1 is portable I can pump anywhere!

  91. I am quite happy with this pump. It is far more efficient than my medela swing. I love how light weight the pump it and how the suction and cycles are easily modified. The nightlight is very useful. The rechargeable battery gives you the freedom to pump anywhere and no need a powerpoint.
    Somethings could be improved though.
    When you turn the pump on it starts in pumping mode and has to be changed to let down mode. This seems completely back to front. It would be far better if the pump started in the let down mode.
    The pump is quite chunky and although it is portable it isnt very practical.
    The cup holder/ bottle holder at the back of the pump does not hold the bottle stable. Perhaps this could be removed to make the pump smaller?
    The bottles themselves are not very stable when the flange is attached and can tip over.

  92. Absolutely impressed with the Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric breast pump. I am feeding twins and it is a breeze to use with so many great features like the portability, night light and timer. I found this pump much better than the hospital grade pump of another brand which the hospital supplied during my stay. I would definitely recommend this pump to any expected mum.

  93. We couldn’t be more happier with our Spectra S1. After coming from the hospital and using the breast pump ‘Medela symphony’, my wife was worried she wouldn’t find another model that was affordable and could do the same job. After reading reviews and speaking to the professionals in the field, the Spectra S1 came out as the ideal product.
    We love the noise it makes, like a rolling drum beat, and how its so compact compared to the symphony. Also the rechargeable battery is a must.

  94. The customer service was very very good. I had few questions about the product and the customer service replied within 24 hours even on the weekend. My problem was solved very quickly. The pump itself was very easy to use, no pain at all. Very convenient to use at work. The postage was very fast, arrived next day after purchase on the website. A+

  95. Couldn’t be happier with my recent Spectra purchase. The pump itself is easy to use and far more efficient than other pumps I have used. A real bonus is the customer support – the girls are happy to provide quick assistance.

  96. After ordering my Spectra S1 pump, it arrived within 24 hours. And it is fantastic! It’s so easy and comfortable to use. I pump after feeding bub and get 50-100mL within minutes. I’m so happy with the quality and effectiveness of this pump. I would and have recommended this pump to friends!

  97. Best money I spent!!

    Seeing friends of mine struggling with their pumps I am so so glad I made this purchase!
    The pump is fast and easy to use and portable.

    My only thing would be that you could choose shield size on purchase and maybe the option to buy a portable carry case for it when you take it away with you.

    Great buy, I have already recommended to many friends!

  98. I have recently purchased the Spectra S1 and absolutely love it! Gentle and get great amounts of milk. The only issue I have is that the instructions are a bit unclear

  99. First of all, I would like to just say a huge THANK YOU. I bought the S1 and it is sensational. The suction is amazing and takes half the time of my previous breast pump from a popular brand. The parts are easy to assemble, and very sturdy. My supply was very low and thanks to your pump it helped increased it. I love how easy it is to use this pump. The rechargeable part of this pump is awesome and lasts for a long time.
    Can I also comment on how amazing your customer service is. Bron has been very attentive and keeps her promises and was so helpful. She would call me at very late hours cos of my night shifts to ensure all my queries are answered. (9pm)
    I have nothing but only great things to say about your pump. It’s affordable and does the job fantastically. Thanks SPECTRA!!! I will be recommending your breast pumps to all my family and friends because you guys are amazing!!!

  100. I am extremely happy with my purchase. S1 is fantastic, I can get so much more milk than I did with my previous pump! Also takes me much less time than it used to. This product is fantastic and I would recommend to any mums looking to purchase a new pump. Thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent customer service!

  101. I highly recommend this pump; easy to put together, easy to use and increases supply. I’ve used numerous other pumps and this is superior by far. Without it I wouldn’t be able to continue breastfeeding and working. An added bonus was the express post. It took less than 48 hrs and I don ‘t even live in a major city. Thank you for making my commitment to continuebreastfeeding that much easier.

  102. I just bought S1 and I am happy customer, it’s very gentle and easy to use plus it increased my supply in short time so I am giving it 5/5, highly recommended.

  103. I have purchased the Spectra S1 a bit more than a month ago after some research and it was also highly recommended by my Lactation Consultant. I had previously rented a Breast Pump from a Swiss Company, so I can compare two models… I can only say that the Spectra has proved to be invaluable for me and it is interesting how much less discomfort I am experiencing while using it in comparison to the other model. The “suction” doesn’t hurt as much and I can effectively express the milk in half the time. To have rechargeable batteries is fantastic, recharging is easy and they really last for several days (depending on which suction mode you use I guess), on mine it lastet nearly a week! It has a nice shape and design is easy to carry and the night light is very practical. The only downside so far have been the bottles. After a month only, the scale that shows the millilitre content has rubbed off almost entirely after washing which is very disappointing. I don’t think the quality of the bottles matches the quality of the pump itself which is a big downside. I would try to have a replacement in this case as the “Wear and Tear” is just too quick. Over all however I am really happy about this product and would warmly recommend it.

  104. I’d only heard good things for several friends about spectra so when my son was born prematurely and I needed a pump ASAP I looked into spectra first.
    Immediately the S1 stood out as meeting all my needs but perhaps the best part was the next day delivery, it allowed me to continue with establishing my pumping routine with minimal disruptions.
    I had a few follow up questions after my pump arrived and I’d started using it, and the prompt and direct response from the support team was amazing. It was only 1-2 hours after my initial inquiry (which was late at night) and I received an email than not only contained detailed answers to my questions but gave links to further documents and websites for me to check out if I desired.
    Perhaps the altogether best part of choosing a spectra pump was the almost immediate difference in the amount of milk that I could express; much more than the leading brand pump provided by the hospital.
    No regrets at all!

  105. After much debate on what type of pump to get, I nervously sent an email to Spectra asking a few different questions about the various pumps they offered hoping to get a reply in the near future.

    Less than 24 hours later, I received a lovely message from Claire at the Spectra team not only answering my questions but sending links through to different blog posts I might enjoy reading up on. With all my questions answered and the great customer service provided, Spectra already was a step above the rest.

    I then placed my order and was shocked when just a few days later it rocked up on my door step. Living in Regional WA , parcels normally take the better side of 2 weeks so this shocked me!

    The S1 pump was packaged nicely and is much lighter and quieter than I imagined. While I still have a few more weeks to go before I’ll actually put it to use, I am so glad I went with Spectra. They’re a lovely company to do business with and I cannot wait to try out my pump. (never thought I’d say that 9 months ago!!!)

  106. I love my S1. It makes pumping so much easier pumping with a toddler and newborn. Highly recommend. I have also passed your details onto two Lactation Consultants.

  107. This is a great product. I have used a medela pump also and find this one much much better. Great customer service and very quick replies to any queries.

  108. I bought this breast pump for my wife. She exclusively expresses for our son and needs to express every time he feeds . This pump is great as it has a rechargable battery so she doesn’t have to use a manual pump when she doesn’t have easy access to power. It also very quiet and easy to use. She loves it!

  109. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to use my S1 as baby is not here yet. I chose it because i was lucky enough to test one out when i was breastfeeding my son. I thought pumping just wasn’t for me as the two different pumps i had (medela and ameda) just wouldn’t get anything out. The spectra worked wonderfully and i new that would be my pump of choice as soon as i fell pregnant.
    The service with ordering my pump was excellent. Dispatched the day after i purchased it and arrived the following business day.
    5 weeks til due date and i can not wait to get my s1 out.

  110. The shipping was very fast, initially it feels different from the Medela Symphony, the Spectra one feels more with more stimulation of the nipples, while the medela one give full areola 。And the customer service Bron was attentive and gave me some useful tips, after a few trails, I can actually pump more with the Spectra, so far I am happy with the difference and how much milk it can pump :}

  111. This pump has been such a life saver and a time saver for me. Going back to collage I need to be able to pump during the day to keep up with my baby’s feeds. Great customer service as well. Every question I asked on Facebook got answered very quickly. Best pump I have ever used!

  112. I love my new Spectra pump! I am returning to work soon so I bought this pump with battery so I can pump in my breaks at work.
    The pump is very efficient and I feel that it keeps my supply up. It makes me very confident to return to work.

  113. This is a great product! I only heard about it from my doctor, otherwise I doubt if be here! Easy to use. I prefer it to the medela symphony that I am hiring from hospital (happy to be returning and getting my money back). The massage let down mode is great compared to the medela as it vibrates up the breast where the medela is only an in out motion of the nipple. I get more milk from the spectra. Looks great, light and quiet. Highly recommended.

  114. I received my s1 two weeks ago and I’m in love with it – portable, efficient and quiet! I have and will continue to recommend the great product to my friends. Whilst it took a little time to receive (purely as it was out of stock) the staff have been friendly and answered all my questions along the way.. It was worth the wait!

  115. My Spectra SP1 arrived a few days ago and it is fantastic! Despite a few problems with working out which size flanges to get (my mistake, not spectras), I’ve been very impressed with how easy it is to use and I love that you can customise the settings and that they are remembered for next time!

  116. At least, I received the s1. I am so happy!

  117. I have gone back to working full time recently and having this breast pump is definitely worth my money.

    It is quiet and a closed system pump. This puts me at ease that no milk would ever get into the motor. It has a strong suction and I have never used the highest settings for it to be effective.

    Their support team is the best. Everyone is patient and answers any queries immediately! I would definitely recommend this to any mums and specially to NZ mums. They ship it to us quickly!!

  118. I’ve purchased the S1 rechargeable pump and I have to say I’ve made the right choice. It’s portable that I can sit wherever I want in the house to pump; I can go check on my baby when she’s crying from waking up in the bedroom without stop pumping. The suction mode is fantastic that I get the letdown within 2 mins without fail, it’s also powerful that I only need to use up to 5 vacuum power. Overall, thumbs up to Spectra S1, thank you so much for saving my time from pumping.

  119. Once my wife realised she would be needing to express for much longer we decided to get something that would be comparable to what we had used. We purchased the S1 pump after hiring the Medela Symphony for 4 weeks. I cut one of the Symphony suction tubings in half and press fitted it on the backflow protectors to reuse all our Medela equipment and continue using the same shields.

    We had both pumps at the same time so we could adjust the Spectra S1 settings to match the Symphony. The pumps seem to operate differently so I don’t think the settings can be replicated. The Symphony expression cycle speed is faster and can’t be matched, but the suction seems to be the same as L4 on the Spectra S1. The volume of milk produced on the same suction setting was on par with the Symphony. The battery is also a great feature to have when travelling.

    One confusing thing is that the Spectra S1 does not start in massage mode. The manual clearly says it should start in massage mode (let down) and automatically change to expression mode after two minutes. This appears to be a software glitch that probably needs to be fixed by the manufacturer. Spectra may be able to elaborate on this inconsistency, but makes sense that it should begin in let down mode.

    Overall the Spectra S1 is definitely an excellent pump with more features than the Symphony at a fraction of the cost.

  120. The best thing I’ve ever bought for my baby. Used to stimulate breast milk on the first few day after delivered. Love the ultra quiet and night light LED. All the midwife reccommend this over medela.

  121. Absolutely love this pump. I hired a hospital grade pump while researching which pump to buy and so glad i got this one. I am able to get the same amount of milk in less time!

  122. Absolutely love this pump. It makes breastfeeding manageable and stress free for me. I love that it’s portable and quick. So easy to use. Great customer service too. You should deliver to Ireland, I have recommended this pump to all my friends with babies and all are keen to purchase

  123. Ordered the S1 on sale for a great price with absolutely everything included. Although spectra processed my order instantly the courier company left it sitting in Adelaide over the whole weekend which was frustrating.

    The manual that comes with the pump is pretty useless- terrible English, vague, hopeless diagrams. Luckily it was easy to assemble with some guesswork. The pump itself is great and as advertised- compact, portable, relatively quiet, easy to use, wide range of settings. Just wished that spectra made a top to hold the double pumps in place so i can have my hands free. Only negative is the bottle holder space- it’s way too shallow to safely hold the bottle!! Would definitely recommend this product to others without hesitation.

    • Hi there Janet

      It’s always frustrating when there are courier delays isn’t it πŸ™

      We actually have another manual we can send to you if you send us an email – – created by ourselves πŸ™‚

      Whilst we don’t make any pumping bras, there are plenty on the market so check them out! PumpEase is one that comes to mind which fits our pumps.

      Glad you love our pump πŸ™‚

      Spectra Team

  124. I hired a Medela Symphony pump worth $3000, a bi-phase hospital grade pump, like the Spectra S1.
    I am really happy to have found a pump that is has more bells and whistles than the Medula Symphony and only takes an additional five minutes to express the same amount of breastmilk.
    I looked at many reviews for Medela pumps and other brands. Most comments were scathing- poor product, poor customer service, poor performance.
    I could not believe the features of the Specta S1 was available at such a reasonable price.
    The specs available for the Spectra pumps are outstanding. No other brands disclose the suction power and pump life.
    The best features of the Spectra S1 are the portability- rechargeable battery and light, and the programmable pump function- to individualise the settings.
    Hands down no compassion!

  125. Very happy with my S1!!! I was starting to stress as I am returning to work in January and I had very little success with two other pumps that I had purchased. It wasn’t until I started speaking to some of my mummy friends and the Spectra pump was recommended a few times. I ordered on a Friday morning and it arrived on the Monday (I live rural so had expected it to take at least a few days). Jumped onto the pump straight away and managed to get double my usual pump. Definitely recommend this product, wish I had of heard about it earlier !!!

  126. Very happy about my purchase! 2nd day delivery after placing the order! Very happy about my S1. Being a working mum I like the portability of S1 so I can express at work and also it’s super quiet! It takes less time but I managed to express more milk and it’s gentle on the nipples. Love the massage mode so let down gets quicker. I found cycle 54 and vacuum 02 works for me the best.

  127. I bought the S1 for my daughter who is due her 2nd baby in a few weeks, I am s midwife and it was highly recommended to me by a friend who is a lactation consultant … We have high expectations of this product and my daughter can’t wait to use it.
    So far I can only comment on customer service and delivery which have both been exceptional
    Thank you

  128. Love, love, love my S1 pump! I’m currently in the newborn-exhausted-can’t-string-a-sentence-together faze of motherhood but I managed to put the pump together and use it with no probs at all.

  129. I purchased the Spectra S1 based on online reviews and couldn’t be happier. I have a low milk supply issue and so my baby is both formula and express breast milk fed.
    The unit isn’t cheap but I believe you get what you pay for in quality and the pump works very well and has great suction.
    I love that the S1 has a battery and the portability has been invaluable as I can pump where convenient without having to worry about being near a PowerPoint. The light is very handy at night (I also use this as my night light for night time feeding).
    I tried a medela hospital grade pump at my lactation clinic and its suction was hopeless compared to my spectra which confirmed my choice for me!
    It would be handy if a travel bag was available for this pump as I often take it with me during the day. Also the bottles that come with the pump could be improved as the narrow base of the bottle means that it’s easily knocked over in the bottle holder cavity in the pump. Having said that, my Avent bottles are compatible with this pump which is very handy and they fit perfectly.
    Overall, I am really happy I chose the Spectra and would highly recommend it to other new Mums.

  130. I am an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and mother to an ex-prem. Purchased pump on advice from a friend who pumps for twins. I required a pump to provide EBM for my babe both in the SCN and on my return to work at 10 weeks of age.

    Battery & wall power
    Night light
    Variety of settings cf other hospital grade pumps
    Double pump available

    Paper instructions difficult to follow – just ignore and go with your gut for set up, it’s intuitive

    OVERALL: Recommended to anybody who wishes to pump for any extended amount of time.

  131. I purchased the spectra S1 after doing tons of research online for the best breast pump. I exclusively pump and feed baby the milk through bottles and this was my plan even before i got pregnant. So to me having the best possible pump was extremely important. I love my S1. It is so easy to use, comfortable, portable, i love the timer and the night light (although its actually pretty bright!).

    I have been using the pump since about day 4 of baby being born and she is 6 weeks now. I use it 5-7 times a day and love love love it. I think one of the best features is that it is compatible with Avent bottles. Saves me transfering milk once ive pumped.

    I absolutely cannot fault this pump, it is brillant and well worth the money.

  132. I bought my S1 based solely on the awesome reviews I had read online and from recommendations from my online mummy groups. It was far cheaper than the other pump I had always intended to buy and had better features. I’m pleased to say I couldn’t be happier with it!

    The service from Spectra is incredible! What other business replies within an hour on a Sunday? Wow! Phone support when choosing my pump was super helpful. The pump is simple to use and comfortable once you work out what settings are best for you. I can finish pumping both sides in about ten minutes, it’s really quick and effective. I love the fact that the S1 can be unplugged – portability is worth the extra money compared to the S2, I feel . Great for running to the baby to get something out of her mouth while still attached to the pump!

    Thanks Spectra for the excellent service and great product!

    Oh and my hot tip for other mums who prefer narrow neck bottles, is buy the wide-to-narrow adapters when you purchase your pump. πŸ™‚

  133. I absolutely love my spectra breast pump!! I use the nightlight feature every night, it was especially helpful when my daughter was a newborn. The large variation in pressure settings help me to negotiate the different requirements of each of my breasts, and made pumping with an inverted nipple less of a trauma. It’s nice and quiet for when I pump at work, as well as being light and attactive. The bottle holder cup at the back is great! Everything feels and seems like good quality.


    I love that spectra parts and accessories are interchangeable with my Avent bottles and my Minbie teats. Also, spectra has the best prices out! Lastly, I love that spectra pumps don’t have lots of fiddly pieces to put together. I have already convinced another mum to by this pump, and I’m sure I’ll convince a few more in time. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about SPECTRA!

  134. Okay if you’re looking for a great breast pump look no further.

    I was about to start work again and feeling terrible because my well known branded pump was not doing it for me. Possibly 30ml max in half an hour and I was about to just give up and commence formula for my 7 month who was EBF. Spoke to a mother in my mother’s group and she recommended Spectra S1. Of course I was not convinced and thought it was just me and ready to give up breast feeding. Luckily she offered me to trial her pump, so I did and to my surprise in 10 minutes I was already able to obtain 40ml in each breast. I was so overjoyed and ordered the Spectra 1 that night, It was delivered a day later and I am happy to say that I am at work and my baby is very happy with my expressed breast milk. I pump at work and it is easy and quick. I can now obtain just over 100 ml which is amazing and I wish I knew about this products before I trialled and spent heaps on the other ones. Hence to who ever is reading, the Spectra 1 is amazing and well worth the amount I paid for as it is the best investment.

  135. My baby had attachment issues from his birth and I was unable to go straight to breast feeding. Luckily I had good supply and so started him on expressing and bottle feeding. I did a lot of research and although the hospital I worked at recommended Medela I had done a lot of research and so I went with the spectra. I am so glad that I did this!!!! I had tried the Medela symphony hospital pump & then also tried the Medela swing pump from a friend. Both of these are far inferior to the spectra pump & I am not sure as to why the Medela brand is the leader in the market. My supply was better with the spectra, the spectra is less noisy, it has a night light and has so many different options for vacuum levels that it is far less painful. Plus the price is way better. I can not recommend it enough!!!

  136. I bought the S1 breast pump, it’s very easy to use and powerful. I only need the 2 or 3 . The battery lasts a long time before charge. Happy with the purchase. Thanks spectra !

  137. If you have any doubts about buying this pump Stop Right Now!

    I procrastinated about buying the S1 and wish I had purchased it earlier. After 2 days of trying to breastfeed in hospital after our son was born I needed to start pumping. I purchased a Medela Swing as it seemed to be the most well known brand and recommended product.

    After 6 weeks of 1hr of pumping every 3 hrs I needed another solution. The S1 was highly recommended through an exclusive pumping community,so I finally bit the bullet and bought the S1 on Saturday and had received my pump by Tuesday afternoon. I did my first double pump that night and was amazed. Not only did it cut the time in half but I also found that I was able to produce/extract more milk.

    The pump is so quiet and efficient!

    I couldn’t believe that I was able to purchase a hospital grade pump for this price. Without a doubt I would highly recommend the S1 to anyone.

  138. I love my Spectra S1. I have been using it for 3 months now and am so glad I made the decision to buy this pump. Works better for me than the pumps I used while in hospital. It was also definitely worth while getting a pump with a rechargeable battery. It means I can pump anywhere i need to!

  139. I absolutely love my new Spectra S1. I had been using 2 x Medela swings to double pump to express for my baby, who wasn’t latching. My supply was quite low and I was getting about 40% of what my baby needed each day from those pumps. Switching to the Spectra, I immediately saw the difference in quantity. It about doubled immediately and I would empty in 5 minutes whereas the other pump was taking a good 12 minutes to empty, can physically see and hear the milk flowing easily, which always puts a big smile on my face. I also manage to get a second letdown with the Spectra, which I couldn’t with the other pump. The pump has much better suction, I only need to use the low settings to get the same suction and output as putting the other pump up much higher. It is also quieter and easier to transport around with a re-chargable battery. I love the night light on the pump too, as does my husband!! The price for this hospital grade pump is amazing.

    All I wish is that I had’ve researched a bit better at first and bought the Spectra straight out rather than wasting my money on other pumps!!

  140. After loaning a spectra breast pump from my hospital midwifery group practice, at Maitland hospital, I had to buy one! I have found it absolutely amazing – better than any other hospital pump I have tried. The rechargeable battery is great, as is the timer function! I ordered the pump from this website, and within 24hours it was delivered and I was using it! Would recommend to anyone!

  141. Excellent pump – much quieter than the other pump I had been using and I’m able to express much more, in a quicker time compared to the other pump as you can adjust and fine tune the settings to you. The night light is very handy as is the timer.

    Excellent customer service, my delivery was rerouted to the post office and not made clear to me. I was contacted and offered a pump to borrow until mine showed up. Not needed but very good service!

    Only negatives are the slightly dodgy bottles that come with the pump – I had some Phillips avent bottles which fit so switched straight to them and no issue (but for the cost and quality of the pump itself you would expect better quality plastic bottles)

    Overall, very happy with this purchase!

  142. This is better than the hospital pumps… and the fact that it has a rechargeable battery is awesome too, SO convenient. LOVE the product – the bottles that come with it aren’t the best but it fits the AVENT bottles perfectly so it doesn’t worry me (and it’s always good to have their bottles spare anyway). Super happy, highly recommended!!

  143. Fast postage, well packed, and a nice little machine. I have not used it yet as I still have a couple of months until I am due, but I wanted to be prepared. With twins in the way the double pumping, quiet and portable machine is what I need and it gets great reviews.
    Also the customer service is excellent.

  144. My husband got me the Spectra S1 while I was in hospital – what a surprise!
    I love that it has batteries which makes it portable and I can double pump.
    Just a note for anyone looking- consider whether you need a bigger breast shield and order it at the same time.

  145. Arrived very quickly, such a beautiful machine πŸ™‚ My fiance and I sat up last night mucking around wit it and am totally in love. Its quiet, pretty, very good suction, so many levels and options to select to suit your body. I am due soon and am very excited to try it out! I usually use Medela (with my first child) however ALREADY Spectra is proving to be better in all areas! I cannot believe how light it is and how quiet it is and the quality of the suction is great! I have no doubt it will work wonders for me and I really look forward to using it. I am breastfeeding, however love to have a supply in the freezer just incase πŸ™‚ THANK YOU for your amazing service and support.

  146. After using the Spectra S1 for 8 weeks I have finally decided to write a review on what I think about the product. If I were to use one word to describe the pump that would be β€œWOW”

    After hrs of research my husband decided to buy the Spectra S1. Even thou many forums praised the Madella brand. I had used the Madella brand in the hospital and was not at all impressed with the product. I had sore nipples after using it for the first time as I did not have it on the correct settings. Pardon my ignorance, but the Madela does not do a really good job in being user friendly, its LCD is also small.

    The rechargeable battery on the S1 makes it very mobile and the night light is an added bonus. The S1 has a much bigger screen compared to its rival and its very user friendly especially for a novice like me. The different setting give you much greater control over the suction, thus making expressing more relaxing.

    The other day we had a lactation consultant visit us as part of a routine checkup and she was impressed with the product. She was so impressed that she plans to purchase a few units which she can use in her practice.

    I would say hands down it is one of the best pumps I have come across so far.

  147. I had seen on the market that spectra and medela were the two best hospital grade pumps on the market. I was lucky enough to trial both of them at the hospital. I had given birth at as my son was 4 weeks premature he wasn’t strong enough to breastfeed and I had lots of milk to express.
    Comparing the two breast pumps I found I was expressing a lot faster as the massage option made my let down really fast with the spectra.
    Shipping was super fast, the customer service team were very prompt with their responses and I absolutely love my S1. It has definitely made my life so much easier.

  148. I purchased the Spectra S1 after hearing great reviews from other mothers.

    I was having supply issued after a premi baby. I found that the S1 gave more supply whilst being more gentle on the boobs than another lead competitor brand /pump that I was using.

    I also like the night light, timer and portability of the S1. Pumping used to be my worst enemy until I bought this machine and now I actually enjoy pumping. Thanks Spectra!

  149. My husband bought this for me after reading loads of reviews and comparing between different brands. I was using the Medela Symphony (hospital grade) when I was at the hospital to stimulate my milk supply. When I got home I started using this Spectra s1 pump straight away as my little one does not suck properly on my breast and we had to bottle feed her to make sure shes not hungry. This is definitely better than the Medela Symphony in terms of money and quality. I love being able to carry the pump without the charger and the built-in light so that I don’t have to turn on the lights to disturb my husband at night. This pump is very quiet comparing to the Medela one I have used before. The dual pump function is excellent as well, saves me time to pump both sides at once. This is a fantastic pump at an affordable price for sure.

  150. Strongly recomend Spectra S1, after using many other brands, it can stimulate much more milk supply. Very happy with the purchase. However it is a good idea to get spare parts (back protector etc.) as it may become loose after months.

  151. I am so happy with my purchase. Super quick delivery and very easy to use. I am able to pump significantly larger volumes and much quicker than with my last pump. Thanks!

  152. This breast pump is the best money I have ever spent. After doing lots of research online I noticed a lot of bad reviews for the cheaper brands then came across this pump and it had all the best reviews. Being a first time mum I thought it was better to be safe than sorry, and I’m so glad I did. Once my little girl was born I had to stay in hospital and was having latching issues. After a couple of days baby girl started to loose weight so I started pumping straight away. This way I was able to feed her until we sorted out my latching issues which were not picked up on at the time. I ended up using my spectra s1 for the first two weeks to as I could feed my LO properly due to cracked and bleeding nipples. Without this pump my milk would not have come in and I would not have been able to do the one thing I always wanted to do, breast feed my child. Bubba is now a happy and healthy 4mth old and the spectra s1 still comes in handy to pump and store extra milk. It is so easy to use, fast and efficient. I also love that it’s portable and has a night light. I very much love my Spectra S1, and would urge others to spend just that little bit extra on something so important.

  153. upon returning to work, I quickly discovered the highly rated Medela Swing was not up to the task at hand. I stumbled across the Spectra S1 in a web search and thought for the price it was worth a shot. I am extremely pleased with how great this pump is. Gone are the days of pumping for 30 minutes each side and not feeling close to relieved. Now a quick 10 minute double pump and I am done.
    When compared to the Medela Symphony (hospital grade double) which I used when my son was in hospital on two separate occasions, I can confidently say the Spectra is a far better pump, and for a fraction of the price.

  154. My friend introduced the S2 to me.
    I ordered s2 on a Sunday night and it was delivered to my door on Tuesday morning. The delivery was really fast.
    I am a newbie mum, the pump helped me a lot of things. Avoided to hurt my nipples and reduced the pain as well. I would like to tell other friends about this product.

  155. After extensive research and reading reviews, I decided on the Spectra S1. I bought it during my pregnancy, so there was quite a bit of time between when it arrived, and when I would finally use it. Let me tell you, I am so happy I bought it. Since the birth of my son, I’ve been struggling with low supply, and spend several hours a day pumping to build it up. The S1 has been amazing. The flexibility it offers is fantastic (I’ve pumped in the car on more than one occasion – thank you battery!) and the option to double pump is great. I would recommend this pump to anyone

  156. I am very happy with my Spectra S1 pump. I have found it much more effective than the Medela symphony. The Pump is really quiet and the timer and night light are really handy features. I was originally going to buy the S2 but am very happy I spent the extra to get the inbuilt battery. The customer service team have been very helpful with all of my questions answered promptly. I highly recommend!

  157. Best pump ever so quite and effecient not to mention it looks good 2 ? the light is so handy and makes for easy pumping whilst in bed. My life has just became a whole lot easier as my husband and I can take it in turns feeding or if I want to go out just pump and leave ?? highly recommended ! the massage option on the pump is the best ?

  158. The spectra S1 pump has been fantastic! My husband actually did all the research for me as i was too busy with new bubs! We looked into all the different pumps out there on the market and when we came across spectras websiite and read all the positive reviews we knew it was a good product. We called and spoke to a lady who was very helpful and talked us through any questions we had. We decided to spend a bit extra and get the battery option which has been well worth it. No need to find a wall socket and can use it anywhere! It is very easy to use and very comfortable. Easy to clean as well. Lots of options and it pumps milk very quickly if you havent fed in a while. I couldn’t believe the time I saved. Very helpful when i had the dreaded mastitis as well and needed to express more frequently. Delivery was also the next day and we are in Victoria. I would highly recommend this breast pump to anyone. ☺

  159. I recently bought the Spectra S1 and love it!! As an exclusive pumper this pump is worth every cent. I love that it’s much quicker than other pumps it has a great night light for those night time sessions and the rechargeable battery is a must when on the go and don’t have access to a PowerPoint. The service was great also, ordered one day and it arrived the next. Definitely recommend this pump to anyone that needs to express.

  160. I purchased the S1 pump after recommendations from a friend. I’m very happy with the purchase. It definitely extracts the milk faster and more efficiently than my old one. It is also quieter and easier to clean. The customer service is excellent. My order arrived the next day! Highly recommend it!

  161. The S1 is the perfect pump! It’s quiet and has a handy nightlight. But most importantly the pumping is magnificent. I bought it for work and pump a minimum of 5 oz in 10 minutes or less! The inbuilt battery makes a difference too with not having to be near a powerpoint with messy wires. Two thumbs up. Best investment for all mums!

  162. I have experienced issues with breastfeeding from day one and by day two was using a competitor’s hospital grade breast pump. Upon being discharged from hospital, I developed mastitis & later, as a consequence of using antibiotics, a persistent case of nipple thrush. Both conditions have meant that I have been unable to breastfeed and I have been reliant on breast pumps ever since. I had purchased a competitor’s single breast pump however I found that it was slow and completely inadequate for my requirements. As a result I hired a hospital grade pump for a number of weeks however as I continued to experience medical issues, I began to wonder if there was an alternative to hiring. It was then that I came across a post on the Choice facebook page in which many women were raving about the Spectra breast pumps. I decided to investigate further and was extremely pleased to find that I could purchase a hospital grade double pump for such a competitive price. Since receiving my Spectra S1 I have not looked back. It has been a wise investment for someone that requires a pump in order to ensure their baby is still getting the benefits of breast milk without being able to breast feed. Thank you Spectra. I will definitely recommend your products to other mothers.

  163. I really like this breast pump. It is far quieter than the Medela Symphony I used in hospital, is very light and portable and the battery lasts for a few days before needing recharging. The nightlight is a really nice feature and the built in timer is extremely useful for night time sessions.

  164. Love this pump, it’s quiet, reliable and the best feature is the rechargeable battery. Means I can pump at work. Thanks Spectra. Some smaller flange sizes would be great though

  165. I purchased the S1 a week ago as I was returning to work and my cheaper single pump was not effective enough. I have expressed at work a few times now and am regularly getting more than twice the volume of milk in a shorter time. It is comfortable to use, quiet, and the adjustable pump settings are great.
    It is also great value for money compared to other hospital grade machines and rental costs.
    I’m really happy with my decision to buy this one.

  166. Recently purchased the s1, Absolutely love the this pump!! Very easy to use, quiet, light and to have the option of not being attached to a power point makes pumping so much easier. Very affordable price, will definitely be recommending this products to others.

  167. Could not be happier with my S1 pump. Having to return to work when bubbs is 4 weeks old is going to be SO hard but at least I know I will have enough breast milk stored in freezer for him. The pump has been trouble free from first use, easy to use and very efficient.

  168. Recently purchased the S1 – and I’m so happy! As a mum of twins, every minute of every day is precious! Double pumping is super efficient and with the inbuilt battery I can pump in any spot of the house, without fussing over finding a powerpoint! Genius! Also, after having used a Medela and Tommee Tippee pump, I am very impressed with how quickly I can express with this machine! A very happy & satisfied mum, I would happily recommend this pump to any mum! Thanks Spectra

  169. I love my S1 pump. I’ve tried the Medela Symphony and Medela Swing pumps and the S1 works much better for me, with better milk yield in shorter time. I can’t stress how convenient it is to have a rechargeable battery. And it is really lightweight considering it’s a hospital grade pump. Another perk is that Avent bottles are compatible with Spectra pumps. Last but not least, the customer service is great at Spectra.

  170. I bought the S1 after hearing many excellent reviews of the S2. I love that its rechargeable, making it portable so i could pump even while travelling in the car. I could not recommend it enough. The different settings made it so easy to find one that suited me to get a fast letdown and pump in a quarter the time it took me beforehand. Easy to use and clean. Worth its weight in liquid gold

  171. I was using a Tommee Tippee single breast pump which hurt my nipples and hardly expressed any milk. The S1 has settings where you can adjust the suction and cycle so that you are comfortable. I use the Simple Wishes bra so that I have hands free and the portability of the machine is also extremely convenient. Delivery was prompt and overnight. The machine is very easy to use and assemble. Easy to clean.

    Areas to improve:
    -Pink bottles should be colour coordinated to match the blue machine.
    -Manual booklet has grammatical and spelling errors throughout which makes the product seems dodgy. I suggest an Australian version which is more comprehensive.
    -Sometimes I find the bottle neck comes away easily from the bottle and perhaps needs a firmer grip/seal.

    Great machine which I highly recommend.

  172. Used Medela Swing Maxi before this pump. S1 is much much better – it’s cheaper, no leaking or spilling as it’s a closed system, much more gentle, not noisy, easier to clean, dry quicker, more hygienic, works more consistently, more levels and cycle settings, has a timer, has a night light, and most importantly gets more milk in less time. It halved my time of expressing. Also excellent and prompt customer service. It’s not as well known as other brands, but it is much better than other pumps I used.

  173. I purchased the s1 as im exclusively pumping. Absolutely LOVE it. All easy to clean. The service i received with my s2 was wonderful.

  174. My hubby ordered a Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump (with inbuilt rechargeable battery), on Friday. It was delivered to Singapore on the following Wednesday. Spectra S1 is exceptionally quiet, yet the pump pressure is exceptional. Keeps the breast milk flowing with massage mode before actual pump. It even comes with a night light and inbuilt battery. Exceptional value!

  175. Best baby purchase by far! After a less then perfect at breastfeeding experience my first time round I was determined to get it right this time. Due to my baby having an upper lip tie I am now exclusively pumping and this pump is perfect! It’s efficient, quiet and portable! Just a note if your going to use this pump a lot like me grab an extra duck valve so you have one on hand my lasted 2 months, but I use it Heaps.

  176. Great pump. I bought the Dew 350 when my daughter was young and still love it, but this time around I’m on the road a lot with work so I needed a rechargeable battery pump. I tried using a couple of older single pumps of other brands but they just took too long to express and I went through so many batteries as you can’t use rechargeable ones with them, so I bought the S1. It’s been fantastic, fewer parts to assemble than the other brands and so much quicker to express which means I don’t have to take as much time as unpaid breaks and can get home to my family a bit earlier too.
    I would definitely recommend the S1, especially to those who need a portable pump

  177. Love love love this pump! Have hooked a number of friends up!!
    This pump is my life I am a full time Expresser and I can’t love it enough!!

  178. Having twins mean that my time to do anything but feeding them is limited. I decided to give Spectra s1 a go after reading the reviews and recommended by a friend. I’m so glad i purchased it. I can now express at a fraction of the time compared to when I was pumping with a Medela swing. It takes 10-15mins to get 200mls of milk which is fantastic! (I used to spend approx an hour to get this much on the medela). The s1 is comfortable to use, makes little noise, and is very effective. I chose the portability as i like to travel and i’ll use it when i go back to work.

  179. I have been using my S1 for about 4 weeks now as my baby is unable to feed from the breast. The S1 has made my life so much easier! The portable battery means I have been able to express on a plane, in the car and around the house wherever my baby needs to play! It is quiet, easy to use and has helped to build my supply. The multiple settings have meant I can maximise my expression while being gentle to my breasts. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase sooner! Customer support has also been amazing. I will be recommending this pump to my expecting friends.

  180. I decided to buy a new pump after my Medela Swing Maxi’s motor seemed to be losing its power. It started taking me close to an hour for me to empty both breasts. For an exclusively pumping mom, that’s not ideal at all. I definitely needed a hospital grade pump and read great reviews about the Spectra pumps. I’m living in NZ and it only took 3 working days for my order to arrive. As soon as I used the pump, I could already feel the difference. It’s really quiet and soooooooo comfortable. It almost felt like nothing and yet it was so efficient at emptying my breasts! I was so used to the discomfort of the Medela that I thought all pumps were supposed to be like that. Right after I pump with my Medela, my nipples were always sore, enlarged and hard. I even have blood spots around my nipple from the suction of the Medela. I am seriously very VERY pleased with my Spectra S1. My breasts empty in 15-20mins and my nipples go back to normal after each pump. I wish I knew about this brand of pump sooner! I cannot believe how much better it was than my Medela and how much cheaper it was too! I have already been recommending this pump to people!

  181. I, like many others, loved my Medela pump… All until I tried the S1. A friend told me to read reviews and how much better she thought it was. She was right! And not only is it better, it’s cheaper and quieter! From viewing the photos on the website, I thought the pump would be a lot bigger but it wasn’t as big as I thought. I am glad I went with the S1 for portability, as you can walk around without being attached to a PowerPoint. Highly recommend.

  182. I have only had the breast pump for a short time and already can see how useful it will be. After only ever using a manual pump, I used the Medela Symphony in hospital and the ease is what made me look into getting a hospital grade pump. I came across many great reviews on the Spectra so decided to go with the S1 as portability and the fact we have black outs was the reason I went with it. On arrival the lcd screen did not work, put in a claim and it was fixed and sent back in a timely fashion. The customer support is fantastic! I have played around with the settings and I found none of them uncomfortable and just so much easier than manually doing it. Its quiet, effective and the night light is an added bonus. I look forward to having this handy pump as my sidekick.

  183. After using two other pumps through three pregnancies I was dissapointed with their performance So I bought the s1 based on great anecdotal feedback. In terms of performance it has definitely lived up to expectations. Far superior to all others.
    The fittings are inferior than some other bands and feel quite cheap It is easy to lose some of that precious milk due to the design of the breast shield, duck valve etc.

  184. I purchased 2 x the Spectra S1 for my daughters. They had already used another popular brand of pump and were unhappy with them. They both think the Spectra is a far superior pump and better value for money. The Spectra is much quieter and has more effective suction, allowing for shorter pumping time. The rechargeable battery is an added bonus. Highly recommend this pump.

  185. I have been debating since I was 7 months pregnant to get a breast pump and with all the pumps available now days it can get a little overwhelming.
    I have been hunting around online at different pumps and to be honest have no idea what I’m looking at. I found the spectra site and read up on all the pumps and I made my mind up I wanted a hospital grade pump to help boost my supply and also to help my son get the best that he deserves.
    I seen that spectra had a sale on and that gave me the push to grab the S1 and I’m so glad I did. Very quiet machine and love the idea of being battery operated so I don’t have to be by a power source.
    Also may I add that customer service is very quick, polite and fantastic. Not to mention how quick shipping is and also free on orders over $100. I’m so glad that I made the decision to go with spectra, I highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a breast pump to get the S1 πŸ™‚

  186. Great product and can definitely vouch for this model. Expressing has never been simpler with the s1. Pls do yourself a favor and purchase this high end product, you won’t be disappointed.

  187. This pump has been amazing, have been searching for a pump for my partner and having heard great reviews on the s2 I was determined to purchase the s1 pump to save the late night task of expressing. It has been a heaven sent as she wakes up, sets up for the express and after 12mins she’s complete and ready for bed again. I just don’t understand why this GREAT product is not widely available in all the big name baby stores, it would be a SELL OUT!! Keep up the top notch products, I’m sure Spectra will gain more loyal customers! Cheers

  188. I recently ordered an S1 after hiring a Medela Symphony for about 9 weeks. I LOVE IT!!! I love the flexibility having the rechargeable battery gives me. I am no longer tied to ‘my pumping station’ in the lounge room while the rest of my family is in other rooms. If I want to I can unplug and move to another room without having to stop pumping, move cables and find a power point. I can even pump in the car as a passenger on long trips!! I love the night light and adjustable cycle and vacuum strengths although I do mainly have to use the highest level on both. I love how easy to clean the flanges are compared to medela ones.. which brings me to the only downside. I need a smaller size flange – I was using the 21mm cone with the medela. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE A SMALLER SIZE!!!!! I have been persisting with your 24mm but it hurts too much so I will have to do something different soon. If you have any suggestions please contact me!

  189. I bought my Spectra S1 pump whilst still in the hospital with my newborn. I had researched pumps extensively for many months prior, and found that Spectra had excellent reviews and many people had tried other, including more expensive brands, and ended up with Spectra in the end because the others would not work. I could not be happier with my purchase! I had phoned up Spectra before having a baby and asked about the differences and which model would suit me the best, and I was unsure about spending the money on S1 with it being the most expensive model, as I am wanting to breastfeed mainly. However one could not be sure of what complications lie ahead, and I decided on the S1 due to its larger motor – durability, and its portability compared to S2 and other models. I was worried that it might be big and bulky and heavy, but it’s not! It also surprised me how quiet and pleasant it is, and easy to use! I was able to express comfortably on the highest setting straight away (the let down would often take 1-10 seconds work) and large amounts of milk in minutes – I can fill the 160ml bottle within 10 minutes if I’m full (from 3 1/2 weeks after giving birth), and I had read stories on the internet that this would take many women 40 minutes or longer with their pumps. The pump was also a treasure a few days ago when I got mastitis (due to giving bottles of expressed milk too much and letting my breasts get too full – I was enjoying the convenience of expressing too much!). I got mastitis near midnight and as my baby was sleeping most of the night and not feeding much, I was not able to use her sucking to empty my breast. It was awesome to have the S1 to help pump away any fullness from the breast and the mastitis went by the next morning then the baby latched on for the first time to drink.
    The parts are easy assemble and use and I sterilise them with a steamer after each use. My baby likes drinking from the bottles as well. I would, and have, recommend Spectra to everyone and tell them not to waste their hard earned money on other brands. Spectra’s customer service was also very helpful in comparing the models and what I was going to use them for and I can feel confident that my pump will easily last through baby number 2 in a few years time as well, as it is such a reliable model. Thank you Spectra!

  190. I had the medela freestyle and swing maxi before, after reading many positive feedback about spectra, I bought the S1. I have to say to me it is really better than medela ones I had, except it is less portable because of its size.

  191. I just received my S1. I am impressed by the fast delivery. Although my due date is in April, I tried the pump and it is reaaly quiet. By the way, I like the nice blue color.

  192. As an expectant father, I was tasked with sourcing a breast pump for my wife. After heaps of research I locked in the S1 pump. My wife couldn’t be happier. It works perfectly for us and is really easy to use. And quiet! Great machine, very fast delivery and overall all a very high quality product.
    I would not have a problem recommending this to mothers (or fathers with a to-do list) as the breast pump you must have.

  193. Im so glad I chose to purchase the S1! It was recommended by a good friend and after having a baby with a tongue tie and experiencing feeding issues, having the ability to express milk for her in a simple and time efficient manner has been a life saver!

  194. I’m so glad I got this pump! My baby had a tongue tie so I’ve had to rest and express, I can not imagine having to have gone through all that expressing without my S1.

    • Great feedback, thanks Sian!! How is your little one now? I hope your bf journey is getting easier for you πŸ™‚


  195. The Spectra S1 came highly recommended from friends. Nearing my delivery date, I put an order in and was impressed to receive the pump within a couple of days. The pump is easy to clean, assemble and use. It is incredibly quiet and is comparable to the commercial breast pumps used by the hospital, which are much larger. The night light has also been a an added bonus, and I am happy that the S1 comes with its own battery, which will be handy when I don’t have access to a power point. Customer service has also been great from Spectra Australia. On receiving my order, I had a quick query, and this was responded to promptly. Overall, I am very happy with the S1 and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a breast pump.

  196. I am due to return to work and have decided to continue breastfeeding. Spectra pumps kept coming up again and again over every other brand – it was just a matter of picking a model!

    The S1 was recommended and ticked all the boxes – portable, quiet, hospital grade and still reasonably priced. I definitely made the right decision! It is all those things & so easy to use.

    Spectra customer service is great, the pump arrived quicker than I expexted.

    I would highly recommend Spectra and the S1 to any mum!

  197. Love my new pump, and it’s so much quieter than expected. Speedy delivery as well. Thanks Spectra.

  198. I love my S1! Its super quiet, fast and I love how I can take it anywhere. The spectra customer service team is fast and super helpful. I recommend this pump to all breastfeeding mums. It has made working and continuing to breastfed easy and stress free. It has also increased my supply!

  199. Amazing customer service! Had a few issues in the beginning and was solved instantly. Love this pump, love that it’s portable, a closed system and with strong suction. The only minor thing is that the measurements on the bottle washes off after a few washes , however that wouldn’t stop me from buying such a great pump. Thanks Spectra for making this pump available at everyday price and thanks to Bron and Clair for providing such exceptional service.

  200. I love this pump! It makes expressing milk so fast and easy. I love how easy it is to clean being a closed system and love how I can just unplug it and use it anywhere in the house without the need to be nearby to a power point. I take it camping and during traveling. I love the nightlight feature and all the different speed/strength settings and the massage mode is great.
    I am so pleased I researched breast pumps and found out about Spectra πŸ™‚

  201. My first experience with Spectra was an extremely prompt response to my online enquiry. I have used the pump once daily for a few days and each time I am expressing 10 ml per minute per breast (double pumping). It is so amazingly efficient, effective and comfortable.

    I do find the cover of the second tube connection quite difficult to remove at times due to the snug nature of the design but perhaps this will improve with repeated use. I saw noiseless written on some packaging and and while the machine is incredibly quiet, I would refute the term noiseless. It is very quiet though, I can pump in the bedroom in the early hours of the morning without waking my baby. I also read the instructions cover to cover twice over and am certain that it said the machine was programmed to initiate with massage mode then the user can switch to pump mode sooner than 2 minutes if desired. My machine starts in pump mode, I have to switch it to massage mode myself. I am not sure if that is a fault in the machine programming or an error in the instruction manual.

    I fortunately respond to most machines; however, the Spectra experience actually feels nice compared with the suction of other pumps. I definitely recommend it to all pumping mums.

  202. Thanks Spectra loving my new pump!!! I have been renting a hospital grade pump for nearly 6 months after I had a premature baby at 29 weeks. I wasn’t happy with the medela freestyle and had returned it. My S1 IS quieter then all the pumps I have used, takes us less space, has timer and a light and I get the same amount of milk as my rented hospital grade (very expensive) pump. Only wish I had heard about you 6 months ago! Cheers

  203. I could not be happier with my Spectra s1, I have had it for less than a week and already recommended it to at least a dozen friends. It is so comfortable, I get heaps of milk, it’s quiet and easy to clean, and my little one even took to the bottles straight away! It could not have been easier.

    Also, the pump arrived well before the estimated arrival date (was on back order and was informed of this before I finalised order) and received emails keeping me up to date with the order’s progress while I waited. It was definitely worth the wait!

  204. I’ve waited a little while before reviewing as I’m still in shock at the results of my Spectra Pump and initially thought it must have been a fluke! I’ve been using a Medela Swing pump for 3years with which I could pump between 20 – 40ml each side often taking half an hour or more.

    My son has a Cows Milk Protein Intolerance so I am unable to use dairy and am not keen on alternative milks, therefore expressing my milk has become more of a necessity. With him turning 1 I felt financially, buying another pump was a little silly but knew that it was important to me to try and boy am I glad I did! I can now pump 160ml or more in 10 MINUTES!!! The difference between the two pumps is unbelievable. My husband is dumbfounded and laughs at how much time I’ve ‘wasted’ over the past 3yrs trying to express a drop! This pump has also filled me with confidence. Pumping amount clearly doesn’t relate to supply!

    The service from Spectra before buying my pump was fantastic, they were very understanding of my situation and advised me accordingly. Since buying the pump I’ve had numerous questions and they have always responded promptly.

    Thankyou Spectra, I am very impressed.

  205. I recently upgraded from a Medela Swing to the S1 and I have been really happy with the change. Fantastic, quick service and a really superior product. I get about double the volume when expressing and in half the time, and I find it more comfortable than the swing. Thoroughly recommended!

  206. I needed a breast pump urgently for my newborn and after a recommendation from a family member I decided to look into the Spectra range of breast pumps. I purchased the S1 because it was hospital grade (I needed to use it several times a day) and because it had the option of both mains and battery use. Being portable was a big attraction. I received my order the very next day which was fantastic! I used another type of hospital grade breast pump before this one but I am so glad I went with the Spectra. It’s light weight, not too noisy, easy to clean the parts and has enough variety in the pumping options to suit most people’s needs. Thank you Spectra for your service and your product!

  207. I recently changed from my medela electric swing to the S1 and have never looked back. I can get 45mls from my S1 compared to a max of 5 from the swing. So quiet and so easy to use, best decision I made!!!

  208. I still yet to use my pump yet however I am impressed with the delivery of this pump. Received the pump within.48 hours of purchase!! I bought it when it was on sale too! πŸ™‚ ..

  209. This is the first breast pump i have used and i love it. Spectra was highly recommended to me by the lactation consultant at the hospital when i had my baby. A few weeks later i decided to look into it and could not look past the Spectra pumps, they had the great sale price as well as the fact that it is a closed system pump. I received fantastic service online and the s1 was delivered very quickly which was very beneficial. using it is so easy and its very quiet, there is so many positives with this pump i love it and recommend it to everyone. thanks a lot

  210. Love this pump. My baby had jaundice and was very sleepy around feed times. I used a hospital pump during my admission but needed something equally effective at home – read the excellent reviews for S1 and decided to order it. incredibly fast shipping meant it arrived as I was discharged – so I could use it right away to boost my milk supply. It was easy to assemble, instructions are clear, the pump itself is excellent & really helped baby & I continue to breastfeed (with small supplements of expressed milk at end of a feed). worth the investment as I had trouble expressing previously but this pump made it stress free – also very quiet.

  211. Hi.. I received my Spectra S1 pump earlier this week.. I rang customer service to gain more information into each pump before purchasing and the lady I spoke to was so helpful and gave me some fantastic advice. I am yet to use my pump as I have not had my baby yet. The service has been great, shipping was fast, packaging was great and even better I got my pump for a great price during the Christmas sale. Thanks Spectra

  212. Great pump and I received it really quickly! Great purchase!

  213. Thanks Spectra for such an awesome pump. I heard so many great things about the S1 pump and couldn’t wait to buy one and order it before bub #2 arrives early February. I’ve had a play around with it and can already tell it’s 1000 times better than my previous medela pump that had poor suction and leaked a lot. Great customer service super quick delivery and I live in a regional area and it offers a great warranty. It’s smaller than I expected it to be I love the night light on it and it offers varying cycles and suction strengths. It’s also a lot quieter than my medela pump. The price is much more affordable too than other double breast pumps on the market and spare parts are so easy to get a hold of. Thanks again Spectra.

  214. Finally I can return the hire pump that’s been costing me $100 per month . The S1 is powerful, portable and so so quiet. My only regret is not finding out about spectra pumps when my baby was first born. I’ve been exclusively pumping since me baby was born and I find this pump helps me produce more than enough for his demands.

    I have to also thank the ladies from the customer service for thier help on both facebook and email. Helped me make the right choice for me.

  215. I am so happy with my spectra S1 and it is definately worth the money. My spectra arrived within 24 hours of placing my order. While i was waiting for my breast pump to arrive my sister in law lent me an electric avent pump and it was the worst thing i have ever tried.
    The best things i love about my spectra is the powerful pump which help me feel like my breast are emptied,good suction, different modes, dual pump, timer and night light. I cannot fault this product. Thanks Spectra!

  216. I purchased this pump as a first time mum having spent many months researching every brand of breast pump on the market. My sister brought this same pump with her first child after using two other different brand pumps. She had not one bad word to say about it. I work in the medical field and the fact that the S1 was the only closed system on the market that was not ridiculously expensive like other brands, I brought it. I only received it a week ago and I must say it’s great so far, easy to use, super quiet, and really simple to clean.

    The customer service was fantastic as well. When I ordered my pump, they were on backorder due to high demand and short supply but I received an email pretty much straight away informing me of the delay and the expected wait time. I received my pump before the expected delivery date, cannot fault Spectra’s service. I will definitely be telling my other mums to be about Spectra breast pumps and highly recommending your pumps.

  217. Purchased the S1 a week ago after reading wonderful reviews. I have been hiring a hospital grade dbl pump for 4 months which had to be turned up quite high to get a decent milk supply. Straight away I noticed a big gain in supply using the S1 and with very little discomfort, and just love the freedom of a rechargeable battery! Unfortunately my unit is not recharging anymore when plugged into a power source (most prob a faulty power cord) but I have organised it to be sent back and I will receive a temporary pump while mine is being sorted. I emailed 12midnight and got a reply around 6am in the morning about my concerns, cant be happier with the customer support.

  218. I was even this pump from my sister who swore that it was better than the Medela swing pump. I could not be happier with it. I tried the hospital pump and thought it was good but the Spectra by fat is more convenient and stronger. I am so glad that this is the pump I ended up with making feeding time less stressful as I am solely expressing to feed my boy.

  219. We had some wild weather last week which caused power outage for a few hours. I wasn’t even worried about not being able to pump as the S1 had the inbuilt battery. Initially I was contemplating on whether to buy the S1 or S2 (big price difference), but after the power outage, I’m so glad I bought the S1!! It is an amazing product and would recommend it to my friends!

  220. Being a first time mum I went to the baby store and got the recommended medela single pump. After using the Medela I wasn’t very happy. It wasn’t powerful and using a single pump was time consuming not to mention the back wash into machine. I am so happy I went online and read reviews on hospital grade pumps and decided to buy the spectra S1.

    First use it was noticeably more powerful and my expressing time cut into half . I also like the fact that it’s a closed system so it’s more hygenice.. Being a first time mum I didn’t know there was a closed and open systems for breast pump which I think it’s important.

    The feature of it having inbuilt battery and the night light are extra handy features.
    Highly recommended and customer service is great. Delivery is fast.
    So now I have recommended the Specta S1 to a few pregnant friends and they also love it.

    Thank you Spectra for making feeding my baby girl much easier.

  221. Couldn’t be happier with my new spectra breast pump. After losing my milk completely in a one month hospital stay I originally hired a hospital grade pump to relactate but was getting expensive. After buying the spectra S1 I was very impressed. My milk supply is increasing everyday and I love that it is lightweight and portable. Something the one I hired never was! It is definitely as good, if not better, than the one I hired. I also pump during the night and it doesn’t even wake my son up who is in a bassinet right next to my bed. Thank you for this wonderful pump that is assisting my journey with relactation.

  222. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site!

    I purchased the S1 a week ago, as my newborn son has been failing to gain weight and is a lazy feeder. My midwife recommended I top him up after feeds, but I was spending 30 minutes with a hand pump and still not getting enough expressed for a whole top up.

    It took only 1 day to receive my order (a real shock since I live in rural NSW) and I can now get double the amount expressed and it only takes 10 minutes!

    The real proof for me is that my son gained 240 grams of weight this week!!

    Thank you from a previously very worried mommy.

  223. I just purchased the S1 pump – it is an exceptional product!!!

    I had previously used a different popular single pump to exclusively pump (which I had to purchase as a last minute buy on my way home from hospital…); I was constantly disappointed with it, however soldiered on because I had already spent so much money on that pump. I had seen Spectra pumps online when I was pregnant, but thought I would wait until after the baby arrived to see if I would need a pump. This was a massive mistake!!!

    I purchased the S1 as I wanted a hospital-grade double pump that had portability. It is wonderfully quiet compared to other pumps I have used and has great cycle options. The digital display gives me extra peace-of-mind as I can see exactly how long I have been pumping (instead of having to get to the stopwatch on my phone) and I know what setting I’m using, etc. Plus the fact that I can double pump is excellent. One of the other important factors was the fact that it has backflow protectors as well; my other pump didn’t and it was only out of luck that I haven’t gotten milk into that pump – I’ve had to be very vigilant in making sure that I was always in a specific position to avoid this problem, but with my Spectra I won’t have that problem at all – meaning I can pump in bed as well!!! I also really like the battery life and the fact that the battery fully charges very quickly. So far I’ve only ever used it without being plugged into the wall…Oh the freedom!

    I am sooo happy with this pump! I’m so glad I bit the bullet and bought the S1. Its so much easier to use and more effective that I could have imagined. The fact that it is so reasonably priced really helped with my decision, as well as the excellent reviews it gets on every website and facebook page I’ve seen.

    Spectra is to be congratulated on such a wonderful product. Additionally, your customer service is prompt, friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate in recommending you to EVERY mum I know!!! Thank you πŸ™‚

  224. Bought this pump having read consistently positive reviews, both on the store website and internet searches.
    It has a solid build but is surprisingly relatively light making it easily portable.
    Pump is very quiet and comfortable to use with adjustable settings.
    Easy to use and comes with a simple manual.
    Inbuilt timer lets you know how long you’ve been pumping.
    Highly recommended.

  225. My baby is four months old and exclusively breast fed.
    After needing to return back to work sooner than initially anticipated,
    I had to resolve the issue of how to express and build up stores for my baby.
    I knew very quickly that hand pump was not going to meet my needs.
    So after reading review about Spectra I decided to jump in and get this model.
    I have been nothing but pleased since this wonderfully quiet and efficient pump arrived.
    It gave me peace of mind, allowed me to store milk.
    With no cords to worry about, only when you recharge. ( which I have not yet needed to do)
    I can choose which part of the house I would like to express…. And as silly as it seems I like the look of the unit and its easy to carry around. I have recommended this to other mothers as its been an extremely good purchase for my baby and I.

  226. After turning to exclusive pumping for my LO at 7days of age I started off using my old medela swing single pump- it was taking me almost a full hour to express one feed! So I decided to go out and hire a hospital grade Ameda pump, double pumping with a hospital grade was great, but at $90 per month it was going to become very expensive if I wanted to keep feeding my LO breastmilk for over 12months!! After a suggestion from another mum I thought I would buy an S1 and see how I went…
    Well surprisingly in comparison to the hospital grade pump I was already hiring the S1 has great suction and the letdown function is brilliant!!! I also love the portability, to be able to pump anywhere is great, combined with a hands free bra I can actually go about making dinner whist expressing a feed for my LO πŸ™‚
    Def a worthwhile investment!

  227. I originally had a My First Years MiPump (single) that I used for occasional pumping, but when I found myself having to exclusively pump for my 4mo I upgraded to the medela swing due to great reviews. Gee was I disappointed – It hurt to pump & would take me an hour each time, plus the battery didn’t last long & I often got milk in the tubing!! There’s was no way I could continue with that, with a 3yo and baby at home! After joining a facebook support group for pumping mummies I learned about the Spectra pumps, and after much hesitation bought an S1 pump. This is the best purchase I have ever made!! So quiet, comfortable, and i’ve never got so much milk out pumping before – and i’m all done within 20mins (sometimes less!!). It’s fabulous!! The battery will last me at least a day (great to be mobile when I have to run around after the 3yo, or go to the baby if he wakes from a sleep), and now that i’m in a good pumping routine I’m no longer counting down the days for when my bub was 6mo & i’d stop pumping. That milestone has come and gone, and i’m still pumping away. Now aiming for 1year!!

    These pumps are such good value. Much cheaper than other popular brands, and work so much better. Plus their resale value is good, so I’d definitely recommend them to anyone!!

  228. I bought this when my lo was 2 weeks old. It is easy to use, quiet and love the portable battery which means i can pump anywhere! was deciding between S1 and the S2 but the portability function was definitely a winner for me, though it was a bit of price to pay but so far, i can say it is worth the money! I can pump anywhere and it is that quiet that I can pump away in the middle of the night without waking my hubby and lo.

    Fast delivery, easy use. Don’t really need an instruction manual, just look at the picture online and you can put it together! the rest you can pretty much play around and get he hang of it.
    Very happy purchase!

  229. I purchased this pump when my baby was just 1 week old. 3 weeks later my supply is doing wonderfully and we could not be happier with our purchase. This pump is easy to use, extremely effective and the battery is a must for us when out and about. We went out for whole day this weekend and forgot to pack the power adapter but the battery lasted all day with me pumping every 2 hours and still had plenty of battery life left.

  230. I began pumping from day 2 when my daughter would not latch. I’ve used a Medela hospital loan pump (not sure?), an Avent Comfort single, then an Ameda Purely Yours double pump. Once I hit 3 months of pumping I decided to get a new pump. I joined an American based FB group called “Exclusive expressers/pumpers” and many of the users raved about their Spectra pump so I decided on the S1 for the rechargeable option. I am so happy with my pump – it is by far the best pump I have used – especially the portability of it. Its definitely worth having the letdown button too. When I first received it I had to use my Ameda flanges (they fit using the same tubing!) because the standard flanges that came with the S1 were too big and my whole nipple stretched into the flange. I mentioned this on the spectra baby FB page and they sent me out the smaller size flanges THAT DAY! My supply has gone up about 100ml per day since so I could not be happier! The spectra baby FB page also led me to the ‘Exclusive Expressers Australia’ FB group which are an amazing group of ladies. Seriously thank you Spectra.

  231. My husband did the research online to see which breast pump is the one to buy before our little bub is born. We were comparing S1 with medela swing double electric breast pump, the review for S1 is quite high and less expensive. We gave it a try and bought it. In the hospital the midwife gave me the medela hospital grade to use, and then I want to familiar with how to use my own breast pump so that I used S1 instead. We were so supervised that I actually prefer S1 more, as it is smaller than medela hospital grade one and also more efficient!! Thanks to S1, I stimulate my breasts early and I have plenty of milk to supply to my cute little bub and also use less time to pump the milk out. I didn’t write review immediately as I really want to try it out longer as time really speak for the quality of a product! Turns out I quite happy with the product πŸ™‚ Because I am going to back to work in 2 months, I purchased the smaller one Spectra M1 Portable Double Electric Breast Pump as well. Hopefully it would be as good as S1, as S1 is really a good buy!! Will do another review after using M1 πŸ™‚ I also recommended S1 to 2 of my friends, hopefully my review could be useful to you all.

  232. This is my second child and I spent a lot of time researching a double, hospital grade breast pump. Spectra was by far the best value for money. I have not been disappointed. I am very happy with the portability of the S1 and I am expressing so much more milk this time around with the quality pump.

  233. As an exclusive express breastfeeder, I needed something affirdable, strong and mobile to last the distance. After a lot of research, I’ve just upgraded to the S1. It is an amazing machine, it used to take me an hour to express but now I am finished both sides in 20 minutes. The S1 has increased my supply and the rechargeable battery makes it super handy when I’m out and about πŸ™‚

  234. My husband ordered this pump for me after much research, and I have been very happy with it. Nice and quiet and I love the portability with the built in battery. I haven’t tested the full 3hr battery life yet as one of your reviewers mentioned. I also was under the impression the bottles would be matching blue but have been explained that this was the older style. I think it would be nice to offer both colours in the new design. The only issue I have is it can be hard to use the double pump with other pumping bras/bustiers as the neck of the attachment is joined to the funnel part so you have to insert them as a whole unit. Overall I love this pump and will definitely recommend it to any friends looking for a good breast pump. The customer service is also speedy and great, well done and thank you.

  235. My wife is very pleased with her pump, so much easier to use than here previous pump. Having a built in battery to give portability is excellent. The only issue she is having is with the shields, they are giving her sore nipples. Could be a size thing, not sure. We have just ordered a set of the silicon inserts to see if that helps.

    • Maire Shanahan

      Hello Simon! The flanges could well be the wrong size. Could you please get in touch though so we can help work out what’s going on and make sure we get you the right size. If your wife is experiencing friction, rubbing etc on the nipple the flange (the tunnel bit the nipple is drawn into on the shield) could be too small, if she’s experiencing pulling pain or having too much breast tissue drawn in, then the flange could be too big. Hoping we can help!

  236. This pump amazing!!! I had hired a hospital grade pump for $30 per week but the Spectra S1 is much better and has increased my supply!! I exclusively express and this pump has made my life much easier and it’s affordable to. Spectra customer service is great too and dealt with all my enquiries quickly. I can’t praise this pump enough…I

  237. I did a lot of research online and in stores before purchasing a breast pump and a friend told me I should look at the S1. I love that it’s hospital grade, double and electric and also rechargeable. It’s easy to use, assemble, clean etc

    I have three points to raise that could be enhanced;

    The user guide is very minimal and could have much more information in it. Clearer directions/pictures for first time assembly, sterilisation instructions, maybe some breast feeding information or a link to a well known breastfeeding source like the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

    I never get anywhere near the 3 hours of promoted battery life which is disappointing as this was a major selling point for me.

    There should be varied flange sizes available, even better if you can select the flange size at checkout to be provided with purchase

    Oh and a small thing, the bottles are pink and the S1 is blue, I thought blue bottles came with the s1??

    Overall, I LOVE this pump and would definitely recommend it to friends. It is really easy to use, I pump whilst eating dinner, I’ve pumped whilst bub was on the other breast, I pumped in the car.

    • Maire Shanahan

      Hello Zoe! Thanks for your review!

      Here are some answers by the way –

      – Unfortunately the user guide provided by the manufacturer is really basic. We’ve done our own manual for the S2 (S1 coming) and if you email customer service at we’ll send you a download link. It does have a lot more info. We could include a link to the ABA in an electronic version of the manual, good idea (not in a print version though as the manual will be used in other countries).

      – Battery life – how far off the 3 hours are you? This might be something for us to follow up. I think battery charge will get used up faster if you’re double pumping on a higher vacuum setting, but if we’re talking a significant reduction it could be a warranty issue.

      – We have 3 flange sizes available – 24mm, 28mm and 32mm and you can also get silicone inserts to adjust the size further. Here’s the link: .

      – The bottles – the blue bottles you may have seen were the old, standard neck bottles with a blue cap and disc etc. The wide neck bottle we now use are pink. Interesting you mention this, I wonder if many people have a preference!

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback, it’s very gratifying! and LOVE that you’re loving the pump – that makes us happy πŸ™‚

      Best wishes,

      Spectra Team

      ps. if I forgot anything let me know!

  238. I was so hesitant in purchasing a breast pump because of the cost and not knowing if it would “do the job”. But after plenty of research, people’s reviews kept coming back to Spectra.
    So I started trawling and reading more and more. Then Spectra had a birthday sale, so I jumped on the percentage off – I got the top of the range for a much cheaper price. Happy customer!
    The pump is great. It’s easy to assemble, portable and pumps the milk for my little one when I am at work or need to express for him. It is on par with the pump I used in hospital that retails for thousands.
    I’m yet to master the double pumping, but have seen some genius homemade converted bras!

  239. I purchased the S1 after my husband did alot of research on different brands. I had been using a hired hospital grade pump in the short term and needed to buy one due to issues with supply, baby tongue tie etc. As I plan to return to work after 6 months I needed something portable but didn’t want to buy two pumps or an electric and a manual. The reasons we decided on the S1 were the battery, and the fact that this makes the pump portable; the price compared to similar products from other brands; and the weight.

    The pump is fantastic, especially for the price it is really good value for money. The portability is great and there is no compromise in terms of function, pumping strength etc. The timer and night light are really useful. I find it quite noisy (compared to other reviewers) but this does not bother me or baby at all.

    My only criticism – and it is minor – is that the rubber valve between the bottle and the shield is very fragile and has ripped on both bottles after not much use. I plan to order replacements and hope that they are a bit more robust.

  240. I received my Spectra S1 last week. It was delivered quickly and I was very excited to get a great deal. (I happened to log in to buy on the website for the big 1st of July sale) A lady in our community that runs breast feeding clinics recommended the S2….. But I like the idea of being able to pump anywhere, even Shen I go back to work.

    It is very quick and easy to use. It’s great to have all the different functions and really appreciate the nightlight.

    It’s a very quiet pump, so you can
    easilly use it in the middle of the night or while watching TV.

    Very happy with my purchase.! Thank you Spectra

  241. I really love my new S1 spectra pump. I own also M1 pump, however S1 pump is much more gentle and it increase my milk supply. S1 pump consider a silent pump as compared to Philips avent and M1. Besides the pump, I really love how spectra customer service reply every queries I had. They are fast and very detail. Spectra makes me love to pump πŸ˜€

  242. I researched pumps before deciding to go with this one as it was the best value, but also because it was portable, double and hospital grade. This pump is easy to use! One thing I will add to make sure the back flow filter is put together the right way on the inside (rubber) as I was wondering when I first got it why it wasn’t working properly. Now that it is put together correctly the pump is brilliantly working. I have increased by 120mls per day which I was supplementing before with formula. I have a hungry girl who sometimes hasn’t the patience for the flow of my breast I prefer to feed her breast milk and this allows me to give her to fullfill her needs. The portability I love, I keep on my bedside at night and pump when she is asleep, it is quiet. I pump in the lounge when watching tv. I am considering taking it with us to pump in the car too.

  243. I am very happy with my purchase of this pump. Very quick delievery and great communication before recieving it. I was recommended this pump for when I go back to work and it has been worth it. The pump works really well and it is very straight forward to use. Very handy with the rechargable battery ( I can take it with me anywhere and pump in any room) and quite quiet so doesnt bother anyone. Two little disappointments include that one bottle cap doesn’t screw on properly with the disk on and the measurement markings are rubbing off the bottles.

  244. This pump is fantastic. I was using a manual breast pump and having lots of trouble with expressing enough milk for my Little boy. It was taking me about 30 min to express about 60mls. Now using the spectra I am able to express between 180 and 200mls in 10 mins. I am saving so much time and producing so much more milk. The rechargeable feature is so handy too I am able to express anywhere and not have to worry about finding a Power outlet. The price is also very reasonable. Thanks spectra you have made going back to work a feeding my baby so easy. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner. I love it.

  245. I was using a leading brand single breast pump before, after 3 times of Mastitis due to not draining properly and also knowing my daughter has tongue-tied. I decided to invest in a double breast pump to pump exclusively. My cousin is using Spectra Dew and strongly recommended Spectra pumps to me. I have recommended S2 to a friend and she found the let down mode improve milk supply. After reading many reviews about double pump and I did not see a single negative review about Spectra pumps I purchased S1.

    S1 is perfect for mothers who pumping exclusively or anyone wants to get pumping session finish in 30mins or less, I love the portability and the night light; I could walk from bed room to kitchen without turning a big light on and double pumping at the same time.

    Not to forget the hygienic design of the back flow preventer and also the Cup and valves are super easy to clean.

    The only problem I have is with the Spectra bottle, the bottle itself is great especially the wide neck design for easier cleaning. However the measuring mark started to fade when the second time I wash it.

    Which ever pump you have choose, Spectra pumps are all reliable and does it job! I love my pump!

  246. I did my research and was keen to have battery powered so I can pump easily when I go back to work and the reviews were good for all of the Spectra pumps but I thought the S1 was the best fit for me and I am impressed so far. The battery has lasted well on charges, the suction is good and it is indeed quiet. Love the night light too! I also purchased the Breast Milk storage bags and they have been very practical to use. It gives me great peace of mind to know that when my supply drops off a bit in the afternoon if bub is not satisfied I have a backup supply of milk available for her and we are not stuck if I need to get someone to babysit for me.

  247. The Pump was delivered promptly which was great. It was quite easy to use but the paper instructions are pretty useless so I used the youtube video to help work it all out. I used a Medela in hospital and this unit is equally as good. The vibrating motion is really comfortable. We are using it as our nightlight and I can pump without waking baby as it is so quiet. The teats that come with it are too fast for my newborn and the bottle has leaked twice so I just pour the milk into a better bottle. The rechargeable battery is great so I can take it anywhere, even have a pump in the car before an event. I have already recommended this product to others and am very happy with my purchase. Perhaps Spectra could look at adding an o-ring to the bottle for feeding?

  248. I had no prior experience with breast pumps and needed to find something reliable and effective for when we came home from hospital . Our lactation nurse suggested the medela swing but after doing some serious research online I kept coming back to the Spectra pumps which had great reviews. The hardest part was deciding which one would suit my needs best.

    I ended up going with the the S1 pump and had it delivered overnight to the hospital. Unexpectedly, I’ve ended up mixed feeding so am using the pump alot more often than I expected and I couldn’t be happier. The pump is quiet (I’m pretty sure our cat thinks it’s purring at him), light weight & easy to use, which is just as well as it didn’t come with any instructions.. We also use the night light for night feeds when not using the pump as it’s so effective and emits a soft blue light.

    I would definitely recommend the S1 pump to anyone.

  249. I spent a lot of time on Google before purchasing this pump and am so pleased I settled on the spectra.

    The pump is easy to use, is very quiet, the battery function allows for ease of portability and importantly it truly is as it says, hospital grade when it comes to the amount of milk you can quickly and painlessly express.

    I strongly recommend this pump to all!

  250. I needed a double pump for work and read wonderful reviews about this product. I am very happy with the quality of this pump and ease of use. The battery allows me to sit anywhere on my couch and pump rather than having to squish into the corner. The timer is also helpful as I always forget to start one . Would definitely recommend this pump.

  251. I ordered this pump on a Thursday morning and in just under 24 hours it was delivered to my door. I love this pump , I was using another branded pump and it would take me at least half an hour to get enough milk out to feel comfortable. With the spectra pump I can get the same amount if not more in around a third of the time.
    One of the best qualities I love about this pump is it’s super quiet. I also like the fact it has a massage setting to help with the let down and I can use it on the go with the in built battery.
    I’m so glad I chose this brand and this pump, everything about it is of great quality.

  252. I bought this pump from a Spectra stockist (Birth Partner). It took ages to get here because of an upgrade, but am so pleased to find it was well worth the wait! I love love love this pump! I consistently get over 100ml every time I double pump for about 10 minutes between feeds during the day. I usually get about 30-50ml after bubs has had a feed on double pump for 10 mins. I don’t notice any difference when pumping from the power point or using the battery, which is fantastic. I’m not sure if the battery is holding power properly because no matter how long I charge it for it seems to drop from full to 75% battery instantly; however, it does stay at 75% for a long time. I don’t have much success with the expression mode, but I might not be waiting long enough for it to work. I let down pretty quickly using it at the setting I need to pump and never adjust. If you like to start at a slower setting, remember to change it to the settings before putting the pump on as the pump remembers your last setting. The pump is also extremely quiet compared to my last pump, which was terrible at extracting milk and noisy! The parts are easy and quick to clean. The backflow filter stops moisture going into the tubing so the tubing stays dry and doesn’t need to be cleaned. The display screen has a timer so you can see how long you have been pumping for, which is useful if you don’t have access to a clock. I haven’t had to use the night light yet, but I have played with it during the day in a darkened room and would be bright enough for someone who needs to pump at night. Customer service is excellent if you have any problems. I’ve contacted them and they are always quick to respond and helpful.

  253. I did lots of research before purchasing a breast pump and was drawn to the S1 because of the rechargeable battery, being hospital grade, double and electric. I had also heard great reviews from mum groups online.

    Being a first time mum I found the instruction booklet WAY too brief, however I received a speedy and detailed response from Spectra customer service when I requested more info. I have also been in continual contact with Spectra with my “first time mum” pumping questions, and they’ve always responded respectfully and quickly. There is also plenty of info, tips and hints online in general about pumping so this wasn’t too much of an issue.

    I love the look, the night light, the portability, the weight and sound of the machine. I used a Medela Symphony in hospital and found no difference in the amount I could pump or the useability.

    My only criticisms:
    -There is not a choice of flange sizes AND the spectra can’t easily be adapted to use a flange from another brand, (ie. the flange doesn’t separate from the screw on bottle bit like the medela’s do). The flange it comes with is too small, making it uncomfortable, BUT, I am currently working with Spectra customer service to find a solution, (which is awesome that they’re so willing to help get the best fit and comfort).
    -I don’t ever seem to be able to get a full charge on the battery, (when plugged in it always flashes as charging no matter how long it’s been plugged in) and the battery doesn’t last as long as I would like. This might just be an issue with my machine though, and isn’t really a biggie as I just have to remember to plug in to charge after each pump.

    Despite this, spectra is definitely my choice of pump and I’m confident working with customer service I will be able to resolve my current issues. I would definitely recommend this pump to anyone looking to buy.

  254. I’ve had my S1 for a few weeks now and I have to say I am quite impressed. When it first arrived unfortunately my first unit didn’t work but the company were excellent to deal with and a replacement unit arrived VERY quickly and with no fuss. Since then I’ve been using it regularly. I particularly like the ability to program both the cycle speed and vacuum strength. It means I have been able to experiment with the settings and find something that works well for me and the unit remembers my settings every time so no need to program each time. The massage function is also programmable for vacuum setting so I can ease into things!
    I’ve only just started using the pump during the night and the night light is very useful providing enough light to see what I’m doing but not too bright to hurt my eyes when I’ve just woken up.
    The pump is quite enough to still watch IV at the same time and my husband tells me he barely notices it. Tonight I tested the portability a little further and expressed while reading my daughter her bedtime story – still quiet enough to talk normally and enjoy a book and light weight enough to carry around easily! Being able to unplug and run on the battery makes it easy to pick up and move around so I can express in different places around the house without any trouble. It will also make things much easier when I return to work.
    The unit is simple to clean and assemble so it doesn’t take long to put together for each express.
    I think this unit is at least as good, if not better, than the Medela Symphony I used in hospital. I did compare the DEW 350 and Medela Symphony in hospital and found the DEW better and since coming home I like the S1 even more than my DEW. Very happy with my purchase.

  255. As a first time mum I was determined to exclusively breast feed my baby boy and thought it would come easy…I was wrong! It is hard work and I had a baby who was not gaining enough weight! A girlfriend loaned me her medela freestyle and I had some success with it but I just couldn’t afford or justify the cost of purchasing my own- cue mum forums and Internet searching!
    After reading a tonne of reviews on the spectra brand and researching the different models I decided to dive right in and preorder the S1- 3 things appealed: hospital grade, double pump & rechargeable battery. I was not let down by any of those features and others that I have immediately loved: the night light, the whisper quiet sound, closed circuit pump (I spilt precious milk on the open circuit medela), the gentle massage function, easy to read monitor and basic controls. Also, in the same pumping time I get 30-60ml more using the spectra and it is more comfortable due to successful expression on a gentler setting.

    I do have to purchase a larger shield for better comfort but that is hardly a negative!

    The one improvement I would suggest is more information and instructions in the booklet BUT the customer service and assistance is second to none!

    Spectra S1 is value for money! I’m so glad I purchased this rather than spending double on a rival product. This unit is bigger but the design is very sleek, easy to move around with and I am confident it will last through all my future babies!

    Oh and since using it & topping up my son, he had gained 850g! Huge success after much frustration, stress and worry!

  256. We first purchased another brand breast pump which was electric and manual. I found to get enough suction I had to use the manual setup all the time and it was so slow. I tried a hospital grade one and it worked so much better but of course I couldn’t afford it.
    This is so similar to the hospital grade one but better as it’s smaller, has a night light and a timer. It has enough suction (I use setting 11 out of 12) and is quiet and fast. Try putting it on the couch and no one can hear it! Very easy to use as well.

  257. I am so happy with my Spectra S2 breast pump. It is one of the best purchases I’ve made. After a lot of research I couldn’t believe the price and it’s brilliant! It’s easy to use/clean, lightweight, has a handy night light and is super quiet. I would recommend it to anyone.

  258. I purchased this pump to replace another brand on the market. Very quick delivery and the pump is lighter and easier to transport around than expected. Easy to assemble. Have only used once, so yet to see whether pumping will be as efficient as the alternate brand, however different cycle speeds and suction strengths seem to be a positive.

  259. After doing a lot of research and looking at reviews for the past 8 months, I am really happy that I got this instead of the other ones I had my eye on. With the double pump feature, I can half the expressing time. Compared to the other breast pump, this is much quieter and has more vacuum power. On another note, Spectra Baby has the best customer service! I have contacted them on various concerns, and they have been really responsive! Highly recommended!

  260. First off the customer service from Spectra is fantastic. I had many questions prior to ordering the pump and all of my emails were answered very quickly and professionally. The pump itself is fantastic. I have never been a good pumper, with my old pump I would sometimes take up to 15 mins to get a let down, after that I would have to continually do breast compressions (massage) to keep a small flow going. It would take me between 20-30 mins of double pumping to get about 30 mls of milk (that’s 15 mls per breast) after a feed. My baby is now 9 months old and I haven’t pumped in many months, mostly due to the fact that it was such hard work to get such a small amount of milk and would take several days to get enough milk to fill a bottle. My pump is also very noisy and I just didn’t like it. After receiving the pump very quickly after I ordered it, I sterilized all parts that needed it and then gave it a try after a feed. I managed to a get let down within a few minutes (just had to figure out what I was comfortable with and what my body responded to) and had a continual flow of milk without the need for breast compressions. I only had the suction at a 3 most of the time and with a few gentle compressions during pumping the milk flow was so much faster than I have ever seen with a pump. After 10 mins I had pumped a total of 50 mls of milk. I am returning to work when my baby is 12 months old, and I plan to keep breastfeeding past 12 months. My daughter also has a soy and dairy intolerance, plus several allergies so cannot have regular milk or formula. I was worried that my supply would drop and that I wouldn’t be able to continue to provide enough milk for her once I returned to work. After working very hard to build up my supply in the beginning, that was also slow to come in. I did not want to risk my supply dropping. Now that I have this new pump I am very confident that I will be able to keep up with my daughters needs and continue to breastfeed her for as long as we are both comfortable with. Thank you Spectra, for providing such a fantastic pump at an affordable price, I will definitely be telling anyone I know that needs a pump, about Spectra breast pumps and recommending they buy one over any other of the more popular brands.

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