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Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

$299.00 $239.20

Be astonished by the revolutionary S2, completely different to every other pump seen previously on the market. A sophisticated, hospital grade breast pump with highly adjustable settings, and extras like nightlight and timer, at a fraction of the price you’d expect.

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Introducing the latest in breast pump technology, the Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump. Boasting every innovation possible to make life easier for you, including powerful 300mmHg suction, double pumping, massage mode to encourage speedy letdown, ability to adjust both suction strength and cycle speed, night light and timer and much more. This pump is absolutely quiet and is the most portable and stylish hospital grade pump around.

  • Super quiet
  • Closed system – hygienic for you and baby
  • Night light & timer
  • Everything you need for double pumping
  • Powerful, adjustable suction
  • Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body
  • Slow flow teat suitable for newborn feeding

Click here toΒ compare breast pumpsΒ & read a guide to terms.

Should you buy the Dew 350 or the S2? Please read our post explaining the differences: Dew 350 v S2


  • Spectra S2 main pump
  • Wide neck breast shield (24mm size) x 2
  • Bottle x 2
  • Slow flow soft teat x 2
  • Tubing x 2
  • Disc x 2
  • Cap x 2
  • Backflow protector x 2
  • Valve x 2
  • Power adaptor

All components in contact with your milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum range 0 ~ 300 mmHg
  • Cycle length 38-54 RPM
  • Weight – 2kg
  • Two years Warranty
  • Powered by mains
  • Motor life 1,500 hours
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Certification CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001

Vacuum strength


Letdown mode

Cycle speed



Double kit


  1. I love my spectra S2 – I ordered this in hospital on a Friday after a 3 day upsetting journey of my baby not latching. It was delivered on the Monday. We were discharged on the Monday so I needed it asap! It’s been a fantastic pump. So quiet. Love the nightlight. I wish I could have selected the breast shield size though.
    I also wish that I considered the S1 which is basically the same pump but with a battery.

  2. I started using the Spectra S2 for the last two weeks and would definitely recommend this product. After some initial issues (which the customer support was excellent and very prompt to respond) the pump is so quick and efficient and has helped with increasing my milk supply.

  3. I highly recommend this product to everyone. I first about them through our pediatrician, who spoke highly about this brand. I am using this pump since last 6weeks and very happy with it.

    Night light and massage mode ar great features

  4. This product has been amazing and it’s so simple to use and clean!

  5. I purchased spectra 2 weeks ago before that I hired Medea symphony hospital grade for exclusive pumping.wanted to buy pump which wouldn’t effect my supply after I return medela after reading reviews for sometime decided to buy spectra s2 .once it arrived I wanted to compare whether all the hype was true and did it matched with symphony in terms of pumping .tried pumping with spectra for 3 days and it didn’t affected my supply which made me comfortable to return my hired pump
    Also customer service and delivery of pump is exceptionally fast

  6. I love my new S2. It has helped me increase my milk supply which is important as I am not using formula supplements at all. I wanted the best for my baby and this pump has helped me give her that.

  7. I’ve loved using my s2. It was easy to assemble and get the hang of and makes pumping enough milk quick and simple. Definitely worth the investment!

  8. I hired a hospital grade breast pump when discharged home from hospital for several weeks. However as hiring was getting costly overtime I began seeking for a hospital grade breast pump online and found spectra brand through reviews from other mothers. I have used the spectra s2 for over a month now and very happy with my purchase. It is very easy to use with great features and fast shipping. I would recommend it to my friends and families.

  9. I’ve been recommended about this product by the lactation consultant. The shipping was super fast and the product very good. It was worth it. I recommend it.

  10. Great product! use friendly and has so many great features. I definitely will recommend it to my friends.

  11. I bought this for my wife and it was the best baby purchase ever. We use it religiously and I get to feed our baby too. Excellent quality and works beautifully

  12. This pump is so easy to use, quiet and can easily be adjusted to your needs. Would and have recommended to anyone needing a breast pump

  13. Great pump , so quite and great suction!!
    Would recommend this pump to anyone !! Thee service with spectra has been great very quick responses!

  14. I purchase my S2 just last week and I love it! I used to have a single electric pump and it takes me awhile to finish 1 pumping session. Not only does my S2 saves me time pumping but it’s sooo quiet and I love the different suction settings!

  15. Being a exclusively breast pumping mum, the s2 helps me effiently pump and express as much as possible.

  16. I love my Spectra! So quiet I can barely hear it, and reliable enough to exclusively express feed my daughter.
    Not a single complaint from me!

  17. I recently purchased S2 and I never look back. It fits my needs – compact, easy to use, comfortable, very efficient pump and the best part is it gets the job done really fast. I especially like the massage and let down, and fast expressing. The overall online purchase was easy and the delivery was quicker than expected. I’m recommending it to all my friends and mothers group.

  18. Amazing product! Very effective pump much better than medela!
    Love it and will recommend it to my friends and family.

  19. Quiet, efficient, and comfortable. The letdown mode, cycle control, and optional lighting are great features too. Amazing product!

  20. recently bought the Spectra S2 pump as i was having trouble maintaining my milk supply with baby #2. i wanted a pump that was quick, quiet and got my milk out efficiently. and this pump does it all. It’s amazing. I actually enjoy pumping. no pain and super quick.

  21. Love the S2 breast pump it is easy to use and I love the soft pink colour. The let down mode helps the milk flow. We bought after we lost the charger of the m1 which we bought before the pregnancy.

  22. This pump is amazing and the best investment we have made! We got home from hospital with baby and realised the pump we had wasn’t working well as it was handed down to us from a friend. After much research we decided on the spectra s2 and have never looked back! It literally arrived the day after and I even called the customer service team to ask a few questions before buying and they were amazing!!! The pump works a dream and I never spend more than 10mins to get enough for 2 feeds for my little one! And when I experienced some leakage from only one of the bottles, the customer service team were only more than helpful in sorting out this problem! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  23. Loving my S2 pump! I was looking for a good quality pump to get me through the the NICU/SCN journey and I’m so glad a came across Spectra. I had heard of it through social media and even the nurses at the hospital recommended Spectra, best purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve only had it for a few days but so far I’ve been getting more at each pumping session than I ever could using the pumps they have at the hospital. Thank you spectra!

  24. I was recommended this pump by a friend who has one and also the midwife at my hospital. Customer service is fantastic and the pump was delivered the next day. Loving it so far and use it so many times a day as I’m exclusively pumping. I really love the night light feature too!

  25. I recently bought the S2 to relactate. It’s super comfortable to use and it has so many different settings so you can get your perfect comfort level.
    I love it and am super glad I decided to get it!

  26. I had been struggling along with a hand me down pump and decided to get a new pump for my return to work. After lots of research I chose the spectra S2 – it has changed my life! It is SO much more comfortable, I don’t dread pumping anymore. And I get so much more milk! I love the letdown button. I love this pump. Don’t settle for a crappy pump – do yourself a favour and get an S2

  27. So much better then my old silly manual pump it takes me less then 10 mins to empty a breast !!

  28. The Spectra S2 is very effective and easy to use. It’s definitely well worth the money and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Highly recommend!

  29. I purchased the spectra S2 pump as I have used this machine previously and have loved it. It’s quiet, versatile and a third of the price of other hospital grade pumps on the market. I have always had good support with this product and company in the past. Would highly recommend this product and have done to friends who have exclusively pumped like myself and they have purchased this item as well as others from spectra on my recommendation.

  30. Well worth it’s money. Great for exclusive pumping mums, I use mine every 3-4 hours & had not let me down! Pardon the pun, it has very good massage/stimulation mode for a quick let down & great suction for optimal milk volume in little Time. Highly recommend this pump

  31. After opening my Medela Swing and finding it was full of mould I decided I needed a hospital grade pump. The S2 is much faster and I get much more milk. It is a lot bigger, but I will also buy a small pump for when I am out and about.

    Also – I have to say the customer service at Spectra is brilliant . They were happy to talk to me for 20 minutes and answer all my questions.

  32. Absolutely love my s2!!! I really struggled with pumping enough before hand it would take me a good hour to get 90 mls. Spectra i can get it in 10 minutes!!! Amazing ?

  33. I tried the Medela Symphony at the hospital but after hearing a lot of good reviews from friends and mums group I decided to purchase Spectra instead.

    I am glad that I made the right decision! I could get more output with Spectra and the suction mode are just right. I needed the pump urgently and was very happy with how fast it turned up!

    Overall, i am very happy with the product and will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a breast pump.

  34. I purchased S2 two weeks ago as my friend recommended it to me . I was using Madela hospital grade pump at the hospital and was skeptical if this would be the right product for me. Once i received the product , i absolutely loved it . I believe the suction power is better than the Madela pump and is affordable . This product is a lifesaver. I love it .

  35. I purchased this as baby was 2.5weeks early and struggling to breastfeed so I needed a good pump to not only feed baby but to keep my supply up.

    Very quick to get my letdown going but find that I get more expressed in single mode than what I do in double pump mode.

  36. I purchased the S2 after exclusive pumping for 4 months with a different brand I was amazed at the difference in my pumping experience I got more output and it was so much quieter then my other pump the parts are easy to put together and clean and the spectra service is second to none

  37. Just bought the Spectra S2 and am completely in love. I researched a lot of pumps before finally deciding on this one and spectra have not disappointed.
    Fast delivery and a very helpful customer service team have made my purchase that much more enjoyable.
    The pump is quiet and very efficient. It will definitely be a huge help in my breastfeeding journey.

  38. I absolutely love my new pump. I used to struggle for close to an hour with my old pump to get about 60ml. Now, it takes me 12 mins to get 260ml! So quick and easy as well to put the pump together and the pump is super quiet as well compared to my old pump which sounded like a freight train.

  39. Best pump on the market
    Great customer service too very fast shipment basically next day delivery
    Love the different settings of pumping it has and how quiet bonus built in nighy light for nighy feeds is good can’t fault it absolutely love only thing wish I got the s1 so I can express out and about

  40. My wife has tried both Medela Symphony and S2, and we can see that the S2 works as good as, if not better than, the Symphony regardless of the massive price difference.
    The pump is well designed and is very powerful as well. Highly recommended πŸ™‚

  41. Greatest Pump and exceptionally fast service. Saves so much time and is so easy to use and quiet. Best money you will ever spend!

  42. I was recommended the S2 by the lactation consultants at our hospital and have been super happy with the product.

    I had premature twins at 34 weeks who are in special care nursery and I need the pump to express 8 x daily using double pump function. The pump has been wonderful and very easy to use in this difficult time.

    The online assistance was first class particularly when I needed the product in very short notice and when I got home (without the babies ☹️) and was emotional and confused and needed some support.

  43. My little Bub is 5 days old and since day 1 I have been expressing roughly 40ml after each feed. We were admitted to hospital and I tried using their hospital pump and it honestly wasn’t as effective as what my S2 has already proven to be! Even though I’m only on day 5 I can honestly say it’s been great so far and having a comparison to go off, makes it more the worth while!

  44. Totally in love with my breast pump. Next day delivery which was great. I pump 8+ times a day and havnt looked back. Its quiet which is great. Love the light function also perfect for overnight pumping. 100% satisfied will be recommending it to all my pregnant friends

  45. Very prompt delivery. I have been using the Spectra S2 pump for a week now and was previously a bit apprehensive about using breast pumps as I was worried I would be overwhelmed by all the pumping, sterilizing and cleaning required. The Spectra S2 pump has made it easy for me to use and the videos on the website have been very helpful. A quiet and efficient little pump. Would definitely recommend!

  46. Our preterm baby has required regular top up feeds and we’ve been able to do so using the spectra s2. An excellent at home pump and recommend to anyone!

  47. I am so thrilled with my recent S2 purchase.

    The S2 is such a quality pump and has been assisting me to build my supply.

    I really like the night light, super handy for those night feeds, the cup holder is a nice accessory too.

    Not as quiet as I was hoping but this pump is so good at its purpose I can manage with the slight noise.

    Support post purchase is fantastic! Highly recommend to any mum who needs a quality pump!

  48. Great pump. I was using a rented hospital grade medela pump for over 3 weeks and we finally decided to purchase the S2 after much research πŸ™‚
    I found this to be just as effective! Comfortable & easy to use. I was worried it will be quite heavy to move around but it surprisingly lightweight. Love it.

  49. Awesome product. Tried the medela symphony from the hospital, and still prefer this. Good to have the night light. πŸ™‚ fast shipping, received my pump the next early noon. Also, excellent customer service too.

  50. The pump is really efficient and super quiet. The settings are really powerful and the company send videos on how to use the pump/ settings.
    It was delivered really quickly.

  51. I have been using the S2 pump for a week and have been very happy with it. It’s easy to use and to clean. It takes me quite a while to pump as my supply is low. The double pump is a great time saver and it’s already helping to increase my supply.

  52. I bought it to replace avent. Double pump saves my time, and it is very quite, I can use it during night without disturb my baby

  53. Was so pleased with the service – I ordered the Spectra S2 on a Friday afternoon and it arrived on my doorstop by 9.30am on Monday. I will be pumping frequently when I return to work in a couple of months, and I was pleasantly surprised with how light and quiet it was.

  54. Highly recommend the S2 Pump, works just as well as the Medela Symphony if not better! And at a really affordable price !!!

  55. I was so excited to receive my pump, and it has exceeded every expectation I had, other pumps have hurt or not produced much, but this pump has been a godsend! It’s super quiet which makes pumping in the nursery a breeze, it’s so powerful yet so gentle! I’ve been able to start a freezer stash for my little one, and I get so much now! And to make it even better, my L.O has never really taken to a bottle, so when I first tried her on the spectra bottle I didn’t think she’d take to it, but to make this package even better she took to it like I do to chocolate! Honestly, If your looking for a pump this is definitely the one to get, it’s worth every single penny! I love my Spectra S2!

  56. Bought the spectra to replace a different breast pump and so glad I did!! The spectra reduces pumping time by 50% compared to other pump and the angled shield means I don’t need to lean forward when pumping which is a lot more comfortable. Easy to use and clean, id highly recommend

  57. New mum. Heard this brand from friend. I used it for 3 weeks. It is really easy to use and very convenient. Love the night light function. Will introduce to my friends as well.

  58. Bought the S2 breast pump two weeks ago and have found it wonderful. I came across this breast pump after doing research on breast pumps and found it had great reviews. Its very easy to use and easy to clean. It only takes less than 10min to pump 120-160mL when double pumping. And I loved how quiet and portable the machine was.

  59. Purchased my Spectra S2 about a week ago. Absolutely love it. I found it drained my breasts alot better than other pumps ive used. I was contemplating turning to formula as my supply was low. But after using the S2 i will pump for my baby for as long as i possibly can. The only issue i have is the labelling on the bottles wears off quite quickly. But that is no big deal. Thankyou for this great product!

  60. New mom, some of my friends introduce this pump for me, purchased and use for 2weeks, very easy to use compare with other brand. Thank you so much and I wil other new moms a good feedback of this item. Its amazing

  61. Got to know this pump from a new mom forum, many moms highly recommend this brand after using other major brands. Tried myself and have to say it is amazing. Surprisingly found supply coming up since using this pump. The only thing to consider is if you need the S1 which is chargeable and easier to use outside.

  62. Bought this when Bub was 4 weeks (now 16 weeks) and haven’t looked back. I find it marvellous, quiet, easy to set up and use. The bottles are a little top heavy when pump attachments are screwed on, not a big deal just be mindful. The night lights are a great idea and is very portable.

  63. I purchased the S2 after going through two different personal competitor pumps. The efficiency and speed at which the S2 allowed me to express was wonderful. After sales service was also very good!

  64. I have heard many happy feedback from friends who used Spectra S2 before I went on and purchased one myself. It works really well for me so Efficient ! This is a product I would recommend to any mum who breastfeed, in fact, I have recommended this to two friends who are having thier first baby in Jan 2017!

  65. I purchased the S2 after previous supply issues.
    I find the different cycles are great and the adjustable vacuum level is fantastic for the early days nipple tenderness.
    I have put a thick plastic cup in the bottle holder at the back, and put the bottle into the cup to eliminate wobbly bottles and literally, crying over spilt milk.
    Simple, yet very effective solution
    The customer service is just incredible and fast delivery is great.
    I took this with me to hospital when I had my baby and the midwives commented that they had never heard of these until not long ago but so many mums swear by the S2 pump.

  66. I purchased my s2 in March and had my baby in April, I absolutely love it!
    It takes me 5 minutes to double pump 180mls, so my partner can easily do feeds if I need him to, and I’m happy I don’t have to do formula because expressing is just as easy. I recommend Spectra to anyone!

  67. I have been using this s2 machine about 2 weeks ago and I love it! It is much more convenient and gentle than othe products. It is so easy to assemble and to use. The double express saves a lot time of time for a new mummy. It has different modes to adjust to suit my needs. The night light is also helpful.

  68. I purchased the S2 and am using it to exclusively pump and am loving it. It’s fast!…I can get 100ml from one breast in 10 minutes. The machine is quiet and the cycle and speed settings are great to change as I find that at different times of day I require different speed/cycle. One slightly frustrating thing is that the bottles when attached do not sit very securely, so it would be nice if there was a base. That is a minor thing though and doesn’t detract from this pump as it really is fantastic. I was in hospital for 5 days and used the pump there and this is better! Highly recommend.

  69. I bought this machine with hope to build up my milk supply. It works well and pretty quiet. I feel it drains my breast better compare with other machines on the market. It would be even better if it would have a base for the bottles to stand firm on table.

  70. I have been using S2 for two weeks to build up my milk supply. Totally love it, it has made my life so much easier. Would definitely recommend to my friends.

  71. I have been using this pump for two weeks now and love it. It made my life so much easier when I need to pump more often to build up my breastmilk supply. Saved me a lot of time and is about to drain my breast well when my BB is asleep.

  72. Spectra S2 really saved us in the beginning of my breastfeeding experience when my milk took a long time to come in and I had to express after feeds to increase my supply. Now, under 10 minutes I can express a full feed and have stocked up a great milk freezer. I love how quiet it is, in the evening I can express while watching a film without having the volume too high and I love the night light. Very easy to use and easy to clean. All my friends are amazed! Best purchase since baby is born!

  73. AMAZING!! Love this machine as much as I love my baby…well maybe not that much, but you get my drift. I’ve got a baby with severe reflux and breastfeeding wasn’t working for us, so we enlisted the help of the Spectra S2 and WOW! Love it, so convenient, quiet, and best of all…easy to clean! I recommend this pump to all my new mummy friends and family members as I believe it is one of the BEST going around! Cannot wait to use it again with baby number 2! Thanks Spectra!!

  74. I purchased the spectra S2 to help keep and build my milk supply after failed attempts in past births.
    I heard raving reviews and decided to make the purchase, the Spectra arrived only a day later.
    its a lot louder than i expected and even louder than the video reviews online. Im not sure if thats due to my machine being dropped by the delivery driver or because mines just loud. The spectra team have assured me its normal and have even reviewed a video. I still find it too noisey but due it being past 30day money back policy, i cant exchange/return it.

    Despite the noise, i love my machine, its helped me keep and build my supply. As for the spectra team, theyre super friendly, quick to respond and always willing to offer advice. Its a great brand and team.

    i have and will continue to recommend spectra and this machine.

  75. I bought S2 after my friend recommended to me. The shipping is really quick. I have got my S2 just one day after ordered. I looks beautiful and I love it. I haven’t used it yet but I am already looking forward to have a great experience with my S2. Most of my friends recommended Spectra.

  76. nice quiet machine with a multitude of adjustment settings to assist in making this process as comfortable/natural as possible.

  77. Been using this pump fora month now. Great pump! Much better than the medela ones i tried inthe hospital. wish it has option that comes with extra set of pumps so I don’t have to wash it the middle of the night.

  78. I love my s2. Great pump and fast shipping.

  79. I just ordered the S2 yesterday and expecting it to arrive on Monday. I shifted from Medela Freetyle to Spectra S2 after reading horrible feedback from unsatisfied customers about the former. I will post another review once I got a hold of my new pump. So excited to have it after reading all the comments and garnering consistent positive raves online.

  80. Spectra S2!!!! Amazing.. i struggled using my old pump, with this one, its so easy and thumbs up. i can pump in 7 mins and im done. The suction and letdown mode so great…such a good investment. So handy and light weight too, easy to clean. Thank you Spectra. One happy customer.

  81. Thank you Spectra for such a great experience. my pump arrived really soon and I am really happy with both your great customer service and the product.
    I am so happy to listened to other mothers advice.

  82. Ive got my Spectra S2 day after ordered which was absolutely beautiful. Thank you spactra team for a great service. Great pump, efficient, extremely quite. Night light option is very helpful, so I can express at night just next to the bed, as If I go for a while baby is waking up right away. Compare with manual pump another brand, this one is much, much more powerful and I can get much more Milk. Thank you again Spectra team for proviging so much helpful information about your products and great service

  83. Bought the S2 after the lactation consultant at my hospital recommend Spectra. Shipping was very quick, I got my pump in 2 days. Set up was easy. I was using a borrowed pump from another brand but the S2 is much quieter and I get more milk in less time. I was getting 4oz in 15minutes and now I can get 6oz in about 8 minutes. Have already recommend to friends.

    The only negative is that you cant pick the shield size. I knew the 24 would be too small but had bo option to get the bigger size. I believe this isxthe same with most brands though.

  84. I purchased this pump for my daughter after doing a lot of research. I even spoke to someone at ABA ( breast feeding association ) who did some more research for me – we both learn’t lots. My daughter is delighted with the product. It is easy to use and very quick thus saving her valuable time. Many thanks

  85. Powerful pump. Easy to use. Functional with light. Highly recommended for mum with full feed express in just a minutes.

  86. The Spectra S2 pump came highly recommended, and certainly didn’t disappoint! Pump arrived the day after I ordered it, very simple to use, very quick and effective. I can’t recommend this pump enough πŸ™‚

  87. Recently purchased the S2 after using another well known brand electric pump, and have found the S2 much much better, and super quiet. Customer service has been beyond A+
    Would highly recommend!

  88. I bought this for my wife after having a bad experience with another well known brand and she loves it! The S2 is very quiet, and the let down mode is great. Very fast delivery as well, I ordered it on a Monday and received it by the next day.

  89. This pump is very user friendly and sucks really well providing the back flow stays sealed in place, something I am struggling with. Very light weight and really easy to clean. I wish the back flow had a clip on it so it wouldn’t keep popping off.

  90. I decided to order the S2 after using another brand of pump. I didn’t know pumping could be so comfortable and so quiet! The S2 is magnificent! I can pump double the amount with the S2 compared to what I use to get with my old pump in half the time. It is so quiet, easy to use and very efficient. The S2 is definitely a great investment!

  91. I highly recommend the spectra S2. Very quiet and effective. I found it almost comparable to the hospital grade pump I was using ($4000) in terms of output. The letdown function is excellent. Only criticism would be the flange size because I have big nipples I need the 28mm which has to be ordered separately.
    Really great when I had a damaged nipple and needed to express one side.

  92. I purchased the spectra s2, after using another very well known and highly reccomend brand and so far i can safely say that the spectra s2 is by far the most amazing pump i have used. I will be donating milk regularly in the new year, along with feeding my toddler and newborn and i have every confidence that the spectra will help me keep up with the demand of the baby we are donating to.

  93. I bought this for my wife. She is very happy with this unit. I will recommend this to any one and great thing is it is very affordable too.

  94. I’ve just moved to a Spectra S2 from another popular well known brand. I was hesitant to purchase another pump as the one i had wasn’t gettinf great results. I needn’t have been. I am now getting more than double what i was getting with my other pump & couldn’t be happier. I just wish i had discovered the S2 weeks ago!!!

  95. What an amazing pump, wished I had bought it earlier. Very efficient and easy to use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  96. I highly recommend this pump! It’s lightweight and quiet. Plus so comfortable and easy to use! The price is cheaper than other main brands and I think it’s a better pump! The adjustability of the pump makes it super easy to get the most out of your pumping session each time. I find some days I need one setting and other days I’ll get better results with different settings. Once again – a great pump!

  97. Received my Spectra S2 and couldn’t be happier!! πŸ™‚

  98. Received my Spectra S2 and couldn’t be happier!! πŸ™‚ Super fast shipping and such great value for the price! Thank you Spectra baby!!

  99. Bought this for my wife, its an excellent pump, has made life so much easier.
    Quiet and fast!

  100. The Spectra S2 is fantastic. Fast shipping. Highly recommended.

  101. spectra s2 is fantastic, easy to use, great suction, I get double amount milk in half the time I used to spend with a manual pump.
    also great customer service, fast shipping. highly recommend!

  102. The Spectra S2 has been amazing! I have been able to increase my production and pump 3 times the amount of milk in a quarter of the time compared to my first pump from a well known brand which could never keep up with my little one’s nutritional recovery plan, meaning I would have had to resort to formula if it weren’t for the S2. It is powerful and fast but also not too big- I will be taking it with me on a trip next week! The service is great and the postage was the fastest I have ever experienced which was just what I needed at that stressful moment in my breastfeeding journey!! Thank you for an amazing product at a price that is affordable.

  103. I’m so happy with the S2 pump. it’s very quiet and efficient!!

    I strongly recommend it to anyone who is still researching, this is the one you’re looking for!

  104. My wife purchased the S2 pump on the recommendation from someone in her mother’s group. She is loving this pump as it has very good suction and it has already saved us heaps of money as we were renting the Medela Symphony from the pharmacy and it was costing us an a fortune! We also love the night light feature which comes in very handy and it is quiet so does not disturb bub when he’s sound asleep. Great value for money

  105. Love my Spectra S2. I’ve been exclusively pumping for my baby for 2 months and my supply has nearly doubled using this pump. I had used the Medela Symphony and much prefer my spectra. I recommend it to everyone.
    It’s quiet, gentle but strong suction, love the timer and night light. I’m actually buying an S1 now because I love my S2 but want to be able to pump on the go.

  106. With my first child I borrowed a friends yellow double pump, and had such a hard time breastfeeding and pumping that I didn’t plan on buying a pump with my second child at all. After a few nights feeling like I would explode I decided I to do a bit of research before pulling the trigger on another yellow pump, and I am so glad I did!

    The Spectra S2 is fantastic. So easy to use, so quiet and I am expressing so much more than I would have imagined. The let down function is great, and works so fast. I just love that I have the option of double or single pumping too.

  107. I love this pump! With my first baby I used a manual pump which I hated because it was really loud, it hurt my hand to use after a while and I hardly expressed anything after 40 mins or more. I was never interested in an electric pump because I thought it would be really noisy but I can’t believe how quiet it is!! I can also pump quite a bit in only 5-10mins with no trouble what so ever. It is definitely worth every cent I paid. The only thing I would change is that I wish I had got the one with the rechargeable battery for added convenience bit it’s not a massive issue.

  108. I love my spectra S2 – it has allowed me to efficiently and easily express milk to feed baby and also build a supply after having troubles. I have recommended the spectra to all my mummy friend

  109. After struggling to keep a stash for my daughter when working 40 hours.. then having mold issues inside the unit of another brand… it was my last straw..

    I was looking at switching to formula…
    My partner convinced me to buy the Spectra S2 and give it one last push before deciding to switch.
    Should have done it sooner!!! First pump was double what I could normally pump! 3x more in a day than with my old one!! So quiet. Half the time and that’s using it as a single not a double!!


  110. I purchased the S2 pump 2 weeks ago and have not looked back since! I was only getting 30 to 40ml after 30mins of expressing using a manual pump (different brand) and I didn’t want to spend that much time pumping after every feed. My bub is 4 months old and as I’ve had issues with my milk supply since she was born, I was worried I couldn’t do anything more to increase it at this stage. My last option was to get an electric breast pump and after comparing different brands, I was set on the Spectra S2. Within 2 days of buying it, I’ve been able to express 100ml in less than 20mins! It’s easy to assemble (watch the video on the website), quiet, and light to carry around the house. I love the double pump functionality too. Highly recommended for any new or current mum!

  111. Being a complete pump newbie I thought id wait to review and really Try it out. I cant believe how wonderful it is. Being prone to plugged ducts and mastitis with my first child i was not keen to go down that road again with number two but really wanted to breastfeed. I was actually highly recommended this pump from a family member and after a bit of researching i caved and bought it. It arrived lightning fast to my door and whenever ive started feeling the pluggy feeling coming this machine has saved me a lot of heartache and pain. I’ve decided to exclusively express and with this machine ive had no problem with building milk supply im always ahead actually. Thank you thank you for such a quality machine with what ive learnt to be quite a reasonable price in comparison.

  112. Have just received the Spectra S2 after being told by countless people that this is currently the best breastpump on the market. Can’t wait to start using it!

  113. Bought it for my wife, we just have our first babe. Tried other brand first, but my wife said Spectra is better as it can control the time and speed. My wife is happy, happy wife, happy life πŸ™‚ BTW, it was really quick to receive the item, I think just took 1 day to receive it after made the order.

  114. Great Pump. Couldn’t recommend it any higher. For a first time mother, it certainly made the transition into the role easier.

  115. I highly recommend the S2. It has made my pumping experience enjoyable. The suction is so strong and yet it doesn’t hurt. It empties the breast so efficiently. Plus it is very quiet that I can express while bub is sleeping. It also is very affordable compared to other hospital grade breastpumps.

  116. I bought the Spectra S2 before my third child was born. That was nearly 3 years ago. The pump is still doing great! I have actually lent it to a friend who had a preemie baby and it was a godsend for her. The pump literally saved me from mastitis and losing my supply when I had to go in for emergency surgery and be away from my baby for a week. It is easy to carry around (took it on our holiday), is not that noisy compared to other pumps I’ve used. the night light feature is great.

    The let-down feature is fantastic and a great way to mimic the natural process of breastfeeding. It’s fairly straight-forward to use, the parts are easy to assemble/disassemble to clean and it made expressing so quick and easy. From other pumps it took me an hour to get as much as I did with the Spectra is under 15 mins.

    I will be using this for fourth baby!

    – Beautiful Design, compact and light
    – Easy to use
    – Easy to assemble/disassemble to clean
    – Has a night light with two settings that wont affect baby
    – Can be used with one or both pumps
    – Promotes natural let-down
    – Not as noisy as other pumps
    – Powerful
    – Does have other shield sizes available (which was not an option when I bought it at the time)

    – There is no inbuilt rechargeable battery feature which would be nice in conjunction with a power cord.
    – Only one slot for a bottle (not so great when you are using both at once)
    – Needs a proper sturdy bag with separate slots to carry and hold things, not just a bag with a tie string.

  117. I purchased the Spectra S2 due to the recommendation of my gf who had nothing but great things to say about this pump. My milk came in on day 2 after our beautiful girl was born, I placed the purchase at 3am on a Sunday morning and the pump arrived on my door step the Tuesday morning when I was discharged from hospital – perfect timing!
    The pump is amazing, so quiet and really soft to use on the nipples, when it’s time to pump I actually don’t dread it!
    Love this pump – would highly recommend to everyone!

  118. I LOVE MY SPECTRA S2!!!
    Highly recommended! After not having a lot of luck responding to a certain pump I took the plunge and purchased after a few recommendations from other mums, and I’m so glad I did!

    Having a rather clingy bub doesn’t allow for much time to pump, but I only need 10 minutes with the spectra s2 so it’s a life saver!

  119. Beafull S2. Good value. Highly recommend.

  120. I purchased the Spectra S2 breast pump as it came highly recommended by my sister! It is very easy to use, quiet, and one of the better looking pumps going round πŸ™‚

    Love it.

    Thank you.

  121. Purchased s2 as a recommendation from a friend who had feeding problem and also excellent online reviews. delivery was fasttrack premium and therefore was quick! Bubbys not born yet but the product seems very good so far!

  122. I bought the spectra s2 as my son was 13 weeks premature and I’ve been exclusively pumping for him. I was so nervous that i would be out of pocket for thousands of $$$ for a hospital grade pump… I researched my options and I’d only heard good things about spectra. Not only did I save myself so much money, customer service is amazing and delivery was super quick. I love this pump more than I could put into words. I pump more with spectra than the medela. Thank you spectra for taking the extra stress off my shoulders!

  123. So excited to use my new S2 pump. Have heard so many good things about it and hoping it lives up to the high reviews mentioned above.

    Super fast postage also so if i need something urgent or last minute I know it won’t take long to arrive.

  124. Recently bought an S2. Really loved that the tube doesn’t need to be washed/ sterilised as its a closed system. Set up was easy and instruction was simple to follow. Can’t wait to start expressing in a month

  125. As a first time mum with very little spare time , this pump was brilliant.

  126. I was recommended the Spectra S2 pump by a leading lactation consultant after buying another electric breast pump which didn’t quite meet my needs. The S2 pump is quiet, easy to use and the timer and let down (massage) mode are handy useful functions. I’m also expressing more milk on the S2 than the previous pump I was using! Highly recommend purchasing the Spectra S2 and the price is reasonable for a hospital grade electric pump.

  127. This pump is awesome!! You have complete control of the suction and let down mode, the unit is so quiet and the light is handy for night time! It’s a nice looking unit but also seems to be very steady and well made.
    My little girl also loves the bottle, making everything easier. Thanks Spectra your pump certainly lives up to its name!!

  128. This is a great pump… super quiet, easy to use and really quick as well. Having to go back to work and still wanting to breast feed I thought was going to be a challenge however with this pump it couldn’t be easier.

  129. Bought the Spectra S2 after going through a lot of reviews from product review and as well as on Amazon. It does lives up to the expectations and is not even comparable to the previous Avent breast pump I used to own. Highly recommend this product to every new mum.

  130. I have been using the spectra S2 for 3 weeks now to exclusively pump for my preemie twins. The pump is better than the ones they’ve got me using in the special care nursery. The timer is an excellent feature! It’s quiet enough that it doesn’t wake hubby if I’m pumping in the middle of the night. Would definitely recommend!

  131. My review is a bit late considering I’ve actually purchased the S2 back in March and received it in April. Overall I’d say my choice of the S2 after extensive inter-brand and intra-brand (within Spectra baby) comparisons is absolutely correct and I don’t regret getting it rather than a Medela. I do find it a bit inconvenient when it comes to shopping extra parts and accessories considering that they are not available in local babybunting stores. But in general this is just a very tiny issue. I have recommend the S2 to a friend who is giving birth to a baby 6 weeks after me and I am quite sure she’ll love it too.

  132. I recently purchased this breast pump after doing a lot of research and listening to my close friends who also love this pump. And was firstly so impressed with how quickly it was delivered. This spectra pump is great, and customer service is also amazing and they will always get back to you very quickly with any question you ask.

  133. The spectra s2 is by far the best pump I have used. I can pump the same quantity in a much shorter time using the s2 compared to the other pumps I have tried. I love how quiet the machine is and the night light function, perfect for night feed/pumps. The biggest difference I have found compared to other machines is the massage function which made a huge difference to my pumping experience. Overall a easier, quieter and less stressful experience using the spectra s2. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

  134. Loving my recent s2 purchase. I really like the ‘letdown’ mode. It really helps to express lots.
    Not many parts and it’s easy to use.
    I love that it has back flow filters and the sound isn’t too bad. Also that it’s a double pump. I also like the night light.

  135. I heard spectra s2 from a lactation. This pump is better than medela max swing. It’s gentle and effective. It’s worth to have it. Great customer service.

  136. Hi,
    I started with pump very late since I was too scared from the pump I used once in hospital but I was wrong. I am using Spectra S2 and it’s great! I don’t have dad taking over feed over weekends but it was more for baby to get used to bottle and also save some breast milk for emergencies if I am sick and also for me to go back to work. It’s simple and easy to use. I am still exploring how it runs on battery without connecting powercord. Its lact down mode is just fantastic. My baby is 4 months and I can still take out 100 ml every day at one expression .

    It’s great! Reason I chose this pump is It’s close ended and I know each part is very clean after each use.

  137. (please move the option to leave a review at the TOP of all the other reviews…just spent quite some time scrolling down to the bottom to leave this one – thanks) πŸ™‚

    I love my new Spectra S2! I previously had a single pump from another brand and was suffering a drop in my milk supply , I am now expressing up to 210ml in 8mins whereas previously I was lucky to even get 40ml in over 45mins. No one has time for that while looking after a baby/other kids!

    This has made my life with a newborn much easier, and thanks to my amazing freezer stash and this Spectra – I get a break on weekends when Dad takes over feeding πŸ™‚ THANK YOU SPECTRA!!!! I have recommended you to all of my mum friends.

  138. Not impressed so far. I bought this after it coming highly recommended and was disappointed on first use. The nipple shield is too small and to amend this you need to buy a whole new set – I only need a shield but because of how it is made you need to buy a whole kit – waste of money! It would have been cheaper for me to go with the Medela I was considering. You should be able to select your nipple shield size at time of purchase. I was also bewildered that the instructions that came with it did not even tell you how to put it together! The customer service from Spectra OZ has been great and they forwarded their manual after admitting they know it is a fault – but if you know this, why don’t you send a copy of your version with the pump when we buy it from you and not wait for a customer to contact you??

    I don’t find it as quiet as I expected, especially for night time pumping, but then I have never had an electronic breast pump so not sure what it should sound like!

    I don’t find that it is as good as my manual Medela pump, but maybe this will improve when I have the larger nipple shield and am not in pain when I use it.

    The positive is the fact that it is easy to clean and you can resell it due to the valves blocking back flow into the pump.

    • Hello Caitlin

      It’s disappointing to hear that you are not pleased with your purchase so far. We have recently made some changes to our order emails, so that the instructional videos are sent when a customer first makes their purchase, but I am sorry that you had to chase up instructions on how to assemble your pump.

      Unfortunately the manufacturer will not sell the shield sets on their own, or the pumps with different sizes. We continue to work on this and on more affordable accessory solutions, but the positive is that you will have all your replacement components when they are ready for replacement! They tend to need replacing every 3-4 months, depending on how frequently you are using it.

      The Spectra S2 is one of the quietest breast pumps on the market, but they will always be noisier when the tubing is not attached or the flange is not against your breast. If you’re concerned about the noise level once you do start using the pump, please feel free to get in touch!

      Finally, here is our Spectra S2 intro video – please have a look at it and check out the different settings, assembly etc. We’d love to hear how you go once you’re using your new shields!

      Warm regards

      Spectra Team

  139. I’ve only been using the S2 for a week, but so far it has been perfect for my needs and has represented great value for money (especially compared to rentals for hospital grade pumps). The pump is extremely easy to use, while the back flow separator is a big plus. Customer service has been prompt and extremely helpful, while delivery took two days (an added bonus, as I just had a single pump and need to pump exclusively). I am impressed with both the S2 and Spectra’s level of service.

  140. I purchased the S2 after reading so many good reviews. This is an excellent purchase. Thank you !!

  141. As a midwife, and now a new mum, I had heard of Spectra pumps but had never had any personal experience with them, as the hospital I work at uses different brands of hospital grade pumps. I discussed the brand Spectra with the lactation consultants I work with, and heard good reviews, and did more research, and was very impressed with what I have read.

    I recently purchased this breast pump and was firstly so impressed with how quickly it was delivered, especially considering I live in a regional area, it was here less than 24hrs after I bought it online through the Spectra website!!

    The item itself is compact, modern, light weight and easy to use. I still can’t believe I have a hospital grade, double electric breast pump for the same price as far inferior pumps at other retailers.

    I’m very impressed and will definitely recommend to new mothers I care for as well as friends of mine expecting a new baby.

  142. I recently had a premature baby who is currently in hospital and therefore I am constantly expressing so the Spectra S2 pump has been fantastic. It is quick and easy to use which is great in the middle of the night and so easy to clean making the whole expressing experience easy. I would highly recommend buying the S2!

  143. Fantastic! I’ve been using a different brand for 2 months since baby was born. Despite being a ‘top brand’ and more expensive then the S2, I was finding some days it worked better than others and it was very frustrating. Bought the S2 on a whim one frustrated morning based on its good reviews… best decision!!! It’s so much more efficient (almost double what I was getting), more consistent, quiet, and much more comfortable. I would recommend 100%

    • Alli

      Hey Fiona,

      Thanks for your review. Wow – double what you were getting – thats fantastic πŸ™‚

  144. I’ve recently bought the Spectra S2 and I can’t honestly recommend enough. I was given a different pump from someone and I was “happy enough” because in my mind, even expressing 20ml in a 15min session, was better than nothing or hand-expressing. Then I decided that I deserved a more efficient pump to save me time and to express more volumes of milk. And the first time using it I got 120ml in 12min from one boob. What a difference! I wish I had my Spectra since the start.

  145. Bless Spectra! I got my S2 and after an initial stupid moment on my part (check the power adapter is properly connected before calling the hotline!) I gave it a go. I got 90ml in my first go in 15 mins from both boobs. This was after a feed and in the afternoon – not prime pumping time. This wasn’t a bad effort. A couple of days ago I got 160ml from one boob in 10 mins! It’s so easy to use, quick and efficient. My baby much prefers the Spectra bottles to my other bottles πŸ™‚

  146. I bought the Spectra S2 as I had low milk supply and wanted to help build supply. I’m so glad we got it because my milk supply has now doubled in quantity. We have now gone down the exclusive breast pumping route and that would not have been possible without a powerful yet portable and compact machine such as the S2. I would highly recommend this product. I would also recommend getting spare valves and backflow protectors if you are thinking of pumping frequently on a regular basis.

  147. I recently bought the Spectra S2 as a first time mum and I couldn’t be more happier with my choice. It’s very quiet and easy to use. It is super easy to clean and I love the fact there is a flow back filter to protect the machine, which once again is easily washable. I would highly recommend this breast pump. 10/10 πŸ˜‰

  148. I pre-ordered my S2 during Easter Sale, which was a bargain! Spectra kept me updated during waiting period and posted my item as promised. I received it on the next day!
    I bought the S2 as a result of the recommendations from other mums, and I’m looking forward to using it.

  149. This is the best pump ever. I bought this before the birth of my second child because I was never able to achieve a let down with any other pump for my first child (including hospital pumps). Little did I know I would be pumping almost full time for this baby for 2 months while she refused the breast and the S2 has never let me down. I love the flexibility in control with this and am able to express a full feed in 15 mins. This was also amazing for keeping up my supply until I finally got the baby back on the breast. We have a very happy mum and baby now.

  150. I got the S2 2 days before I gave birth. It has been very useful in establishing my milk supply. This is a pre-baby purchase I definitely do not have regrets with.

  151. I have nothing but the highest praise for the Spectra S2 pump, it has been a life saver! Having supply issues; the double pump, let down mode and various speeds has helped increase my supply greatly. The pump is very quiet compared to other brands (can pump in bed at night and not wake my husband) and very easy to use. Most importantly I found the support provided by the Spectra Customer Service team to be excellent, going above and beyond with service and advice! Would highly recommend this product.

  152. I bought the S2, on recommendation from my midwife. It’s so easy to use. You can double or single pump and it is quick and relatively quiet. There are different settings and it seems to have excellent suction.

  153. I was told about the Spectra on my breastfeeding group and thought I’d lose nothing by giving it a go. Well I’m so glad I did! I love it! Its quiet and simple to use, highly recommend it to any new or existing mum’s!

  154. This pump was recommended to me & I am so happy with it. I’ve never used a pump before & I was so relieved that this one is so easy to set up & use. No only that, I can easily get a feed expressed in 5 or so minutes time. I am so glad that I bought this product.

  155. I can’t believe I waited until baby #2
    To buy this product! Saved me time with pumping and helped maximize output. Service was great and delivery was super quick. Would definitely recommend products to friends.

  156. Love the Spectra S2 pump, its pretty amazing. The night light is very helpful to pump in the middle of the night without turning on any other lights which can wake up hubby and bubby. The machine itself is very easy to use with the letdown massage mode and pump mode; the timer is very helpful too so I know how long I’ve been pumping for. The bottle holder at the back of the machine however is a bit awkward as does not hold the wide neck bottle properly and the bottle always falls over. The 24mm shield that came with the machine is too small for me so had the option to buy a different size which is great. Overall an amazing machine.

  157. I am a first time mum and bought the S2 based on reviews online, and I’m so glad I did. For a complete novice the pump has been easy to use. I was nervous about whether I would be able to pump but everything has gone really well. Using the pump has meant my husband has been able to feed our 3 week old son for the first time, which was an amazing experience for them both. The pump is quiet and effective – very happy customer.

  158. I’ve been manually pumping for years and finally decided to buy the Spectra S2 pump, my biggest regret is not
    buying it sooner.
    I used to spend at least an hour pumping and now I can express the same amount within 20 minutes.
    Its easy to use and clean, I’d highly recommend it to anyone.
    This pump is AWESOME!!

  159. I LOVE MY SPECTRA S2 pump
    Hubby brought mine for my birthday and after seeing so many great reviews on breast feeders in Australia Facebook page I had to have one!
    I reccomend spectra to all my mummy friends! Absolutely amazing product πŸ™‚
    Thank you spectra!

  160. I bought the S2 during the Easter sale. I just wish I had bought it earlier. I express all feeds, I have been struggling with an old pump . It used to take me 1 hour to express one feed, I now have it ready in 20 mins. I now have more time to enjoy my baby. Thank you Spectra.

  161. I had been undecided on whether to get the Medela Swing or Spectra S2, and finally settled on the latter on the basis of glowing reviews and, as well, Spectra’s excellent customer
    support and rapport. As I bought this pump in advance, and I’m glad I did because the S2 seem to be selling like hot cakes (it was on backorder when I made the purchase online), I have not had the chance to use the product. But I have no doubt (from my friends’ experiences and reviews I’ve read so far) that the S2 pump is going to prove to be a great investment after Bub arrives! A special thank you to Bron for your wonderful customer support, you are an asset to the Spectra Team!

  162. Bought Spectra S2 electric pump and straight away I saw the difference. I had small, old and cheap pump before and it was taking me an hour to pump 100ml. With this awesome product I pumped 100ml in 8 minutes. Spectra made my life so easy and most importantly less stressful, since I can spend more time now with my little baby boy! It quiet, light, quick and powerful! I love everything about it! Thank you Spectra!

  163. I recently purchased the S2 after much research. I’m expecting my first baby in July and want to be prepared in case I need to express, but also for when I return to work. The reviews of the S2 had me sold in no time, I can’t wait to give it a go myself when the time comes. The communication, service and speed of delivery (to NZ) have been beyond me expectations. Thank you Spectra!

  164. Fast and well packed postage, easy to put together even for someone who has never used an electric pump before – never a question of which brand to get after the rave reviews on both this site and others. Can’t wait to put it to the test when bubs arrives !

  165. I have recently purchased S2 after doing a lot of research and I have to say that the experience so far has been amazing.

    I also used hospital grade pump from another reputable brand before I got discharged from hospital and I have to say the experience of using S2 is much better.

    I would highly recommend this product to my friends.

  166. Love love love it. Go from full to empty in 6 minutes. Don’t feel sore or have sucksion marks after either.

  167. We used Medela Swing before getting S2. The S2 is more effective (better suction), efficient(15 mins with double pump) and very quiet. You don’t want to wake your bub mid of the night doing pumping. Managed to get a hands free bra with S2 , it makes pumping much easier and more effective

  168. So Happy I bought this instead of the Medela, for ages I was reading reviews and didn’t know which one to get! For the price and a hospital grade pump S2 is the way to go! And efficient too!

  169. I received my S2 after borrowing a friends i fell in love with it and had to by my own i highly recommend it to all my friends .
    So easy to use and amazing suction which is exactly what you need in a pump

  170. For months I have been reading reviews and reviews, I didn’t know what to do regarding which pump. Either this one or the medela. Seriously I am so thankful that I got the S2 . So much better and for the price for two pumps!

  171. I purchased the S2 after reading so many good reviews. I am so glad I did. It’s perfect and so compact compared to the one I was hiring from the hospital. I wish I had purchased sooner!

  172. Great pump! Had bought a non hospital grade pump initially which did not cut the mustard. So happy with my S2 double pump. Great customer service and speedy delivery was great too!

  173. I have used a number of different breast pumps in my breastfeeding journey, none compare to this one. I wish I had of gotten onto it sooner. I especially like how you can change all the settings to personalise it. Great value for money for a hospital grade pump. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a breast pump!

  174. I never thought that I would have issues with my milk supply, but that was what happened after the birth of my first baby. The lactation consultant suggested that I express milk to supplement as my baby wasn’t gaining enough weight. Problem was, expressing was a lot harder than I had thought. We got a medela swing but I found that getting milk from it was so difficult. It felt like trying to get blood from a stone! My breasts became sore after every use – so bad that breastfeeding became very painful! My husband read up about the spectra after the lactation consultant suggested this product being hospital grade. We ordered this but unfortunately it was out of stock so we had to wait. Meanwhile, I had to continue using the medela for a few weeks – you wouldn’t believe how often I was checking my email for updates on when the spectra S2 would arrive.!! I was so glad when it arrived and it worked wonders! I didn’t feel the pain and the time to express the same amount was such an improvement. Currently, I’m in love with my Spectra! Only issue would be learning to use the double pump – but beginning to get the knack of it.

  175. Excellent! This pump is worth every cent and then some! My little girl was born 7 weeks prem so I spent LOTS of time expressing before she could feed for herself. I had used the medela pump in hospital. Now that I have gone back to work I need to express. I used the pump I had originally bought and was only getting about 10-20mls even though I felt so full and heavy. I was getting very anxious as my supply was dropping and my stash of freezer milk was down to the last couple of bottles. I asked around and many other mums said they loved the Spectra. I am now one of those mums!

    So quick, way more comfortable that the pump I was using, the machine is quieter than I was expecting too! I can now express 80-100ml from each side!!!! Cannot recommend more highly. It is because of this pump that I can continue to breastfeed my little girl and for that I am ever so grateful πŸ™‚

  176. Great product. Wish I’d bought the portable one, bit of a nuisance having to look for a power point.

  177. love the Spectra S2 pump, If I known Spectra before I wont waste my money on another brand. It is so efficiency and quiet, make the night pump possible when with my baby. I would definitely recommend this to other people. The additions of the night light and timing make the pump more handy and smart.

  178. Excellent pump. Much better than my previous yellow one. I would highly recommend.

  179. I’ve been exclusively pumping with a single medela swing for 4 months. The spectra S2 was recommended by a friend and I have been thoroughly impressed after a month’s use. It is quieter, more efficient and there is no more back flow of milk up the tubing. Would highly recommend this product!

  180. The Spectra S2 is great! Quiet, efficient and easy to use. The let down mode and having the ability to play with the cycle/suction is really important. I got this so that I can continue to provide my little one with breastmilk despite going back to work, and being hospital grade at an affordable price was very attractive. Being so easy to use will help me continue expressing for a long time.

  181. This pump is amazing! It is so easy to use and I get so much milk out, I find this pump to be far superior to the ones the hospital use. Best money I ever spent!

  182. I love my Spectra S2 pump! A friend recommended it and I’m so glad I got this pump instead of the other brands I was considering. It is super quick and I don’t spend forever pumping. I would definitely recommend this to other people. I like that there is a no back flow piece so the tube does not need to be replaced so often (so far after 6 weeks the tube is still good). The addition of the night light is smart but would be great if a clock was also displayed on the screen when not in use.

  183. I purchased this pump after 6 months of exclusive expressing with two medela swings. I purchased it because it came highly recommended by other exclusive expressers and had excellent reviews. I’ve now been using the pump for 2 months. I think the pump is excellent and would highly recommend it over other similar produces on the market. Compared to double pumping with two single medela swings, I was yielding about the same amount of milk in a similar time. The S2 does seem to have less suction, particularly in let-down mode and I also miss not being able to adjust the left and right setting separately. However, the S2 is a lot gentler on my nipples and I have not needed to use lanolin since I started using the pump. I also love that it’s hospital grade and has back-flow protectors. Milk used to regularly go up the tubes on my medela swings during a pump and it was very annoying. The S2 is also extremely quiet and seems like much better quality generally. Overall, I really wish I had known about spectra products from the start of my expressing journey, as they are without-doubt the best pumps available for their price.

  184. Overall a great breast pump! The best features of this pump are the control you have over the speed and power, the battery (which is useful when pumping in other rooms) and the price compared to equivalent products (e.g. Medela). The volume of breastmilk pumped is also fantastic. Only downside is that i find it a little less comfortable than my Medela pump.

  185. I am in love with my new Spectra S2!! It is amazing!! I can pump double the amount in half the time it took on another brand pump! It is very easy to use and set up and I really like the timer function as I always would forget what time I started. Thanks Spectra, this pump is AWESOME!

  186. From pumping manually to then getting a double pump S2 was mind blowing. I remember my very first pump. I got a shocking 24 ounces in 12 minutes!!!!! That’s more than my daily needed supply!! Amazing!!!
    Love the nightlight option. Unsure what I feel about the bottle/cup holder though. Slightly heavy to carry around, but otherwise very easy to clean and maintain.
    Would love having 21mm or 19mm flange options.
    Also a carry bag designed for the pump would be ideal. Something where the pump does not need to be taken out of to discretely pump especially when out and about.

  187. I bought a spectra s2 when I was struggling with serious infection nipple from my little boy . I want to able to feed my baby with breast milk, but also give my breasts a break and time to heal from strong sucking! I so happy with S2 I can get 300ml from double pump in 10 mins easily. I had more time to do some house work or sleep. S2 is a life saver for me. High recommended!

  188. From my partner who I purchased the pump for-
    So happy with my S2 pump! I upgraded from a different electric pump and the difference if beyond belief! I now know what all the hype has been about!

  189. After only having a manual pump and my hands getting super sore all the time, I decided it was time I bought an electric one and I’m so happy I bought this one! It works really well, is super quiet and even has a light!
    The only downside is I need a 21 or 19mm flange and unfortunately Spectra dos not have these sizes. Other than that, definitely recommend it! πŸ™‚

  190. I have owned my S2 for a month now and I can confidently say that this is the HG of breast pumps! I have tried a manual pump and a medela electric pump previously and they do not come close. Every aspect of the S2 has been well thought out with mums in mind. Everything is just so practical and logical. From the smart let down mode to the minimal sound it makes (extremely important when you have a sleeping bub and don’t have to go to the furthest room away from her) to its ease of use. If you’re concerned that its pricey, well I can say that it is worth every dollar spent.

  191. I love my Spectra S2! It is super quiet and efficient. The next day delivery and customer service has been fantastic!

  192. I had a difficult birth and as a result my milk was slow to come in. Spectra S2 is powerful yet so comfortable, and it definitely helped me build up my supply. Initially I was excited to be able to double pump, but I actually found it quite tricky to do so, as I’m one of those people who need to constantly massage their breasts while pumping, and I don’t have enough hands! πŸ™‚ So a bra attachment would have come really handy, I think. Having said that, though, I find that this pump is so effective anyway I can fully express literally in minutes! So it is not a big deal doing it one by one. Overall, I’m very happy that I purchased this pump. I wish I had it for my first child!

  193. I love my Spectra S2 pump! I was using a Medela hospital grade pump and then used a Medela Swing. The Spectra S2 is by far better than both. I get more milk from using this pump and I like that I can adjust the settings. It’s also a beautiful pink colour. Love it!

  194. I’m super impressed with my new spectra S2 pump. Delivery was so fast and the pump is easy to use and easy to clean. I used to dread pumping as it would take such a long time to get anywhere but with my new spectra I’m pumping a couple of times a day. Great value for money and highly recommended!

  195. I purchased the Spectra S2 after reading really positive reviews online. It is a really good quality pump – very quiet. The instruction manual could have been clearer but it didn’t take long to figure out how to assemble the parts. One negative is that there are more parts to assemble compared to the Medela Freestyle. I would recommend this pump to all mothers who need to pump frequently. The massage mode is excellent and sometimes I don’t even switch over to the express mode as I get good flow on massage mode only. For the price, it definitely is a good product.

  196. Bought this after our girl couldn’t breast feed because of inverted nipples, now she could at least get the value of breast milk still , this thing is very easy to use and is a life saver, compact, quiet and just works! – and seems to work much better than the ones we tried at the hospital

    I would recommend this product any time any day

  197. This is an absolutely excellent product. It has restored my confidence in myself. I was really starting to dpubt myself but the Spectra has helped me re-establish my milk supply through powerful and quick pumping. I went from being able to get 120ml per day to close to 500ml in less than a week.

    It’s portable and light enough to take from room to room and also quiet enough so my baby can sleep on one breast while I pump the other. I am really pleased with this product and can’t recommend it enough.

  198. I’m very happy with my spectra pump! It arrived quickly after I ordered it which was a relief as my twins arrived quickly after that as well! It’s easy to keep clean and with the closed system is very hygienic ( I had milk backfllow up the tubes of another brand pump while using it in hospital and if I wasn’t using a one day pump set that was disposable this would have been a pain to clean out) . The night light is wonderful as I don’t need to turn in the main light and wake up my husband and the adjustable settings are great.

  199. I LOVE this pump!
    I’ve used four different brands of pump throughout my breastfeeding “career”. I assumed I couldn’t pump very much, and I also hated pumping because it took forever and hurt.
    When pregnant with my fourth baby, I decided I’d like to try to donate some of my abundant supply. I had heard great reviews about Spectra pumps, so I decided to jump in and buy one. Well, am I glad I did! Five minutes on the pump was giving me a full feeds worth of milk from both breasts! So quick, no pain, so easy and SO.MUCH.MILK!

    Our donor recipient babies, as well as my daughter and myself thank you for bringing such a wonderful pump into our lives! We highly recommend the Spectra S2!

  200. i am so impressed with the spectra s2, my bub is 12 days old and after having a few feeding issues in hospital and having to express after each feed to give my baby top ups , the spectra has completely saved my life since being home! it is so easy to use and so effective (even more so then the hospital grade one i was using while in hospital), i couldn’t live without it right now! i only express for 10 minutes after each feed and am getting enough for at least 1-2 full bottles, or 3-4 top ups for bub. i would recommend this product to anyone and am so glad i invested in it!

  201. It is such a relief to find such a quick and capable pump that I can relax with, its quiet and efficient. I was recommended another more expensive brand from the hospital and am disappointed that I wasted my money, should have gone the spectra from day one. Glad I found the page on facebook The Gentle Breastfeeder where they recommend the spectra πŸ™‚

  202. I could not be happier with the S2! Like a few people have mentioned, I also bought this pump after hiring the medela symphony and I’m so glad I did. It’s light, easy to use, my supply has increased and is great for middle of the night feeds with the handy night light. Delivery was incredibly fast which is handy because I just couldn’t wait to try this pump after reading all the amazing reviews. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

  203. Absolutely brilliant breast pump. Better than the $2500 pump I used in hospital! Would recommend to everyone πŸ™‚

  204. purchase this breast pump is by far the best decision I have made. My baby had a tongue tie so expressing is the only thing I can do. The pump is quiet and I can get a lot of milk from it. Shipping is super fast and the Spectra team is very friendly. Just make sure you order extra breast shield because the one provided with the pump may not fit.

  205. The Spectra S2 has changed my life! I exclusively breast feed my son but have some what of an over supply and my single pump just couldn’t quite keep up with me. I love how quiet, quick and efficient this pump is, thanks Spectra!

  206. I am really happy with my S2! I bought it after hiring the medela symphony for a month, and doing lots of online research – and I couldn’t be more pleased. Like other reviewers I prefer it to the medela symphony, it’s easy to use and gentle, and the yield has been higher. The delivery was also super fast. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  207. Prior to the birth of my baby I purchased a Medela Swing Single Pump. My little one was however born premature and as a result spent two weeks in the special care nursery. I was required to express every three hours to establish my supply and provide breast milk for her. After two nights of single pumping I made the decision to hire a hospital grade double pump to cut down my expressing time. After my little one came home I was required to continue pumping as she struggles to latch and takes a bottle easier.

    I made the decision to purchase myself a hospital grade pump to make pumping easier and after some research I decided on the Spectra S2. I am so beyond happy with my purchase and believe it works just as well as the hospital grade pump I hired but without the $3k price tag.

    I pump 6 – 7 times per day for between 10 – 20 minutes and the pump is so gentle but provides great results.

    My only complaint is that the flange is connected to the top of the bottle part which makes it more difficult when using a double pump with a hands free expressing top. However this is not something that would make me not recommend the product.

    I would certainly recommend the product to anyone and in particular those that need to or plan on pumping a fair bit.

    Thank you Spectra for allowing me to keep my sanity while I spend a lot of time expressing.

  208. Used the Medela hospital grade unit for the first 4 weeks of pumping (my baby had a tongue tie and could not latch so I was pumping around the clock from 5 days post birth). When I switched to the S2 I immediately noticed how much more gentle it was and assumed I would get a much lower yield as a trade off. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it actually increased my yield! My only regret was not splurging on an S1 from the get-go.

  209. I bought the Spectra S2 after reading so many good reviews and I am so happy with my purchase. I have used the medela manual pump on occasion, but as I don’t really get a feeling will my let down I was never really sure if I was doing it right … BUT I love this pump, so easy to use and put together and to clean. The massage mode is amazing for me, and it’s so easy to switch back and forth to pumping mode. The cycle and vacuum settings are easy to adjust and the light and timer are super convenient. I like the shape, the fact it has a handle (with built in light) makes it easy to carry. Postage was super quick too. Very happy customer, Thank you x

  210. First of all, I learned from a lot of friends that this product is very good, compared to Medela save time. Later received the goods , found that the host is very light and lovely, two pump milk, it is practical. Baby was born, and can not wait to use to see.

  211. I love how intuitive the S2 is – it’s been designed with people in mind. The light and timer are brilliant – so useful in the middle of the night and great not having to use my phone to time my pumps. The unit is quiet so you won’t wake your baby (or annoy your husband). It’s a good looking machine – not too big with soft colours. It’s also very light to tote around – although having said that my one regret is not buying the S1 so that I could carry it from room to room (or when travelling) without worrying about the power cord.

  212. Great product. Very easy to use and no issues what so ever. So far so good!

  213. Really like this breast pump! Being a hospital grade pump it has much better suction..also you can adjust the suction and the speed which is great . there is a timer which i find very handy . I like that it remembers your settings. Easy to put together and very hygienic as its a closed system. The only issue i have is I have been expressing for the past 3 months and now the tubing falls off so i have to buy spare parts.

  214. I have tried two other brand pump, and S2 was far the best. Quiet and efficient. You can control both how many times the pump cycles per minute and the vacuum level. It’s a closed system, all the parts are extremely easy to take apart, clean and put back together. The option of being able to switch from let down mode to expression mode at the switch of a button is really useful in getting the most milk. The timer and night light are very useful features. Also, the Spectra Team Customer Service is fantastic. Very helpful and prompt.

  215. The S2 has been amazing. I have been using the pump for five months now to assist with my managing my milk supply and it’s been indredible. My son fed extremely well on his first day so I got my hubby to bring in the S2 to hospital and it was fantastic at helping with engorgement when my milk came in. Since, I have often use the double pump, before being away from my son and have found the pump far superior to others I’ve used previously.

  216. I love my new spectra pump. I love how comfortable and easy to use it is. I needed a reliable pump to transition back to work with my exclusively breast fed baby and to maintain my milk supply I’ve worked so hard to establish. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

  217. Being a first time mum and new to expressing I was quite apprehensive about it, but I just tried out my Spectra S2 last night (after putting it off for weeks!) and I was impressed ! It is so quiet and so easy to use. I actually found it quite fun. It is simple to assemble unlike other pumps I have looked at which makes the whole process less daunting. The customer service has been fantastic too , they reply straight away and are so helpful with any questions no matter how silly you might think they are. So glad I found Spectra!

  218. I love my spectra pump, after doing a lot of research and listening to my close friends who also love this pump I decided to buy. There
    customer service is amazing and they will always get back to you very quickly with any question you ask. I will be telling everyone I know in the market for a pump to get this pump.

  219. I heard about the Spectra S2 from mothers on my Facebook Due In Group (DIG). After using a hire pump (medela) to help bring my milk in, I decided to invest in my own pump and immediately ordered the S2. It was delivered very quickly and was straight forward to set up and use. I am pumping most days now to build a small supply of milk that can be used when I am out and my baby is hungry. I have only had the pump for a couple of weeks, but have had a positive experience and would recommend it.

  220. I have been really happy with my spectra S2 pump. It has customisable vacumm and cycle settings so it doesn’t hurt my sensitive nipples. It is also unbelievably quiet for a breast pump. I love the fact that it fits perfectly onto my Avent bottles as well. I highly recommend it!

  221. This product is incredible. Quiet and the functions and simple and excellent. The customer service was particularly good. We needed the pump asap and once we ordered it it came to our door in a couple of days.

  222. I love this pump! Before this I had a Medela and I love this one so much more! I get so much more milk and it’s so much more comfortable! Lightweight and the night light is helpful! I’m so happy I purchased this pump as it’s so effective for me and takes less time to get more milk.

  223. I had to wait for this pump and it was worth the wait. It is small enough for me to take to the in-laws, so quiet that I can sit up in bed at night and pump without waking my partner (and I don’t have to go to another room). The night light is extremely handy along with the timer.
    Overall, a great product that I am glad I invested in.

  224. Well what a fantastic product. We are so impressed with the way this S2 pump works so well. Its so easy to setup and use, easy to clean and take apart and the unit is so compact so its easy to store away. I can definately say this product is amazing and well worth the $$. Expressing is so quick and effective. Well done Spectra! great product, highly recommended.!!

  225. I love my S2 and couldn’t imagine life without it.The S2 is relatively quiet , and has great features including timer so you know how long you’ve pumped ,nightlight, massage feature and different suction levels ,great service and postage too.

    It was recommended to me by a lactation consultant as the best on the market and has lived up to the recommendation – would advise all new mums if needing a pump to get this one. Love it!

  226. I purchased this for my wife, after using a different brand, and I must say what a fantastic breast pump, my wife loves it so much, she is expressing more milk than before. What a wonderful product you have, my wife said she would recommend this breast pump to all mothers.
    Thank you

  227. This pump is FAB! I had been using the Medela hospital grade pump but with this its more portable, quieter, and I get more milk out. I use it for home pumping as an exclusive pumper and use another pump in the car (Miomee from Avent). It would be great if this came with a car charger so it could be used out and about. Unfortunately I’ve had to play around a bit with shield sizes. Used the ones it came with – too small, bought one of the the biggest size – too big and now I’m ordering the middle size. It would be good if there was a way of measuring before you ordered and spent the money! Also if you could choose a shield size when you order your pump instead of going with the standard smallest size.

  228. Wonderful hospital grade breast pump. Fabulous customer service. Such a great price . Highly recommend.

  229. My new spectra arrived today, communication was fantastic I was kept up to date on delivery and the product looks great – very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to get using the pump.
    Would recommend spectra

  230. I cant believe how simple this breast pump is to use and how efficient it is! Much better than my last one, quieter and most imporanly quicker! Im not pumping for hours anymore πŸ™‚

  231. I love this pump! I bought it so I could pump when I go back to work and I’m so glad I did. It’s easy to use and very quiet. The customer service from Spectra has been amazing too, all my questions were answered quickly and it was really nice to speak to an actual person!

  232. Great product. Easy to use and clean. Would definitely recommend it.

  233. This pump has been a godsend! I was hiring a hospital one but for long term this is more economical and so far has proven more comfortable and efficient to use – great since formula is unreliable to get a hold of these days!

  234. I purchased this pump because I had read amazing reviews and after my first expressing experience with an Avent pump i wanted a hospital grade pump that could double pump but would also be at a decent price. The customer service has been great and while I’m still working out a few kinks with which bottles i want to use and bub has not arrived yet postage was fast once the pump arrived in stock, it looks amazing to be honest its sturdy, its got everything I need and it already has exceeded my expectations. I cant wait to review again once I’ve been able to use it because i think ill be over the moon with it just as i am with the business and customer service itself πŸ˜€

  235. I just received my Spectra last week. Great price for a hospital grade double pump. Love the features and the fact that it tells you for how long you have been expressing. Very quiet aswell. Very happy customer.

  236. Very happy with the S2. It’s quiet, easy to use and I got 125ml out in my second time using it. Took about 15mins. I’m sure this will get even better as I get more used to expressing. Happy I bought it.

  237. I’m absolutely in love with this pump!! I was previously using a single electric pump from a competitor brand and finding that it was taking a long time to express a sufficient amount of milk. With the spectra I had that same amount of milk on a fraction of the time.
    I can’t fault this pump. If you’re thinking about buying this pump, just do it!! You won’t regret it ?

  238. The BEST breast pump around. After trying a few well known brands and getting barely any milk out I took the plunge and bought a Spectra S2 and have never looked back. It is very easy to use and has a great massage/letdown function and is super quiet which is great for night pumping. Couldn’t recommend the S2 enough

  239. I asked the opinions of some mums about breastpumps and they recommended spectra. I then made my purchase and at first thought i don’t like this but after a few goes i went to loving it. I could not be without it. I exclusively pump for my twins and it is an absolute lifesaver. I’m due to go back to work so i am going to buy the M9. Love my spectra, i recommend this brand to anyone who asks.

  240. I recently purchased my S2 pump upon the birth of my now, 5 week old twins… Well I certainly don’t regret the decision. After using another competitors’ pump whilst in hospital, this pump is extremely easy to use and gives me 200-300ml off both breasts in 2×10 minute pumping sessions. Given I am exclusively feeding EBM, this is giving me an entire feed for both of the twins and then another half a feed. Couldn’t recommend this pump any more highly! πŸ™‚

  241. The Spectra S2 has been an amazing pump for me. I was originally using a hired pump and came across an amazing facebook page of ladies that exclusively express and was recommended to get a spectra, this was the best decision! This pump is so easy to use and clean. The only thing I would love to see are flanges with longer tunnels as my poor nips tend to hit the end of the flange, and also maybe improve the tubing as it tends to slip of the flange connection after a short period of time, it would also be great if the tubing came in packs of 2 as I forget they are single tubes and order one instead of 2packs. Other then those minor issues I would highly recommend Spectra pumps to any mum that needs to express.

  242. I’ve just got my first baby, and I have tried other brand’s breast pump as well, but it makes me really uncomportable woth pain, when my friend introduce me Spectra S2, I decide to purchase one to have a try. This is really a fantasctic product, It pump the milk much more than Other brand, and I can not feel any uncomfortable with that. And it is easy to clean, and easy to use. I’ll recommand it to all my other friends who will having baby soon.

  243. My friend introduce S2 to me although I use it for my second baby. I have already had Medela before. I found S2 can suck more milk than Medela. Double pump is cheaper than Medela’s. It is perfect for me as a work mum to save time during work and get more milk for baby. It is a good breast pump. I have recommend it to my mummy group. I wish I could have it for my first baby. But it is not too late for me either.

  244. I became very overwhelmed while researching which breastpump to buy. I was recommended spectra by my lactation consultant and my Spectra S2 has not disappointed. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and love the inbuilt nightlight for my night time feeds. Only negative for me is I wished it came with the medium size flanges as the ones it came with were too small which meant I needed to purchase larger ones at extra cost.

  245. This pump is amazing! I love that its so quiet, gentle and efficient. I previously owned a medela swing which was not as effective as this one. Added bonus is the S2 is a closed system so no mould growing inside like my medela. if anyone asks I recommend spectra s2 now πŸ™‚

  246. I’ve been using the Spectra S2 for 7 weeks with my second baby and it’s so quiet compared to the well known brand pump I used with my now 3 year old (which sounded like a blender), now I don’t get those subtle ‘do you have to do that now’ looks from my partner if I’m expressing while we’re watching TV.
    I love the let own mode (I spend half my pump time on it) and am still amazed at how such gentle suction can get so much milk.
    Customer service is unbeatable. They responded to my late Friday night email within a couple of hours and offered several solutions to my shield size problem.
    The pump itself is really stylish and lightweight.
    This fantastic product would be even better if there was greater variety in breast shield sizes and if the volume markings on the bottles didn’t come off within a few washes.
    Very happy with my purchase.

  247. Best pump ever!! Used a different brand pump in hospital and I can happily say that the Spectra S2 by far hands down is a winner. Great features and everything you need in a pump & more πŸ™‚

  248. Excellent pump – easy to use and very efficient. I express 6 times a day and it’s a life saver. Only wish I had the sense to buy the battery operated one so it can be more mobile. Love the timer and the light. Customer service is top notch and if the bottles could be improved, I would give it 10 out of 10.

  249. I love my Spectra. I pump twice a day at work and there are quick results every time. It only takes me 6-8 mins to pump 80-120 mils. An d the customer service is great. Quick t respond, offered a loan pump which arrived in 2 days, enabling me to send off my faulty one (which had connection issues, so not a big drama). Very happy.

  250. This pump has allowed me to continue breast feeding my daughter for 4.5 months now. If it wasnt for this pump I would have completely given up!!
    I had another brand which was a manual pump and couldnt get more than 40ml out at anytime and it hurt like crazy, not fun at all.
    The Spectra S2 has allowed me to get anywhere from 80ml to 310ml total per pumping session from both sides, which is amazing.

  251. I really enjoy using spectra s2. It looks nice and very easy to use as well. I have recommend this life saver product to my friends. Amazing!

  252. PRO!
    -That standby bottle in the fridge saves a lot of stress for baby and ma.

    Other pros
    -Surprisingly light weight and small.
    -Modularised accessories easy to setup.
    -Noise level is very tolerable.
    -Good range of suction strength and frequency. Low suction strength and medium frequency works for me.
    -Carry handle, night light, and timer are bonuses.
    -Can foresee ease of using the Spectra S2 when returning to work.

    -First time setup has room for interpretation, requiring some lego-ing around , but easy enough to figure out.
    -Disassembling, washing, and drying accessories is a time resource trade-off for that spare bottle of milk.

  253. I would totally recommend the spectra S2! Easy to use and made my life so much easier being able to express to feed my small baby very easily! I recommended to my mothers group also!

  254. Im a first time mum. I have done research and read reviews about Spectra S2 on internet. I bought one to myself a week ago and it did not disappoint me. It is so easy , simple to use and works so well. I would recommend Spectra S2 to every mom that looking for a good breast pump. Spectra has made pumping breast milk my new daily hobby. Thank you for the great product, fast delivery and excellent customer service!

  255. I’m so glad that I bought this breast pump! My daughter was born more than 7 weeks premature and was in NICU for 5 weeks, so having a good quality breast pump was essential during this time. Luckily my Spectra S2 arrived a couple of weeks before my daughter did. I found the Spectra S2 more effective than the Medela Symphony breast pump that the maternity units in hospital use, and I liked that the flanges and valves were single solid pieces which made washing and sterilising them quick and easy (the Medela Symphony flange and valves break down into twice as many parts!). Unfortunately I had an issue with my S2 within the first couple of weeks of use. Thankfully when I made a warranty claim with Spectra they sent me a loan S2 straight away along with prepaid postage labels for me to send my S2 to them. This was a life saver as I was exclusively expressing every 2-3 hours to take EBM to my daughter in NICU. Other mums whose babies were also in the NICU complained that their breast pumps weren’t as effective or quick as the hospital grade pumps in the NICU expressing room, so I was grateful to have a hospital grade pump at home. It’s easy to use and the night light is a really handy feature.

  256. First time breastfeeder and I love this pump!! Very easy to use and clean and doesn’t take very long to produce a good amount of milk. Love that I can adjust the suction level to my comfort as well.
    Definitely recommend!!

  257. I have this Spectra S2 breast pump and it is fantastic, I would highly recommend this to other.

  258. The Spectra S2 pump has truely been a godsend! It’s so user friendly, and efficient. I’ve been expressing every day for the first few weeks to allow my partner to feed him a bottle in the evening and it couldnt be easier. I will be recommending this to all of my friends! A very happy customer.

  259. This pump is amazing! I wasted my time using a Medela, I wish I had this from day 1!twice as fast and twice the amount of milk. I highly recommend!!

  260. Have had the spectra s2 for a week and a half now since coming home from hospital and have been very happy with it. Was delivered within 24 hours and was easy to start using. Much prefer it to the Medela I used in hospital – quicker, quieter and more powerful.

  261. I bought this pump as the one I had wasn’t very effective in draining my breast. This is amazing. I’m able to pump a 180ml bottle in less than ten minutes. Life saver! This pump meant that I can now express enough for my daughter and didn’t have to supplement feeding with formula those times I had to be away from her. Well worth the money. Very happy with the product.

  262. I started pumping in hospital as my supply was low. The day before I left hospital, I knew I had to rent or buy a pump – so I asked a lactation consultant where I could do so, and if Medela was the way to go (that was the pump provided in hospital). She said Medela was popular, but said I might want to check out Spectra. Thanks to her, I jumped onto Net and started doing some research, and was amazed at all the very positive comments and high ratings the Spectra S2 were receiving. I was a bit sceptical – but at the same time, the price and one reviewer’s comment that they ordered the pump and received it over in WA just 2 days later sold me. I put in an order at 4pm Monday … and sure enough, on Wednesday it arrived! The S2 really has been fantastic – it did the same job as the hospital pump (actually it has extra features) and at half the price! It’s portable, lightweight, quiet, has a timer, nightlight, is easy to assemble and use — all round well worth its price. Customer service is also fantastic. So if you are looking for a hospital grade double pump – I highly recommend the S2.

  263. Start using this breastpump since 1st week postpartum following cracked nipples. Been working well. Pain during milk extraction is minimal. Like the timer and nightlight which comes with pump. Easy setup. Highly recommend this product

  264. Love the pump, a life saver! very easy to use. Spectra S2, gives you the option to single pump or double pump and remembers your last settings. All in all it’s an amazing product.

  265. Started using the S2 after my medals pump broke after 4 months of use. All in all, the s2 is superior quality. I can express in half the time, it is much much much more hygienic (with the backfkow protector) and it is easier to clean. Well worth the investment. I also found the customer service very good, with fast shipping and helpful staff to speak to about my questions.

  266. I love love love this product. Was given Medela Swing as a present and had so much trouble with it to the point where I had blocked ducts and it reduced my milk supply. Once I received this pump, it was like heaven! Why didn’t I buy this product earlier. Anyway, I can’t find any fault with this product and it gave my confidence back in breastfeeding.

  267. I purchased the Spectra S2 my first week home with Bub.
    After having having a tough time breastfeeding and in extreme pain from poor attachment, it was recommended I take a break from breast feeding and switch to expressing.
    The S2 has been amazing. It is very easy to use and comfortable (even with bad nipple damage). Pumping is always successful. Would highly recommend this product.
    I would also like to mention that the customer service was fantastic.
    Thank you Spectra

  268. I was nervous buying a pump as I didn’t want to waste my money, but I’m really happy with the S2 and would definitely recommend it. I’d hired two other pumps before buying, first the Medela Symphony which would’ve ended up too expensive to hire long term, then tried the Spectra Dew which was just as good as the Medela however I intend to express full time for a long time I was interested in the let down mode of the S2.
    So happy with S2, it’s just as good extraction wise as the much more expensive Medela Symphony and heaps quieter than either of the others.
    A very happy customer

  269. When I returned home from hospital I need to increase my supply and tried expressing using the Medela Swing. After 15 minutes I didn’t even have one drop! I then went and hired the Medela Symphony from the pharmacy. After a few months I decided to research other breast pumps as hiring was becoming quite expensive. That’s when I read all the great reviews about the Spectra Pump! I wish I had researched before buying the other pump as I would have saved lots of time and money. The Spectra pump isn’t as strong as the Medela Symphony but it works so much better than the Medela Swing (which is priced similarly). It also has other great features such as the night light and timer which is so helpful. And it is much lighter than the Symphony. I would definitely recommend buying the Spectra pump to my friends.

  270. I recently returned to work and wanted to pump so I could keep breastfeeding my baby. I had a different pump to begin with and after the first week it became obvious I was not getting enough output . I was so upset that I thought I would have to give up feeding because I couldn’t pump enough during my work day. A colleague told me about her spectra pump and I ordered the S2. The first time I used it my output doubled and now I can continue on my breastfeeding journey. This pump is amazing and I can express in about 10 minutes. The massage mode is fantastic at getting the flow started. Would not hesitate in recommending this product to anyone!

  271. After a month of using the Spectra S2, I will highly recommend it to any mom. When I purchased it, I had an issue in operating it. However was quickly rectified by a lovely support team member named Bron. It was a simple case of ensuring that the adaptor “clicks” into its connector.

    Before Spectra, I used a Medela Swing. The brand was highly recommended by the hospital. As my supply was low, I needed a machine that would generate more milk. And the S2 has done a wonderful job for me – especially with its 2 modes – massage and express.

    Definitely a great product.

  272. I had a look at many different types of breast pumps on the market. Coming from a hospital background the only one I was familiar with was the Medela. But after reading the reviews for the S2 it was clear that this was definitely better value for money and customer satisfaction is very high.

    The pump is easy to set up (especially for us first time mums who are a little lost with this stuff). Was Packed nicely and shipped very quickly. Seems easy to use and very straightforward. Customer service with spectra has been great too. Will definitely recommend this pump to my closest.

  273. I am so happy to have found the spectra S2, I bought it in preparation for returning to work and I was impressed when I used it occasionally while on leave but it has really come into its own since I’ve started working again. So easy to set up and clean, let down mode means less time pumping and I easily get a full feed in 15/20 mins whereas I’d barely even cover the base of the bottle with my previous pump (manual).

    I’m in love with my pump!

  274. This is the first pump that I have used and purchased it based on all the amazing feedback it was getting. Let me tell you…. IT MORE THAN LIVES UP TO EXPECTATIONS!!! This pump is so quiet, I can pump one side while doing a night feed with baby on the other. The various levels of suction and pumping are great so I can adjust the pump each time to suit my needs and sensitivity. I first used it to clear out a lot of clogged transition milk which made me feel way more comfortable and meant my milk supply has been more then enough to plump up my little one. I can not fault this pump!!!

  275. Right from the start I was impressed with this product. The customer service was A+, so fast and friendly. I was totally amazed by this pump, not only was I able to express a really good amount but when they said it was quiet I wasnt convinced….. BUT it is so quiet I can pump at work and the noise isn’t heard in all the officers and when I pump at home whilst feeding bubs the noise isn’t detracting to him. I couldnt recommend this pump enough. Any chance I get to tell new mothers and mothers looking to start expressing about this pump I take it, it’s a truly wonderful product.

  276. This pump is amazing, my milk output is tripled from what I was getting with another pump. I had been struggling to get enough for one feed over two-three days, now I can get a feed in a couple of pumping sessions. So quiet too! Love my new Spectra S2. this will allow me to pump enough milk for my baby when I head back to work, definitely taken the pressure off

  277. I’ve been expressing using a different brand hospital grade breast pump that I hired from a local pharmacy. I’ve decided to buy one since hiring will end up costing me more. After thorough research, I’ve decided to buy Spectra S2 breast pump. I’ve heard lots of good reviews about it. The breast pump itself is really light as compared to the one I used to use. Some of the features are great. Night light, options on vacuum & cycle for each mode. The one accessory that I absolutely love is the wide neck adaptor so that I can use the breast shield on my narrow neck bottles, e.g. Medela. The breast shield itself attaches really well to other bottles like Avent. I love this as I can re-use the bottles that I already have.

  278. Just purchased the spectra S2 and am very happy with it. Haven’t tried any other pumps but was recommended this one by a friend.

    It’s very portable and quiet when pumping, great nightlight facility assists in night time expressing sessions. The product was on back order when I went on to order, so contacted the support team re estimated delivery times. Had a very helpful and speedy reply. Machine was then dispatched and delivered really quickly and on time.

    Only negative is the instruction manual that comes with the pump is not great but again I contacted the support team who answered my questions quickly and also sent me a link to a better instruction manual.

    Would recommend this product to friends and family, thank you

  279. I love this pump! I’m a low supply mum, (with a baby who has poor suck) and I had been struggling to express with a different pump. The Spectra S2 pump was recommended to me by other low supply mums who found it was really efficient. I have to agree! In 10 minutes I’m able to pump the same amount it took me in 40 minutes with my other pump. Due to the increased speed of a pump session, I am able to squeeze more pump sessions into my day, which, in turn, allows me to supplement my baby’s feeds with more of my own breast milk (in 3 days after receiving this pump, I had cut my baby’s formula intake in half!!!). I really think my supply is increasing with the regular use of this pump. I find the vacuum more comfortable that other pumps I’ve tried, and the breastshields don’t leak out of the bottom like some other brands. This is an excellent pump and I highly recommend it to other mums.

  280. Thank you Spectra!! shortly after welcoming my newest edition I soon realised this whole BF business wasn’t going to be straig forward, thanks to a tongue tie. I was determined to win the battle and be able to BF my little one.
    I was on the search for a good quality machine that was affordable, after lengthy research I am so pleased with my purchase and with the help of my Dr2 I was able to win, full time EBF while I was healing and now able to use to increase my milk and have some back ups stored away to allow me and my hubby some us time.
    Couldn’t have done it without you πŸ™‚

  281. We have been using the pump for only a short time but I can confirm it is very quiet and seems to suck good. Build quality also looks good and very happy with it so far.

    Delivery was very fast which was good as we needed the pump ASAP.

    As we have no prior experience with breast pumps one suggestion is maybe improve the explanation and illustration of the pump assembly and use in the manual. There is a guide but it got our brains thinking as it’s our first pump. We did get it in the end.

  282. Very happy with the S2 purchase – great bang for buck, cool features and lightening quick shipping make this a great pickup especially for a hospital grade twin pump.
    Easy to clean and use, night light is a winner for a peaceful dim lit room, and it really quiet. The bottles it comes with are handy too, although the numbers wash after a long while.

    My partner has used it heavily for 2 months straight, and it hasn’t missed a beat, and doesn’t seem like it will! The flange even fits some other brand bottles which is handy if you already have purchased these, saving more money and giving baby more choice. The few small sticking points – colour, manual switch from let down to massage, and short power cord, are easily overlooked when considering the whole package.

    So far the best value, and most used purchase for baby. Would recommend to anyone without a doubt.


  283. I bought a spectra s2 when I had some serious nipple damage from my little one… The pump was delivered pronto so I was able to feed my baby with breast milk, but also give my breasts a break and time to heal from some vigorous sucking! Customer service is excellent, and the pump itself is fantastic.

  284. I was impressed with the Spectra S2 pump.

    Delivery – I live in regional NSW and the pump still arrived within 24 hours! Speedy delivery is important as I wanted to maintain my supply.

    The machine – I was using a pump on loan from the local hospital while waiting for this to arrive. It had more of a variation in pump cycles. I never varied from the lowest setting on the Spectra and I would’ve preferred some lower settings as an option. These lower settings are especially helpful when one has damaged nipples. I was able to express large quantities in a small amount of time.

    Pump Equipment – These are good but not as sturdy as the one the hospital loaned us. I can see these delicate parts breaking in the future. It is handy that Avent bottles will connect with this.

    Flange – This comes with a 24mm flange. It would be nice to be able to select which size you would prefer. Pointless sending one that might be too small.

    Power cord – This is extremely short so one must ensure their expressing chair is next to the power socket or use an extension lead.

  285. I’m a first time mum and was bit nervous about using a electric pump since it looked painful to use. After a fair bit of research I decided to get Spectra S2 due to a lot of positive reviews… and it was a great decision to make! First of all It is so comfortable and not hurting , yet the suction is strong enough to express milk. I love the fact you can adjust the vacuum level. Sometimes I only use a massage mode to stimulate my breasts and thanks to that my milk supply increased. It is easy to use and assemble/disassemble. I definitely recommend this pump to everyone!

  286. We needed a pump quickly and one that was going to last as our baby requires me to pump as well as breast feed. We couldn’t be happier with our spectra pump. It arrived within 24 hours and is so easy to use. I was able to understand and use it in no time and compared to other pumps I used in hospital it is far better. I would definitely recommend it and am very happy with my Spectra pump.

  287. I purchased the Spectra S2 pump to help with engorgement issues, although I do intend to express in the near future. You hear a lot about other brands in the hospital/midwives etc, but I am so glad I made the decision to purchase this product. It is exactly what I was after, efficient, quiet enough not to disturb bub and comfortable. Parts are easy to clean and assemble/dissemble. Was very happy with the quick delivery and service provided by Spectra, I would certainly recommend this product to other future mums!

  288. Highly recommend the Spectra S2. Super fast delivery, easy to put together and use. Very quiet – I can express in the same room as sleeping baby and sleeping husband without waking either of them. The spectra S2 is a bargain for a hospital grade double pump.

  289. Bought for my wife and she uses it multiple times a day. Its really good.
    Very quick delivery and quality product. Bought after reading many good reviews, and very glad i did.

  290. I started out my journey with a multitude of different pumps all of which failed me miserably . Spectra was my last hope , and I wish I had found it first !! I’ve been pumping strong for 21 months ! And I know I couldn’t have done it without this amazing pump . It has never failed me and the customer service at spectra is outstanding! I can’t recommend them enough ! Thank you spectra !!

  291. I have used S2 since I discharged hospital 2days ago. Personally, I think two modes of S2 is working more efficiently than the one I used in hospital.
    Also, its very easy to use and my milk flow is quite consistant and getting more and more by using S2.
    Im considering to get two more bottles buz i will use s2 more often in the following days.
    Highly recommend to all mums!

  292. This is the 5th pump I’ve used (including one in hospital, a manual, single electric and a double electric) and it’s by far the best for me. I am having to pump 3-4 times a day everyday and can get up to 80ml in as little as 7 or 8 minutes where previously it’s taken me up to 20 minutes to only get 10 or 20ml so a huge improvement. I’m very happy with it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

  293. We purchased this product after a couple friends recommended it and then also reading the online reviews and we are EXTREMELY happy with our purchase. It has more than halved the amount of time I spend pumping, so quick and easy to use. Love it!!! Thank you

  294. I wish I had bought this pump sooner. I was using a manual pump and really struggling to get good quantities of milk. The spectra s2 is simple to use, quiet and compact. It makes expressing less of a chore . Next day delivery is impressive as is the customer service. They responded to my email (even on a weekend!) and emailed me another more comprehensive manual that they had put together. Highly recommend this product and company.

  295. I am really happy with my Spectra S2. I exclusively express so I use this 6-7 times a day. It can drain both breasts in 12-15 minutes depending on how much milk I have. I can pump around 150ml each time which is more than I ever could with my Medela Swing Single so I am happy that the S2 is more efficient.

  296. I can’t recommend the Spectra S2 highly enough. I use this pump 6-7 times per day, and have been for about 8 weeks now. It consistently pumps more milk than the single electric breast pump which I tried previously, it has a light and a timer function (very very handy when pumping in the wee small hours of the morning), it doesn’t mash my nipples, and once you get the hang of it it’s very easy to clean and assemble. I think the best thing is that even when my husband isn’t home I can now be confident that I will fin time to express – it’s a lot easier to find 15 minutes with the Spectra S2, than it was to find 30 minutes with a single electric pump when you’re home alone with a fussy baby!!! It’s a life saver and currently my absolute favourite item of equipment. Thank-you ?

  297. I purchased this product after using another brand. They cannot be compared. The spectra is amazing and changed my life. I exclusively express due to latching issues in week 1. While the spectra is slightly larger and heavier minimally the positives are amazing. The spectra is quiet, I love the night light, I no longer have to track time thanks I the in built timer on the spectra and I’ve managed to 1/2
    The time pumping and triple the volume using the spectra. Amazing product and highly recommend it

  298. I have been using this pump for almost a week now, prior to getting this hospital grade electric pump i was hand expressing as it was easier than the manual pump, it used to take me 40-60 minutes to get up to 80mls combined from both breasts, on a good day. Since getting my electric one, I have cut that time down to 30minutes and am getting approximately 100ml + combined from each pumping session. Once I have the massage inserts I believe it will take less time again and hopefully will get more out because at the moment the breast shields are too large for me. Its quiet so it allows me to express whilst in the same room as a sleeping baby and fiance. I love the let down mode and that I have the ability to change up the functions to suit my needs. Easily cleaned and sterilised. My only criticism is that the breast shields don’t come in enough sizes, this however will be rectified by the terrific support staff at Spectra who get back to you quickly and will answer any questions you may have, no matter how silly you may feel asking them.

  299. I am so impressed with this pump. After having a 32 week premmie, I needed to buy a hospital grade pump to not only express but boost my supply as she grows older. This pump has been fantastic so far. I love the night light and the timer. It works better than the double hospital pumps too. Will definitely recommend this pump to other mums regardless of if its needed for premmies or full term babies. The price compared to other hospital grade pumps is so good too. Well done Spectra!!

  300. The Spectra S2 pump has been fantastic. After a three month battle trying to breastfeed a very fussy baby who screamed every time I attempted to latch her on, I decided to start bottle feeding expressed breast milk to my little one instead (she is very happy to take a bottle). After having read wonderful reviews about the Spectra S2, I decided to give it a go. The Spectra S2 has exceeded my expectations! I can pump a full feed of 180-200ml in 5 minutes. It is very easy to use and clean, and is also very quiet (great for those night feeds!). I highly recommend this pump.

  301. I was recommended a Spectra pump by a lactation consultant who had heard great reviews so I bought the S2 about a week ago and think it’s great! I love the let down/massage setting, it really brings on the milk and it starts pouring out! (which is exciting coming from a girl with poor milk supply). It’s so quiet and the nightlight is handy so I evan pump next to my sleeping baby and husband. Great price and wonderful customer service, thank you!

  302. The S2 has been my savior, allowing me to quickly and effortlessly pump every 3 hours to feed my new baby girl. With poor latching and tongue tie issues I’ve been able to keep my milk supply up (and in fact increase it!) to keep my baby on breast milk.
    I’d highly recommend the S2 and love the night light on it!

  303. Spectra S2 has done a great job for me exclusively pumping for 6 months so far. It helped to establish my milk supply quickly and to maintain it throughout . I recently had to make a warranty claim as the pump stopped working, and the warranty process has been managed smoothly and I got a replacement pump next day. I would recommend Spectra S2 as a great alternative to a hospital grade pump for a fraction of the price.

  304. I love the night light function, the let down function and the fact that I can now get my pumping done in 10 minutes – not 30 minutes.
    It’s also easy to clean the parts and the breast shields are able to be sterilised in the microwave. It’s quieter compared with my previous pump and I am able to pump in the same room as my sleeping baby.
    It pretty much ticks all the boxes. The only issue I have is I have to take a pump off awkwardly to then press the button to change the mode from let down to pumping but this could be solved with a pumping bra I guess. I seem to be getting more milk from it as well. Hopefully it lasts I look forward to using it for many years to come.

  305. We purchased this pump after reading other reviews online. It has been so easy to use and we’ve had no troubles at all. Highly recommended.

  306. Affordable, light, gentle and with a genius night light. End up expressing more than with using a big name brand one I hired from hospital. It was recommended to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone else. If you are considering it buy it – you won’t be disappointed..

  307. I had this pump recommended by a friend for helping with low supply. I have found it to be much more effective and efficient than the medela pump that i have used. I have been using a week and I could feel I am getting more supply! Very easy to use.

  308. This pump is great value for money, easy to assemble and use! I love how light it is and the night light is an added bonus!

  309. I love that this pump is so easy to assemble and use. It is fast, efficient and I can easily pump both sides in 10 minutes. With baby number three, I need a pump that has all the easy to use features of the S2. Easy to clean, assemble and use!

  310. I was recommended to use a hospital grade pump to boost my supply. I came across the spectra s2 and highly recommend it. It is easy to use and great value for money.

  311. I am so happy with this purchase. It is worth every cent. The pump is quick, efficient, and saves so much time . I had innitially bought a different brand pump which used to take me 30-45 mins to get 50ml. With spectra S2 I can get 80 – 100ml within 10- 15 mins. I pump a couple times in a day between feeds to top up my baby at night and it’s really made my life easier. Also with sudden plans to go out I know I can quickly pump a bottle as before I was reluctant to go out. The bottle teats that came with tnr pump are also really good – my baby loves them and doesn’t have a problem latching on to me afterwards. The night light is a great feature and the pump is super quiet. My baby wakes up from the slightest noise but hasn’t woken up once from my late night/early morning pumping session which I’m really happy about. The only thing they can improve is the writing on the bottles as they are starting to come off already. Apart from that, I love this pump and so glad I bought it! 10/10

  312. Love my Spectra S2 Pump. It got me through the difficult stages of my early breastfeeding journey when I was experiencing a lot of pain due to poor attachment. This pump allowed me to feed my baby expressed milk while keeping my supply up and allowing my body to heal. I could even express in the middle of the night without waking anybody (including baby) up! Now I am back at work and my Spectra S2 has been my trusty companion once again, allowing me to quickly express a feed’s worth of milk during in less than 12 minutes at a time. Initially I had looked at other brands, but didn’t think I could ever afford a double electric hospital grade breast pump, but a friend highly recommended this pump to me so I made the purchase and never looked back. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  313. My wife loves the breast pump. She found it a lot better and more comfortable than Madela Symphony. It is really helping us throughout the feeding process.

  314. This pump is awesome! I love it! I had been hiring and using a medela symphony, and I bought this pump after researching online. It is far more efficient than the symphony and drains much more effectively. My RHS was only getting half supply to my LHS, but after a few sessions on the S1, my RHS has now caught up. This pump is incredibly affordable, I love that it comes with everything for double pumping, and the postage is free and express – so good! The only thing that could be better are the bottle and teat shapes. I much prefer the flow and shape of medela bottles and teats, but use the spectra bottles as containers. The spectra bottles have a much more accurate measurement guide on the side than medela though, so I am able to read how much I’m pumping much more easily. Apart from the bottles and teats, I love every feature of the Spectra S1 and am happy to recommend!

  315. I was despondent with my old breast pump until my sister in law told me I could get better results with the spectra. I am so relieved I bought it now. I went from 45 min and only getting 60 ml to 15 min and 80ml. Consistent results and its lots quieter

  316. I purchased the Spectra S2 for my daughter in law, After thoroughly comparing breast pumps over the internet, I came to the conclusion that this pump was one of the best. Reviews were excellent and price very affordable, particularly due to the fact that it is hospital grade and a double pump. I must admit the the look of the pump also caught my eye, soft pink and stylish. My daughter in law is very happy, as she also thought that this particular pump was the best to purchase. Great product, great customer service and lightning fast delivery.

  317. As a exclusive expresser , with a low supply, the s2 is by far the best pump for the job.
    with great suction setting, and speed along with massage mode for let down i find the s2 the most efficient pump on the market! after hiring other brand hospital grade pumps, the cost quickly adds up and is unsustainable, in 5 weeks of hiring is the same cost to buy a s2, so works out to be superior for value for money. Also the spectra support and customer service team are out standing.. Now i have spectra ill never go back

  318. I have loved this product from the moment it arrived. Amazing pump, easy to use and clean, and nice and quiet. Love the different cycles! Highly recommend!

  319. Spectra S2 is a great pump and highly recommend to mums looking for a reliable and hard working double pump.. The S2 is quick, quiet and very c omfortable with lots of settings to suit. Its a light weight pump which can be easily transported and moved from room to room and plugged in.

  320. I had this pump recommended by a friend for helping with low supply. I have found it to be much more comfortable than the medela pump that i have used.

  321. Well what can I say. I was recommended this product from a friend and we needed it in a hurry. Not only was the pump delivered within 2 days, it was easy to use and really effective. I would recommend the Spectra S2 to anyone having difficulties with feeding and expressing. Definitely worth every cent!

  322. Love my new spectra s2. More so my little baby boy loves his expressed Breast milk :–)

  323. Loving my Spectra S2 pump. I have a 5 week old who refused to breastfeed. Without my Spectra S2 pump my baby would be on formula. The pump is really easy to operate and so quiet. I have used other brands before and they have not worked for me.
    Service was excellent and delivery quicker than expected.

  324. I LOVE my spectra S2! So easy to use, very comfortable and quite! It is amazing!

  325. I love my S2 pump. I purchased it once my baby decided to wean himself early and I still wanted him to have breast milk. I also had low supply and it helped immensely in bringing my supply back up.
    It’s so comfortable and the different modes help you personalise it to exactly the pump that is right for you.
    I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a state of the art pump.

  326. This breast pump is saving me so much precious time. With my old breast pump it was taking me 45 mins. Now I am done in 15 minutes. I am expressing 3 times a day so I have an extra 1 and 1/2 hours to do things around the house and spend more time playing with my baby. I love this breast pump!!

  327. This pump is a lifesaver! I started off using a non hospital grade electric breast pump but it never helped with increasing my supply my supply was very low and I would pump 20-40mls a pump (30mins-1hr). Then I found out about Spectra and how good the pump was at increasing your supply I ended up buying the S2 and my supply rocketed! I now get 150-200mls a pump and feel so happy that my baby is getting all breast milk now πŸ™‚ I will highly recommend this pump to everyone πŸ™‚

    Thanks Spectra!

  328. I bought spectra s2 to pump out my breast milk as I am a busy mum.. I didn’t know which brand to buy as I wanted a Gud one, actually a hospital grade one. This is the best decision I ever made on purchasing this breast pump. It is the best breast pump you can rely on.. It a quick and easy pump.. U can easy clean it aswell. I bought this pump without reading any reviews and I am totally satisfied with it.. Great product…

  329. Easy and quick to use and clean. It is quiet so I can use it at night. It is much more efficient than hand expressing especially as there is no pain, discomfort or mess. I am so pleased that I got this pump so that I can keep a few bottles of breast milk for when we are out and about.

  330. I am eight and a half months into my exclusive expressing journey. I started my first two months hiring a medela symphony… it did the job, but was awkward and ugly, and very expensive.

    Then I did the math after reading on exclusive expresser groups and forums that spectra was the best and most recommended pump. I realised I was going to cover the cost of the spectra for the amount I was hiring the medela for three months… so I got the S2.

    On my first pumps I yielded more from what I had using the symphony, which is “supposed” to be the Rolls Royce of pumps. The s2 was also smaller and easier for me to to take to work or wherever I was going, unlike the symphony.

    My output increased in each pump so that I was quickly able to cut back on the number of pumps I did each day, and actually produce MORE! I have not only produced enough for my son and continue to at this far along, but also to donate massive amounts of milk to other bubs.

    I could not recommend this product enough.

    If there are any issues, as I had a few, the staff and customer service is THE BEST! Overnighting a loan pump to use, always so friendly and accommodating and helpful. Top notch on the service too.

  331. Bought the S2 so I could go back to full-time work, my first pump, has been good. At one stage thought it was faulty, although with Spectra’s helpful customer service realised it only needed a replacement valve. I’m using it for 2-3 hours a day, and bought it as it had good reviews.

  332. I found the whole breast feeding experience very difficult. It didn’t help that I had cracked nipples and low milk supply. So I needed to get myself a good breast pump. I spoke to a few friends and was recommended the Spectra brand. I looked through the choices and found the comparing notes helpful to make my choice. I chose the S2 which has been excellent. So easy to use, small and compact, very quiet, good price and comes in a choice of boy (blue) or girl (pink) colours. It looks great on my kitchen bench too. I am really happy with it! My milk supply has improved and I use it to express so my husband can do the night feeds on weekends (bless him!) I would recommend this product to any new Mum. Thanks Spectra for a great product. Oh and the delivery was so quick and free!

  333. I absolutely love my Spectra S2. My triplets were born early. As premmies I needed to pump to feed them until they were ready to latch and keep my supply up. The S2 is quiet enough to use in the night, not to wake hubby. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the S2 so that I could express wherever whenever without a power point. But that’s my next purchase! Thanks Spectra!

  334. After struggling to bf for 3 months and pumping most feeds, I broke my pump! A friend recommended Spectra to me and I haven’t looked back πŸ™‚ The S2 is super quiet, and when i double pump, i get my pumping done in half the time! So easy to use, and very convenient for a busy mum of 3, well worth every cent!

  335. My daughter was born 3 months early and during her hospital stay and then coming home with feeding difficulties I expressed round the clock for 9 months using a variety of pump brands that I hired and purchased. My son was born 2 weeks ago, also a micro prem baby and I knew I needed to get a great pump as this could be a long journey too. I decided to order the S2 after reading the great reviews and features, and also the price was very competitive. I loved how quickly the pump arrived (24hrs) and it is fantastic. Love the letdown mode, the varying suction strengths (especially how gentle the lowest settings are after a long day of pumping), and the nightlight is awesome for the 3am expressing. Im really happy with my purchase, and I will be telling all my friends.

  336. i used to use the medela pumps and always had supply and emptying issues. Was introduced to the spectra and had great doubts, but it is AMAZING!!! empties really quick and end up with more milk. really really good.

  337. The spectra s2 double electric pump is great. So quite compared to other pumps and I felt a bit more gentle. I love that you can choose the time spent in let down mode, switching to vacuum anytime. I also love the fact it has a timer, so much easier than checking my mobile or using a seperate timer. The only downside is I have found I’ve had to stay on longer than other pumps (despite being on the highest vacuum level) to get the level of milk supply I want. I also found sometimes I have to fiddle with connections every now and again because it doesn’t seem to be suctioning despite being well placed on my breast and all the connections appearing well in place. Once I fiddle it resolves. It’s easy to clean and the light is a nice feature too. The next day delivery is awesome and the service is fantastic.

  338. I am really happy with my Spectra S2. It has increased my supply by 20% which is probably the best thing about it. It’s fast, quiet and the night light is a great feature, as is the let down mode. Next day shipping was awesome.

  339. I have had my breast pump from my last two pregnancies and it has been a life saver. The best thing about this pump is the adjustable suction and speed. I also had a problem with my pump a year and a half after buying it. I made warranty claim and was so impressed with how the matter was handled. They even gave me a loan pump! This company is amazing πŸ™‚

  340. Absolute lifesaver!

    I was unable to get bub to latch and to have the S2 on-hand saved my first week of motherhood.

  341. Love my new s2. Have been using a spectra dew since jan 2013 but was really interested in trying out the s2 for the massage/letdown feature. It’s great! Very quiet, great range of variable speed/suction and as always from spectra a quality product. It was delivered overnight via courier (was free shipping too). Super happy thank you πŸ™‚

  342. In hospital I had problems breastfeeding and needed to express milk using a medela symphony. The midwife recommended I purchase the Spectra’s S2 pump so I could continue to express at home. I ordered it while I was in hospital and it arrived by the time I got home. Price is great. It’s easy to set up, use and clean. It’s comfortable and it’s easy to keep my supply levels up. As good as the medela!!

  343. I could not recommend this pump any more highly! I have been using a well know brand previously to this and never knew pumping could actually be this comfortable and painless!!! I have recommended this pump to all my new mummy friends and will be for along time coming! Thank you again for your Free shipping and also for being so fast, ordered Sunday night and arrived at my house Tuesday! AMAZING!!!

  344. Love! Love! love! this pump!!! – love it so much will be buying one for one of my good friends who’s due in December. With my first baby I had the medela single breast pump – I had never used anything else so had nothing to compare it with. With my now second I was after a double breast pump for efficiency. After a great deal of research and reading of reviews the Spectra was frequently mentioned with really positive results. I decided to purchase it and am I glad I did! Firstly I just love the letdown mode…the best feature ever! It really helps in ensuring you have a good letdown in the shortest amount of time. I also love how quiet it is and the night light is great – the baby can sleep through whilst I pump. This pump I think is the best on the market…makes me want to have another so I can continue using lol! I must also add that customer service when it comes to warranty issues is excellent! I had to call on them to sort out an issue on my pump…I emailed on Saturday afternoon…by Tuesday Morning I had a replacement pump whilst they fixed mine. Very impressed!

  345. I got the spectra s2 as I had heard such good things about it. I had a very low supply and I’ve been pumping 8x a day after feeds. The s2 has not only tripled my output but I’m almost not needing to give my son formula top ups anymore. Compared to the medela swing I had, this is in a completely different ball park.
    Wish I had just bought it from the start.

  346. Best pump I’ve ever used, easy to see why it’s the highest rated breast pump on product review πŸ™‚ awesome value and super fast delivery as well!

  347. Brilliant pump. It is gentle yet extracts plenty of milk. It is also so quiet compared to many on the market.

  348. We have used a number of different pump brands and this is by far the best value for money.

  349. Really liking the ability to change the settings so much to suit my breasts. I have found each side requires something different and I like the ability to tweak. Looking forward to using the spectra more to increase my supply.

  350. The Spectra S2 is amazing I had another brand pump before recently buying the spectra and so much difference with amount of milk and so much easier to clean. Fantastic product!

  351. I use the spectra2 for exclusive pumping, it has been great. Customer service is brilliant also.

  352. I’ve tried a heap of breast pumps (having had a premmie bub) and Spectra is by far the best!

  353. I love my S2! I recently bought an S2 after 13 months of using another pump which broke 2 months after its 12 month warranty! My previous pump which I paid the same price for as the spectra was only covered for 12 months and had an expected life of 200 hrs. with the spectra its 2 years and 1500 hrs so there is a big difference. The other thing I loved about the spectra is that I’m in complete control over my pumping cycles its great. its also really quite. I love that the part are see through and uncomplicated so that I can get in and completely clean all the parts with a brush which with my old pump I could not. I also love that its quiet and not at all heavy. Overall a fantastic pump and being a double pump cuts down pumping time which is great!

  354. Bought the S2 in preparation for my first baby, unsure whether I would need it or not. Very grateful I did as have been having troubles with breast feeding and it was a life saver. It is easy to use once you understand it (I found the instructions a little confusing and sometimes poorly worded). It is a little noisier than I thought it would be, but not having used any other breast pumps I can’t compare. Overall very happy with the purchase.

  355. Needed a pump due to my bubs having trouble latching. I was only getting 40ml from a hand pump in over 10minutes and now get 90ml in under 3minutes.
    Has been a life saver.

  356. A very absolute must have for all nursing mothers. We have been using this pump for nearly a year and now got another to gift one of our dear family friend. Great results and much satisfied with the product.

  357. I love the pump itself and get great suction from it. I was using a hospital grade rental symphony for 4 months prior and find the Spectra hospital grade just as effective. The price is great. I have a few issues with the design though:
    – the bottles are flimsy and tip over way too easily – I have lost full bottles of milk by them tipping and the pumping mechanism popping off. Incredibly frustrating.
    – the tubes are too short. You have to be too close to the machine. The short tubes also pull the bottles over.
    – only ONE bottle slot on a DOUBLE pump???

    – great suction, love that it is easy to adjust.
    – vibrate feature increases let down while being gentle.
    – nightlight is great
    – machine is easy to use
    – fantastic price
    Overall i highly recommend the Spectra hospital grade double pump.

    Delivery was very fast thankyou.

  358. Have tried four pumps and this is by far the best! Worth every cent.
    Customer service is fantastic. Cannot fault. Thank you

  359. Excellent product,quick and easy to use!
    Customer care service very quick to respond to any question !
    Got the S2 pump as first product with them and very happy with it!
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  360. I would recomend the SpectraS2 pump. I was looking for a breast pump that is portable,efficient and ideally hospital grade and found it all in the Spectra S2. It is remarkably small and light which makes it easy to pump around the house and I know it is small enough to take to work too. Pumping is much quicker as it is a double pump and I use it every night to ensure there is enough milk in the fridge for hubby to give a bottle too. I had avent single pump with my first baby and this is much more efficient.

  361. We recently purchased the Spectra S2 for use with our second child and have been very impressed with the results. With our first child, we used the Avent electric pump which my wife hated from day one, so it was a pleasant surprise that this pump works so well.

    Its very quiet and efficient and all the extra little features, like the light really make it user friendly.

    We definitely recommend this pump if you are in the market for something different.

    Keep up the good work.

  362. Amazing! I wish I had purchased my Spectra S 2 sooner. I can’t believe how quiet it is. After using other pumps it is simple to use and very easy to clean. I was really impressed with the quick delivery time also. An awesome product!

  363. I recently purchased the S2 and it’s wonderful, I have had 4 babies and have tried different breast pumps but this was has been the best I have used, it is so quick to express the milk and has been less stressful with returning to work. It used to take me 30 mins to express from the other electric and manual pump and would only get 20 to 30mls, but with the S2 I can get over 160mls in under 10mins. It is amazing , the best pump I have ever used. One very happy customer πŸ˜€

  364. Spectra S2 is the best pump I have used, wish I had one for my first baby 3 years ago. For someone that exclusively expresses, this has been a lifesaver! 20 minutes pumping time and I am done. Love that is is double pump so saves time, is quiet and easy to assemble/disassemble for cleaning, and has variable modes.

  365. I wish I found this 3 months ago when my babe was born, but I am so glad my girlfriend told me about it!! Amazing pump. So good to do both breasts at once, & takes barely any time at all! & the pump looks pretty too..! Oh, and did I mention my partner loves it too because it is SO much quieter than the shitty medela I was using before! πŸ˜€

  366. The Spectra S2 is very easy to use, assemble and wash.

  367. The pump is so good it’s anazung! I thought nothing will compare to the Mandela that I used in hospital it this is just as good or even better and affordable. I’m a happy mama πŸ™‚

  368. I am so happy with my Spectra S2. I wasn’t sure if I should purchase a pump or not initially, but I am now so glad I did. When investigating which pump to possibly buy, I found the reviews on the Spectra Pumps made them stand out well above their competitors. For my first baby I used a hand pump and borrowed an electric single breast pump from a friend from time to time. But they were so time consuming compared to the Spectra S2. I can now pump both breasts simultaneously in around 10 minutes. Assembly and cleaning is simple and all the parts seem sturdy and well made. Using the Spectra S2 has made me feel so much more relaxed with breastfeeding my second child. I love knowing that I can top my baby up with expressed milk, and that I can use it to help increase my supply. Service has also been amazing with staff happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks Spectra, from me and my baby.

  369. I bought the S2 as I’ll be going back to work when bubs is 6.5mobths. Best money I’ve ever spent. So glad I researched pumps before choosing the Spectra S2.

  370. After so much research on double pumps, I could not go past the reviews and price of the S2! Delivery is insanely fast, but the customer service offered even after the product has been purchased is the icing on the cake! Like everyone else, I will be only recommending Spectra products to anyone who asks in the future and will never touch another brand of pump again!

  371. The spectra pump was recommended to me by a gf who has recently had a baby. She loves her pump and with twins on the way I knew that I would be needing a high quality breast pump – (an easy to use!) High quality pump. The service and delivery time were exceptional and I look very much forward to the arrival of my babies and putting my spectra pump to good use.

  372. I bought my S2 after not realising drinking peppermint tea would effect my supply! 3 weeks into my BF jorney my supply dipped. Upon receiving my pump I was able to up my supply within 3 days and loved expressing so much decided to continue stocking BM. With my impending return to work I am thrilled with the stash of BM I have in the freezer to feed my LO And its all thanks to the magnificent S2 pump!!!!!

  373. Love this product πŸ™‚

    I was recommended this brand while I was in hospital after I gave birth to my first child who didn’t have a sucking reflex so I had to express, its so much more convenient to be able to express both sides in 10 minutes than having to do each side separately, this gives you more free time to be able to spend with your child πŸ™‚
    This pump is so easy to use, clean and assemble and is very convenient for taking around with you as it is a lovely portable size.

  374. I decided to buy this pump as it was highly recommended by some friends. During my hospital stay I used the medela pump. I found the S2 to be easy to use, quiet and very effective with increasing my milk supply. Also the light feature is great as I don’t have to turn on all lights at night while pumping. The price is very reasonable and cheaper than the medela brand, but also better than the medela.

  375. Spectra S2 is very good one. I had Medala single pump which I tried to build up my milk supply but not that increased.. After I bought Spectra S2, my milk supply is increasing a lot. I am really happy that I made the right decision.

  376. I am loving my spectra s2, its an amazing pump, since i bought this pump i have saved so much time as it is super fast, i was so tired of pumping when i was using another pump but now i love it as i can express more milk in short period of time. Its easy to assemble and clean.

  377. This pump is AMAZING! I had a really tricky breastfeeding journey with my first born and with the impending arrival of my second born I was developing increased anxiety about breastfeeding, due to my previous experience. So i decided to invest in this pump, which i bought a couple of months ago. My son was born on Sunday and this pump has already paid for itself! It works seamlessly and you also just can’t put a price on the piece of mind I’ve already felt knowing that my baby will be able to feed well! So easy to clean and minimal parts that need cleaning! Honestly cannot recommend enough!

  378. I bought theSpectra S2. Love it. I have 10 week old twins and we have experienced latching issues. Without this super efficient pump I would
    Not of maintained the supply I need tofeed my boys. I like the letdown mode & all the different options in helping me get as much milk out as possible! It is a quiet machine & also looks really lovely. I am very happy with my product.

  379. Where has this pump been for the last 8 months? The S2 was recommended to me by 2 mums with great enthusiasm for this pump. I wish I’d had it from day 1. Best baby purchase ever!

  380. I bought lots of things for my baby but this breast pump was worth all of the rest and even more. It is equivalent of much more expensive medela hospital grade pump which i tried in the hospital. It is VERY efficient in removing milk from the breast. I almost exclusively pump and give milk to my baby in a bottle as he was nipple confused due to being fed formula in the hospital. It is so easy to operate, easy to clean and i love the extra features such as night light and the let down mode. I actually pump exclusively in a let down mode, i found it to be more effective as i have very slow let down and slow milk flow. If you need to establish/ maintain you milk supply, this is the pump you need.

  381. Just used the spectra S2. Excellent product – quiet with great features, i.e. timer. Easy, problem-free purchase process.

  382. I’ve tried a couple of other pumps and this one has the best suction. The design is not great- awkward and the bottles supplied fall over really easily, but Phillips Avent bottles can be used and they fit better. Customer service is good too.

  383. As my baby was premature, she was too weak and drowsy due to jaundice to suck on the breasts. My milk supply was diminishing due to this. As Spectra is a relatively new to me I did quite a bit of research .
    I ordered s2 online. I had to pump between 4-7 times per day to boost my milk supply and top up for my baby as she was not gaining weight.
    The pump arrived very promptly and it was a life saver as I spent nearly 40-60 minutes expressing on a single electric breast pump. S2 has a let down function that allows my body to warm up. To the idea of expressing. It is very easy to use and operate.
    It only takes me 15 minutes to express the amount needed from both breAst simultaneously. Without a hospital grade pump like s2 at a very affordable price, I would have given up breast feeding altogether due to fatigue. I am extremely happy with the pump and has recommended my sister to purchase the same. She has taken up my recommendation and loving it as it cuts down the time to express.
    My baby is now 12 weeks old, fully breast feeding and I do not need to express anymore. Thank you spectra!
    I highly recommend this pump to any nursing mothers.

  384. Great pump and prompt delivery! I placed an order right before Christmas thinking it’ll only arrive Jan this year and surprise I got it at my doorstep in less than 2 weeks time. I’ve just started using it and the only problem seemed to be one of the duck valves – it makes my bm splatter on the wall of the bottle instead of just dripping nicely which the other one is doing. Looking forward to get advises from spectra regarding this issue. Overall I’m very happy with the pump and would recommend it to other mummies.

  385. After hearing recommendations from quite a few mums in my mothers group I decided to purchase an S2 from Spectra… it has made expressing quick and easy allowing me to manage my excess supply and continue donating breast milk without taking time away from my precious new baby. The delivery was exceptionally quick as well!

  386. I absolutely could not live without my S2. It’s very easy to use and I can express in under 15mins. I had to buy the larger breast shields though as the one that came with the pump was too small for me and I wish only the 32mm massager insert was available, but aside from that I’m very pleased with my pump. I would and have recommended Spectra to all new mums!

  387. The Spectra is a great pump. My previous pump took up to 30 min and damaged my nipples but with the Spectra I can express in 15 min. It is so easy to use and clean. I would highly recommend this pump to any new mums.

  388. Fantastic product!!! Worth every penny. When ur busy with a newborns you couldnt a better pump!
    Very happy with it.

  389. The Spectra S2 is a great pump – definitely rivals the medela symphony which is much much more expensive. It is easy to use, lightweight and the night light is great. Has been great to express with! Definitely recommend.

  390. I bought the spectra s2 and it is fantastic. I’ve used other pumps and this is way better. The letdown mode has milk coming out much quicker, I have a lot more milk coming out as well and it is so comfortable to use. Thanks so much! It’s definetely making my breastfeeding journey much easier and I feel like I’ll be able to breastfeed my baby longer πŸ™‚

  391. With my first baby being born I wanted to find the best breast pump on the market. So I had to rely on reviews on breast pump products on the markets .

    Spectra S2 had by far the best reviews for breast pumps on the market.
    Without hesitation I placed my order in.

    Extremly impressed as I revieved my breast pump with 24hrs of ordering.
    Using the Spectra S2 was so user friendly, painless and I was so amazed at how much milk was being pumped.

    Highly recommend the Spectra S2 to all mothers/mothers to be.

    Spectra S2 the Best purchase made .

    Thank you Spectra!!

  392. This pump is such a life saver. I did a lot of research and really wanted a hospital grade pump but isn’t have the $$. This pump is so affordable for a hospital grade pump. Having a premmie baby that requires top up I need to express after nearly every feed and I was takin me 30min and I would only get 20-40ml. With this pump I can guarantee get 80-100ml withing 10min. It’s fantastic ad with a toddler takes no time at all. Easy to use and is quiet. Love that I can double pump as well.

  393. I’m very happy with the S2 pump, this being my first electric pump I can’t believe how easy it is to use. I will be buying a larger breast shield but other than that would recommend it to any mums out there.

  394. This spectra s2 pump is really helpful for me. It’s very easy to set up and works effectively. Tis pump is very quick and it’s design offers what a mum needs when pumping. I will recommend it to all my friends who are mums or mum-to-be. It is amazing!

  395. The Spectra S2 definitely has the hospital grade suction. I expressed in hospital for the first 3 weeks using a very expensive hospital grade pump and this was perfect. The Spectra is strong enough to get good milk flow. I tried the medela swing and I got next to nothing using it. Highly recommend the Spectra S2

  396. Excellent product! Would r recommend to all mums fast delivery too!!!:)

  397. This pump is excellent! The pump works just as well if not better than the ones in hospital..The light and timer functions are great and it is super easy to use. The only downside is there is only one bottle holder on the pump however this does not impact on the use of the pump at all. Love it!

  398. This pump has been a life saver. After unexpectedly having my daughter 15 weeks premature I found myself in the position of having to express for the next several months. I had tried previously to express milk with my second child but I could never really get anything. I ordered the pump after looking at some reviews and it arrived nice and promptly. It has helped get my supply going which was non existent for days after my daughter was born as I lost a lot of blood. This has helped me more than I can say. I am now staying at Ronald McDonald House and go back and forth between visits with my daughter. Having the pump waiting for me helps keep my supply going and give her the nourishment she needs for the hard months ahead. I now just need to figure out which flange size I need to fit the hospital bottles on and my life will be so much easier

  399. This pump is excellent! My baby was born at 34 weeks so lots of full time pumping for me. The pump works just as well if not better than the ones in hospital.. I love the timer and light functions. Down side is the bottles are not that stable and the writing has worn off very quickly even with careful washing. All in all a great pump at an excellent price plus super fast delivery.

  400. Been using this pump for a couple of weeks now and it works great! Id never used a spectra or known anyone else to use one, but im glad I gave it a go!

  401. This Pump is Amazing!!! It take me 10min to empty both breasts which fits in with my lifestyle perfectly! I have Mastitis and when my doctor found out I had the Spectra S2 he couldn’t be more happier that I had this product to assist me with my treatment. This is by far the best value for money on the market at the moment! I live in a rural area and I still received the pump the next day after I ordered!!!!

  402. Bub arrived at 33 weeks and needed to purchase a pump. I was looking at either the spectra s2 or the madela swing. After reading all the reviews I chose the spectra. I have been so pleased with this product and would purchase this even over the madela hospital grade that I used in hospital. Fantastic product and fantastic customer service.

  403. Absolutely love my Spectra S2. I purchased it 5 months ago as I feed my twins expressed milk. I tried other pumps but they do not compare to the Spectra. It’s quiet and efficient. Thank you so much, this product has made it possible for my twins to be exclusively fed on breast milk for 5 months. xxx

  404. I cant believe how quiet this breast pump is! The backflow valve is a great feature, and everything is very easy to clean. Having control over suction/cycle is a must so you can maximise milk production.
    Spectra Baby have super fast delivery with an easy checkout. I highly recommend them!

  405. I am really pleased with my S2 pump after using a Medela. It’s an excellent product with a reasonable price. What also impressed me is the excellent customer service Spectra provide. On receiving my pump I had a few issues (user issues, not product!) and the Spectra Baby team replied almost immediately late in the evening and really offered to go beyond.

  406. I am really pleased with my S2 pump after using a Medela. It’s an excellent product with a reasonable price. What also impressed me is the excellent customer service Spectra provide. On receiving my pump I had a few issues (user issues, not product!) and the Spectra Baby team replied almost immediately late in the evening and really offered to go beyond.
    – Rachel Alice

  407. The spectra brand was recommended to me during pregnancy. I had another brand given to me and I tried to pump with it and was severely disappointed. I could not even get a single drop out (but knew there was milk there because I had no problem with a manual medela pump). I then decided to bite the bullet and give Spectra a go after hearing such high reviews from friends.
    WOW!!!! For starters the shipping time was amazing! I have NEVER had such speedy shipping from online shopping. Then I tried the pump and was on cloud 9! It is amazing πŸ™‚ I would recommend spectra over and over again and will definitely buy from here again if I ever need to.

  408. I have used 3 different pumps and all failed me. My last pump was a tommee tippee , I had a premmie baby and he could never take enough as I was producing lots of milk. One night the pump broke and I was left with the feeling of fullness. I emailed Bron at spectra and got great support and advice, but to make it even better it was sent to me within 24hours. I am so glad I found spectra whishing I had it for my first born premmie baby also. But love my double pump as it cuts expressing time in half and so comfortable easy to use and clean. I’m telling every one to buy this product. Better than any pump that I’ve used and I have used a few.
    Thankyou spectra for providing a good product and not charging a fortune.

  409. Simply the BEST breast pump!!!! I spent $400 on another leading brand breast pump, my supply was settling down and i could barely pump 20mls for the first morning pump and only a drop any other time throughout the day. I was so concerned as i wanted to have enough supply to make a bottle so I could go get that much needed post baby massage and physio realignment. But because i couldn’t pump enough.. i was unable to leave my little one. That was until i heard about speCtra breast pumps from another mum. I thought, what have i got to lose, i may as well give it a go. I didn’t get my hopes up, because i had tried for so long and really got nothing with what i assumed was a great pump.
    The lovely customer service team at spectra were so helpful and happy to help me choose a pump that was right for what i needed.
    The day i got it i couldn’t wait to pump. .. and evening session got me 40mls per side, a huge difference to what i was getting. But the following morning i got 80mls and 40mls. I was nearly crying with happiness. Now i can easily get a bottles worth everyday, something i thought was unachievable with my supply. But with use everyday, my supply is increasing.
    I absolutely love my spectra pump and have already recommened it to so many other mums.
    My only problem is… i wish i had of found it earlier.

    So please spread the word. These pumps are simply the best and an added bonus, so much cheaper than some of the well known brands out there.

  410. Been using it since the day i got it! And i absolutely love love love it!! I am so glad i have made this purchase!! To anyone looking at buying this pump do you wont regret it!! πŸ™‚

  411. After using a smaller, portable breast pump I decided to get something a bit more powerful and with a massage/let down feature.

    The spectra S2 was the right price, had the right features and free shipping sealed the deal. It arrived 2 days later by courier and is amazing. It’s hospital grade, yet almost noiseless and I’m pumping almost double what my old pump could. Couldn’t be happier, and have recommended Spectra on Facebook already.

  412. I was recommended the spectra brand from a friend who had a very premmie bub, I have a medela swing & found it was taking way too long to express a feed & I was having to take 6 domperidone tablets a day. I have been using the spectra s2 for 6 days & my milk supply has increased dramatically & I even have 3 days worth stored already & have been able to reduce how many domperidone I’m taking. Will definitely recommend to others.

  413. I’m really glad I purchased the spectra S2 – it’s a good quality, reliable pump & I’ve been able to build my milk supply quite rapidly. I find that this pump is not as forceful as another popular brand but my milk output is just as good, if not better.

    I’m also really pleased with the quality of the customer service – Bronwyn is fantastic, even calling after hours to help out.

    I’d recommend this pump to all mums who plan on expressing twice a day or more.

  414. I’m a first time mum and decided to get a decent easy to use pump. I looked at other well known brands and the price of the s2 double pump was appealing, in comparison to the other brands. The pump works great, I love that it’s quiet, pumps well, has the night light feature and all the parts are easy to clean and use. Only improvement could be to the instruction manual , it’s very light on with info, especially on cleaning/ using parts in sterilisers etc. I wish nuk bottles would fit the pump bottle neck but it’s no big deal. I loved the express shipping too, excellent service.

  415. Brought this pump as I had read great reveiws on this site as well as others! I was not disappointed. The machine is a lot quieter then others and the functions are great! I received my pump really quickly as well which was fantastic.

    I highly recommend this pump and I will not hesitate to purchase other products from spectra in the future πŸ™‚

  416. Very happy with this pump. I hired a hospital grade one with my last child but that gets expensive. I was debating between this one & another well known brand. This one was more economical but the main thing to sway me was the excellent reviews on a well known product review site, it was 5 stars from lots of reviews – which is unusual. So I decided to take the plunge & order one. Prompt delivery & I like being able to adjust the vacuum level. It is easy to use, feels very sturdy & I love the night light feature. I think I may need different sized shields than those that came with it but despite this it is still pumping well. Hopefully when I get the right size it may be even more efficient.

  417. After using a different brand pump for a few days after my daughter was born and bring let down, I was a bit hesitant to purchase the Spectra S2 as I didn’t know anyone who had used one before. I spent days reading reviews and comparing and I am so glad I purchased this pump. the spectra s2 is so quiet that I have managed to feed one side at the same time as expressing the other as my little one only feeds one side a feed. . I am also amazed that it manages to still get milk when I think I would be empty. Being able to pump too sided has also been a saver on the days I’m in a hurry. I would love either larger bottles or a pause button to be able to change bottles when getting full without loosing the time pumped already. Other than that, I absolutely love this pump and would (and have) recommended it to other mummy friends.

  418. I wish i had of had this pump for my first! so easy and being able to express both sides at once is such a time saver especially with two kids πŸ™‚ Simple to use only thing that would be better if the bottles that come with it were about 200 ml.

  419. Far superior than the $600 double pump I purchased first. Having 2 week old twins & expressing to feed it was a lifesaver. Far quieter, more efficient and the light function is excellent for 2am pumping. Highly recommend.

  420. I am so glad I bought S2! I used the hand held pump with my first, I was no way going that path with a toddler in tow. In my search for an electric pump I got recommendation for S2. I cannot that that mommy enough. This has made my life so much easier. I am intending to go back to work in a few months time so this pump will be a life saver!

  421. I just gave birth a couple of weeks ago and S2 is the best choice I have made! Love that it is so quiet, the parts are easy to assemble for washing and that we can switch between Letdown and regular mode. I sometimes need to switch back to the letdown mode to get the milk start flowing again after some time. The backflow feature is a great plus and It is also an efficient double pump and saves me loads of time. It has been a life saver is ensuring my supply is kept in check for my baby’s needs. Thank you Spectra!!

  422. This pump has been a life saver. It is better than the one I used in hospital and my production has increased so much since I started using it. The different settings are brilliant because every time you express it’s a little different (sensitivity/production/available time etc). The night light has also been wonderful. I would say to be careful to make sure the settings are low before you turn it on or you may get a bit of a surprise. I would recommend this pump to anyone – 5/5.

  423. So happy with this purchase!! Best pump on the market!! I use it 6-7 times a day as I can not breast feed my 2 week old! The pump is quite, quick, and love the let down feature. I can not recommend a better product. The team at spectra were quick to answer my question about shipping, as I purchased it on the monday before 2pm and received it the next day at 10am..thank you spectra!!!!!

  424. I am very happy with the S2 pump. My milk did not increase compared to using my old pump (Medela) however i got the same amount of milk in half the time. I have only used the double pump once as I find it hard to hold both and change settings/massage but the suggestion to insert them into an old bra seems like a smart idea. My favourite thing about the pump is the noise level. Compared to my old pump it is so quiet.

  425. Highly recommended S2 pump. It is quick and easy to use, simple to put together, quiet and excellent let down function for me. I love it!! Absolutely nothing else to ask for.

  426. Tanya G
    We have found the Spectra S2 pump to be amazingly very quiet. Also, it’s suction is so strong you will barely go over the lower levels of suction – which means that it is definitely hospital grade and is guaranteed to have more vacuum power then whatever you require.

    This is a definitely high grade product. It is less mobile as it needs to be connected to the powerpoint, but this also means it sucks that much more stronger.

    We have evenfound the light feature on the device surprisingly useful at night (and use it even when not expressing!)

  427. Definitely would recommend Spectra S2, i switched from an Avent pump after my supply gone down tremendously. And thanks to Spectra S2 my supply has gone back to before ! Its so easy to use and i love the night light function! Wished i bought it earlier πŸ™‚

  428. My S2 arrived yesterday less than 24 hours after I purchased it online! I’m very impressed with the customer service and quality of the product. Can’t wait for my little girl to arrive so I can start using it πŸ™‚
    Thanks Spectra πŸ™‚

  429. Being a first time mum I had no idea which breast pump to buy, a friend recommended this for me and I’m glad she did as I am so happy with it! Being able to express from both breasts at once is so convenient, the spectra S2 is easy to use, easy to clean and expresses milk wonderfully. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone.

  430. Spectra S2 Breast Pump – AMAZING!!!!

    After several messy, stressful and painful hours of using another supermarket branded manual breast pump, together with a border lining case of Mastitis I needed something that would actually work quickly and efficiently..
    As this is my first baby, I am very new to this and have next to no knowledge about expressing so I did some research and read several reviews as to what are the best electronic breast pumps available and one that seemed to have the best reviews was the Spectra S2 breast pump so I immediately ordered one.
    This was by far the BEST decision I could have made, everything I read about this pump is absolutely spot on, IT ACTUALLY WORKS. It is so easy to clean, assemble/disassemble, it is quiet, so very simple to use and quick plus NO PAIN and NO MESS!
    I highly recommend this pump to any breastfeeding mother wanting to express with ease and stress free.
    I am more than happy with my purchase!

  431. I just recently purchased Spectra S2 and received the product just one day after purchased it. Super happy with the service and had recommend one of my friends to get one before the special ended.

  432. Love my spectra s2. Since using it my pumping amount has more than doubled!! And with it being a double pump its much less time consuming than other pumps. Very handy when you have a demanding toddler and newborn to attend too. Cannot rate this pump high enough.

  433. I bought the S2 after hearing lots of positives from other mothers and midwives. I won’t need to use mine for a couple months yet, but I’m super happy with it so far and have no doubt it will be as good as I’ve heard. It looks nice, is compact and quiet. I’m looking forward to using my S2 to help me boost and maintain supply as much as possible which I’ve had problems with in the past.

  434. I previously used another well known brand that was recommended by my local hospital which cost me the same price as this one but it was only a single pump. I thought that because it was the same price it wouldn’t be as good, but I was wrong. I love my Spectra S2! The only downfall is that it is not portable (but that is why there is the Spectra S1). My supply had gone way down because I had moved house and using my other pump every three hours was just not going well for me (and it was taking one hour to do both breasts – it was a single pump and I was only getting 40ml each). Using this pump and pumping every three hours between 8am to 11pm and only once between 11pm and 8am, I am back to getting 80ml for breast, and its getting better and better. I still do the full 30mins but thats to make sure I get as much out as the pump can get. Totally worth the money and I wish I had bought this pump originally. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  435. Have been using the S2 pump for the last 6 weeks now, virtually on a full-time basis as I find it much more efficient to feed baby expressed milk than breast feed. So far I have been very satisfied with the pump – it works well and doesn’t hurt to use. I can only compare it to the Ameda hospital pump which I used after delivery in the hospital and which was extremely painful to use, although at the time I had quite damaged nipples from poor latching on by bebe at the time so not a true comparison I must admit… My bebe loves drinking from the Spectra bottles which seem not to leak when drinking compared to the Closure to Nature bottles I use. My only complaint is that the writing on the Spectra bottles have virtually entirely worn off after about 3 weeks use which I have been told is due to receiving a bad batch of bottles however I haven’t received any replacement bottles as yet despite asking about it today on Facebook. This makes the bottles pretty much useless as one doesn’t know how much one has expressed or fed bebe and I have now switched to using 260mL Avent bottles which fit nicely on the S2. Otherwise pump is reasonably quiet and the backlight is great for expressing in the middle of the night without needing to turn on any lights. I am in the habit of sterilising the components in contact with breastmilk after each use in Milton solution but as the company advise, the duck valves and membranes should not be left in this solution as they will quickly deteriorate – in my case the suction weakened which was due to the duck valves deteriorating but once I stopped putting them in the Milton solution the problem drastically improved. Customer service is also highly commendable with staff usually responding to questions posted on Facebook within minutes to hours, although I am still waiting to hear back about getting replacement Spectra bottles…

    • Hi Kim! I’m glad you love your pump! I’ve had a look through our Facebook messages but there isn’t one from you regarding our bottles, only the valves! Feel free to send us an email or Facebook PM and we’ll be able to assist you further.


      Spectra Team

  436. I have a almost 2 week old baby girl: she is a tiny little thing, and really feeds well, but I have had issue with blistered nipples due to her size. The spectra S2 has saved my sanity, I only want breast milk for my little one, and the pump has allowed me to continue giving my little the very best, whilst I heal and keep producing. the pump is very gentle and is really great for getting enough milk to feed a very hungry baby.

  437. I have been complaining about my old pump which hurts me terribly during each pump and how it causes injuries to my nipple. My hubby bought this for me when he heard from his colleague how comfortable and good this pump is. It is really good since I can adjust the strength according to my comfort level and I don’t dread pumping time anymore! Only downside is that the size of the breastshield does not fit nicely for me. Since they come with a standard size and you are not allowed to choose, I have to buy a new set and leave the old one around, not knowing what to do with it.

  438. I am extremely pleased with my Spectra S2 pump. It came highly recommended by a friend and I am really glad I purchased it. It is compact, easy to use and clean and pumps really quickly. I think it’s great you can adjust the cycle and the night light is amazing. The pump was delivered super quick and the staff are very helpful and reply to your questions very quickly. I will recommend it to others who are looking for an amazing pump.

  439. I have finally gotten around to giving this pump its well deserved review! Have been using this pump for a little over 2 months now and I must say it was a life-saver. My baby has lip tie and prevents a proper latch. After experiencing extreme pain on my nipples I have finally decided to become a full-time pumper so that baby can be fully-breast-fed. The S2 was incomparable to the previous pumps I have used (Avent and Madela). I would recommend this pump to anyone wanting so save time for sleep. With this pump I was able to express 200mls in 10 mins. Life is great. The customer team was also excellent and offered amazing after-sales service. 10/10!

  440. Cant believe this pump is so affordable compared to the others. I have been using this for over a month now and have been very happy. Easy to use and easy to clean.

  441. Very happy with my decision to buy the S2. Very user friendly and compact which I love. Supply also boosted quicker than other pumps that I have used. Very good value for money and also a lot easier to clean than other pump parts.

  442. I love this pump! I have been exclusively pumping for my little girl since she was born, and was previously using another very expensive pump. I am so glad I made the switch since it has increased my supply (getting at least 40 mls more than with my previous pump). I am able to pump for shorter periods of time also and still get a decent amount of milk. So very happy with it, I just wished I bought it sooner. Highly recommend it to all the mummies who are not able to breastfeed and require to exclusively pump for their bubs.

  443. Love this pump !!! Save me lots of time on pumping and it goes boost up my milk supply! My baby and I can now sleep longer and better instead of chasing time between feed and express.. I recommend this to all my friends !! Compare to the old one I have got, easy assemble and function is great. The massage mode helps let down very great! As well as Price is reasonable ~ I wish I got it earlier πŸ™‚
    There is one thing that need to improve (I think), it’s the bottle holder, the bottle just falls every time I put there unless there is some milk in the bottle… Otherwise It falls off when empty or when there’s little milk in there , it leaks out sometime.
    Overall this is an excellent pump that all mother shouldn’t bother try others but buy this.. It does save your new life better and smoother~

  444. I have been using the S2 for about two months now. It is quiet, easy to use and comfortable. I like the two different modes and the ability to adjust cycle and suction to suit me. It is also small and light for a hospital grade pump which makes it easily transportable. I would and have recommended this pump to other mothers.

  445. I got the Spectra S2 pump (over the Dew 350) because of the letdown mode which I thought was important. I’ve only been using these for about 3 weeks and am happy with it. Apart from this pump I’ve only used the one in the hospital during my lactation consultation sessions, which is a Medela one, and I found that I’d have to use a smaller shield (than the default one that came with the S2 pump) to hopefully express more comfortably and effectively. Other than that I think it’s a great pump, and I like that it’s quiet and has a night light, which are really helpful when expressing next to a sleeping baby.

  446. I wish I could have this S2 earlier. I had a Medela swing before and I spent hours on expressing milk every day. Now I only need 15 minutes each time to extract milk since I bought this. S2 is much more quiter and efficient in comparison to Medela swing. I love this pump and will definitely recommend to friends.

  447. Purchased the S2 two weeks ago, delivery was super quick. The double pump has been a lifesaver. Feeds have been cut from 1.5-2 hours down to 20mins. I am less stressed about feeding due to latching issues and my baby has less tummy trouble after using a bottle.

  448. I ordered the S2 last week. It arrived in less than 2 business days (to rural Tasmania). After exclusively expressing for 4 months with a single pump I can honestly say that this pump has made my life so much easier! Instead of pumping for 40 minutes+ it now only takes 10-12 minutes with the S2. My original goal was to express feed for 6 months, but I now feel like I will be able to do it for longer. Thanks Spectra!

  449. We purchased the Spectra S2 and it’s fantastic. Nice and quiet and makes pumping heaps quicker than the small single pump I had previously. Easy to assemble/disassemble and ultra easy to clean. I highly recommend this pump to anyone trying to increase supply like I am.

  450. Wonderful product. Double pump is very convenient when you’re busy at work. Great powerful suction and a great upgrade from my previous pump.

  451. Brought my spectra S2 last week and have not been disappointed, after trying everything other brand of pumps both electric and manual the spectra is the only pump I can use with less effort to get my milk out! It’s quite, easy to assemble, easy functions and powerful:)
    I recommend it to everyone and would never use any other pump again

  452. I love my Spectra S2. After hiring another machine for 3 months I wish I had of had this product earlier. Easy to use and clean πŸ™‚

  453. The S2 works like a dream and is so easy to use! I love the fact that all the parts that are exposed to milk are transparent and easy to clean. Can’t recommend this product highly enough AND the speed in which it was delievered AND the customer service I recieved via the Facebook site was nothing short of AMAZING.

  454. My partner and i have a pair of 2 week old premmie babies and milk supply has been a full time job for her. She has been using the Medela and Ameda hospital grade pumps in the special care nursery, but as she has started coming home overnight i decided to start researchning electric pumps and purchase one for her so we had a constant supply.
    The Spectra S2 got great reviews so i took a gamble and bought one…best decision ever!
    Easy to set up and gentler on my partners breasts than the hospital ones, and the volume was only slightly down on the hospital pumps(5ml difference over 20 minutes) for a fraction of the price and overnight delivery, definately quieter than the hospital pumps too.
    All in all a great price for a quality pump, highly recommended…thanks Spectra!

  455. I’m extremely happy with my Spectra S2, which I’ve been using daily since my son was born three months ago. It’s proven very efficient at extracting milk, helping me to build and maintain my supply even as we struggled with tongue tie and a few other breastfeeding issues. Indeed, if it weren’t for the S2, I suspect my son wouldn’t be getting breast milk anymore. As it is, he’s had nothing else since about a week after he was born, and I’m confident we can keep it up.

    I’ve found the S2 comfortable and gentle – much more so than the leading brand pump the hospital had me try the day after my son’s birth. The two modes – one to encourage let-down, the other for regular pumping – provide plenty of flexibility, and it’s easy to adjust the settings to suit you. The pump is quiet enough that I can use it without worrying about waking husband or baby at night, or watch TV with the family without disrupting the show. And the price is right – a fraction of the cost of hospital-grade pumps by other brands.

    I’d read that the collection kit is a weak point, and I think there’s some truth to that. The bottles feel a bit cheap and are too easy to accidently dislodge/unscrew from the flange. (The narrow-necked collection kit is better, though it’ll cost you $60 for two.) My first set of valves wouldn’t stay on the flange after a month of use (possibly due to being put through the steam sterilizer too often), so I’ve been careful to keep extras on hand since then. But the kit works well enough, and for me the most important thing is that the pump performs so strongly.

    Spectra’s customer service is excellent too. After my S2 developed a minor fault, the team went out of its way to support me through the warranty process and send me a replacement pump, taking my special circumstances into account. So you can have confidence they’ll look after you if there’s any issue with the product.

    My only regret is that I didn’t consider the S1 – I travel quite a bit, and had I known then how much I’d use a breast pump, I would have coughed up the extra $$$ for what’s essentially the same pump, but with an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

  456. Extremely happy with my purchase of a Spectra S2. Love the ability to double pump and the night light and timer are such great additions. The product is easy to use/assemble/clean which is also a bonus. Whilst in hospital I was using a hospital grade Madela machine, however the midwives recommended I purchase a spectra for home use and I have better results. Would not hesitate to recommend this product. Customer service is also A+++++

  457. Very impressed with my Spectra S2. I was loaned a Medela Symphony 2.0 by my hospital for a week after the birth and thought it was good, but having purchased the S2 I much prefer it. It is quieter, the suction feels more gentle but still draws the same quantity of milk (if not a little more) in the same amount of time, the interface is easier/more simple to use, it is more aesthetically pleasing, and has additional options (like the night light- seriously before I purchased I was like “I don’t need a night light”, but it has really come in handy for night expressing) when compared with the Medela. Cleaning the parts is simple and the back-flow protector really does prevent moisture from entering the tubing (this was a big problem with the Medela). I recommend purchasing additional bottles – I’ve found that two is not enough for me (constantly sterilizing)- but also, the teats seem to flow better than the other couple of brands I’ve tried out. Overall, super impressed and glad I made the purchase.

  458. Bought this pump for my wife after using Medela pump borrowed from the hospital. Straight out of box you could feel this was a much smarter and better quality product, like somebody actually thought about it before putting it together. My wife said it performed better and more confortable. Its easy to put together and clean. Was really surprised with delivery. Got delivered to Perth on the next day of purchase. The only thing i would say is to get more bottles when you buy the pump. I feel the teats let out milk at a better rate than the other brands. If you dont want to muck around researching and trying different stuff then just buy this, because you will realize the spectra is better.

  459. This breast pump is amazing! I have nothing to compare it to however i have a lot of friends who have used various pumps with very little results.The suction and efficiency of this machine is fantastic. I can get a full feed in 5-10mins! I especially chose this brand due to it not having any backflow issues, great reviews (which it has definitely lived up to) double pump feature, cost, and the customer service! Highly recommend this pump!

  460. I ordered the S2, and have not been dissapointed. Delivery was prompt and its works as well as the medela symphony I had been hiring. Excellent price, product and service.

  461. Very Happy with my purchase of the S2 breast pump, after using the hospital grade Medela it is comparable on noise level and milk supply, The only downfalls are that there is only 1 size flange supplied, and for those of us that don’t know which size we should be, you can end up damaging your nipples or in my case stretching them larger if the flange is in fact too large. Also on one of the spectra bottles the ml markings are incorrect and read 10mm more, so when the milk is poured into another bottle or a measuring cup there is actually 10mm less than stated on the Spectra bottle. The other point is that I can only get milk on the let down mode, I am not able to gain anything at all not even a drop on the flow mode, but I can get more than enough on the let down mode so I guess it does not matter, all up a very good pump and I am very happy.

  462. I bought this product based not the positive reviews as previously i was using a manual pump that took a long time to express. Now with the Spectra i can express faster and it feels natural – like a baby sucking. Could not recommend the Spectra 2 enough!!!

  463. After reading all positive reviews I purchased the S2 – and I certainly don’t regret it! The price of the unit was by far the best for a unit with the same capabilities. It arrived the day after it was ordered – I live in a rural area so that is unheard of! My pumping time has gone from 30min to 10min. I love the different modes particularly the let down massage. Great product, can’t recommend it enough!

  464. I bought this breast pump when my daughter was a week old, it arrived the next day and I live in the outback which really surprised me as it usually takes a few days. The pump is quiet and works really well considering I’m still building up my supply, I can still manage to get anywhere from 20-60mls after she has fed! I really like the massage feature and the different strengths of the vacuum, thank you! I can’t wait till my supply is fully established and I can get a night off instead of just one feed.

  465. I LOVE my S2. So quiet, powerful and gentle. So much better than what i was using previously. I am exclusively expressing and this makes life so much easier.

    Thanks Spectra!

  466. I loved it!!!!
    I PURCHASED Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump a week ago. ITS AWESOME! AWESOME! EXCELLENT! The best pump I come across! I recommend it to all mums..

  467. Excellent customer service from the spectra team when I purchased my item, they were willing to go the extra mile. Product looks great, have yet to use but I have confidence that I will have spectra support along the way when the bub arrives and I start using the pump. Thanks Spectra!

  468. Lucky I’ve made the right decision and bought myself an Spectra S2 I will never look back, fast, quiet and so cute and feminin! Love my breast pump and I can be done with my daily expressing in only 5 min!

  469. I have been using my Spectra S2 pump for almost 3 weeks now and I am loving it! It is very quiet and efficiently pumps out enough milk in a short amount of time. It’s very simple to use and I love that it can be both a single or a dual pump. I purchased a larger shield separately as I am a G cup and found the shields that came standard with the pump too small and uncomfortable for my breasts. I will be recommending Spectra pumps to all the new and soon-to-be mums out there!

  470. Love my spectra s2! Gone from a single pump pumping 30min each side to doing 20min double and my milk is still increasing!!! Saving me 40min every pump!! I’ve got my life back thanks to spectra!! Support was excellent and super polite!! Very happy!! And it arrived so quick!! Thank you Spectra!!

  471. I only heard about Spectra recently when I saw it mentioned in a Facebook group I’m part of. When my baby started fussing during breastfeeds I wand to buy a pump straight away as I needed a backup plan, so I looked at the spectra website and was amazed by how cheap the S2 was compared to the leading brands. I googled the brand and pretty much every review was positive, it almost seemed too be true but yen.I found out my friend was also using a spectra pump so I decided to buy one that night. I have never had much luck with pumping but I’m impressed with the pump and I’m already starting to build a freezer stash of milk. I have used another hospital grade pump that was no better than the S2 yet it would cost four+ times more. The staff are lovely too and helpful on their FB page.

  472. I am very happy to write a review for the S2 pump and Spectra itself.
    Treated breastpump shopping as I do car shopping when I was looking for a pump for my darling partner and our wee one.
    Did a lot of research, review browsing, looking for independent assessments and found the S2 to be highly recommended..
    Ordered late Saturday night and it was delivered Tuesday morning. Brilliant speed of delivery.
    The pump itself is everything they claim it to be. Quiet, very easy to use and not that we intend other people to use it, but it’s a great peace of mind knowing milk cannot get into the workings.
    I have raved about it to our midwife who had never heard of it and she was impressed when she saw it in action.
    I cannot recommend the S2 any higher. Buy it. You will not be disappointed.

  473. After doing some research on various pumps for my wife, I bit the bullet and bought this pump. Coming from an engineering background, the product is high quality, well manufactured and runs quitely. Easy to assemble and easy to operate. Ordered and received the pump quickly, very professional company. Thanks !

  474. This pump is very easy to use and clean. Comes with all accessories needed and the functions are easy to use and understand. I’m very happy with it.

  475. This product is great, I bought it because it is highly rated in the internet and after my wife used it, she gave it a 2 thumbs up! It’s even better than the one used in the hospital. This product is really amazing, I could not recommend it enough!

  476. This product is great, I bought it because it is highly rated in the internet, and after my wife used it, she gave it a 2 thumbs up! It’s even better than the one used in the hospital. This product is really amazing, I could not recommend it enough! !!

  477. I bought the S2 the day I went into hospital for an induction and it arrived the next day from interstate before our baby even arrived! So we were very impressed with the fast delivery. I had read numerous reviews on forums that recommended the Spectra line and even though I have only had it a short time so far it has delivered on all promises.

    I really like the night light as it lets hubby sleep while still allowing enough light for me to go about my feed/expressing and the wide neck collector is great as we had already bought some avent bottles.

    The instructions were a little poorly written (a few words lost in translation?) However all the main points were there and after only a short time we were up and pumping with our new toy. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

  478. The Spectra s2 is a capable and (for hospital grade ) inexpensive product. My wife uses it while our prem son is still in nursery care.

    She has no issues with performance of the product, it does exactly what it says on the box. She does feel it’s just as noisy as the medela pumps which are quite noisy and despite the s2 being touted as “whisper quiet”.

    She had trouble setting it up initially and felt the instructions were unclear to non existent. Nevertheless the pump action is good. The double suction works well and she can express faster than she could with the Medela pump. She does believe that the suction hoses detach too easily from the pump and due to the keyed design the medela is superior in setup and robustness. The timer feature is handy but she’s had trouble with the controls and can be painfully caught out if she turns on the pump after expressing as it resumes the last used setting (the medela doesnt).

    On balance the s2 is great value for money but as far as noise goes I guess double breast pumps are going to make noise and the trade off for the spectra for that noise is good overall performance.

    From a husband’s point of view I’d love to see a standard size bottle available. Spectra, avent, medela anyone or for all companies to make adapters which are dispatched in every kit. My wife would like a bottle she could read upside down while she’s expressing.

  479. Just purchased my S2 this week and love it so far! Having had ongoing issues with nipple discomfort while breastfeeding for months and months I am looking to express on a more regular basis and felt I needed a hospital grade pump to do this, but always felt the cost of other brands was prohibitive. Then I found out about Spectra – great product, great price, great service and quick delivery. Looking forward to being able to continue giving my baby boy breast milk for many more months and things being more comfortable for me πŸ™‚

  480. Love my spectra pump. Having used other pumps before this is by far the best! It’s quick, quiet and the night light is brilliant.

  481. The spectra s2 represents great value for money. The pump is really quiet, and the let down and adjustable vacuum settings makes expressing comfortable. I do find it much more effective when using in single rather than double pump mode though. The timer and night light are handy features. The spectra customer service is great -they were so quick to get the pump delivered and get back to my enquiries. πŸ˜€

  482. I bought spectra s2 a few days ago and would like to recommend it. It double up the efficiency, and expressed more milk than the one I used before. I love the let down mode and different vacuum/cycle that I can choose from. The price is not expensive compared to similar product on the market. The customer service lady is nice and helpful, I placed duplicated orders by accident and they cancelled the wrong one straightaway with a refund.

  483. I really recommend S2 pump.. the wide range of cycle as well as the vacuum settings are an advantage for me. also they are easy to use. another advantage would be the night light which i normally use when pumping at night… so i dont have to turn on the bright light and let the baby sleeps through πŸ™‚

    I would certainly recommend spectra to anyone who is looking for breast pump.

  484. I love my new S2 pump. It’s easy to use & the settings allow you to perfectly customise it to your own comfort. I’m not exclusively pumping but I know if I was this pump would make it easy.
    Customer service from Spectra is second to none.
    I would confidently highly recommend Spectra!!!

  485. Truly amazed at how great this product is – worth every cent! My wife and I are much more relaxed about breast feeding after Spectra S2. “Definitely a life saver” – with delivery, service and price to match.

  486. The Spectra S2 is great, its easy and efficient to use, only takes about 10min to finish. The cleaning is also easy, which gives me extra time to do other things. It’s just great!

  487. Finding out I couldn’t breastfeed my bub due to a cleft lip and palate was a very difficult thing. I knew I wanted to pump for my boy to give him the best I could. Having a spectra has taken so much stress out of exclusively needing to pump, I’ve had a Spectra S2 for 3 months now and my supply is amazing. The customer service is like no other. They understand the urgency pumping mummies have and do everything in their power to help you as quick as they can.
    I will recommend the Spectra to anyone who wants to hear about it!

  488. The S2 is an amazing breast pump. My daughter was born 31w and I have tried a couple well known hospital grade pumps and this compares the same at a fraction of the cost. I also got a well known home pump and that is nothing in comparison to the S2. I think the best feature on the S2 is the backflow, knowing that I can lend it out to people and receive it back and not having to worry about the milk mixing between users.
    I am going to order a smaller breast shield set to see if that helps me as I believe the average size one is a bit big. It would be nice if you could choose the size you want but I am happy to buy it as overall the pump is brilliant value. Definitely recommend it to others.
    Customer service has been great with Claire, I realise it’s all run from home, although can be a little frustrating when not answered straight away as I am a near full time pumper. But at the end of the day I realise that all of this is to keep the price down.

  489. This is a fantastic breast pump! It was recommended to me by other mums in the hospital at the same time as me, I’m so glad others had the confidence in this product to recommend it to me and I will continue to recommend this pump to others,couldn’t be happier.

  490. This is a fantastic breast pump! It is easy to use and I manage to get plenty of milk when pumping. I would recommend this pump to any first time mums! I have used other breast pumps before and the Spectra is far the best pump I have used.

  491. I’m extremely happy with my S2 Breast pump I have already started to spread the word to other Mums πŸ˜‰ I hired a machine valued at over $2000 when I first brought my baby home from hospital and this S2 is probably even better than that one! Truly great investment πŸ˜‰

  492. Very impressed by Spectra’s super efficient shipping. I’d received my purchase less than 48 hours after placing my order. I’d conducted a lot of research prior to purchasing the S2 and believe it to be great value for money. Thanks Spectra!

    • Hi Shelley
      We love our express shipping! Thanks so much for letting us know how pleased you were too, and we wish you all the best as you start using your pump!!!
      Spectra Team

  493. I did a lot of research before committing into buying a breast pump for my wife, all the research lead me into spectra at the end, due to price and it closed system. My wife like the product and it did not let us down. As this is our first child, the nipple sometime can be sore and sensitive and the adjustable suction and cycle control is great plus, it give us the relieve that we needed to help us as first time parent that is still learning the art of breastfeeding. Highly recommended. Great work SPECTRA!!

  494. I brought this Spectra S2 pump about a month ago, and I highly recommend it. I had previously purchased a closer to nature electric pump and could only get 30ml in half hour, after using this one i am getting over 100ml in less than 10minutes from one side. It is a godsend, It has great suction and doesn’t hurt unlike the other pump, I cant say enough if you want an electric pump that works fantastic BUY THIS ONE you won’t be disappointed and its a great price.

  495. I purchased this pump about a month ago and can’t believe how much milk I can express compared to my other Medela pump. I love the fact you can change the modes and the cycle depending on your individual needs. I also find the built in light a great feature for late at night. As I need quite a strong suction I find when using it as a double pump I lose quite a bit of the suction and there for my expressing takes a bit longer. The customer service is excellent and also very quick to respond. Very easy to deal with. As a full time pumping mum I love this pump and would recommend it to others over anything else.

  496. I purchased the Spectra S2 Pump a few weeks ago and I cannot recommenced this WONDERFUL device enough.

    It has made my life so much easier. I am able to pump up to 80mls in 5-8mins (depending on the time of the day), which means I can easily pump when eating breakfast or lunch, making a feed available for my husband to do when he gets home.

    This pump is a lifesaver! Before I purchased this I was weighing up moving to formula as all other pumps I tried were useless and it meant my husband was unable to help out with feeds.

    Thanks for creating such an amazing pump for us mums!! xx

  497. I purchased the S2 3 weeks ago and use it daily, prefer it over the Madela which I tried at the hospital. Definitely worth the money and would recommend to all mums looking for a double pump!

  498. The s2 is a fantastic pump! At first I was hesitant to buy as I hasn’t seen or heard much about Spectra on the market. But all the research I did paid off as the s2 has made expressing so much easier and efficient. It’s great that you have full flexibility to adjust the vacuum strength as well as cycle speed to support effective pumping throughout. If I were to nitpick, I’d say it’s quite bulky so a bit tricky to put away, but that’s only a very minor point. All in all, a fantastic product at a very reasonable price!!

  499. The Spectra S2 is a wonderful product! My baby spent 9 days in the special care nursery in hospital after she was born and I needed to constantly express a large amount of breast milk daily during this period to ensure she received adequate fluids. During our extended stay in hospital, I used the hospital grade Medela double breast pumping system. I had intended to purchase this system for home use once we left the hospital but was shocked by the outrageous price tag. A good friend of mine recommended the Spectra S2 to me and since purchasing this product, I have been extremely impressed! The Spectra S2 is just as good as any hospital grade double pumping system but is much more affordable. The Spectra S2 system was delivered the very next day after I ordered it online with no hassles or complications. The machine is unbelievably quiet and easy to use. I have no hesitations in recommending the Spectra S2 to any breast feeding mother!! Special thanks to Spectra and my friend Wendy who made this brilliant recommendation to me.

  500. Fabulous pump – hospital grade double pumping, without the hefty price tag! This pump is whisper quiet, which is a big driving factor for me as I will be using it when I return to work. I can guarantee that it won’t be heard outside of the room. The letdown (massage) mode is great for mothers such as myself that have been feeding for a while and have only previously expressed a handful of times. I find the double pumping very efficient and great for when you need to pump quickly and the different modes are handy to keep your milk flowing. I would highly recommend this pump to all mothers, no matter what stage of feeding they’re at.

  501. I love my Spectra S2! It is by far the best hospital grade electric pump i have used at all! I went from having 30-40ml of milk per session, to getting 180ml per session (every 4-5 hours) I exclusively express for my baby as he is a lip and tongue tie baby, which means when he feeds at the breast he cant empty my breast, therefore doesn’t trigger the best of milk production. This pump more than stands up to the 5-6 times and sometimes more pumping sessions i have in a day.
    The dual phase pumping is a blessing – gets me to let down every time, and never fails. The differing cycle length and awesome vacuum settings means that pumping is a comfortable experience all the time every time.
    I also love the fact that my Spectra pump came with a wide neck kit, so i can plug it straight into my Avent bottles, and not have to muck about with pouring milk from one bottle to another container for storage in the fridge.
    I cannot recommend Spectra pumps highly enough to those who are looking to buy – it is easy to assemble, and being a closed system means i can lend this pump to family and friends without worrying about cross contamination.
    Thank you for making this pump, it makes my life so much easier.

  502. This pump is very comfortable to use (and very quiet!), and the let down mode really speeds up the process – I find that I am done in less than 10 minutes, especially with the double pump. The components are easy to pull apart and clean.

  503. i would like to recommend the spectra s2 pump as it has increased my milk. And is very quiet.
    highly recommend the spectra as I’ve used a few well know brands. but love the spectra.

  504. I researched a lot before purchasing this pump. Having used it for a month now, I cannot fault it. I recommended it to a GF and she is also very happy with it. I hope to continue to use it for the next 12 months – great value for money. By the way everyone kept telling me how great the Medela Swing is but it is not hospital grade and it’s significantly more expensive.

  505. I researched breast pumps extensively before deciding on the Spectra S2.. The machine is very quiet, easy to assemble and the let down feature works great (allowing me to express a lot faster than my old pump). I could not be happier, the Spectra S2 is an amazing breast pump and just as good, if not better, than the well-known competition.

  506. I initially had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding and had to express every feed. I hired a Medela Symphony and loved it, but at $35 a week it was getting too expensive to continue hiring. I bought the spectra s2 after recommendations from a breastfeeding forum. I can honestly say it is as good as the medela. Plus it’s very portable , quiet and easy to use. My only regret is not purchasing it sooner!! I can’t say enough good things about this pump!

  507. I bought my S2 base on online review and this is a best breast pump ever, very quiet, nice design, easy to assemble, good suction and good to help keep up and increase the milk supply. I had a premie baby, she was a bit lazy to take the breast from the start so I have to pump the milk out and gave her from the bottle, and this pump is work best for it, fast to get the milk come with the massage mode and very gentle suction for the breast. Best breast pump ever, recommend to every mom need a pump.

  508. I bought the S2 based on internet reviews & am very pleased with the purchase. Expressing has been extremely easy and effortless. Customer service cannot be faulted, and the pump arrived the very next day – thank you πŸ™‚

  509. LOVE my spectra!! The machine is quiet an flawless! The night light is a great idea an double pumping is a great bonus! It’s easy as pie to use, lightweight an the instructions are very easy.
    I exclusive pump for my 3 week old, his drinking 120mls every 2 hrs an the pump gets me adequate supply plus more! In the week an a bit I have had the spectra I have managed to have always milk in the fridge plus a good freezer stash! Highly recommended!

  510. Brought S2 after reading so many reviews from different types of brands and this one ticked all the boxes. Its so easy to assembly and use, instructions easy to follow. Overall its just amazing.

  511. I bought the Spectra S2 after friends in my online mums group recommended it and said it was the best breast pump on the market. I can 100% say I agree with my friends and love the S2!! It pumps three times the amount of milk in 1/4 the time of my old pump. I am the mother of a 8 month old and purchased the pump primarily to build a freezer stash for when I return to work. I have already recommended this pump to my friends and I haven’t even had it for one week yet. Great customer service and very fast delivery. Thank you Spectea Team πŸ™‚

  512. The pump is quiet like a purring kitten and so lightweight. Love it. Improvements that I would benefit from is a faster massage speed (I have used another pump that is about double the fastest setting on the S2) as I have difficulty getting letdown. Another would be automatic start on massage mode as I position my pump before starting it up and met with instant pain before pressing massage mode as expressing mode is set to what I need after I get my let down which is more intense and far too much so for my nipples straight away. Absolutely brilliant that it has the memory. All in all a good pump, just not good at transferring my milk because of the limitations.

    Oh and the plastic may need a revision as my backflow valve fell off the bench and broke off. I have replaced it.

  513. Been using the breast pump for a week now and I am very happy with it so far. Its very gentle on the nipples and very quiet. Support from Spectra Baby was great too:) Very happy with puchase

  514. hi mums i hope sharing my experience can help you decide if the s2 is what you are after.

    initially i was feeding my baby on one breast and expressing my breast milk on the other. i was expressing because my wonderful husband offered to do the night feeds (1am & 4am) and i also wanted to have some in storage for when i was away from my baby or out at parties or dinners and didnt want to undo my dress infront of people i knew to feed my baby. however hand expressing was so time consuming and my wrist was feeling strained so i went online searching for a breast pump of good quality, that had good suction and made little noise.

    After doing extensive research on all the different types of breast pumps available i decided to invest in the s2. i chose the s2 because it can be used as a single or double pump. through my reasearch i found that powerful double pumps were needed to boost milk supply. i plan to breast feed longterm so this feature was very important to me.

    currently i use my s2 atleast twice a day and its exellent. it makes very little noise so it dosent bother my baby and the pump is terrific. in the mornings i usually pump 180-240mls in just under 15 minutes. in the evenings i usually get around 80-100mls.

    my baby is a little small and is a lazy feeder so now with all this breast milk we have started to mix a little formula with it to increase his caloric intake. my dr is happy that im incorporating breastmilk in the feeds instead of purley switching to formula. i plan to use the s2 more often to pump my breast milk and feed it to him in a bottle. that way i can determine and monitor how much he is taking in each meal.

    spectra is a great company, the service is exellent. the staff are prompt and helpful in answering all my questions about the pump and breastfeeding.

    i highly recommend the s2 pump to mums who are looking to express their milk. It really is a good pump!

  515. After weeks of looking for the right pump I purchased this one and could not be happier. The product came within days and really easy to assembled. Its was also alot smaller than I was expecting which was fantastic.

  516. I ordered the S2 because I have a low supply and am exclusively pumping at the moment, so needed a hospital grade pump.

    The pump itself is very nice, with smooth suction and great variable in the speed and strength of suction.

    However, some of the parts could really use an improvement in design. The tubes are short compared to other pump brands, which makes it hard to multitask and also makes it hard to pump on the couch with the pump on a solid surface, like the coffee table.

    The wideneck Spectra bottles are horribly designed- the bottoms are oval shaped, rather than round, which means that they are very likely to tip over if you have the breast shields attached to them, as they get very top heavy and if the breast shields are screwed on so that they face a “short” side of the oval, they fall over. The bottle caddy/holder spot on the pump itself is pretty useless due to this horrible bottle design. If the bottle had a nice wide round base, it would work much better.

    The Spectra Australia team is lovely to work with and was very helpful when I was inquiring about which pump to purchase; thank you.

  517. I was skeptical about purchasing a spectra pump as I had never heard of them before. After using a medela symphony 2.0 at the hospital I was concerned I would not get the same results. However I could only find wonderful reviews on all the spectra products so i went ahead with my order. I was very pleasantly surprised when my pump arrived and was equally as good, if not better, than the symphony. I have seen such a great improvement in my milk supply and am confident i can maintain my supply until bub can breast feed. I will be recommending this pump to anyone needing a hospital grade pump for a very reasonable price. It really is all it’s cracked up to be.

  518. The customer service and friendly advice from Spectra is fantastic. The pump is very efficient and quiet and easy to use I am very happy with my s2

  519. Purchase was super easy and I received the pump very quickly. I haven’t used it yet as baby is 2 weeks to go. But heard amazing things from friends.

  520. With everything you need to do that goes with having a baby, I needed expressing to be as quick and painless as possible!! I admit that I find expressing a chore so I did a lot of research about what I wanted – I used a Medela Symphony 2.0 in hospital and decided to buy that until I realised the one I used was priced over a $1000!! Not an option! After reading all the positive reviews and also based on bang for your buck (hospital grade machine at affordable price) I took the plunge and purchased the Spectra S2. I am really happy with my decision and feel I am getting good amount of milk for time invested using the machine – usually between 70-100ml per breast for 10 mins of expressing depending on time since I last fed/expressed. I would definitely recommend Spectra machines! Also customer service is excellent – thanks Claire for your assistance!

  521. I put a lot of time into researching which pump to buy. I wanted something that worked well but didn’t cost a fortune. I bought the Spectra S2 and am so happy with it. It came the next day, works as well as the other hospital grade pump I borrowed yet is a fraction of the cost. I did rip one of the valves, but it was replaced within 2 days (although that was out of good will as apparently there is no warranty on materials, only the motor) but they graciously replaced them anyway!
    It really is a great pump and I can’t recommend it more highly.

  522. I received this pump one day after ordering it! It took me some time to purchase as I hadn’t come across anyone that knew anything about them. Even the lactation nurses didn’t know of this brand. Because of this I wasn’t sure wether the reviews were real or not. I had hired the Medela Symphony from the pharmacy and after spending about $280 for that for only 4 weeks I decided that it was time to purchase. I took the plunge and went with my gut and purchased the S2. I am so impressed with this pump. It works just as well if not better than the Medela Symphony. It was very easy to set up and very efficient. Most importantly it’s very pretty. πŸ˜‰ Admittedly it is a little noisier than the Medela but still not very noisy. I can easily watch the TV or have a phone conversation while pumping. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone looking to purchase one. As it is lightweight and quite compact we are even looking at taking it traveling. The price is amazingly cheap (another reason why I was dubious), the service was outstanding and the pump is terrific.

  523. Such an amazing pump! Words can not explain how wonderful, easy and efficient this pump is to use! Originally I wanted to pump just to boost my supply and have a stash for work, however once I realised how quickly and easily I was getting milk, I’m now pumping to donate as well πŸ™‚
    Thank you spectra! I can not recommend the S2 highly enough!!!!

  524. I’ll be returning to work soon and want to continue breast feeding my 5 month old bub. After comparing two well known breast pump brands, I came across some glowing reviews about Spectra breast pumps. The more I looked into them, the more I wanted one! I decided on the Spectra S1 as I wanted a double pump that I could leave at work. I also wanted a pump with a closed system as I didn’t like the thought of milk possibly flowing back into the pump as I had read about this happening with other well know brands with an open system. The S1 was on back order when I ordered on a Tuesday. It arrived at my house on Friday! I had been able to express about 80ml in about 20 minutes with my hand pump. The first time I used the S1 I got 120ml in 7 minutes! I am wrapped with this pump and know I made the right choice. The only thing in wasn’t happy with were the bottles it came with. When feeding bub, they leaked milk on her (through the screw on lid part). Not a big deal though as I have plenty of other bottles. I would recommend this pump to other mums.

  525. Was recommended by a friend and ended up getting it and one for my sister also. Better than the Medela which I used with my last baby – and a double – so much quicker and easier! It arrived so quickly as well – and the free postage was great!

  526. I’ve had my S2 for a few weeks now and I love it! My daughter is almost 6 months old and I’d previously been spending up to 45 minutes expressing with my medela swing. Not anymore! I’m getting a better output in just 15-20 minutes! It’s awesome! Thought I’d have to supplement with formula when I go back to work, but with expressing so quick now in confident I won’t need to!

  527. My supply had taken a massive hit due to my little girl being diagnosed with an ULT and PTT. The Spectra S2 helped me gain it back! This is an amazing pump!! So many different speeds and levels of suction it’s totally adaptable to your breasts. I get more letdowns with this pump than with other leading brands.

  528. Never tried other pumps so nothing to compare to.
    Seems to work well and quieter than I’d imagine. I don’t get much milk after 5 mins of expressing max, unsure if that’s normal.
    Am happy with product.

  529. Highly recommended by my friend so I purchased the S2 myself… Very nice product and easy to use . But one of the pump broke one day after I was using it….don’t know why….and can’t find anything regarding that in the warranty page so I have been using it with one pump. Overall, it’s a better product compare to the one I used at the hospital. And I was very happy about the customer service.

    • Maire Shanahan

      Hi Isabella – you mean one of the milk collection kits broke? It’s almost certainly just been assembled wrong and we can help you out with that – the kit won’t have any suction if it’s not put together in the right way. Please get in touch at so we can troubleshoot. Glad you like the pump!

  530. I needed a good pump for when I went back to work after having my baby as I still wanted to breastfeed.
    I did a lot of research looking at reviews for many different double pumps.
    I decided to purchase this pump cause it was great value and had many great reviews.
    The pump has been great, very easy to clean and assemble/ disassemble.
    I love how all the parts are clear, makes it easy to see it working.
    Defiantly very happy with my purchase.

  531. I just want to update my earlier post from June 17, 2014. It works!!! It actually works best for my wife with the 28mm breast shield with massager insert. I have identified that the problem was not the size of the breast shield and instead how I assembled the backflow protector. I initially placed the white silicone part the wrong way. I just realised this when I received the 24mm breast shield and saw how the backflow protector looked properly assembled. Tip for first time users is to take note of how the backflow protector looks when properly assembled before disassembling it so that you have an idea of how to put it back. Also, I am pretty sure the new and improved user manual would cover this. You have another satisfied customer!

  532. My spectra S2 has been a god send. As an exclusive pumper I was finding using a manual pump so time consuming yet all the other decent pumps are so expensive. I had tried a electric medela which was SO noisy so I went hunting on the net and came across reviews for the S2. Best money I have ever spent, the S2 is super quiet and making my life as a first time mum who is unable to breastfeed much easier.

  533. After reading heaps of good reviews, I bought this pump for my wife. She cannot seem to express using the 28mm breast shield it came with. Tried it with the massager inserts but still no luck. We just ordered the 24mm breast shields, fingers crossed and we can start pumping soon! Customer service has been responsive and helpful.

  534. I recently bought this pump as I’m exclusively expressing to feed my newborn. I am very happy with this pump! It’s very easy to set up and very easy to use. The unit looks nice πŸ˜‰ and is quiet enough to use with a sleeping baby in the same room. I’m very pleased with my purchase and wish I had it with my first child.

  535. Very happy with the pump. As good as the medela harmony that was lent out by the hospital, but has a few extra features. The night light is handy and it is much more stable when moving around and resting it on a couch or bed. The sound is a little different, maybe a tad louder, but overall still very quiet and not obtrusive at all. In comparison though it is MUCH cheaper to run and the accessories last just as long. Glad I made this purchase.

  536. I recently purchased the Spectra s2 breast pump after my second child was born. I had tried a different pump with my first born, but it was fiddly and ineffective.
    The Spectra s2 is easy to assemble and disassemble, simple to use, and very efficient! I love the let down function, the night light, and the in-built timer in particular. I love the design, it’s attractive and simple, and the handle is… well, handy.
    I’m so thankful to myself for investing in this pump as I am coming across some supply issues at the moment, and this pump is going to be a lifesaver in building it back up. I wish I had bought a Spectra pump with my first baby.

  537. I always knew I’d need to pump as I was going to back to work soon after giving birth and my partner was going to be the stay-at-home Dad. I originally bought a different breast pump and needed to use it a lot earlier than expected when my baby needed to go to NICU after being born. When I had a problem with it, I simply emailed Spectra and they promptly addressed my concerns and swapped models so I could express for my baby. Their service at this stressful time was exceptional and the product is great! Thank you Spectra, you’re a hidden gem!

  538. Trinhkimp
    May 05 22:24

    Name: Kim Trinh


    Earlier this year I brought the Spectra S2 pump from Birthing Partner in Sylvania NSW, and loved it.
    I was so shocked how much milk I could actually pumped with the Spectra, and because it is double I also save myself 20 to 30 minutes at each express.
    I also like the pump for it ease of cleaning.
    It is so easy to use, even my 3 year old daughter can and enjoy helping me turn it on and select my favourite setting every time.
    Birthing Partner was very helpful with my initial problem with one of the bottle. They posted me a replacement bottle without question and free of charge. That’s what I call great service.
    I have recommended this to lots of friends. And one of them recently brought the same pump directly from you.

    Thanks for a great product.

  539. The S2 is as good as my friend who recommended it to me. Love the design and the features. Very easy to use and clean as there aren’t many parts need to be cleaned. Night light and timer are the two features that are extremely useful, and the machine doesn’t make much noise which is also great. Only problem I have is the valves are a little fragile and looks like I need replacement already after used it for one month. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the product is excellent, however just that tip of the valves can be split very easier.

  540. I am so happy with my s2 pump. I was using a medela mini before and since switching I get twice the amount of milk and the machine is so much quieter meaning I can express after 4am feeds and not wake anyone up! It’s comfortable, easy to clean and more importantly easy to use! The night light is so nifty when expressing through the night and the massage function gets the milk flowing really quickly! I love my spectra s2.

  541. I bought the S2 after reading reviews on the Essential Baby forum. I absolutely love it. It’s really cute and I love the night light which comes in handy when bubs doesn’t have the second breast of an evening. The S2 was a lot cheaper (almost half the price) than other double breast pumps from some of the major baby stores, and a bonus is that it is hospital grade. I had read that some of the other pumps get milk in the pump which causes mould, but that isn’t an issue with the S2 as it is a closed system. This pump worked a lot faster than another one that I had hired from a chemist, and I am usually able to pump at least 150mL in under 10 minutes.
    Spectra have awesome customer service. I had an issue with one of my breast shields being misshapen (must have been a manufacturing error) and Spectra send me out two new shields and hoses etc as well as a bonus packet of breast milk bags. These arrived within two days of calling them! I love my Spectra Pump and recommend it to all my expectant friends!

  542. The first time when I use the pump is borrowed from hospital. I like the design of it and the pump is very useful and continent. Later on after returning the pump to hospital, I was seriously thinking to buy one for myself. I went to Internet and search the pump , I found the price is very reasonable. I am glad that I made a right decision. Now I am using it on daily bases and love to use it!

  543. I could not rate the S2 highly enough. Prior to using the S2 I had been using the Medela Swing single pump unit, which although I had no major issues with, as an exclusively expressing first time mum, was quite time consuming, noisy and not really built for the frequency of which I was using the unit. The S2 has not only cut down the time that I take to express by a third (invaluable!!) but is much quieter and the new breast shields also fit Avent bottles reducing frequency for washing and sterilising the bottles that come with the unit – saving even more time. I would have no problems recommending the S2 to other new mums, worth every cent.

  544. I have been looking for some good breast pumping and checked other’s review on the Internet. Most of people say Spectra pumping is nice and easy to use so I decided to get it and have been using it for a month so far. This pumping is great and less noisy than the one that I used to have. They are very easy to clean and use so I’m very happy with it and I can feed my daughter all the time. I like to highly recommend this to other people.

  545. After hiring a Medela symphony for 6 months I just wish I had purchased this pump sooner and saved myself a fortune! I’m still tweaking the settings to get a faster double pump, but I have found that my right side is producing more milk than it ever has before using the S2. I wish that there was an adapter to connect the pump to my Medela bottles as I like their teats better for my bub, but I’m ok with transferring the pumped milk to other bottles for feeding. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend the S2 to others.

  546. This pump is amazing! My baby girl was premature and unable to attach to the breast so I had to express for her. She is now almost 4 months old and I have been exclusively pumping. I tried another well known brand but it was noisy and the motor died after only a couple of weeks. Got it replaced and the same thing happened again.
    The Spectra S2 is super quiet, easy to use and has great features such as the massager and variable speed and suction. I also like that it is able to be used as a double pump.
    I would recommend this pump to anyone who needs a pump for anything more than occasional use. It is nice and light and easy to carry which makes it easy to take out and about, and will be very easy to carry with me to work.

  547. A friend recommended the Spectra S2 pump based on the price and ease of use. I’ve been very happy with the pump so far – it is easy and comfortable to use. I have found the bottles great too – they’re a good size to fit in the freezer and my baby was happy to drink from them when we introduced it at five weeks.

  548. I cannot recommend highly enough the Spectra S2 pump. From birth my baby girl has had problems with breastfeeding so I have had to resort to exclusively pumping all of her feeds for her. I was loaned a double electric pump from the hospital but when the time came to return it I researched my options (either hire or buy). I was a little hesitant with Spectra at first due to the amazing price when the pump I had been currently using retails for $1500 but took faith in the reviews I had read and purchased the pump back on the 7th February. It has been one full month and this pump is AMAZING. Not only has it kept up with its more expensive competitor but it has managed to increase my supply so that I am now able to start freezing some excess milk (a dream for an exclusive pumper!), it’s much more quieter and a smaller lighter unit making it easy to transport. The only negative I found was with the bottles supplied. Mine bulged out of shape when being sterilised. Other than that I love EVERYTHING about this pump πŸ™‚

  549. I have only had an opportunity to use this pump a handful of times so far but after using 3 other brands over the last 3 years, I can happily say I am very happy with the quality of the pump engine and how quiet it is in use. I am disappointed in the quality of the bottles though it is easy to replace with a sturdier bottle from the shops.

    In the interest of full disclosure I have received a $20 voucher for this review.

  550. I am so impressed with the features on this pump. I have tried several others when my first child was born but this is by far the best and I will certainly be using it with my second. It ticks all the boxes for necessary features and is still affordable. The customer service at Spectra Baby is wonderful

  551. Love this pump! Have tried other pumps before but this one is better than all of them. Very easy to use, painless and fast! Its quiet too so it doesnt wake the baby. Highly recommended

  552. I looked at them all and read all the reviews so felt pretty confident about getting this model – even had an online chat with them live which was brill before the purchase. Ask for a disount voucher! I had low milk supply issues so was pumping after every feed – so gerting this purchase right was important! I took it into hospital and also tried out their thousand dollar medela one and the difference was negligible. Basically it felt a bit gentler and more soft on the breast overall – not worth the extra money!
    Totally recommend this, really quiet, good parts – though maybe get some extra bottles. Inrarely used the double pump as was too hard to hold both on the breast at once!

  553. Bought the Spectra S2 a few weeks ago and haven’t looked back. I am very pleased with this double electric breast pump and would recommend it to everyone looking for an affordable hospital grade pump. The only thing that I found I needed, that wasn’t supplied with the pump, were the silicone inserts. I have an Event manual pump and I just used the one from that untill I get some new ones. Also I think the double pump will greatly benefit from a pumping bra because holding the two bottles can get a bit tiring.
    Love that it has a night light, I use this all the time at night.

  554. I am extremely happy with the Spectra 2. Pumping is easy and effective, taking only 15 mins to fill 150ml (collected from both sides). Postage was extremely fast, even over the Christmas period. I placed my order Christmas eve and the product was delivered Boxing Day! The only down side I have found with the Spectra 2 is that it will begin each cycle from the setting used prior to being switched off. This can come as a nasty surprise to line up your breast and go straight into a level 10 suction mode! Other than this, I have found all pieces easy to assemble ad very simple to navigate desired settings.

  555. We bought the S2 hospital grade for our twins, easy to use and simple to assemble! We also would like to point out the Customer service… prompt and helpful reply πŸ™‚ ! My wife managed to pump 70 ml in her first session! Thanks SpeCtra Team!

  556. Super fast and friendly customer service. I got my questions answered within an hour on a Friday evening! Then the product was shipped within 2 working days and all looks good.

  557. This is a fantastic breast pump! It is easy to use and I manage to get plenty of milk when pumping. I have previously used the Medela Symphony and experienced issues with milk getting into the pump; this is not an issue with the S2 due to the back flow protector. I absolutely love my new pump and would highly recommend the S2 – thanks Spectra!

  558. Very quick postage, received next day even over the christmas period. A great pump, easy to use and clean, good massage mode, nice slim bottles. Very happy with my first pump, good value, would recommend.

  559. I love the suction on this pump, very impressed with the quality and speed of delivery. The pump is very effective at extracting the milk fully so you feel “empty” and much more comfortable! I found after using a few times I started to get quite sore and compared this to the manual pump I had been using which never made me sore and which I also found very effective, and realised the silicon inserts do not come standard. I will try these and see if this improves the soreness. Also I would love a faster cycle but there are a number of options so I assume most people would find one to suit.

  560. Recently purchased this pump as the LO was a premie. Really like the let down mode and the ability to switch between the 2 modes. It is an affordable hospital grade double pump compared to others. Highly recommend it for exclusive pumping as it reduces the pumping time by 1/2.

  561. This pump ticks all the boxes, it’s quiet, efficient and doesn’t break the budget!
    Being a first time time mum, i did all the research that each of us does to find the best pump to suit my needs.
    I hired another well known brand hospital grade pump for a week before deciding on the S2.
    As far as quietness – it’s the same if not quieter than the more expensive brand.
    Efficiency – it does the the job just as well, with the added bonuses of being able to increase both the cycle and strength. It also has the “let down”mode that many other pumps of similar pricing don’t have. Plus the light – it’s a small thing – but trust me, my husband appreciates that i can now pump in our bedroom at night without switching on the lamp!
    Cost – WINNER! (plus next day delivery!!).

    I will be recommending this pump to everyone who asks, and probably to those who don’t ask as well!

    Thank you Spectra – you have made what seemed a daunting choice so easy.

  562. I xD don’t know how to even begin to describe how easy pumping at work has been thanks to this breast pump. From the different levels of suction to timing the expressing session, it feels gentle and efficient and really has made a difference to how much I am able to express. I returned to work when my son was 10 months old and so I really wanted to have enough milk to sustain him while he was with his day care mum. With 2 pumping sessions a day at work I needed something efficient and discreet. I can safely say I got my money’s worth and then some with this double pump! What a find as I had never heard of this particular brand before and the previous pumps I had were noisy and painful in comparison. Highly recommend. I even did a Facebook post on how awesome the pump is, ha ha ha! Was just a bit stoked πŸ™‚

  563. I bought the S2 to use with my second baby. I have chosen the S2 for the let down function and support of supply as breastfeeding my first baby was cut short because of breast refusal/supply problems and I could no longer express with my manual or electric pumps (other brands) at the time as I couldn’t get a let-down so I regretfully started formula feeding at 5 months. So far this pump has been excellent, the let down fuction helps me get more milk at each session, it’s very gentle, and quiet enough to express in bubs room when he’s asleep or in front of the telly (definately couldn’t do that with my previous electric pump which was so loud!). And my baby much prefers the bottles this came with than the wide neck ones I mistakenly thought would be better for him to use.

  564. I purchased the S2 after using another brand electric single pump for 5 months. I was kicking myself for not purchasing the S2 to start with as it’s not only a double pump which cuts my pumping time in half but it’s also hospital grade so it draws the milk out much faster and more thoroughly resulting in the milk draining completely so I didn’t feel like I had to pump again an hour later. The best thing about this product is the price!! I paid $250 for the avent single pump and only $19 more for this hospital grade double pump!!! The shipping was extremely fast, it arrived at the courier service the next day after ordering online and as we were coming up to Christmas and public holidays I went there to pick it up in person, so I had the product the day after ordering! Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase and love the hands free top, it’s made pumping so much easy and it’s no longer a time consuming chore.

  565. I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the S2 pump. It is a quality product at a very competitive price. It is fast, effective, quiet, reasonably compact and comes with everything needed to start pumping. The tubing connecting the pump and bottle is a bit too short as I sometimes find I accidentally pull the tube out when sitting too far from pump. Overall I would definitely recommend to a friend.

  566. I hihgly recommend S2. It helped encourage/stimulate my milk to come (milk came 1 week after delivery, 2 days after started expressing using S2). Battling with low milk supply means with S2 I know how much milk I am producing, how much top up my baby needs approximately (baby is more efficient in getting milk), as well as whether my milk supply is increasing.

    Pumping is easy and painless.

    All of my pre-purchase questions were answered within 12 hours. My S2 arrived within 2 days of ordering.

    Excellent product matched with excellent customer service.

  567. I am so glad I did the research and bought the s2 pump. After being in hospital for a week struggling to express and feed my baby with a tongue tie problem this is a godsend. I can’t believe how easy and efficient this pump is compared to the Ameda one in the hospital. I can express more with less effort. Also, my nipples do not hurt when using the S2. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  568. This is a great pump! It’s efficient and I’m able to half my pumping time as it is a double pump (previously had a single pump). I feel i can get more milk out too. Wished i found out about this earlier. Lastly, great price too comparing to other products on the market!

  569. I love Spectra S2. It’s super quiet, great design and value for money.

  570. I purchased the Spectra S2 after researching the leading breast pumps on the market, I have not been disappointed the S2 has been a heaven sent for me. Easy to use, comfortable, efficient and stylish. It is so easy to use I can be feeding my daughter on one side while expressing on the other. I now have a bank of milk ready for my return to work or a well deserved night out. I love my Spectra S2.

  571. I am in love with my Spectra S2 pump!! My baby girl is 14 weeks old now but following a traumatic birth and a number of issues after breastfeeding just wasn’t happening. Devastated I looked intInto expressing exclusively as I still wanted my baby to have the benefits of breast mill! I started off with a “popular” brand pump that was advised by lactation consultants and midwives yet found that my supply was slowly dipping over a number of weeks. Before giving up I investigated if another pump may be the answer as a last shot! Research told me that spectra may be able to bring my supply back up. I purchasedy specta and it arrived quickly! It works like a dream and my supply has gone from barely keeping up with my baby to being able to build a supply in the freezer. Such a relief and a weight offs shoulders!! Thank you spectra!!!

  572. Being a first time mum to be I had no idea about what breast pump to use. Using the internet I did some research and most results recommended the expensive versions found in all baby shops. Still confused, I discussed it with my lovely sister in law who recommended the Spectra S2. I still remained undecided, although the fantastic price for a double pump stuck in my mind. The deciding factor was seeing the pump in action! The hospital grade suction makes it so efficient, the various settings mean that I can find a suction to suit me, it’s silent and it has a night light! It (combined with the hands free pumping support I also got) will save me so much time when I return to work. Great product. Recommend it to everyone!!

  573. This is an excellent, efficient pump! It gets me twice the milk in half the time compared to my manual pump. I love that it’s a double pump and the night light feature is really handy. When used in conjunction with the hands free bra it makes it so easy for me to get on with my study whilst it does all the hard work for me. I’m so happy that I bought this pump and would recommend it to anyone!

  574. My S2 is fantastic – I can double pump in about 15 mins (which is really convenient when I have to run out the door for work and hub is due for a feed!). Plus the night light is really handy when I get up to feed bub. It’s also really quiet, much more so than I had anticipated:) Very pleased with this pump!!!

  575. I highly recommend the Spectra S2 pump. This is the 3rd electric pump I’ve used and by far the best. To begin with I used it to increase my milk supply and now I’m using it to build up a store of breast milk. The massage mode is great for let down and the numerous programs allow me to use the pump with minimal discomfort, despite sore nipples! I would also strongly recommend a double pump as it significantly minimises time spent expressing. Time you can then spend with your new baby….or sleeping!

  576. I did a lot of research before deciding on the Spectra S2. As this is my first time expressing I had a lot of questions and concerns. After comparing a lot of brands and types of pumps I decided to go with the Spectra. Glad I did. The customer service is fantastic. The pump comes with everything required. Wish I had found this with my previous babies. The only thing better than this pump is the Spectra S1 as it can be run off battery so is more portable, I don’t think that is going to be an issue for me though.

  577. I am so happy with my Spectra S2! Having mastitis early on the S2 saved my life! I am able to pump in comfort and get enough milk to store for feeds later on if needed. The S2 also looks fantastic! I highly recommend this breast pump. The customer service I have also received has been nothing short of amazing! Do yourself a favour and don’t go past Spectra!

  578. I did lots of research before coming across Spectra. While reading the spectra reviews i was impressed with the successful rate of positive experiences mothers have encountered whilst using the Spectra pump. As a first time mom, i listened to lots of recommendations from other mothers and did ended up buying a medela pump. After some comparison i still couldnt justify the price of the Medela double pump. The more i read about Spectra the more i wanted to know more so I messaged spectra on their facebook page. To my surprise, i not only received such prompt response but also was informed of current specials and deals running at the moment. I managed to purchase the S2 with a bit of discount as well as some storage bottles. This may sound funny but seeing Spectra updates on facebook really makes me excited as they are always throwing promotions , doing giveaways and most importantly, listening for their customers input! I have since recommended spectra to my friends overseas and locally. In fact i wouldnt mind purchasing this amazing product for them and shipping it to them based on the positive reviews! thank u spectra!

  579. I LOVE this pump. Not being able to nurse this pump has increased my milk and shortened my pump time from my other pump. The let down feature has my milk coming down much faster. The quietness of the pump is not only enjoyed by me but the rest of my family as well:). The night light is awesome for pumping in the middle of the night and the timer is nice as well.

    The only thing I would improve would be the option to get the pump with a different breast shield size.

    This pump was the best purchase, and a must have for any mom who has to pump frequently.

  580. I cannot speak highly enough of this pump, it changed everything for me and saved my life(not literally!) My baby was not gaining enough weight and I was completely stressed out about it, I purchased an advent iQ pump and started pumping but would only get 30-50ml after pumping both breasts for 30min each, I just assumed I wasn’t responding to the pump well and that I had a low supply, I was about to give up and was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to give my baby breastmilk. Whilst looking online I came across Spectra and read the reviews but thought this is too good to be true and especially being so cheap but I kept thinking about it and decided to purchase the S2 telling myself that I’ll give it a go and if it doesn’t work at least I’ve tried everything! So I ordered my pump online and was immediately impressed with the customer service and next day delivery, I popped it on and was blown away with the results, first time I used it I got 110mls and this was sometimes a whole days pumping with my old pump. I now pump just 4 times a day and have enough milk for my baby and some days get to freeze a little extra, I cannot recommend this pump enough, although hospital grade it is still small enough to carry around, its so much quieter than regular pumps, has fantastic suction, can be double or single pump and has done wonders for my supply, this pump took me from stressed out momma to relaxed momma and I cannot thank Spectra enough for this:) P.s Its fantastic with the hands free bra as you can sit down and have a cup of tea or something to eat and totally relax which helps you get more milk:)

  581. After a month of pain, tears, many laser treatments on my cracked nipples, frequent visits from my lactation consulatant, my daughters lip and tongue tie being lasered and still no signs of improvement in her attachement I had no choice but to give up breastfeeding. My lacation consultant suggested expressing with the Spectra and I haven’t looked back. Feeding is actually quicker now as she was so slow at breastfeeding and not getting enough milk. So relieved she is still able to get the breast milk she needs : )

  582. I ordered the Spectra S2 pump after my baby boy was admitted to neonatal intensive care after birth. It arrived very quickly, the day after I ordered it. I found it to be very quiet, reliable, easy to use, with an adjustable strong pumping action, and an effective let down mode. The attachments are easy to clean and the closed valve system is effective and reassuring. It is also light and portable, a real plus when going to and from hospital to express. I chose the Spectra S2 after reading reviews from other mothers on the bubhub website who had also used the leading hospital brands and preferred this pump. I have even accidentally dropped this pump from waist height onto concrete and it still worked fine afterwards (not recommended by the way). The only negative I can think of is the instruction manual is a little vague, but it is easy to put together nonetheless. It’s been a lifesaver for me and my little boy.

  583. I am very happy with my S2. My husband bought it for me after doing a lot of research before our second baby was born. I hired a hospital grade Ameda breast pump for our first baby, but I have to say that the S2 does a better job and is very quiet in comparison. I like the letdown mode and variable cycle/suction features. The timer and nightlight are also very useful and the hygienic closed pumping system also gives peace of mind.

    It would be great if the S2 came with various sized flanges, as I discovered that I needed larger than the standard size, but this would be the only thing I personally would want to see changed. For most women, it may not be an issue.

    I also have a PumpEase handsfree bra which allows me to double-pump in comfort, and I really appreciate being able to do this.

    Overall, I find the S2 to be very effective, efficient and quiet. I really love it and it makes my life a lot easier. The bottles and teats supplied with it are perfect for my newborn, too. And delivery was very fast – next business day!

    I highly recommend the Spectra S2.

  584. I purchased the s2 pump after doing a lot of research on different models. I wanted a pump that was easy to use, easy to clean & affordable.
    I ordered my pump before my baby was born, as they were out of stock and I wanted to make sure the pump was ready soon after she was born. As soon as the pumps were in stock, I received it within a couple of days.
    The pump itself is very easy to use, easy to clean and very efficient. I was able to pump over 100mls the first time in about 10 minutes. It’s been great to be able to build up a supply of milk in the freezer and will be able to easily pump at work when I go back next year.

  585. Very pleased with this pump; I get as much using it as I did with the hospital rental pump (which retails for $1500 or so). I use this twice a day so that my husband can help with feeds and so that I can donate milk, and it is easy to use and clean. I love the ability to change both cycle time and suction strength. Would recommend to anyone needing a good and reliable pump.

  586. I would definitely recommend the Spectra S2 pump to anyone who was after a functional, reliable, quiet and efficient hospital grade breast pump. I needed a pump immediately after leaving hospital and had to hire a different brand (Medela Symphony) from the pharmacy. I had to then look at buying a double one for myself. I did like the one I was using, but it was a very expensive machine so decided to look around. After much research and deliberation the Spectra S2 seemed to give me all the features I was after at a very very reasonable price. The pump was delivered very promptly and arrived only a couple of days after I placed the order. In comparing it to the previous pump I used I would say it’s fantastic, was quieter, and had all the same features and functions minus the price! I know some people who have gone through multiple pumps till they have found one they are happy with and like. Thank goodness I don’t have to do that! Thanks Spectra!!

  587. I wish I’d heard of Spectra when I had to buy my first pump – it would have saved me so much time and money! I ended up with a Medela Swing, and the S2 is far superior in terms of quality, performance and value.
    My baby was born prematurely and I had to pump a lot to establish my milk supply (and then to take milk to the hospital)- the night light would have been perfect for this. The S2 is very easy to assemble and comes with everything you need to start pumping straight away (after washing/sterilizing the pieces that is). It also looks very cute – kind of like a big boob, ha ha! The ability to double pump and the closed system are the main reasons I ended up buying the S2 – I had a couple of accidents with the Swing where milk went into the tubing and no doubt the motor, and I was wary of using it after this had happened due to hygiene concerns. It also took ages to get enough milk for a single feed – both of these issues are no longer a problem. The pump is very quiet compared to other hospital grade pumps. I love the inbuilt bottle stand, the letdown function and range of programs to suit different users (e.g. those who prefer or require a strong suck). The flange size is perfect for me. In addition, Spectra’s customer service is fantastic, with a strong social media presence, so enquiries are dealt with very promptly. Postage is also very quick. I have already recommended Spectra to a number of my expecting friends and will continue to do so! Thank you for making pumping enjoyable!

  588. I love my Spectra S2!
    It’s so easy to use, is super quiet, has the all-important massage function for let down and even has 2 night light levels for late night expressing. I did so much research before I bought my S2 and haven’t been disappointed. I definitely recommend it πŸ™‚

  589. I exclusively breastfeed my 3 month old and wanted to buy a breast pump to build up a supply of breastmilk for the freezer. After lots of research, i decided to buy the Spectra S2 due to its rave reviews and great value for money…….boy am i happy with my decision!
    I also own a Madela Swing and the Spectra S2 is quicker, has better suction, better functionality and expresses both my breasts for the same price! Would highly recommend the Spectra S2 to anyone!

  590. This is my first breast pump purchase and I feel very lucky that I checked this out. Not only it is much better value than Medela, it is straight forward, simple and easy to setup and use. Love it! Also love that it comes with all the necessary equipment (double pump and all). Definitely recommending it to every mum out there.

  591. A value for money pump!

  592. I used the medela pump in style with my previous children (youngest is 6). When I got pregnant this time, I searched to see if something better had come along. I hated my Medela PIS (painful when it worked, then lost suction after a year, and way too loud!) Finding the Spectra S2 was a miracle! Bottom line: no one likes to pump. This is the one you want so you can spend less time pumping, and more time doing ANYthing else.

  593. I absolutely love my S2 my milk supply was so low only enough to feed bub. Once I received my S2 my milk supply increased dramatically. I recommend it to everyone

  594. First time mum here and have been using this pump for 5 months now. We had latching problems with breastfeeding at the start and I was pumping for most feeds for the first 5 or 6 weeks. The pump is great. Really quiet and the light on it really helps with night pumps. I have also used it regularly to make sure i have a supply in my freezer at all times and have needed it more often recently when my supply decreased. Love it and look forward to purchasing a second kit so that i can do both at the same time!

  595. I have been using the Spectra double pump for almost 6 months now. It is very reliable though quite noisy compared with Medela single pump. It is easy to install and the suction is quite strong too.

  596. I bought S2 for my wife and she is loving it. Top product.

  597. I was going to buy a Medela pump until a friend told me about Spectra. After some research, settled on the Dew 350 but then the S2 came out so I brought the S2 due to its newer technology. The customer service was excellent – friendly, helpful and speedy. Received the package the next day including all the extra accessories (extra bottles, teats, storage case, carry case, hand free bra etc) love all the extra accessories by the way. Tried the pumps about five times three months ago – was pretty happy with it. On an average breast (ie neither too full or empty) got about 150ml double pump in 10mins including massage time. Had just started to used it again in preparation for returning to work and not sure why but it is much faster now. On my bigger breast got 100ml in 5 mins single pump and the smaller breast about 50ml in 5mins single pumps. Since it is so fast now I haven’t been bother to set up double pump and just use single instead . The parts are very simple to assemble and easy to clean I really love it. Thank you Spectra for making this process so easy and quick!!!!

    PS. The hardest thing about all this is writing this feedback. This is my third try because the. Feedback box kept disappear, hard to see what I am typing and can’t go back to edit unless I delete. Not sure if anyone else having the same problem.

  598. I purchased the S2 just over a week ago and I am extremely happy with it. What a great price for an awesome pump. It is easy to use, has decreased my pumping time and has helped increase my output, what more could a pumping mum ask for!!! The sales team have been wonderful to deal with. They have been tremendously helpful and service is super speedy which is what you want and need in this business. I can’t recommend this pump highly enough nor the company πŸ™‚

  599. The spectra s2 is a fantastic pump for a fantastically affordable price. I am so so please with my selection and it has made such a big difference in my pumping!

    Thank you so so much.

  600. With a low milk supply and breast feeding proving to be extremely painful – despite being advised by midwives that my latch was perfect – almost exclusively expressing and formula feeding was the only solution.

    Unfortunately my use of a very expensive medela swing breast pump was resulting in a declining milk supply – at the worst, expressing only around 20 mls in 40 mins!

    As a last resort I ordered the Spectra S2 pump after reading the many positive reviews online – particularly in relation to the pump increasing milk supply.

    What can I say….the reviews are correct! Within a day of use the amount I could express in HALF the time….doubled to 40 mls. Now I am able to express between 60 mls and 90 mls in 20 mins. Also the superior quality of the pump – causing no more pain or nipple damage – has also meant that I am now able to breast feed naturally once or twice ash day. I don’t believe this would be possible without my use of the Spectra pump.

    In addition the night light and timer are brilliant features. I can keep the room dim (and not wake the baby!) but still see when I express at night. Sleep deprived I always forget to time expressing and the pump takes care of this automatically. Fantastic. Being able to sterilise the parts in the microwave also make the pump easy to maintain during a busy day of caring for a newborn.

    I think my husband said it best. Forget Medela, Spectra is the best! Spectra is now my number #1 tip for new mothers who wish to breast feed however struggle to do so naturally. Thanks Spectra.

    Ps Your customer service has been brilliant too. Well done!!

  601. Spectra is the way to go!

    I am very impressed by Spectra as a company and the products they offer.

    Before I purchased the S2 I did a lot of research online. I realized that if you want to buy a good hospital grade pump you will need to spend around $500 and this is a lot of money when you just had a baby.
    When I came accross the Spectra S2 I couldn’t believe my luck. It offers everything you need in a pump. It’s quiet, easy to use and my favorite is the light and the timer on it.
    With all the other pumps, I had to carry my mobile everywhere so I can time it. With Spectra you don’t have to do that!
    I also love the fact that it comes with two bottles and the accessories for it. If you go with another brand they will charge you for the second pair. And this is again… more $$$

    The last thing I should mention is their customer service. I had a few questions and they responded within hours. I was very impressed as it’s hard to find nowadays this type of service.

    Thank you Spectra and team! You made my days easier and happier!

  602. I’m a first time mum and wanted to make sure I invested in the right breast pump. I spent a lot of time researching different brands and models and am so glad I found the Spectra S2. Its easy to assemble and the pump itself is so easy to use. The night light function is also very handy at night when I need to pump. What I love best is being able to pump both breasts within 10 minutes. I can’t compare my experience with other pumps but I can definitely say I won’t need to!

  603. I purchased the S2 when my daughter was three weeks old due to having low milk supply. I had tried a couple of other electric pumps but nothing compared to the S2. I was expressing before every feed so having the double feature allowed me to reduce my expressing time by half. I really like the timer function and how quiet the S2 is. I would highly recommend this pump to others.

  604. When the time came for me to return to work my little boy was 11 months old and I was still breastfeeding him quite frequently. I wanted to continue this as much as possible but I was worried about how much I could express for him to leave him for day care. I was using a basic single pump and as time went on I found I wasn’t able to express as much breastmilk as I used to. A friend of mine recommended the S2 Spectra double pump, so I ordered one and was amazed at how powerful the suction was. I was able to express double the amount of milk I had been and sometimes more. Also the double pump saves a lot of time which I find I dont have much of these days. My son always has plenty of milk now at day care and that’s a big weight off my shoulders, and I save time and express more milk. I love my s2 spectra pump!

  605. When I had my first baby I spent a fortune (over $1000) renting a hospital grade pump which I needed to build my supply. This time around I have bought the Spectra S2 and I absolutely love it! It is just as good as the pump I previously rented, but is much better value. I really love the timer function as well. I am using it daily and it is the best money I have spent on a pump.

  606. I bought my Spectra S2 as I needed a double pump to help build my supply. It was far more affordable than other brands. I have used another brand in the past & the S2 is fantastic value for money & a good quality pump with all the required features. Its also very quiet & I love the night light. I would highly recommend it & wish I bought it before bub was born πŸ™‚

  607. I ordered the Spectra S2 the month before my second daughter was born. I used a different brand for my first child – and the experience wasn’t positive. The days after my daughter was born I developed sever mastitis, I used my S2 on the advice of the health nurse to help with the engorgement. I LOVED the ease at which the S2 gets the milk flowing. The let down function does a great job. It is super quiet and the night light function has been so handy. I am staying at home with my girls at the moment and I am building a lovely stash very quickly due to the efficiency of the S2. I couldn’t recommend it more.

  608. Delivery is very prompt, it came right on time when we needed it. I am glad I believed the reviews and bought this amazing pump. I use it 6-8 times a day as I express exclusively and now its something that I couldnt live without. The pump is very easy to use, the massage works perfectly for me and to be able to express effectively actually helped to build up my supply. It is easy to clean and I have no concerns that the milk will be contaminated, etc. i used medela symphony at the hospital and this works exactly lke it without the hefty price tag. My only complain though is that the LCD plays up every now and then, I will have to report it to them and see what they say. Overall, I am a very happy and satisfied customer and this pump is worth every cent!

  609. Still awaiting bubs but recently received the S2, manual pump and a bunch of accessories. Really is a ‘one stop shop’ and everything looks to be fantastic quality. Now I can’t wait to get this show on the road. I want to say a massive thankyou for the fantastic service and help I have received!!

  610. My 9 month old got his first tooth and started to bite me. My reaction scared him and then on top of that he got sick with a bad cold making feeding an unpleasant experience, resulting in him going on a nursing strike. I was not prepared, and mentally was not prepared to give up breastfeeding πŸ™ With my first baby, I had bought a cheap pump for “just in case”, so I got it out and not a drop came out! I was in tears! I did a lot of quick research on the internet and found out I need a pump which helped with the “let down”. I didn’t know this would make a difference so late (I thought it was only a problem in the early days of breastfeeding), read all the amazing review on the S2, and bought it from Made 4 Milk. I even rang that stockist, and she gave me some excellent advice. AMAZINGLY after 5 days, and using the massage mode a lot, I saw my supply go from drops of 5-10 ml, to 50-60 mls!!! And my son is feeding again better than ever! I am confident that it is only going to get better from here on! The S2 saved my supply and saved me from the depths of despair!!! THANK YOU SPECTRA!!!

  611. I bought this pump to replace my medela swing. Pumping for twins with reflux, I was attached to my old pumping any chance I got. I was getting less and less time to pump, which was adding to the stress of trying to keep up with their demand. Finding spectra was a godsend. Costing me less than my single pump I am able to save much needed time. The customer service with spectra has also been fantastic. Having someone actually answering my questions at about 8:30 on a Friday night on fb was a good surprise. As was the bonus pumping bra and milk storage bags they threw in extra for me.

    I like that the bottle etc is clear and not that foggy clear that other pumps I have used are. Makes it easier to see how much you have pumped while still pumping easier. The design is such that I get milk in the back flow protector most times, but it works great and has never gotten into the tubing. There were a number of time I had to turn my old pump off in a hurry due to it sucking up milk. My husband says it is quieter than my old pump only thing it doesn’t have is the battery option (though now there is the S1), if they started selling car chargers for it though it would be just perfect.

    The only problem I have had was my valves split, but I told them and they sent me replacements straight away, arriving two days later (only reason it was not the next day was as it was after 2pm, and as long as you order before then you get next day delivery, no waiting days). I did find that the valve from my medela fit on quite nicely. Also the manual is rather lacking. I found it pretty straight forward myself, but I had used a pump in theSCN that you could change all the various settings for speed and strength and putting the pump together itself is fairly self explanatory.

  612. I am very happy with my purchase. It delivers on efficiency, price, comfort and ease of use. Initially I found the instructions a bit vague however the level of customer service is outstanding so with a phone call and a couple of emails with a quick response rate, I was set to go. I highly recommend this pump!

  613. After reading the reviews i bought the S2 Spectra pump. It saves me so much time with the double pump I only wish I’d known about this pump sooner! The wide neck adapters mean I can use my existing bottles which is awesome. For the money this pump is brilliant.

  614. I’m really glad I researched and followed the helpful online reviews before selecting the Spectra S2. I am so pleased with it – its really easy to use, its very quiet and my bub loves the sound as it sends her to sleep, the different settings help maximise the amount expressed which is more than any other pump I have tried. I ordered my S2 on a Wednesday morning and it arrived the next day – which is AMAZING given I live in Darwin and no delivery comes overnight without paying a huge amount of money in delivery. So THANKYOU!

    The only thing I would say is the day after I ordered it the website started advertising the rechargeable S2 which if I’d known was about to go on the market I would have bought that one even for the extra money. It was the one thing that I really wanted on the S2 that I was tossing up not buying this model so was a little disappointed but that’s life! Still love my S2 and have recommended to any other new mums who are in the market for a great pump .

  615. Very lightweight & whisper quiet – compared to previously used Medela Symphony, the Spectra pump is fabulous!!

  616. Really happy with this product. It expresses well and has definitely helped first time mum like myself to kick start the milk supply. No complaints at all and would highly recommend this product!

  617. i’ve only just received my S2 and already I love it!! With my son 9 years ago I have a manual pump which had a lot of small parts and would take me overn40 minutes to express, this time around I wanted and electric pump that was easy too use and assemble. my friend has the medela freestyle but isn’t every happy with it, so I started my research and read nothing but great things about the spectra pumps and now I have it I can’t recommend it enough, it’s everything I was looking for, easy too use and I can assemble in a minute. It’s very easy too clean as it doesn’t have lots of parts. The night light is a great idea and so handy. I missed out on an item with my order and I found it very easy too deal with spectra support, they followed up on my email within an hour and posted out my item straight away. I also find the milk bags wonderful and affordable.

    I love love love my S2 double pump and would highly recommend spectra breast pumps they are great value for money and a fantastic product. I’m so happy I chose this product.

  618. Our branded breast pump lost suction in just 3months of use and we were concerned as we didn’t have a spare one. We were almost going to chase up on the warranty when we stumbled on the product reviews of tge S2 pump. It sounded too good to be true so we thought of giving it a go. I was very impressed with the speed of the processing. We got the item the next day itself and thr spectra support were very prompt in responding to emails and tracking info.
    The S2 pump is one that is completely different fron standard pumps. It is well thought off and designed. The light switch is an example – previously I used to put a torch / night light to be able to see at night while pumping. I was very impressed with how quiet the pump is. I haven’t seen any other pump that’s so quiet. The full unit is enclosed and safe. It also has a modern look to it. It also has a very reasonable price for a hospital grade pump.
    Overall I am extremely impressed with it and I am happy I came across the product.

  619. I LOVE MY S2!!!

    I had a complicated and traumatic birth that then caused my milk to be very slow to come in. While in hospital and for two weeks after I came home I had the use of a Medela Symphony to assist with increasing my supply. At any one time I was only expressing 80-100ml, after the two weeks I borrowed a Medela Swing from a friend and would express 140-160ml but it was taking a long time. I decided to look into a double pump and came across the Spectra S2 and I couldnt be happier. My milk has increased, I now can express 200ml+ every 3 hours, I love the Massage mode and the different cycles and suction speed. However, the best extra features that no other pump seems to have are the timer and the lamp, theyre great. I can now also set myself up at night with my PumpEase bra, turn the pump on and doze as the pump will turn off after 30 minutes. I love the S2 so much that I have recommended it to many of the mums in my mothers group and 2-3 of them have also purchased the pump. Thank you so much for allowing mums like me to be able to give their babys breast milk without the huge expense that is attached to other hospital grade pumps.

  620. My baby came 6 weeks early and I had to express from day 2. I always knew I would be expressing as I was going back to work in 3 months so I started my research early on. I loveeee my S2. It came on the day I went home. Fastest postage so I didn’t have to waste money on renting from a pharmacy. Easy to use and I followed instructions on you tube. I especially love the night light and timer. Medela didn’t have this so I was constantly looking at the clock at the hospital. The suction is powerful. I use the maximum setting for the let down mode and 34 with vacuum 10 on suction mode. I started on vacuum 6 initially. I love the flexibility of vacuum choices and the ability to double pump. Looking to get them M1 now for work and when I’m out and about.m

  621. amazing pump! dont know where to start, too many things i love about it!! my baby is 1 week old and ive had feeding troubles from the beginning with him not getting enough milk.. i tried expressing and i couldnt get a lot of milk out using my medela swing about 40ml each time 60 max.. yet i could still feel painful hard lumps that were just burning!! i tried heat packs and cold and massage, breast compressions etc. nothing worked. i got my pump and within 15 minutes i had 110ml! and no lumps! this morning i was so emotional and unwell about to give up.. now im getting plenty. i am going to be buying the spectra maxi 9 as soon as it comes out! thanku spectra for making an amazing pump! ive tried several others with my first pregnancy but couldnt afford the medela symphony hosp grade pump, this pump is 100 times better!and an excellent price

  622. I love this S2 – within 3 to 5 minutes I have expressed and done. I have it at work – it’s great and I’ve been using it for three months. It’s quick to express and clean and means I am not away from my desk for long. I tried a couple of the cheaper ones and DEFINITELY pay the extra for the S2 as it is well worth it.
    And Spectra customer service is AWESOME.

  623. After researching my options, I decided to purchase the S2 and I was very pleased with my choice. Easy to use, affordable and lives up to it’s claims. Highly recommended.

  624. After every possible problem with my breastfeeding (mastitis, cracked and split nipples, no milk, breast refusal!) I got the S2 and have been thrilled with it. I went from a hand pump (120ml after 6 expresses a day) to the S2 (300 ml after 2 expresses a day). I think the let down mode was really important for my breasts because I’d been using a nipple shield for so long, so they needed the quick, light sucking action.

    And now I can play with my son AND express, because I have a hand free. (Also, the rhythmic noise of the S2 lulls him to sleep if nothing else has worked, but shhh! Don’t tell anyone I do that!)

    Now, if only it would clean itself…

  625. I needed to get extra milk for my son just two weeks old and used a known electric pump avnt but was not getting much milk (even after trying pump for an hour!). After some thought, decided to look for another pump. I was recommended a good pump is a hospital grade like medela. But whoa, too pricey for me!

    I nearly gave up in searching for a good quality but affordable hospital grade pump. That’s when I came across the spectra brand. I was not keen at the beginning with doubts sounding it too cheap for a hospital grade! However, after thorough browsing of on-line reviews and youtube, I got convinced. I’ve ordered the S2 and is VERY happy. Using even less than half way of the cycle and let down feature, am already extracting my milk needed in less than 10-15 minutes! I would recommend this pump works!!

  626. My sister in law (Lauren) recommended this breast pump to me and i love it! Very simple and easy to use. Easier to use than the pump at the hospital. Nice and quiet and the light is very handy πŸ™‚ Would recommend this this pump to anyone. Great product at a great price!

  627. I love this pump which I have been using now for over two months. It is easy to use and I am able to keep a good supply without taking up all my time! I don’t know where I would be without this pump it has been a real life saver. The light and timer are also an added bonus. I recommended this pump to my sister in law who also loves it.

  628. I love this pump! It has been godsend! As an exclusive pumper, I was worried about my supply dropping, which it was with my previous manual pump from a leading company, so I began searching for pumps that supported milk supply – which is when I found this pump. Since using it I have had no problems with low supply, and I have saved hours a day of pumping. The double pump is amazing! It takes me 10 minutes to have enough milk for a full feed (180ml) for my my 5month old daughter. It has less parts than my old manual pump, and much better suction. After 3 months of use, I have not experienced any soreness or cracking of my nipples, and I have not found it a chore to use, like my other pump. I credit this pump with my ability to still be feeding my daughter breast milk after pumping exclusively since she was 10 weeks old. The sales assistant was super helpful, and I was even able to pick up my pump that day (as I lived in the area and the post had already gone out for the day). Quiet, easy to use and very effective. The timer and screen light are also helpful (and I didn’t originally think they would be)! This is well worth the investment – and it is a fraction of the price of other pumps of the same capacity! Just brilliant!!

  629. The S2 breast pump is amazing. First time mum and was confused about all the products on the market. After meeting a Spectra representative at the Adelaide pregnancy expo I was sold not only on the product but the advise and support given at the stand. It was real advise from a mum. Since then the pump has been fantastic. Easy to use and quiet enough to use at work. I completely recommend it.

  630. I bought the S2 after weeks of deliberation before my daughter was born. In hospital I found out she had latching problem and would have to be exclusively bottle-fed. I was using Medela Symphony while in hospital and was concerned if the S2 was going to work as well. To my relief, I had no problem once I got home, and I even found the S2 drains the breasts better. No more lumps for me.

    My favourite features:
    – changeable cycle speed & vacuum strength
    – timer (so I don’t have to memorise what time I started pumping)
    – quiet motor (as I pump near sleeping husband & daughter)
    – very affordable for a hospital grade pump
    – washable back flow protectors

    Overall I’m really pleased with this pump. I’m glad I decided to trust the online reviews and purchased one.

  631. What can I say but AMAZING!!!!

    I bought the spectra pump after hiring the Medela Pump for 7 weeks costing me $240, I only wish I had come across this site sooner.

    After the birth of my premature daughter I hired the Medela, I find this pump quite harsh with only two settings. The spectra by far outweighs the Medela, It has multiple settings so I can set it to my desired suction, it is gentle and not at all noisy.

    I would highly recommend this pump to any mother, In fact I told all the mothers about the website while I was in the Special Care Nursery with my daughter.

  632. Spectra S2 review

    Having had mixed experiences with breast pumps in the past from a heartbreaking failure using an Avent electric breast pump for my daughter to overwhelming success using the Medela Symphony for my premature baby boy; I was somewhat skeptical as to how the Spectra pumps would perform.

    On initial inspection the S2 is pleasing to the eye and the whole unit is surprisingly light making it easy to pick up and carry. The design is simple and understated however seemingly well thought out with two separate adjustable settings for cycle and vacuum to assist you in getting the best results suited to you. The night light has two brightness settings which emit a soft and gentle glow. The S2 also has a bottle holder built into the pump which is a nice addition to the other control.
    The S2 allows you to switch back and forth between the massage mode and letdown mode with a single press of the button with the wavy symbol. Each setting has its own separate adjustment controls to either increase or decrease the cycle and vacuum. It also has the added convenience of remembering the last settings used in each mode.

    The cycle setting mimics the amount of times your baby sucks in one minute and the vacuum adjusts the strength of the ‘suck’. While in massage mode, the cycle setting is unable to be adjusted up or down, while the vacuum setting can be adjusted between level 1 and 5. In letdown mode the cycle and vacuum are both fully adjustable.

    Overall the S2 is excellent quality and value for money and is definitely a competitor for the Medela Symphony.
    I found the tubing length to be just a little short, leaving me to needing to place the pump within rather close proximity when attached and I also thought it would be rather nice to have some sort of carry bag available when storing your pump away or travelling. I’m the sort of person who likes to take care of their investments.

    I would not hesitate in recommending the S2 to any mother. It has certainly given me piece of mind as I prepare to return to work. Now I can be assured that my baby is going to receive all the goodness of my breastmilk.

  633. We bought this pump to replace a portable, single electric pump from another brand.
    The S2 is easy to use, runs quietly and yielded much more milk than the other pump.

    So far we are very happy as it is simple to set up and use and runs much quieter. We also bought the bra to make it hands free, this frees up my wife to relax while pumping.

    Overall i would recommend this pump as it is pretty cheap. Delivery was also ok, it was delivered early in the morning on the second day.

  634. Only got my S2 pump Friday at the brisbane Expo and am already loving it. It would take me a whole day of manually pumping over multiple 30min blocks to express a bottle making it a stressful experience. Hubby and I kept postponing a date because of me getting too stressed however not anymore! It took 3 pumping sessions each taking around 10min and I now have a full bottle . I’m really looking forward to going out now without significant stress in the week leading up to it.

  635. Love my Spectra pump – have to pump exclusively and my Speccy is a lifesaver.

  636. BEST decision i ever made getting the s2. It’s soo quiet and easy to use. The nightlight is a bonus too, no more having to turn on a light and disturb the house in order to pump late at night. I especially love the fact that the pump remembers your pump settings so once you have finished with massage mode, you can just get straight on with pumping. Just sit back, relax and off you go πŸ™‚

  637. I love my S2. I am an exclusive pumper and the S2 meets all my needs. Great for double or single pumping. Quiet,comfortable, love the timer and the light. Fantastic price!
    I would recommend it to anyone after a quality breast pump.

  638. Changed to this after using the Dew 350… what can I say… I love love LOVE this unit. The massage feature is great for let down, and it’s great I can change the cycle and suction levels, as I don’t always use the same levels. The nightlight is a clever feature for nighttime expressing and the timer is a bonus – I don’t have to try to remember what time I started pumping (which is hard at 3.00am)
    Thank you Spectra for all your great customer service and your fantastic product! πŸ™‚

  639. I love my S2. I am an exclusive pumper and the S2 meets all my needs. Great for double or single pumping. Quiet,comfortable, love the timer and the light. Fantastic price!
    I would recommend it to anyone after a quality breast pump.

  640. The S2 is worth every penny. I was so closed to buying another avent ($199) as the one I owned was about to die and I couldn’t justify buying a hospital grade pumps (some was over $1,000). I am so glad I did my research and found the spectra pumps. I couldn’t believe the price and was a little worried that it wouldn’t do the job compared to the other really expensive brands. But at just a little over $200, there wasn’t much to loss. I would highly recommend the S2 to anyone needing a pump, it saves so much time and I can pump while watching TV, as it’s not too loud. The unit was a little bigger than expected, but after a week’s use, I fell in love with the design, the different suctions, the really handy bottle holder and the light was so useful for night time. The S2 had to be designed by mum’s who have been expressing.

  641. Could not believe how cheap this pump was in comparison to other hospital grade pumps!! And it works JUST as well, if not better. Love being able to double or single pump and I’m able to choose the vacuum strength and speed! Best pump!

  642. For my first son I used the ameda truly yours, I found it uncomfortable and time consuming to pump. It took me about a half an hour to pump a 4 oz bottle.
    For my second son I purchased the Spectra, I was a little nervous since there weren’t so many reviews on it. I didn’t want to buy the Medela Pump in Style as I’ve had friends who had back flow issues, with milk getting into the motor. Medela wasn’t helpful about those problems… I was really happy to see that Spectra has a back flow separator. Not only does milk not get back into the machine, the pump is much more comfortable and efficient. I can now pump 4 oz per side in less than 10 mins.
    I would compare my output and confort to the Medela Symphony, which I used in the hospital and it retails for $1,599.00!!!

  643. I bought the S2 pump based on the customers’ feedback. It is noisier than Medela Swing pump and much bigger. The S2pump comes with light and timer which are very handy. In term of price, it is the same as Medela single pump.

  644. Fantastic product and good value. Unit a bit on the large side, however does the job in half the time my previous pump did.

  645. What a great pump! My wife is enjoying this pump – suction is just as good as Medela Symphony she used previously, Only feedback would be if there were more sizes for the suction cup (a slightly larger one) instead of one universal size, But otherwise fantastic!

  646. This breast pump is amazing. After much research and thinking between this brand and another brand. I’m so happy with my choosing of the Spectra brand double pump. I can half my breast expressing using the double. It asked which breast pump I would recommend people to, Spectra would be my choice to all my family, friends and their friends.

  647. i am so incredibly impressed with this pump and brand in general! i was using a manual pump as electronic pumps never worked for me but this is amazing and the double sided action makes life a breeze. i also placed my order on monday and the pump was here on wednesday! and it is a bulky thing to send but got here to wa extremely quick! they also threw in extras as well! thankyou so much spectra!

  648. I did a lot of research and am so glad to have come across spectra and not go for the other popular expensive brands. I love the double pumping action, and the night light and timer have been a big big plus for me as I’m doing expressing every 4 hrs while my little man is getting stronger in the hospital ( he was 6 weeks early). One thing I found slightly annoying was that when u powered off, it didn’t reset to massage mode, so if u forgot and pumped the next time, it was quite painful. So now, my routine is to switch is back to massage mode before I turn the machine off. It is quiet though and lightweight. I will be expressing when I go back to work.

  649. I’m a first time mum who had a surprisingly large baby 5.5kg (yes!) and need to express regularly to keep my supply up with his demand. This pump is easy to use, has a great flange size (the part that sits on our nipple) and the settings/options make it very versatile. Highly recommend. Definitely worth the investment! Thanks Spectra.

  650. I did allot of research on which pump to buy and this was definitely the best I could find!
    Very quiet, fast and easy to use.
    I would highly recommend!

  651. Love this product. Gonna order tomorrow. But can you tell me what difference between s2 and dew 350?

  652. The S2 pump has very strong suction. I can only manage to pump on the lowest setting for about 10 minutes (after a couple of minutes on the letdown mode). I am too sore to do much more than that. However in that time I usually manage to get around 80 mls from each breast which is sufficient for 2 feeds. The breast shields are not very comfortable and only comes in one size. I suspect this is the reason for my soreness. The customer service so far has been excellent. All my email queries have been answered quickly. I was impressed with the next day delivery. I would recommend this pump.

    • Maire Shanahan

      Hello, thanks for your review! We actually do have other shield sizes available now. What kind of soreness are you experiencing? Actually it may be best if you email us at, hopefully we can figure out a solution.

  653. After my first child i was exclusively expressing and i credit my milk supply dissapearing thanks to 3 different other well known brand pumps having no suction, breaking after 2 weeks of continued use, poor service, and milk backflowing and leaking into the motors. These were well known and advertised brands! Now with my second and third children having to express due to them being in Nicu, I am so thankful i invested in the spectra s2 pump. I have an oversupply of milk, so quiet and easy to use, no backflowing, no fiddly parts, Awesome suction thats better than my hospitals medela symphony, Great convenient unit i take it wherever i go. I credit my ability to keep giving my milk to two babies and having spare to this pump. I highly recommend it. I wasted so much money on the others this is a godsend.

  654. As a first time mum, I was very nervous about making sure my new baby had enough to eat! Not only were the staff super friendly and fast in answering any questions I had about their breast pumps via Facebook and email, the spectra s2 pump has been amazing so far. The pump is super easy to set up and use, plus even pumping in the room at night doesn’t wake up the baby or my partner! As a pharmacy assistant I have seen a few different brands of breast pumps in action and the s2 is just as good as those priced hundreds of dollars more!

  655. After a lot of research I was so happy to find this pump that ticks all the boxes and covers everything you may need on your breastfeeding journey. So far it has been ideal to help us along in the early weeks to maintain supply and is still used every day. The features have all been thought out carefully as was the design, resulting in a quality product offering superb value for money. I have been recommending this pump to other mum’s as I think it is miles better than the more well known brands. It just needs more exposure so other mum’s can see how excellent its performance is. Really pleased with my purchase, the double pumping saves time and boosts supply while the let down mode, night light and timer are super features.

  656. After doing a fair bit of research and looking at reviews i have decided to purchase the s2. Compared to its main competing product, the s2 has more vacuum power and seems to have more flexibility in controls. And the price is a big difference!!

  657. Love this pump! I find the noise level of the S2 is very similar to the DEW models, but it’s a different type of sound. I find it useful to switch between the let down mode and the regular mode to start the milk flowing again. I personally don’t move this pump above level 3 on the suction – it’s so strong. I like that the S2 back flow filters are washable and don’t need replacing like in the DEW models.

  658. I could not recommend this Spectra S2 pump enough, it is amazing!! I have tried a few other pumps before and none of them compare. This pump is so quick and easy to use, and with the massage (let down) function is it perfect for me. I can get two full feeds expressed in under 10 minutes. It is simple to assemble/ dissemble for cleaning with only a couple of parts. Again, AMAZING!!

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