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Spectra DEW 350 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

$249.00 $199.20

The Spectra Dew 350 is a hospital grade breast pump with a single smooth, powerful yet gentle pumping action that will support milk supply and allow you to make short work of expressing.

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Yes, you read right! A hospital grade breast pump for under $250! The Dew 350 was the first pump we introduced here in 2012 and remains a firm favourite with mums. The Dew 350 is a simple, powerful hospital grade breast pump which is ideal for most pumping mums. It has been used by hundreds and hundreds of Aussie mums now who love how effective it is, how easy to use, and how quiet! Please feel very free to read the reviews on the ‘reviews’ tab or come and visit our facebook page and ask other mums directly!
The Dew 350 is hospital grade, so it has a larger motor and is not a small pump – it is about 2k and 20cm across the base. The Dew 350 does need to be plugged in and can’t be used with a car adaptor, so if portability is essential to you, then consider one of our portable breast pumps, like the M1. If you are able to set your breast pump up at work or somewhere at home and just pump in that spot, then read on. The Dew 350 has suction Β up to 350 mmHg, and with its strong motor, this means that you can be sure of pumping strong enough to draw out milk and build supply if needed. The suction is completely variable – the dial can be turned to adjust the suction all the way down to zero, and then turned up to suit your comfort level once pumping. When single pumping you might have the dial turned 1/3 of the way, and 2/3 of the way for double pumping. The Dew 350 has an easy and comfortable pattern of suction which mums just seem to love – it’s a very smooth action.

The drawback of the Dew 350 is that it has no letdown mode – the letdown mode is a quick, light pattern of suction which helps trigger letdown, or the process by which your body starts the milk flow. As a general guide, the longer you’ve been breastfeeding, the harder it is to get a letdown with a breast pump, though every woman is individual so there are many exceptions. The Dew 350 will work wonderfully for perhaps 90% of mums, but if you’re a mum who finds it harder to express, then a letdown mode will really help, so look at the M1 or the S2. Β We generally advise that if you’re a new mum wanting to express, particularly if you are relying on the pump or need to build supply, the Dew 350 is ideal, but if you’re a mum with an older baby, say going back to work at 10 months, then you’re more likely to need a pump with a letdown mode.

What features does the Dew 350 have?

Powerful, efficient pump with a gentle pattern of suction.

  • Comes with everything you need to double pump, which saves you time and also better supports milk supply.
  • Is suitable for heavy duty use ie 8 x a day.
  • Suitable for initiating lactation and building milk supply.
  • Very quiet – it has a soft, constant noise (sounds a little like heavy breathing) and has none of the ‘frog’ noise that breast pumps generally have, so you can pump next to your baby or at work without worrying about the noise.
  • Closed system – like all Spectra breast pumps, the Dew 35o has a backflow filter which ensures that moisture from your milk cannot enter the pump motor. Using a pump without this kind of protection can result in mould growth in the pump motor and is a potential source of virus transmission.
  • Comes in pink or blue.

What are the negatives?

  • The Dew 350 needs to be plugged in and can’t be used with a car adaptor
  • You can’t change the cycle speed and doesn’t have a letdown mode, which some women need.

Should you buy the Dew 350 or the S2? Please read our post explaining the differences: Dew 350 v S2


Spectra DEW 350 hospital grade pump Milk collection kit containing:

  • Wide neck breast shield (24mm size) x 2
  • Bottle x 2
  • Slow flow soft teat x 2
  • Tubing x 2
  • Disc x 2
  • Cap x 2
  • Backflow filter x 4
  • Valve x2
  • Power adaptor

All components in contact with your milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum range 0 ~ 350 mmHg
  • Cycle length 46 RPM
  • Two years Warranty
  • Motor life 1,500 hours
  • Country of origin: South Korea
Vacuum strength


Letdown mode

Cycle speed



Double kit




  1. I really dislike mine. The valves come off CONSTANTLY. I have used duct tape, electrical tape, and glued them together but they still constantly fall apart during pumping. I can’t explain the FRUSTRATION when you are almost done pumping, have stuff to do, have been sitting there for half an hour, and then you realize, one of the tubes has come off, and you haven’t got half the milk you should have. The amount of times I have had to sit there, where I would usually enjoy the only part of the day where I get to sit on the computer, an arms everywhere mess, trying to hold the tubing together! ARRRRGH!

    I have had mine for about 7 months now and it holds up just fine, I’m still getting a good amount, but I am finding it gets really tired on the longer pumping sessions, now that I only have to pump twice a day. After the 45 minutes it takes to fully express, it’s really struggling and hot when I finally finish up and turn it off. Wheezing… barely holding suction, even if I turn it up more.

    Otherwise, it works every bit as good as the $500 Medela Harmony I had before it, for a fraction of the price. Even without a let down mode.

    So… Yeah.

    • Hi Katie

      Oh my gosh that sounds terrible. The valves you’re referring to are subject to wear and tear and need replacing every 3-4 months, sometimes sooner if you’re regularly pumping. The first sign that the valves are ready for replacing is that they are popping off – it means that they’ve stretched out.

      Glue and tape would not be good for your milk, so I would definitely recommend replacing the valves as soon as possible. Are the red lines on the inside of your backflow filters still clear? They need replacing once the red lines become blurred.

      Both of these things can massively impact suction, so please try out my suggestion and then let me know how you go!

      Warm regards

      Spectra Team

  2. This pump is amazing. I debated over which one to buy for a while but I am really glad I went with the Dew as it is super quiet and does not annoy the poeple around me which was one of my main concerns. This will allow me to breastfeed for much longer. It also is not very heavy meaning I can take it with me when I go away. A fantastic pump that does the job in a fraction of the time that my old manual pump took.

  3. After a lot of research and comparing, I decided on the Spectra Dew pump, and I’m so happy I did. I’m currently pumping in between feeds for my 3 week old to boost supply and getting full feeds of 120ml in 15 minutes, it’s amazing!! It’s so quiet and can be taken anywhere. Will recommend to all friends from now on. Beats my old Medela Mini pump by far!!!

  4. Spectra Dew 350 is perfectly amazing and friendly as well. The delivery was very quick that i got in next 2 days of my order. The spectra bottles are also good with no spills compared to other bottles and my little one likes it a lot.

  5. I love my Spectra Dew. It arrived the day after I ordered it and the lactation consultant at the hospital said it was a great product and that she was glad Spectra’s got enough in stock to send them so quickly– there was apparently some fears about a shortage earlier! It pumps really efficiently for me– I’d used a Medela hospital premmie at the hospital and I can’t tell the difference in pumping efficiency to be honest. The only thing I’d improve on would be the connectors on the tubing– I’m unsure if you should wash this item and I have ended up washing it– it’s really easy to lose if you do, and it does come loose if you sterlize your flanges like I do with a steam sterilizer.

  6. Super fast delivery! Fantastic, efficient and quieter product. Easy to set up and use.

  7. This pump is amazing! So happy with my choice of purchasing a spectra pump over other brands. Very easy to use and quiet too. Will definitely be recommending to my friends πŸ™‚

  8. After tirelessly googling and researching the best breast pump I came across the Spectra Dew 350. I have honestly not found a single bad review about this product. It has everything you need in a trendy little design. I personally love my Spectra! It arrived unbelievably fast as promised. I also cannot fault the amazing customer service I’ve received from start to finish. Spectra has got to be the best brand out there in terms of breast pumps and accessories!

  9. Arrived really quickly, even over the Easter holiday weekend it only took a couple of days! The pump is a cute design. Really glad I discovered Spectra! Thanks!

  10. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived! I ordered it on the Easter holiday weekend (Easter Saturday) and even though it was Easter, it arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday morning. I was very impressed. The pump is such a cute design. I haven’t used it for pumping yet because my baby hasn’t arrived (not long now though) but I’m super impressed so far and Im over the moon I could get a double pump for under $250.

  11. Firstly logistic is excellent, it being shipped at the next day.

    I have not used my self, but my friend recommonded to me, said the speed is better than other brand. So I am expecting to use it for the first couple of days.

  12. Really glad the I purchased this pump! I was previously using a Medela Manual Pump, and decided to buy an electric & was glad I chose the DEW350. The suction is amazing! Even double pumping I don’t have to even use half of the sucking power. The delivery was very fast and customer service was very responsive & helpful when I had questions πŸ™‚

  13. I’m loving my DEW pump! My husband is appreciative of how quiet it is too. Thank you Spectra!

  14. Love love LOVE this pump! It’s amazingly quiet and efficient and so simple to use! Very fast postage as well – it arrived the next morning!

  15. We purchased the dew 350! Great pump, easy to use, easy to set up, its quiet which is a must when you have a new baby, its lightweight and i love the cute design. I managed to grab this pump while it was on sale for $174 and im so glad i got it! We had a Medela with our older daughter a few years ago and it was horrible, it was loud, the pump kept stopping ect….im glad i made the switch to Spectra! You guys rock!!

  16. We just received the Dew350! Very easy to use, very quiet (which is a must when you have babies!) Its lightweight and just simple!! Exactly what we needed….its really cute too!! Very happy! Thank you!

  17. This has been a lifesaver for me!! I bought it so partner could feed our baby girl after work and bond but I ended up to feed our baby because my nipples were so cracked and sore! Thanks to dew 350 I could give my baby the best of breast milk while my nipples healed. Midwife suggested to get large shields, I got brand new ones last week (postage is very fast by the way)!

  18. We were using Mendela pump before ( Pink Round one ) as we got it from my brother. It’s performance was not good it took way too much time and was noisy. Although it was 2 year old pump so I am not sure was end of life. I found pumps to be very costly but fortunately because of spectra sale we got this excellent pump in less than 200 dollars. It is less noisy and more efficient. Now pumping time is less than half. the size of pump is large as compared to earlier one but it’s efficient and not painful to pump multiple time s.

  19. Bought this pump after reading other reviews, and pretty satisfied with it.
    Was worried about getting other pumps with lower suction power, but this was a perfect solution and within my budget. Will recommend this pump any day!

  20. This is amazing i had the medela and it had zero suction compared to this. I am so happy a friend recommended this product because i was going to give up pumping.

  21. Love this pump! I bought this spectra dew last week, it arrived super fast the next day i ordered. It’s easy to use and clean, the performance really great and double pumping make my expressing time quicker (10-15 min). The customer service were very nice and quick respond to my emails and were very clear, thank you spectra team πŸ™‚

  22. This is a great pump, as a first time mum I had no idea what to look for in a pump or what I would need as I would not be pumping often. After reading reviews and comparing models I went with the dew because it could “grow” with me. It’s super fast and comfortable to use and quiet so I can have baby sleeping next to me. And once I go back to work I can use it as a double pump to get even more EBM. Shipping is extremely fast also.

  23. I love this one. It has better performance than the Ameda i previously owned. It makes expressing much quicker and less effort.

  24. This pump has been my life saver.. My newborn was in Neo natal care for 12 days and because of this we are having some breast feeding challenges, I wanted to ensure I could still supply my milk as often as possible.. The Spectra DEW breast pump has ensured I can do this with ease, being hospital grade I know it can handle my daily use and has made expressing easy. I would recommend this breast pump to anyone who needs to express on occasion or everyday.

  25. I was a bit hesitant about pumping my milk, having exclusively breastfed for the first 10 weeks of my baby’s life. This pump has completely changed my opinion though – it is so easy to use and takes minimal time – I manage 160mls from both breasts in 10 minutes. Assembling and cleaning afterwards is quick and it is easily portable for trips away from home. I have also found the customer service to be fabulous – thanks Spectra!

  26. Really love this pump , its very powerful and in 10 mins I pumped 50 mls on minimum power!!and tthe most important thing for me thst its Quite ???

  27. My husband bought the Dew 350 for me just when I’ve almost given up on using pumps. It’s very gentle to use and cuts the pumping time tremendously. Now, I’d be confident to continue with breast milk feeding my baby even when I go back to work. Definitely a life saver and lessens the stress of being a new parent. I’m recommending it to everyone mum I know. Thank you Spectra. πŸ˜€

  28. I am so delighted with my purchase of the Spectra Dew 350. I had the challenge of low milk supply when my daughter was born and I used the Spectra Dew 350 to increase my supply therefore enabling me to continue my breastfeeding journey. I now use the pump to express and find it so easy and efficient to use. I am still impressed with the quality of the product, the affordability, the great customer service and quick shipping.

  29. Really great pump! Very quiet and easy to use plus very comfortable. I didn’t mind that it’s not portable as I only use it at home anyway. I will definitely recommend it to my friends!

  30. I just brought this breast pump after having some trouble with breast feeding, I was recommended this pump by a midwife in hospital and I am very happy with it. I have found it very efficient, meaning I only need to pump for a short amount of time. It is very quiet and easy to clean.
    The delivery service was amazing, to my doorstep within 24 hrs (mid north coast nsw).

  31. Very quick delivery as I just came out of hospital and needed it asap!
    After using one in the hospital, this is just as good as its a lot more quiet.
    Very happy I found the reviews on this brand.

  32. Fantastic pump. Really quick and efficient, easy to use and portable enough to take to a different location as required. Excellent customer service too!

  33. My S2 double breast pump is AMAZING. It is easy to use and has all the functions that you need. It is everything a mother need. Highly recommended.

  34. I bought my dew in jan 2013 and 3 babies later (my two plus a friends inbetween) this workhorse of a pump is still going strong. The speed is not adjustable but the strength/suction is, and it’s very strong! I have just this week upgraded to an s2 for the letdown feature, but had I not been able to upgrade I would still be very happy to continue using this pump. (First baby : breastfed till 5 months then exclusively expressed using few for 13 weeks, friend used to exclusively express for 6 months, my second baby: use daily to put away milk for return to work)

  35. Very easy to use, and very efficint. Love this breastpumpm made me and my baby happy. Also the price is so good compare with other brands. Totally worth it.

  36. Excellent product. Very glad we purchased this. Everyone of my mum friends recommend it.

  37. Love my new spectra dew 350! It’s so fast, easy to use and quiet. I can’t believe the value for money. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery as well it reached me over night in Cairns! Thanks so much!

  38. This is a fantastic pump. Very quiet and super efficient. I love that you can change the strength of the “suck” so easily as you progress through the pumping session. Great service too, arrived the next day! Highly recommend.

  39. Fabulous pump! So efficient and easy to use and clean. Also loved the fast prompt shipping to country area from Spectra. Would recomend to any new mum.

  40. This pump is fabulous! I also have another pump from a popular brand, it doesn’t even compare. So lucky I bought a Spectra it has made my life so much easier.

  41. Great breast pump. Bought for my wife as our little fella was a lazy feeder and needed topping up and the Spectra dew 350 was great! On par with the more expensive pumps in the hospital.

  42. I’m very happy with this purchase. As a full-time pumper for my 5 month old I thought hospital grade pumps were out of my price range and had been hiring monthly from a pharmacy. I plan to continue pumping until 12 months and when I found out about this pump I figured out that I would pay it off in 3 1/2 months based on the hire costs and be saving after that so I decided to give it a go. What I didn’t count on was that it’s actually quieter, gentler, and more efficient than the hired pump, plus more attractive to have sitting around my home. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about it sooner!

  43. Amazing product! I purchased the avent double breast pump for my first child and this unit is much easier and more effective to use. It was shipped quickly and is easy to clean. 10/10!

  44. Love the pump, use it everyday. Consider quite compare to than brand. Will recommend to my friends. Very stylish, no one notice it’s a pump!

  45. 3 years ago my first child was born 8 weeks premmie. At the time I was advised by numerous breastfeeding support networks, including staff from the NICU that Medela Breast pumps were the only option worth considering. They were costly but the only thing that would hold up to the demands of premmie pumping and the parts would interact with the pumps available in the hospital. For 3 years I have used and recommended nothing but Medela Breast pumps. I am excited to say that this will be changing from now on.

    My second child has, due to to high number of unlikely events coinciding, at 8mo started totally refusing the breast. I decided to continue pump feeding but my milk was slowly dropping down and the time it was taking with my medela pump was ridiculous. The problem was I had only a month earlier purchased a new Medela pump. Under the advise of my LC I purchased the Dew. Let me just say, this pump has saved my breastfeeding journey. I am totally convinced that without it I would have had to face one of my worse fears, switching to formula.

    This pump is cheaper than my Medela, and much better. It is portable (to a point) and super user friendly. I am completely converted.

  46. I exclusively pump and the dew 350 is fantastic! I get more milk in less time than the medela pump i was using when i left hospital after the birth of my son . I bought the dew 350 based on all the positive reviews online and they arent wrong.

    Customer service is also really good- emails responded to on the same day.

  47. I just purchased DEW 350 model. it is a good breast pump and it is very silent.It is very powerful. I just have a bit confusion about the valve head, because on the accessories part it said that the duck valve does not work with dew 350 model, but when i got the package it comes with the duck valve and one of the girl from spectra team confirmed that now the DEW 350 model also used duck valve, i think the website need to be updated. Anyway good product and good customer service and easy to communicate with fast respond.

  48. The spectra 350 is amazing. I am loving this pump. It is so easy to use, efficient and effective. I looked at other pumps but went for this one as it is hospital grade and the price is so affordable. The spectra team were very helpful, informative, thorough and prompt in their responses to all my questions regarding the pump. thank you.

  49. What an awesome price for a hospital grade pump, I have been using a hire Ph.p and when I saw this I jumped at it, I ordered on Monday and Tuesday arvo it was delivered , amazing service
    It is light enough I packed it to take on holiday and it is a soft and quite unit that I really enjoy using, thank you

  50. Awesome product! I was using a Tommee Tippee electric pump but it would take forever to get a decent amount, with the Spectra Dew 350 it takes me a quarter of the time pumping with more milk at the end! And that’s just using it on the single, haven’t needed to try the double yet. Such a time saver and will be recommending Spectra to all my pregnant friends.

  51. I recently bought the DEW and have been impressed by how fast I can pump with it. The product is good quality, the price very low and the customer service is the best I’ve come across in a long while. I have had three queries so far and all of them have been answered promptly and were helpful. I love that Spectra is up front about the pros and cons of each product and help you to make the right purchase.

  52. I love my spectra pump. It was reccomended to mt by a friend. It is so easy to use and to disassemble to clean. Has made those first few weeks a lot more stress free

  53. I’ve been using my dew 350 pump for almost a month now and love it! Recommended from a friend after being completely clueless about breast pumps , spoke with the very helpful staff at spectra and settled on this pump with absolutely no regrets. Very easy to use, great price and super quick postage-received the very next day after ordering. Really quiet too!

  54. I am so happy with my pump – my first baby i had a single pump that burnt out & took 40 min a session. Now with bub no 2 i got this pump I’m done in 10-15min. Makes it a lot easier when exclusively pumping especially in winter πŸ˜‰

  55. This is a fabulous pump that works just as well as the one in the hospital. Takes up very little space, easy to setup and use and is nice and quiet. Delivery was super quick, with the pump arriving the next day after I ordered it. Would recommend this to anyone!

  56. I purchased a Dew 350 as I pump 4 times a day every day and needed a hospital grade pump but didn’t want to pay $500 or more for one. I have used Medela pumps in hospital and at home with and with out the let down feature. I don’t need the let down feature. I find the Dew 350 suits my needs for an everyday breast pump. I have had no troubles with the pump it self. However I have had to purchase smaller medela breast shields 21mm as the spectra 28mm are too large. I could not pump enough with the larger 28mm shields and ended up with mastitis. Also the spectra collection bottles do not seal properly and leak when shaken with milk in them. Appart from these minor things I find that spectra is a great affordable alternative.

  57. I have a four month old daughter and have pumped at least once a day since she was a week old. I had a Medela Symphony (good) for a few weeks then the Phillips Avent electric (not so good). I can ‘t believe the time I have wasted!
    While the Dew 350 is not the most aesthetically pleasing, the speed and the pressure are brilliant especially for the price.
    Highly recommend.

  58. This pump is fabulous! I used a pump in hospital and the spectra is quieter, really efficient and way cheaper. I also have another pump from a popular brand, it doesn’t even compare. So lucky I bought a Spectra it has made my life so much easier.

  59. This pump is great. I’m only 30 weeks pregnant but still gave it a go πŸ˜‰ I was surprised that it is very comfortable and easy to use and set up. The lowest minimum setting is so soft it almost feels like a let down mode on the more expensive machines! Mid way is really comfortable and I even got a few drops of milk….I was only on it for 2-3 min!!!

    Postage was fantastic! If I new I would get it that fast I would have waited a couple of weeks! πŸ™‚

    Great job guys. A really good product at an awesome price. I am very impressed.

  60. Im loving this pump. I bought 3 pumps and this by far is the best and most efficient. I spent more money on other pumps that didn’t do half the job this once does and it cane the next day when I ordered it. Ive already started to recommend it to other friends Thanks spectra

  61. My beautiful baby girl was born 7 weeks premature, because of this the only way to feed her was by expressing up to 8 times per day for months and take the milk to the hospital. I tried a medala swing and it took forever to express and the milk flowed up the tube and into the machine once. A friend recommended the Spectra pump and it is fabulous. I would highly recommend it. It’s easy to use, pumps quickly and easy to clean.

  62. I bought this pump after hearing lots of great reviews about it on my local mums board. I had a small manual pump but I didn’t respond well to it so I wanted to try something else so I could build up my supply and get a small stash of milk in the freezer. My pump arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered it which I thought was great service and it’s so simple and easy to use. I love it!

  63. This pump is very efficient and easy to use. There aren’t many parts so you can’t really get confused. Was delivered within 24hrs of being ordered not many companies can offer that service! Great value for money would definitely recommend.

  64. I bought this breast pump after my sister in law recommend it. I really love it! I used to try my girl friend’s Philip Avent single pump and it take double the time of Spectra. Spectra double breast pump saved so much of my time. I have also shared experience of Spectra breast pump with my girl friend who recently just gave birth. She was so thankful of my recommendation as she saved money and time over the other brand. Spectra dew 350 is definitely value for money ! Go for it mummy to be!

  65. The Spectra Dew has been an absolute god send. We ordered the product online and were hoping it was not going to take too long to arrive as we were being discharged from the hospital in 2 days time. We ordered the product at about 11am and it was delivered the next morning at 9am. Such fast and efficient delivery.
    I am having to express 6-7 times a day and the Spectra Dew has not let me down yet. This machine is just as good if not better than the one we used in the hospital which we priced at around $400.
    This machine is such great value for money and I would have no doubt in recommending it to any new mum.

  66. Its been a month since I bought and been using my Dew 350 and been happy everyday of using it. Compare to the first brand that I bought, Dew 350 effectively extracts milk without needing it on full power, no swollen nipples, extracts much more but cost much less. The soft humming sound does not distract my baby whenever Im extracting beside him. Now Im building a supply d putting it in the freezer. Its a real gem! A very wise investment for every mother especially to a new mum like me.

  67. I bought this pump when a friend recommended it. I really love it! It’s gentle enough for me and works really well. I tried a Medela in the hospital and found my Spectra to be better when I came home. One thing I really love about it is how quiet it is! I can watch T.V. while expressing and barely hear my pump. It’s also really portable and nice and light with an easy to grab handle. All the parts are easy to put together and when I ordered new parts they arrived really quickly. The only thing you have to be a bit careful of is that the filters don’t get wet. I made this mistake first up and it really stopped my pump being effective. But I bought new filters asap and it was good as new. Such great value. I recommend this pump highly!

  68. I bought this pump after using the medela mini pump which I found a bit painful both physically & in the time it was taking to completely express both breasts separately. The reviews on were spot on – this pump is so quiet, has a great range of pumping pressures, no extra parts are required to customise to your breast size, and pumping time is dramatically decreased. Not only can I pump both breasts to completely empty in 10-15 mins, the one breast that was hardly producing any milk previously is now producing almost as much as the other just by continuing to pump this one until the other is empty. My milk production exceeds my baby’s needs after using this pump for only 5 days. This was definitely value for money &. I am happy to recommend this pump to anyone.

  69. I really like this pump, it is so quiet I can pump in the room with a sleeping baby. I don’t mind the lack of letdown mode as it doesn’t take much for my milk cannons… I have had to pump as my hub has had total breast refusal on one side since she was about 4 months old (she’s now 7 mths, so very frustrating) & my milk production on that side drastically decreased resulting in severely lopsided boobs, especially as she gets bigger… This pump has allowed me to pump quickly & effectively to get my boobs back to the same size & helps to have a bottle for night time feeds & she’s waking less now that she knows its just a bottle & no booby to sleep on…
    I must say that my nipples are a bit small for the pump & get sucked right up there resulting in slower pumping so I’m going to try the massager fitting to see if this speeds up the process as recommended to me by the super fast support staff who got back to me within 24hrs!
    Also I loved the express delivery!

  70. Been using a Dew since July last year, and can wholeheartedly recommend. I’d suggest the Dew for 99% of all pumpers, it’s a workhorse; strong, but quiet, and very hardy (my three year old has knocked it onto the floor a few times, and it’s still going strong. And very happy with the Spectra service, can’t fault it, always consistently good. Very impressed with Spectra, recommend it to all of my pumping friends.

  71. I bought this pump for my second baby, having borrowed a Medela swing for my first. Both pumps have been effective, although I do prefer the Spectra for a number of reasons:
    1. Cheaper!
    2. I really liked the backflow filter on the Spectra (something the Medela did not have). The filter meant I didn’t have to pay as much attention when using the pump.
    3. Nice and quiet.

    The one drawback I can think of is the lack of a letdown mode (something the Medela has). It was a bit tedious triggering letdown and (for me) took a while. However, I would still recommend the Spectra to all lactating women – great product.

  72. I purchased this pump in anticipation of going back to work when my baby is 6 months old. My baby is only a week old and it has already been a life saver with early engorgement. It has amazing suction and is so quick! Very impressed and recommending to anyone who is looking for a really good value pump.

  73. I need to pump because I am returning to work and the Spectra Dew 350 is more than enough to help with producing enough milk for my baby when I need other people to bottle feed it to him. It takes about 10 mins to empty my breasts and is more than enough for my baby. I love my Spectra Dew 350 breast pump. I can’t stop talking about it and recommending it to other breast feeding mothers! I researched into all the options of breast pumps and this one is by far the cheapest and best pump. Not only is it a hospital grade double electric pump but it does the job wonderfully, if not better and is a lot cheaper than the other well known brands. It is very easy to use and very time efficient. I have the pumping bra too so it is hands free and so convenient! I compared the Spectra S2 to the Dew 350 and for what I needed this pump is more than enough. It needs electricity to use but is super quiet and only has one turning knob so its very easy to use. Don’t know what I would do without my Dew 350! Can’t highly recommend it enough. If you want an electric outlet plus rechargeable battery pump definitely get the Spectra S1 πŸ˜€

  74. Have used the S2 for the past week to exclusively express and cannot see any fault in the pump. We love the light, timer, double pump and letdown features and can see no difference between this and the much more expensive pump that we used in the hospital. In our opinion, it is so much better and an absolute lifesaver

    • Maire Shanahan

      I think it’s actually the S2 you’re using Craig! Great you’re liking it and congrats on your new baby!

  75. Fantastic! Read about this on a forum and thought that for the price, i would give it a go as a last ditch attempt to get a decent supply for my twins. I was using the medela swing maxi, but my output was decreasing.
    WOW WOW WOW – first express I had 20% more in just 7 minutes.
    Thank you so much. I’m now getting the S1 as well. The DEW for work, and S1 for home! Love the amazing customer service too.

  76. After reading many reviews on many brands, spectra’s solid reputation and excellent customer service stood out. This pump is great value for money and worth the investment for you and your baby.

  77. I love the DEW-350 pump. It’s so much quieter than the single mini electric pump that I was using and much more efficient as well. Thank you Spectra Australia for the super fast delivery.

  78. My husband bought me a breast pump, it was so loud and I was not getting too much milk, also my nipples were sore, I thought it was normal, but by accident I found the Spectra reviews and I decided to give it a try… after just the first use I was amazed how good this pump is, it is so quiet and gentle and I am getting like triple amount of milk…I am buying the hands free bra as well after reading the reviews…

  79. I bought the Spectra Dew 350 a few weeks ago and have been really happy with the pump. It’s not too loud like some of the others around and is very straight forward to handle. It works better only using the single but that is to be expected as the double has less pressure. I have found it quick and easy to use and would certainly recommend this product.

  80. Ive been using the Dew for about 1 month and Absolutely loving this pump . I purchased to replace a smaller, big brand pump. Its amazingly quiet which helps trying to be discreet at work and really powerful so has increased my supply and cut pumping down to 10 mins. Best of all cost is less than renting a similar quality pump for 6 months and accessories are really well priced.

  81. If you ask me what is my favourite baby thing, I would say it is Dew 350 immediately. I used to pump manually for one hour to produce 160mL which it was time-consuming and frustrating. After few hours of researching electric pumps, i ended up with the Spectra Dew 350 eventually. It is the best baby-related investment so far πŸ™‚ Now I am able to produce 220mL easily for 20 minutes per session πŸ™‚ Vicky

  82. This is by far the best baby product I have purchased it was a lifesaver in the first few weeks of breastfeeding gave me a watch needed break when I was sore or exhausted. A little on the larger side but doesn’t bother me works well easy to use for first time mum.

  83. Fantastic, efficient pump, works so much better than the terrible Avent hand pump that I bought from a friend. The dial to increase intensity of pump is ideal and works a treat. Short tubes mean the unit needs to be on a table right next to you but not a big issue. The rounded shape of the unit make it difficult to turn on and off with one hand.

  84. We recently moved house and I sadly lost my old double electric pump in the move (different brand). I never knew about Spectra and was really excited to come across it when looking for second hand pumps on Gumtree. I thought I’d see how much they were brand new and I was delighted to see how affordable a new one was! This is definitely the cheapest double electric pump on the market and it is fantastic value for money. It is much quieter than my old pump which I love as I found the loud noise a little embarrassing when I used to use it at work! It is very efficient and works well. Last week I had to restart work (my second child is 4 months old) unexpectedly and it was fantastic to be able to order the pump and receive it the next day! Very happy with my purchase πŸ™‚

  85. I hired this pump upon leaving the hospital and thought it was great. I could use to double pump and no waste time. Spectra make great pumps at affordable prices which is what new parents need. All the equipment and replacement parts are cheaper than every other pump comanys

  86. I found this pump very easy to use. It was relatively quiet, and the parts were easy to clean. I think this pump represents excellent value for money, for the features included.

  87. I am 39 weeks preggers, so have yet to use my dew-350, but wanted to be organised and get in early. I am looking forward to expressing so that my hubby can be more involved with feeding our precious bub! I decided on Spectra due to the brilliant reviews I had read and will be sure to add my review to these once I have put the machine to work. I do have to say that Spectra Baby Australia have been great in answering any questions I had prior to my purchase and helped me to choose between the different machines, the best fit for my situation. I am more than happy with the whole purchasing process and can’t fault the speed with which my dew-350 was delivered!

    Thanks Spectra Baby Australia, can’t wait for bub’s arrival (soon hopefully!), and to then crack into my dew-350!

  88. After much research, the Spectra DEW 350 looked like a great choice for its reported efficiency, quietness, hygiene and price. I am thrilled with this product, it has lived up to its reputation. I needed a strong pump for when I return to work when bub is 9 months and have been using it in the meantime for the odd time that I need to go out and when bub doesn’t feed well (e.g. with vaccinations) to maintain my supply and ease engorgement.

    I had never pumped before my baby was 3 months old. From the very first go with the DEW 350, I reliably get 100-200mL in about 10-20min. The unit is comfortable and very quiet considering the strength of the motor. The lack of let down mode is no issue at all for me, I simply start the unit on the lowest setting and increase to about midway when my milk is flowing. I’m currently single pumping so when I double pump at work (to save time) I’m sure that the extra strength on the dial to maximum will come in handy. I use the silicone massager insert which is very comfortable and significantly improves the fit of the flange to my nipple.

    The unit itself is larger than other pumps but I don’t find it bulky or cumbersome. The fact that it’s a robust, quiet motor is all that matters to me. It’s easy to carry in a tote bag for discreetness and then by its handle when in private or at home. The unit is extremely easy to use and its parts simple to assemble and clean. As an infrequent pumper now, planning on becoming frequent and also having more children, this product perfectly meets my needs and the motor should last the distance. I highly recommend the Spectra DEW 350.

  89. We used this pump to increase her supply. Found it easy to use, lightweight and quiet. The variable suction was great.
    Downside, found the flange hard and difficult to position. Would be better if the silicon flange was included.
    Overall , a good value pump.

  90. I have been using my pump for just over 6 weeks now and I love it. It makes expressing easy and effective. With a bub needing extra milk supplies, this really made a difference to getting my supply up for her. The extra bottles are also good value and I use them often.

  91. LOVE this pump!, Super quiet, super easy to use. Its been a godsend while breastfeeding. Spectra customer support/service is also AMAZING,, I even had a response to an email on a Sunday, was very unexpected but very much appreciated.

  92. Absolutely love my breast pump. Good suckction, quite comfortable. When I had some problem with the connector, one of the friendly stuff send me couple of new ones straight way. Love your product, and love your customer service. Would defiantly recommend this breast pump to friends.

  93. I needed an efficient double pump as I was returning to work and I chose the Dew 350 as my budget was tight. Despite obviously not being built for portability, I have successfully managed to transport it to work every day for over two months now and use it twice a day.

    The pump itself is quiet and easy to use. When pumping both sides I find I need to have it on maximum suction, however I doubt I would require it to be any higher. I think it would be more efficient if it had a faster cycle, however I can usually complete a pumping session in 10 minutes.

    The components (ie shield and valves) are easy to take apart and clean. I was worried that they did not seem terribly robust, but all parts are still going strong two months later. That is, with the exception of one of my air tubes which was eaten by my cat :/

    I have had some difficulty obtaining this component from the Spectra website, but I must say the customer service in relation to this has been very good. Postage has been quick and my emails have been answered promptly.

    I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to others to assist their breastfeeding journey.

  94. I love my Dew 350! Is quite enough that I can pump next to my baby when he is sleeping. I always recommended it to everyone.

  95. Purchased this pump on recommendation from my GP. Best thing I ever did! So quick and easy to use!

  96. I just received my Spectra Dew 350 in preparation for the arrival of twin girls. I was having some trouble with cleaning/assembly and this company was super helpful at getting right back to me via email to answer any questions I had. I also emailed prior to buying the pump to get help with deciding which would be best to suit my needs and the experience was the same. Such an important piece in using this product is having the reassurance of friendly and knowledgeable customer service working for you πŸ™‚

  97. Really loving this pump. I’d been using a manual pump but when I found a double electric for such a good price I couldn’t go passed it. I have to say I am very happy with my purchase as it makes expressing SO much faster and easier. I also bought the handsfree bra and that gives me a bit of freedom too. I was also impressed with the speedy delivery of the pump πŸ™‚

  98. Love this pump! So easy to use which makes life as a new mum that little bit easier! Plus I received the pump the day after ordering which was amazing! Highly recommend the spectra dew 350.

  99. I am loving my new Dew 350!!! It is my third baby and I had never used an electric breastpump with the two other children and I wish I did. It is so easy to use and I experience no pain expressing. My milk supply has increased and I am sleeping more at night as my husband gives 1 or 2 bottles while I sleep. Sometime I even express during the night while she is feeding and the pump makes a soothing noise which does not wake her up. The quality of the equipment is great too. I haven’t had a problem and I like the spare bits and pieces I received just in case something breaks down. I also loved that my pump was delivered within 48hours! This was the only brand I found to offer such a fast delivery!

  100. I love my Spectra Dew 350 breast pump. I can’t stop talking about it and recommending it to other breast feeding mothers! I needed a pump mainly because my baby boy lost more than 10% of his body weight in hospital and I needed to pump to top him up. I also got mastitis so I needed to pump to help with that and I wanted a pump to get my milk supply up as much as possible in the first 6-8 weeks of breast feeding. I researched into all the options of breast pumps and this one is by far the cheapest and best pump. Not only is it a hospital grade double electric pump but it does the job wonderfully, if not better and is a lot cheaper than the other well known brands. It is very easy to use and very time efficient. I have the pumping bra too so it is hands free and so convenient! I compared the Spectra S2 to the Dew 350 and for what I needed this pump is more than enough. It needs electrcity to use but is super quiet and only has one turning knob so its very easy to use. Don’t know what I would do without my Dew 350! Can’t highly recommend it enough πŸ™‚

  101. If only the lactation consultants knew about these. What a relief it was to find I could buy a breast pump that met all of my requirements and I didn’t even have to spend over $500 on the “other” brand that the lactation nurses push. In fact this unit is even better for half the price. Bonus!

  102. Due to my baby arriving premmie, I needed to sort out a pump ASAP. I decided on the Dew 350 because it was an excellent price for a double hospital grade pump. I had been using a different pump at the hospital but found the Dew 350 was a much more efficient pump. I was able to express both breasts in half the time. I am so happy I bought a Spectra brand pump as the customer service has been wonderful and I know there won’t be any issues with back flow. I would highly recommend the Dew 350 to any new mum! I finally feel confident that my breast feeding journey is off to a good start!

  103. I’m very impressed with this breast pump! Its quiet and very comfortable to use. I had a much more expensive big brand pump with my last child and I ended up getting rid of it as it was useless! I would definitely recommend this pump to every mum-to-be. I pump exclusively so its important for me to have a good quality pump that is affordable, quick, quiet and comfortable. This pump ticks all those boxes!

  104. I purchased the Spectra 350 last year after researching a bit online and was lucky enough to get a special wth lots of extras and pump for $200 I have never regreted my purchase the pump is fairly quiet quick and really easy to clean and use. The fact that it can double pump is fantastic not that I have tried it but am heading back to work in two weeks so this funtion will help me out a lot as I need to be as quick as possible. One thing I can say as a minor negitive is the on button at the back can be a liitle hard to push in one handed and I was unsure how I was going to pump both breasts at one time as the dial to increase suction needs to be done gradually or else face nipple pain but have just discovered that there is a no hands bra available so I will be purchasing that to cover that hurdle. I have recommeded this pump to all ladies in my mothers group as i believe that it is just as good as the Medela swing which is double the price! You will not regret your purchase if you decide to go ahead with this pump!

  105. Cannot recommend this pump and Spectra enough. After months and months of research, i cannot fault this pump at all. Not only was it a great investment, the team at Spectra have been amazing to deal with when I had a few questions to ask. Makes being a first time mum just that little bit easier and less stressful.

  106. Awesome breast pump that is comfortable and basically does the job right! I have not got one myself but defintely will be buying one!! My friend has this pump and after her boasting about it I gave it a go as I am on the hunt for a new pump. I have had a medela and an Avent pump in the past with my first son and although the Avent is good the Spectra is BETTER! Defintely cannot wait to get my own to help breastfeed my latest edition longer!

  107. I got this pump & found it to be excellent – very powerful & not painful at all. I have started pumping with just using one shield but I’m about to buy another one now so I can double pump & halve the time it takes.

    I have heard of a video on youtube which shows pumping techniques – just look up Jane Morton & it’s supposed to provide excellent tips on pumping.

  108. I recently purchased the dew 350 pump and it is fantastic. It is quiet and must be working well because I am expressing enough milk for my baby each day a then freezing it. I recommend getting the hands free bra too. I’m actually expressing right now while writing this review . I am just about to also purchase the portable pump as I will need to express at work shortly. Absolutely no complaints.

  109. I bought this breast pump after reading other reviews. I wasn’t disappointed! It lives up to all my expectations. I previously used a Medela pump and have found that his pump has much better suction. With the Medela, I ended up using it on full suction and it wasn’t quite enough. I use the Spectra on just over half the suction. I needed to express prior to having a baby via surrogacy and it helped me achieve a milk supply. Thanks Spectra!

  110. I just received my DEW 350 and I love it. I find it super easy to use, it’s also very quiet. I found I got a lot more milk with my manual pump and much more quickly because I could determine the speed of the pumping action however my hands were aching and this is a welcome relief. It’s very gentle and doesn’t hurt at all It’s also nice to just sit and watch tv without having to lift a finger. It attached to my Pigeon bottles which is great because I didn’t need to get new bottles. All in all I just love it

  111. I am so grateful that I found out about this amazing pump at just the right time. It helped me to overcome my low supply issues and saved my breastfeeding relationship with my son! It is so easy to use and super quiet, plus you get everything you could possibly need in the kit. The only other thing I recommend buying is a good hands-free pumping bra – this makes pumping much more relaxing and frees up your hands to read or browse the internet. Thank you spectra, I am so happy with my pump. My son is now 9 months old and we are still going strong with breastfeeding πŸ™‚

  112. I have been using Spectra Dew 350 for nearly 10 months now. Its a wonderful pump. The suction is strong enough when I use it for double pumping and its really quiet so I can pump while my son is sleeping. During my peak days, I can produce 260ml during 10-15 minutes pumping with my Spectra Dew 350. Now the pump is still strong. the only problem is I need to change the backflow filter and sillicone membrane but its fine since i can buy it with cheap price. Thanks Spectra now I still can fully breastfeeding my son :). I definitely recommend this pump for every breastfeeding mum who needs a lot of breastmilk supply.

  113. I’ve been exclusively expressing for nearly two months now with the 350 pump and have no issues whatsoever with it. It’s super efficient, especially with the double pumping option, and came with so many great extras when I ordered it, like spare storage bottles and storage bags as well as the silicone massagers. I’ve also bought the pumpease handsfree bra to use with it, as well as the pump carry bag, and am so happy with the whole system. The service has always been quick and easy and it’s turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Thanks Spectra!

  114. I did a lot of research before buying my spectra pump so I expected it to be great. After using a mini pump for my first baby which failed quickly due to the amount of pumping I was doing, I really wanted to ensure the next one was good quality and quick. Having mastitis issues and issues with supply in the past (too much!) I knew I had to be prepared for this baby with a pump above the rest. Spectra ave delivered in all aspects! I was so excited to receive my pump and have been 100% happy with it since the birth of my baby. I have even used it to bring on the supply this time. It is s much more quiet and effective, great or double pumpin and only $50 more than what I had paid for the inferior brand! Highly recommended.

  115. I’ve had my Dew 350 double pump for a few weeks now and have found it such a help as it takes less time then my previous pump. I’m exclusively expressing every 3 hours, which is difficult with a newborn and toddler, so I love being able to save time! I’ve also been able to put an extra bag of milk in the freezer each day. It’s quiet too, so I express in my bedroom and my husband sleeps through it! I seriously think the world of this pump, I was ready to give up expressing before I bought it, and am so glad I didn’t and can give my baby breastmilk.

  116. i bought this pump because of the great reviews that it had. they were right its a great pump quiet yet powerful.

    i exclusively pump for my son due to latching issues which means i use my pump several times a day. Its been 5 months and its still going strong.

    Its great value for money and always suggest it to friends/family who are looking for a great breast pump.

    Thanks Spectra!

  117. I’ve finally found the most perfect breat pump. With my 1st child, my husband got me an Avent electic pump, not cheap but claims to be great. I didn’t like it at all as the motor is stuck to the bottle so it was heavy to hold while expressing. With my second child, I used the Medala Swing electric pump, was pricey and somehow the milk backflows to the motor occassionally and I don’t find it hygenic. Finding spare parts was rather difficult too. Both Avent and Medala are pretty noisy too. I bought a Dew 350 spectra pump recently for my 3rd child, the machine is super quiet, easy to use, powerful, dual pump and it’s reasonably priced. Wish this machine’s available when I had mt 1st child then I wouldn’t need to invest in other brands!!!

  118. I absolutely love this breast pump! With my first child I had such problems when using a different pump, but I suffered through it until my next child came along and I decided it was time for an upgrade. It was the best decision I ever made! I recommend this pump to anyone and everyone!

  119. This is one purchase I will never regret. It’s a life saver. My baby was never feeding properly and with my carpal tunnel, lifting the baby was totally impossible. That’s when I bought this pump and my baby is able to get some breast milk because of this. Expressing using this pump is so easy and the dual pump is a time saver. Assembling and cleaning is also super easy. Thank you Spectra!

  120. Much to my husband’s amazement, I spent two full days researching breast pumps. I could not express (pardon the pun) to him how important a good breast pump will be when our first child is born. As a registered nurse with neonatal nursery experience, I have seen first-hand the difficulties new mums can go through establishing and maintaining breast feeding and expressing.

    After reading countless reviews and watching many youtube clips about breast pumps I was thrilled to find the range of Spectra breast pumps and products available right here in Australia! It was a hard decision to choose between to Spectra Dew 350 and the Spectra S1, but in the end I chose the Spectra Dew 350.

    After a super speedy delivery I was so excited to receive my new pump, the customer service has been faultless. Thank you!

  121. My husband bought me this pump after the other pump I was using (Tommee Tippee) was painfully uncomfortable. I am now exclusively pumping for my baby girl and because of the double pump, I am expressing and feeding in a quarter of the time it used to take me to breastfeed alone. Since using the Dew 350 i have been able to build up my supply and now pump enough milk to feed my hungry baby and some spare to freeze (over 1200ml a day). Love it and have been recommending to all my friends πŸ™‚

  122. I met the Spectra ladies at the Sydney baby expo, they were a lovely bunch of ladies, very knowledgeable on their products and not pushy sales people which I loved. I had heard about the spectra 9 and wanted to have a look before my baby made an appearance that’s when I found the Dew 350. I have decided it is the one for me as it turns out my baby girl has difficulty maintaining sucking and a feed is lasting about an hour and a half each time with maybe 2 hours in between. With the pump I will have her fed in record time without her getting frustrated. Placing my order now, will come back to tell you how wonderful the pump is when it arrives πŸ™‚

  123. Forgot to add to my review the customer service I have received has been absolutely amazing! Whenever I have had questions, I have received answers within the hour and the next day delivery on the pump meant that I didn’t have to go a day without pumping after leaving the hospital.

  124. I have used the Dew 350 for two month and it has been a godsend! The ability to double pump saves so much time. It’s tidy and easy to use and doesn’t make a mess.
    Having a low supply and not being able to breastfeed, I cannot live without my pump and am grateful that I can still give my daughter breastmilk.
    Also, it’s appearance as a giant boob is a great talking point and makes myself and others more comfortable about the idea of expressing πŸ™‚

  125. I received this pump in the mail yesterday and couldn’t wait to use it! I am extremely happy with it, the suction is great for me, even with double pumping. Would have liked quicker action but this pump still gets good yield. Very happy πŸ™‚

  126. I have tried a few other brands before using Spectra, this double breast pump is amazing, very efficient. As a working mum, it helps my life so much easier! Thank you!!

  127. Absolutely LOVE my Dew, its strong and easy to use. I love that I can lend it out to my friends (with new filters) without worrying about contamination like you would with an open system. Best $200 I’ve ever spent.

  128. I desperately needed a new pump when my second son was born, and I spent a few days researching pumps. When I came across Spectra Baby, at first I was a little hesitant as I hadn’t heard of the brand, but after reading reviews I was sold!
    My pump arrived the day after I ordered it and its been a dream to use! Having a double pump saves me so much time – something I need with a very active 2.5 year old! The pump isn’t noisy and is everything it’s described to be!
    I have since recommended this pump to friends and others who are in the market for a pump!

  129. After hearing these at the baby expo and then trying a friends I have been convinced to buy one!
    They are so so so quiet it is amazing. It is not marketed as portable but I have taken mine to work and leave it in my drawer.
    Much better than the two medela pumps I have tried!

  130. After hearing fantastic reviews about the Spectra Dew 350, I purchased one at the baby show and it’s fantastic. Much better than any other pump I’ve tried!

  131. Being a full time expressing mum; I absolutely LOVE this pump! I have used Spectra Dew 350 for over 7 months and there is nothing wrong with it – no loss of suction due to heavy usage, double pumping saves me time.

    Compared to Medela Symphony Hospital Grade pump it is much more economical too!! You get heaps with it. I wish I knew about Spectra before I bought Avent Manual + Hand held electrical (due to marketing) and before I rented the Medela! Certainly would have saved me a lot of time and money… Therefore, I have been recommending this to all my friends, relatives, mothers group and even nurses!

    Wish there is a separate pack I can buy for the membranes and tubes – connection has become very loose due to the continues daily use… I will definitely buy your latest model if I ever require an upgrade in the future! πŸ™‚

  132. this pump is awesome I cannot feed my baby directly on my breast, so my mid wife given me the avent manual pump fed up through pumping it but one day my one friend suggested me spectra what she is using for her 5 month old baby, she also borred me for a day to use it, I am in love with it, now I m having my own one.

  133. We have been recommended this product by a few friends who found it wonderful – can’t wait to give it a go!

  134. I have been recommended this pump/brand by a number of friends who have have said that this is a fantastic product, can’t wait to try one out my self.

  135. Not a review but a question. Does the DEW 300 or DEW350 have the massage/let down function like the S2?


    • Maire Shanahan

      Hi Celia, sorry for the delay replying! No the Dew models have no letdown mode- they cycle at the same speed continuously so you can only adjust the suction strength. Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need help picking which pump to buy πŸ™‚

  136. I accidentally ordered the single with a bonus pack. The customer service was brilliant in explaining how I could turn my single into a double. They were quick to respond to my emails and were very clear.

    The pump is a gem. I have tried a few different ones and this is my favourite by far. And it is double! I can happily go back to work in 2months knowing I have the pump at hand at work and have made a supply because of the pump

    Postage was amazing. Ordered on Friday morning, Arrived Monday morning.

    Thank you!

  137. I love my 350! I use it daily as well as breastfeeding. It’s really powerful even when double pumping.

  138. I am purchasing this for my sister-in-law who has just given birth less than a week ago and has been advised to get a pump from the hospital.
    After shopping around for a few weeks now everything I have read about the Spectra has been fantastic- can’t wait to see if she loves it!
    And if she doesn’t end up needing it then hopefully I will!!

  139. The DEW 350 is a good pump. It doesn’t have the option to change the speed of the pump, which is a nice feature in the S2. The suction on this pump is plenty strong enough, I only need to turn the dial up a little way. A downside is that the back flow filters need to be replaced, this doesn’t need to happen very often though. Unless you drop it in water, like I seem to do! The noise level is nicely quite and quite a soothing sound.

  140. I inherited the Spectra 300 pump from my sister in law, who got it from a friend that purchased it in Korea. So this pump has had it’s fair share of use and safe to pass on as its hospital grade πŸ™‚

    When the pump finally broke down, I was devastated as I found it to be better at extracting my milk supply than the Medela pump that I was using at the hospital.

    A bit of research online, I was relieved to find that I could purchase Spectra pumps in Australia. I decided to upgrade to the Spectra 350 and made the purchase that same day. I was very happy that the pump arrived 8 am the next day. What a life saver as I was dreading that it may take a while and I was potentially left with no pump. I was dependant on the pump as my baby refused the breast.

    Having the dual pump has been fantastic halving my pumping time. This is specially a godsend in the early hours of the mornings!

  141. It took me about a week to get used to this pump as I was used to pumping at high speed with my Avent. The milk wouldn’t let down initially but after a week, I (or maybe my boobs), got the hang of it and it has been great since!

    I am exclusively pumping and I pump every 2-4 hours depending on my schedule. It’s a pain to pump so often, but after using Spectra 350, I have saved so much time, yet getting the same amount of milk I would get from my avent. I now spend about 10-15 mins pumping both sides at one go. And if I’m lazy at night, I spend about 20 mins in the morning draining both sides.

    I have also found my own technique of creating a let-down. So that was great! I’m now so tempted to get the Spectra 9 for the portability, though I have not tried it before, I’m sure it works just as great.

    Thanks for saving me heaps of time. I could now feed my baby at night for 5-10 mins, express my milk for 10 mins, and go back to sleep, knowing that there’s fresh milk in the fridge for him in the morning. πŸ™‚

  142. This is a wonderful pump. I’m double pumping morning and evening for ten minutes and my milk supply has increased to the point where I’m able to add 200ml to the freezer every day.
    It’s comfortable, quiet and efficient. Also it’s realy cute.
    This is my second child and my third pump. The previous two were twice the price ( at least) and not as good. I won’t mention their brand names here, but they were the two biggest brands. Let’s call them the yellow one and the green one πŸ˜‰
    This pump is unbelievable value for money and I will be telling all my milking mum friends about it.

  143. I love my Spectra! I previously bought a well known pump from a baby store that cost more than my Spectra and it was nowhere near as powerful so I had to pump for twice as long to get the same amount of milk. Highly recommended, its gentle and quiet even though its such a powerful pump.

  144. This pump is amazing! Having used pumps in hospital, this is certainly on par with suction, and it’s actually quieter. So easy to use and incredibly efficient. LOVE my Spectra πŸ™‚

  145. Absolutely loving this pump – has cut my pumping down to 10 mins and I can pump during the night in bed near my baby. Really glad I found it! Also arrived the day after I ordered it which was great.

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