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Spectra M1 Portable Electric Breast Pump

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The M1 portable electric breast pump with letdown mode, inbuilt rechargeable battery and more – great solution for the working mum or anyone wanting to pump on the go.

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Spectra are very proud of the M1 portable electric breast pump. This sturdy little unit has everything needed for reliable pumping on the go. Weighing in at under 400g, Spectra have jam-packed a powerful, strong motor into the pump which will give you plenty of oomph for effective pumping.

What features does the M1 have?

  • Choose between a single kit for single pumping, or a complete double kit so that you can pump both breasts at once – saving you so much time, which as a busy mum trying to find time to express, you will really appreciate. Double pumping also ramps up levels of prolactin (the milk producing hormone) in your blood, so is better for supporting milk supply.
  • Letdown mode – switch with a touch to the letdown mode, which is a light, quick mode designed to speed the start of milk flow, just the way a baby does. This may not be an important feature for a new mum, but if you have an older baby or are going back to work, a letdown mode really helps.
  • Easy adjustment of cycle speed & suction strength – touch button controls allow you to adjust suction strength and cycle with one touch. As you increase the suction, the speed will slow down (see the S2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump) if you want even more control over cycle program).
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery – yes, we know you love this feature. Use your M1 while plugged into mains, or just use it wherever you like from its inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • Portability – lovely and compact, you will find the M1 easy to transport and store.
  • Closed system – like all Spectra breast pumps, the M1 has a closed system, which means that there is no way for milk to get into the pump motor. Milk particles in the pump motor can lead to the growth of mould and is a potential source of virus transmission.

What are the negatives?

  • Doesn’t provide as much flexibility over the pump program as the S2 (but still more than other pumps).
  • Is noiser than the S2 and Dew models (but not as noisy as other pumps – we do try our best to keep the noise down!).
  • If you are exclusively pumping or needing to rely on a pump to establish supply, we do always recommend you use a hospital grade breast pump – i.e. the S2 or Dew 350.

If you have an M1 don’t forget to give us your feedback!


  • Spectra M1 main pump
  • Wide neck breast shield (24mm size)*
  • Bottle*
  • Slow flow soft teat*
  • Tubing*
  • Double pumping adaptor
  • Short tubing*
  • Disc*
  • Cap*
  • Backflow protector*
  • Valve*
  • Power adaptor

* x2 included when a double kit is selected. All components in contact with your milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum range 0 ~ 300 mmHg
  • Cycle length 30-46 RPM
  • Weight – 400g
  • Two years Warranty
  • Powered by mains or inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Motor life 1,500 hours
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Certification CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
Vacuum strength


Letdown mode

Cycle speed



Single or Double Kit

Single Kit, Double Kit


  1. Great customer service and great pump. It’s nice and light for me to take to work and love that it doesn’t require power to pump which makes it even more convenient. Happy to recommend!

  2. Smart design and great product. Super fast delivery and excellent business model! Will shop again anytime.

  3. I am loving my M1! It makes expressing so fast and easy, which is great with a newborn and a 2 year old! 10 mins is all it took to get over 300mls I could not be happier ?

  4. Love this pump already. It’s light weight, easy to take to work and getting so much milk that I’m not taking too much time out of my day to pump. So happy I changed to spectra! Would recommend to everyone.

  5. When I got pregnant I had bought another brand pump as it was on special but after less than 3 uses I knee how hopeless it was and that I needed another pump.
    I did my research and the Spectra brand was a name that kept coming up and I am so glad that it did.
    I ended up deciding on buying the M1, a great sized product which appeared to suit my pumping needs and I am so glad that I did. I bought my pump on a Thursday and the very next day it arrived – super impressed!

    I pumped the very same day and was impressed with how easy the pump was to use, the size and how quiet it was!
    First pump and I got over 100mls out when I struggled to get half that with my other pump.
    I am so in love with this product and the only thing I would like to recommend is a carry case/storage case with the pump either with the product or one you can buy separately as well a better manual with the product as I spent over and hour googling things like how to clean the pump as the instructions did not make sense.

    Overall awesome product which I recommend.

  6. Fantastic product. Small and unobtrusive – this pump gets the job done with no discomfort whatsoever. The let down function is one of it’s best features in my opinion. It does make some noise but in comparison to other pumps I’ve used it’s nothing. The instruction manual could use some updating (I think it’s translated from another language and it barely contains and guides to cleaning or assembly) but that’s the only (minor) complaint I have. Spectra’s customer service is fabulous.

  7. This pump is fantastic for my needs. Very good value compared to others I think. Spectra baby Australia also responded to my questions so quickly even on a Sunday as I needed to get the pump quickly …then it arrived very quickly after ordering. Thanks so much!

  8. I love this pump!! Really small and compact. So impressed with Spectra’s outstanding customer service. They replied to my emails within a few hours even on a Sunday.

  9. I bought this pump when my other well known brand pump died, and I’m glad I did. The rechargeable battery and portability is fantastic. Definitely recommended.

  10. Great product- very light and portable. It also came with two pump kits to my surprise, which was fantastic. And great customer service with very quick delivery! Thanks Spectra.

  11. First time using electric pump. It’s smooth and easy to carry anywhere. I’m in loving this product because the message suction make a more let down?. Thx spectra for this product its very suitable for active mom like me.

  12. I have purchased the M1 as a first time mum following a recommendation from a friend who is a twin mummy, and she highly recommended Spectra pumps. After much research into all the different styles and models of breast pumps I decided on the M1. I made my decision for a number a reasons, I love how portable it is, and its strength is not impacted due to be a portable pump- yes it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the S2, but I don’t feel I need all the added features. I wanted the flexibility to pump on the go, and have the option of single or double! So this product ticked all my boxes. I also really appreciated the customer services. I had been contacted via the website for information and also had called and had a local rep return my call in less then an hour! The information provided on the pumps was so well written that it made my choice easy. One of the greatest things- the affordability of this pump! It would just be great if Spectra come out with a little carry case for the pump – it would add to the appeal of it portability.

  13. As a first time mum buying a breast pump was so daunting. And seeing some of the prices scared me more! After countless nights researching, reading reviews, comparisons, videos etc. we finally settled on the M1 due to being so portable. We couldn’t be happier! The customer service we recieved has been nothing short of great, and the product. Well we couldn’t have found something better! Thrilled with our decision and can’t recommend this product enough.

  14. Have bought the M1 and tested it for few minutes. Baby not here for another few weeks but can say I am very happy with the pump. Easy to assemble . With first baby had the more expensive widely used brand, but am so glad was told about Spectra by a friend. I have recommended Spectra to a lot of friends myself and no one has had a negative comment.

  15. Very excited to purchase this pump after so many positive reviews from friends. Super fast postage was a bonus. Haven’t used it yet as I am due any day, but I have had a play and checked out the contents. The pump seems really easy to use and the motor is quieter than I thought it would be and is quieter than some of my friends who use other pumps. The actual motor is small and compact and when charging from totally empty to full didn’t take that long. Will update in a few days time when it gets its first work out 🙂

  16. Recently purchased the m1 pump as my other mini electric pump just wasn’t pumping efficiently which made me question my supply, a breastfeeders nightmare.
    I ordered it Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday morning.
    Amazing. So happy with my purchase.
    It’s quiet and so efficient. I only wish I’d purchased this right from the start. It’s so quiet you could use it in your babies room when they’re sleeping.
    I love how you can use it as a double pump too.
    My output is greater than from my old pump too. It’s also a closed system which gives great peace of mind with hygiene too.
    Highly recommend spectra brand and will tell all my pregnant friends to purchase spectra over any other.

  17. The Spectra M1 has made this first time mumma feel stress free upon returning to work with a 7 month old boobie milk monster! This pump is very effective, compact and the battery means I can pump wherever I feel comfortable without a mains power being an issue. Highly recommend for breastfeeding mums returning to work and needing the convenience of pumping on the go. Thank you Spectra!

  18. Love this pump! I’ve been exclusively pumping for 6 months and cannot fault it. I love how portable it is – makes it easy to pump in a comfy chair anywhere in the house. The parts are super easy to clean too. It’s much better value than so many other brands out there, and in my opinion it’s better!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!

  19. This pump is so good! It’s quiet, efficient and lightweight. I really like the fact that it’s portable so you don’t need to sit next to a powerpoint. Its so great to be able to quickly express some milk and keep it handy in the fridge or freezer. It’s given me the freedom to be able to leave my baby with my mum or hubby while I’m out and not have to rush to get home to feed a hungry baby.
    Totally recommend the M1! Also impressed with the speedy delivery and lots of reviews from other mums makes it easy to choose which Spectra model is right for you.

  20. It’s a great pump – portable, quiet, efficient and good value for money. It’s very simple to operate and easy to clean.
    I chose this brand because the pumps are closed system and after hesitating between M1 and S2 decided to go with M1 and I’m not disappointed – it meets all my needs.
    Delivered next day, which was great too.

  21. Great pump. Quiet, efficient. I can pump heaps more than my old manual one in 10minutes! Got this over the S1/S2 due to smaller/more portable for pumping at work. All for a great price. Super fast shipping too. Love!

  22. Great pump! Very quiet, quick and efficient pumping. Decided on the M1 over the S1 or 2 due to portability for pumping at work. Starting back next week so will see how it goes! Has been amazing so far. Super fast shipping too.

  23. Very impressed with my new M1 purchase. Much quieter than my previous avent and I am getting much better suction and therefore milk supply. Thank you for providing a cost effective, high quality pump.

  24. Loooooooooove the M1! I had an old and worn out medela. The M1 is so much quieter and I love that I’m able to get double the milk in half the time. Super happy

  25. The M1 electric breast pump brought huge relief for us. Our baby was a bit premy, she was tiny and has tongue tie, so couldn’t latch on properly, my wife’s nipples were bleeding.
    We desperately need to feed enough breastmilk for the baby and after doing some quick research we found the spectra’s breast pumps have great reviews.
    We ordered it immediately and it was delivered the next day.

    We couldn’t be happier because my wife manages to produce more than enough breastmilk for the baby as we feed her through the bottle, it’s also portable so it’s really convenient, able to pump on the go.

    Thank you !!

  26. Got this pump after reading many reviews and so far it’s great. The spectra customer service is awesome and I’m really happy with the price. It’s light and quiet – my partner says the noise is soothing and puts him to sleep! The instructions were terrible but spectra sent through better ones upon request.

  27. I bought this pump as I was returning to work and needed a rechargeable double pump. I am very impressed with the quality of the pump and highly recommend it.

  28. Fantastic pump. Easy to set up, and portable. The closed system means minimal cleaning. Nice and quiet too. Fits avent bottles and cups making it quite versatile. Ordered one morning and was delivered the following morning (less than 24 hours ). Reasonably priced and spares available. Highly recommended:)

  29. Great service and a great product. Very easy to use and means my partner can share in the experience of feeding our little girl 🙂

  30. I kept tossing up between the s2 and the m1, but eventually the m1 won out due to its in built battery. I can get 3-4 pumping sessions before needing to charge. It is very compact – about the same size as my medella swing, and I changed pumps because I wanted a closed system, double pump. The m1 ticked all the boxes as well as being cheaper than any other double I could find. How is it not more talked about?! My child health nurses have never even heard of it!

    So the pump itself, people previously have spoken about how the instructions aren’t clear, I don’t understand how you could mess it up, it is so simple. Plug the tube into the flange, the other end into the pump, and away you go! I love that it saves the settings that I use, so each time I come back I don’t have to figure out what levels I am on. I think the let down mode could be stronger in its suction, but it does the job and gets the milk flowing. I was having issues with my milk supply when I ordered this, but thanks to pumping for five or ten minutes after each feed, we are just about ready to get rid of the formula top ups! In less than a week!

    I have pumped everywhere so far, at the shops, in the car, at friends places, it can go everywhere with me! I’ll recommend it to everyone as a first pump!

  31. We ordered the Spectra M1 on recommendation from a friend. My wife loves the compact, portable and modern design. The back flow filter also works well to prevent moisture from running up the line relative to the Medella Symphony we used at hospital.

    Only feedback is that the standard teats included with the pump are a little too fast flowing for a newborn.

  32. Very happy with this pump! Great value for money, easy to set up, clean and use. Would definitely recommend this pump to others.

  33. Delivery was really fast! Great double pump with reasonable price.

  34. Delivery was very fast!
    Arrived in good condition, all parts working.
    Will give another review after baby is born.

  35. Delivery was very fast 🙂

  36. Great product! It is so small yet pumps a lot of milk really fast. It is also really quiet. It is perfectly suited for expressing at work.

  37. Get a Spectra!
    I was looking at different Medela pumps and about to buy one when I came across the Spectra brand. I hadn’t heard of them before but I was so impressed by all the great reviews about them, and also about being able to get a double pump for the same price as a single Medela.
    I decided to go with the M1 as needed something portable to be able to pump at work, and from watching YouTube videos the M1 seemed quieter than the S9. I ordered my M1 pump on a Friday and received it the following Tuesday – couldn’t believe how fast the order was processed and delivered – very impressed already!
    I have only had it for a couple of weeks so far but already love it. It is much, much quieter than the Medela Mini pump I had been using. Very powerful pump and I like the letdown function. The battery lasts all day and lets me pump twice at work and then one to two more times in the evening, then I put it on charge overnight.
    I found the instruction booklet OK but agree with other reviewers that it could be a bit clearer.
    Not having a case doesn’t worry me as I already have a bag and a little esky I take with me to work to keep the milk cold.
    Also amazing customer service from Spectra – when I had a question about the fit of the shields they got back to me immediately with helpful advice.
    Would highly recommend buying this pump – great product, great service, great experience!

  38. What an amazing product! It is the best pump that I’ve ever used! It has such a small body, yet so strong and smooth, I can’t believe it is so quite! it makes my milk pumping so easy! Love this pump so much and definitely recommend it!

  39. Great little pump I’ve been using it for a few months now and love it. I had few problems and the support was exceptional. Once I received new valves & back flow protectors all problems solved. Couldn’t recommend Spectra more highly.

  40. The M1 is a great pump! I have previously used the Dew 350, but find that the M1 is nice and quiet, and is more effective such that I can pump a bottle for my baby within about 10 minutes or so. I don’t use the let down function, just the main pump on the lowest setting. No dramas!
    It would be nice if the instructions were a bit more user friendly. They don’t really show how to put it together very well, I actually googled to find a photo and just followed that to assemble the pump. Once assembled, it is very easy to use.
    It would also be nice if it came with a case, as other reviewers have mentioned.
    Overall, this is a great pump that is quiet, effective and pain free, and very good value for money. Thanks Spectra!

  41. This pump is great, it is definitely comparable to the hospital grade pump of a different brand that my wife was using in hospitalbut much less expensive! It has good battery life, is compact and has good suction. We will definitely be recommending Spectra to our pregnant friends.

  42. For my second pregnancy I wanted a better pump than I previously had. On my list. Of features was; efficient, quiet, portable, fast, easy to take apart and clean, modern looking. The spectra M1 ticks all of these boxes- with the added benefit of being ad double, saving even more time. It looks great, very modern and minimalistic . Super easy to use and clean. Very efficient and really quiet. Battery lasts a long time too. I think this is a fantastic product and wonder why on earth it is not talked about more as the best on the market, I would vote for it as this. Buy it, you will not regret it.

  43. Best breast pump I’ve ever used ! So happy with it . Really easy to use and clean . It gets so much more milk out than my previous breast pump . I would recommend this pump , not worth wasting your money on any breast pump that’s not Spectra.

  44. Just received my M1 and couldn’t be happier. Delivery in three days and so easy to use. As a first time mum I was fairly apprehensive about pumping but the M1 is perfect for what I need, painless and quick. Would definitely recommend to any new mum.

  45. I love my spectra M1! First of all shipping was so fast. When I received the product I was so surprised how compact and lightweight it is. A definite must have for breastfeeding moms! I first heard about it through my cousin who just gave birth. She could not stop raving about it and she was definitely right! And she has tried a few other breast pumps before. The price was just right.

  46. My pump arrived super fast and it works wonderfully. My son is 8 months and I hadn’t pumped before so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but it’s no problem at all. I needed to build up a store of frozen breast milk in preparation for going back to part time work, so I started pumping just a little bit after breastfeeding bub to sleep morning and night. Today was the first full day away from bub so I was able to pump much more, easily and quickly. My son hadn’t used a bottle before but he happily takes my expressed milk from the bottles supplied, which is a huge relief! As others have said, the instruction manual with this pump isn’t great, but the pump and parts are pretty straight forward and we haven’t had any issues figuring it out.

  47. I’m so glad that we had bought this breast pump before my baby arrived. I’ve used it from the first day we were back from the hospital.
    I’m having problem with breast feeding since my baby was born. As a first time mum, I was so worry that my little one couldn’t get enough milk. My baby kept crying and didn’t get on to my nipples every time I tried to breast feed her. M1 breast pump becomes my solution. It helps me to produce more milk than I thought. I’m now always having enough milk for my baby and some to store in the fridge.
    M1 breast pump works well and so convenience. The pump’s size is great and light weight, I can take it anywhere in my hand bag.
    M1 pump price is great. It’s cheaper than other pumps in the market. There was Christmas special 20% off the original price when purchased my M1 breast pump which makes the price so awesome.

  48. My wife and I did a lot of research into the different breast pumps available and what would suit her the best while keeping the cost down. It wasn’t until she was reading some reviews on other breast pumps that she first saw the Spectra brand. The reviews we saw raved about Spectra so we checked it out for ourselves. We did not see one bad review on any of the Spectra pumps which gave us so much confidence. We wanted to spend as little money as possible, and didn’t need a big hospital grade pump so we chose the M1 portable double breast pump. She has actually used the pump a lot more than originally intended as our baby had a low birth weight. It has performed amazingly! As good if not better than the hospital grade Medella Symphony she used in the hospital. It is a god send that it has a reachable battery & doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall to be used. The size is great and is so easy to use. The price is amazing too for the quality and the fact it is a double pump. Well worth the investment. If you are planning to pump for at least a few months it is cheaper than hiring a pump, but delivers a superior output to others on the market. The bottles are great too. Our baby drinks from them with ease. We would recommend Spectra to any new mum.

  49. We’ve just had our first baby and because of a bit more weight loss than normal, and slow gain, the midwives advised to supplement with some formula, and also to express regularly, to try and build more supply. The M1 has been easy to use and am very happy with it. It is v small and look fwd to ability to use it on battery when I return to work. Happy with the quality of the Spectra range and also the good service and very fast delivery.

    The support staff were very helpful and provided good references for further info.

  50. I recently returned to work & needed to upgrade my single pump to a double breast pump to make expressing easier. I’m so glad I purchased the spectra M1! It is quieter than my old pump, easier to use and far more effective! And the fact that it’s rechargeable saves me so much money by not having to buy batteries all the time! I would gladly recommend Spectra to anyone needing a breast pump!! I LOVE MY SPECTRA M1!!

  51. The customer service was awesome! My questions were answered immediately — with a friendly and helpful response. I have purchased a Spectra M1 and the item was delivered to my door step on the next day.

    The product was as described — light weight and cute. Haven’t got a chance to use it yet but the functions on the machine looks simple and straight forward. Would recommend this to a friend.

  52. As a ftm I did alot of research into pump types and brands. Came across Spectra and the reviews were amazing I couldn’t go past them. The prices are also very comparable. Few more weeks until I can try the pump but after turning it on I can safely say its going to do the job perfectly!

  53. I didn’t know about this brand until a friend recommended it. I trialed the S1 double pump for a while and finally decided to purchase the M1. I placed the order on a Tuesday and the pump arrived on Friday of the same week.

    Although I was expecting the M1 to be less powerful compared to the S1, I can’t feel a difference. The M1 is as powerful and much easier to carry around as it is considerably smaller. It saves me a lot of time and is easy to use. This is an excellent product if you are looking for a portable pump at a reasonable price.

  54. I bought this pump to replace a little manual pump I had been using for the first few months (only pump occasionally) and am quite happy with it. My pumped volume/pumping time unfortunately doesn’t seem to much different to what I could get with the manual pump however its great not having to actually do the pumping myself so still worth it. I love the size and portability. Also good to know that replacement parts are able to be bought at reasonable prices and the customer service is great too.

  55. Love the M1 – it makes my lunch breaks at work so much easier! I can now eat while I pump and not in the 3 or so minutes I had left after manually pumping. Love that it’s a rechargeable unit, it’s light and super affordable. Also love the let down mode.
    I think they could review the instruction booklet and I would have bought a couple of silicon massage inserts had I known it didn’t come with any (I should have checked) as I find my breasts do get a bit sore after using the pump without the inserts. Also could do with a carry bag to fit all the bits in – I’m currently using a tote and feel like there’s lots of little parts just rattling around in there… All in all though, it’s a fantastic little pump and it has made my life much much easier! Thank you Spectra!

  56. I wasn’t expecting to need a breast pump straight away but after a lot if research thought I would get a spectra pump so I was organised when bubs arrived. I ended up having an emergency c-section and my baby ended up in special care nursery so I wasn’t able to breastfeed him in the beginning. The hospital started me on the ameda pump and it was great, they asked me to bring in my pump and as they hasn’t heard of spectra they were really interested to see how it went. I was nervous to begin with but extremely excited and relieved to find that the M1 was amazing and comparable to the hospital pump I had been using without costing $1000’s! The midwives were also very impressed at the efficiency and quietness of the pump and wanted to photocopy the pamphlet to show other mums. I explained how quick the service was too which in a situation like this would be crucial. Thank you Spectra, I use my M1 everyday and love it! The let down feature has been really good too, especially in these first few weeks of breastfeeding a tiny baby , just knowing I can provide those top ups with such ease makes it really comforting!

  57. I recently purchased this pump after growing frustration with using a manual pump of a well known brand. With my old pump I would sit for up to 30 min trying to pump enough milk for a feed and only getting a maximum of 100ml. I also had issues with the manual pump not draining the entire breast and resulting in sore nipples for little reward.
    Since getting my M1 I am over the moon!! Not only can I pump in a fraction of the time but it is able to completely drain the breast. I was so excited the first time I used it my husband got sick of me saying how incredible it was.
    Could not recommend this pump more. The portability is great. As we live out west I will often pump in the car when hubby is driving so the baby can sleep through and I don’t have to feel engorged in the mean time.

    • Hi Sarah!

      What a great result you’re having with your pump!! Thanks so much for letting us know, we love hearing amazing feedback like this.

      Thanks again 🙂

      Spectra Team

  58. I am very happy with my new M1. The pros are that it is portable, easy to use and has good suction. I was using the Madela symphony which I hired from a pharmacy but I can pump the same amount in the same amount of time using the M1. Below are some comments on where the M1 could be improved but overall I am really happy with it and for the price (only a bit more than a month’s rental of the symphony!) it is a great pump.

    1. Suction: you cannot fault the M1 for strength of suction. For me the suction is actually a little strong. When using the single pumping at the lowest suction level I felt like my nipple would explode. I read that the suction is diminished when using double pumping so I added the other suction cup but continued single pumping and that reduced the suction so I can now use it both on single and double pumping.

    2. Battery : I thought the battery was meant to last for three hours. I can get in 3×20 minute pumping sessions before I need to recharge.

    3. Shape: it is great to have the inbuilt battery but the shape of the pump means that you cannot really carry it around with you. In hindsight perhaps the s9 might have been the better pump for me so I could just throw it in my pocket.

    4. No back light: I pump at night so it would have been great to be able to see the controls without having to turn on the light. I also wish it had a timer to stop me from having to also get out my phone to know how long I have been pumping for. Again I think the S9 has both of these features.

    5. Bottles: I thought the M1 would take all wide neck bottles. I use the closer to nature wide neck bottles and the pump does not fit these. It means a lot more sterilising and cleaning which is a little annoying. The pump does fit avent wide neck bottles.

    Overall a great pump. For my purposes though (and maybe yours?) I think the S9 has slightly better features. I got the M1 because I saw a clip on you tube that seemed to show the M1 being quieter than the S9. The M1 is definitely noisier than the symphony but is not terribly noisy and I think for the extra features of the S9 a little more noise would be ok.

  59. Was very impressed with the speedy delivery of the M1 breast pump. My husband ordered it for me online and I received it within 36 hours. I had hired a Medela hospital grade pump from the chemist prior to buying this and find the M1 to be equally as good, yet much better for portability. A carry case would be very beneficial, but else wise am extremely happy with the purchase (and price!!!) and would definitely recommend to others.

  60. Great pump. Very portable and quite efficient! Didn’t think I would need it until I started going back to work but baby had a few feeding issues to begin with and I’m glad I have this pump around! No complaints! I use it amuck tipple times a day and it has not let me down yet!!

  61. Very easy to use, good value for the price. I’d not used any others to compare it to, but find it easy, quiet, comfy, quick, and compact. I use it daily still, and am really pleased with my purchase.

  62. Being a first time mum, I wasn’t sure how often I would be pumping, or even if I would be able to breastfeed. Lactation consultants told me that my nipples were ‘tethered’ meaning they didn’t come out very far which would make breastfeeding a little tricky. Together with using a nipple shield, pumping has helped my nipples immensely and i’m now able to feed without the shield. I pump occasionally to keep up a freezer supply, and have taken my M1 away with me in it’s lovely storage case. It’s perfect for me, and I didn’t have to spend the big bucks for a great quality breast pump. Thank you!!

  63. This pump is amazing! At first I was a little hesitant as no-one from the hospital had heard of Spectra – even the lactation consultant! But to my amazement, my little M1 did the job in half the time compared to the bulky Medela unit I used while in hospital. And would you believe that I have not had to give my twins a single top-up of formula due to this fabulous little contraption! Paired with the PumpEase bra, I can even fold washing and vacuum while pumping! I would definitely recommend this pump to anyone, it has been an absolute lifesaver for us, thanks Spectra!

  64. I have found the spectra team to be fantastic. Initially I emailed asking about the DEW 350 and S1 and outlined my needs (to occasionally express to be able to go out a few times a week). Based on this I was recommended the M1 as less expensive. Great recommendation! It has met my needs and is very efficient. I particularly like the let down and massage modes, as well as the portability. I also received a Spectra Milk Cooler Kit for free so that was nice! Have already recommended to a friend and will to others.

  65. The Spectra M1 is so much better than my Avent manual pump. It is a small unit, very quiet but efficient!! Love it!! I will recommend it to my friends.

    It would be better if Spectra can review the instruction booklet. However, the customer service is brilliant!! 10/10!!

  66. I did a lot of research before buying a pump and I finally settled on the M1. I have not been disappointed. It’s small and quiet and I have successfully built up a great supply of milk. I have friends who are pregnant at the moment and I will be definitely recommending it to them.

    Thanks Spectra

  67. I am extremely happy with my M1 purchase. Very compact and light, easy to assemble and has yielded great results from first two uses. Suction is strong and comfortable and the pump is quiet. Pricing is outstanding compared to Medela pumps.

    The only improvement I could suggest is the inclusion of a carry bag given that one of the key features of this pump is its portability.

  68. I purchased the M1 last week and I’m so glad I did! My 3 week old baby had not gained weight in 2 weeks and was still nearly 250g lighter than his birth weight, so I was advised by my paediatrician and lactation consultant to start pumping after every feed to build my supply and supplement him with whatever additional milk I could express, or I would have to start giving formula feeds. I had been given a Madela manual pump by a friend, but wasn’t able to express even a single drop with that, and I was devastated, thinking I would not be able to solely breastfeed my baby. I was very close to purchasing an Avent or Madela pump in the pharmacy that afternoon, but thought I would do my research first, mainly to differentiate between those two brands with the intention of going back the next morning to pick one up. After reading so many glowing reviews of the Spectra pumps online I was convinced, but was a little concerned that it wouldn’t arrive fast enough to help us. Being able to purchase a double pump for the same price as either of the single pumps I had seen was such an advantage that I decided to take the gamble, and was very relieved to find that the pump I ordered on Wednesday night came on Friday afternoon. I started using it that night and was amazed to be getting 20mL after only a few minutes of use. It’s as comfortable as I imagine it’s possible for a machine sucking your nipples to be – my nipples are tender in the same way they were after starting breastfeeding, but I expect that they will get used to this in the same way they got used to feeding and become more comfortable with time. It’s also quiet enough that I can use it after night feeds in the same room as my sleeping husband. The battery lasts well, I charge it overnight and it lasts through all my day feeds (using it for 10-15 minutes after 5-6 feeds between charges). I chose the M1 as I intend to go back to work in mid March so the portability was important to me, and I agree with other reviewers that a carry case would be a great addition to the package. They also sent out 4 free boxes of breast milk storage bags with the pump, which was a lovely surprise, given they sell the bags for $19.95 a box! And the proof is in the pudding – my baby had gained 110g by Tuesday morning, after only 3 full days of use. This pump has meant that I can continue to solely breastfeed my baby, and I am so grateful!

  69. This is the first electric breast pump I have purchased, and I did my homework before deciding on the M1. It seems comparable to other (much more expensive) double electric pumps, but at a much more reasonable price. What sold me on this model, in comparison to the others, was that it was portable -given I am away regularly, and when I return to work I will need that feature. It has been great so far, and I am really impressed with the ‘let down’ mode and the adjustable vaccuum settings. Next day delivery was great too. Overall, very pleased with the M1!

  70. My husband purchased the M1 pump for me as I was in hospital and unable to breastfeed as I wanted. I also had inverted nipples which made it very hard to breastfeed and they got very cracked and sore. The pump is excellent as it doesn’t hurt my nipples when pumping and with the variable controls makes it easy, still allowing me to feed breast milk!
    Great portable pump too as we travel a lot. A carry case for everything would be ideal but I have had to get a small pull string bag to cart it in.
    Overall its an excellent price for a double pump and being portable is a good plus for me.

  71. I finally purchased the M1 after a recommendation from a friend. I’m so glad I did. It is making expressing so much easier and a lot less stressful. I’ve tried other brands – electric and manual pumps but would highly recommend this one. It is especially a bonus being a double pump and extremely good value for money! Thanks Spectra!

  72. This little piece of gadget is the most amazing item in myhosehold these days. The ease of using M1 is great, simple yet very efficient. With my first child I used one of the commercial breast pumps and gave up expressing due to the various issues, but with M1 my expressing journey has just began and I am looking forward to it. I am soon to return to work and looking forward to using the double express, at the moment just using 1 to get enough to get bub used to bottle feeding.

    Its every cent worth the spend.:)

  73. I am very impressed with the M1, I haven’t had a chance to have a proper trial as am currently pregnant and breastfeeding (so there isn’t a lot of milk to be pumping). However with this being baby number 4 I have used a few breastpumps in my time and overall am impressed with the M1 and can’t wait to use it to pump for donating milk. I do however think I will need to get an insert as expect that the size is a bit big. I love that it is a closed system! And was also pleasantly surprised to get the cooler pack with bottles included. Thank you for a wonderful pump at a great price 🙂

  74. I did a lot of research among different brands and chose Spectra because of the closed system, good reviews and affordability. I then took a long time deciding which spectra pump! I wanted a battery for portability and was attracted to the M1’s small size -although its’s not hospital grade, it’s small and more modern looking than the dew. When it arrived I was excited to try it out and was immediately impressed with my pumping output -about double to my previous pump. It was also super quiet although with increased use it has gotten noisier but still not as loud as my last pump. I love that spectra pumps all come with accessories for double pumping.

  75. After much research, I decided on the Spectra M1. I love the portability and convenience of this pump! It is light and the inbuilt battery is great as I don’t have to worry about finding a powerpoint (especially good for when I go back to work). The double pump is comfortable and fits well, and the motor is very quiet compared to others on the market. I have recommended Spectra to several friends already! Thank you Spectra!

  76. I had used a Medela Swing for my first baby, but wanted to get a double for my second as it used to take me ages to express. This pump is fantastic, the suction is really good and quiet, it’s a good size for a Mum that needs it to be portable, but it would be great if it has a carry case that could make it even more portable. Definitely recommend this pump to all busy Mums who need to be on the go!

  77. I was recommended the M1 and I absolutely love it. Has great suction, quiet and so compact.

    We are part of a research program which needs breast milk samples… So easy to take my pump with me to the hospital instead of manually expressing
    Love, love, love it!

  78. I researched both the Medela And Spectra pumps before making a decision and purchasing the Spectra M1. I choose it for many reasons and am pleased with my purchase because:
    -reasonable price
    -portable, can be used without plugging in
    -capacity for double pumping
    -well priced accessories
    -effective and efficient pumping ability

  79. Love my M1, have been using its since my son was born and it will be great when i go back to work and have to express. Its quiet, quick , efficient and small, was easy to pack and take on holiday. Also will be great to be able to double pump at work to save time!

  80. After hiring a hospital grade pump for the 1st few weeks, I decided it would work out cheaper to buy one long term. After a lot of research I decided on the Spectra S1. For the price it’s just as good as other more expensive hospital grade pumps with more features, I have been very impressed and have recommended it to others.

  81. I purchased the M1 after some online research. Firstly I was impressed with how quickly it arrived – less than 24 hours after I ordered! And my email enquiries were replied to promptly.
    The pump itself is great. It’s not too noisy and very portable. Being a double pump makes it great value for money. I had been using the Madela swing before this and I found the M1 to be much better: the suction is more efficient, you don’t have to worry about having spare batteries for it and the tubing is more flexible so it doesn’t pop off the connector (this used to happen all the time with the Madela pump – drove me crazy!)
    As mentioned in previous reviews, the suction action is a bit strange and it took me a little while to get used to it. And it is very strong even on the lowest setting so if you have very sore nipples this might be something to consider – although that might have something to do with the size of shield. I’m going to get an insert which will hopefully make it a bit more comfortable. Having said that though, because it’s powerful you don’t need to use it for as long to get a good amount of milk which is a definite plus.
    Overall I recommend it!

    • Maire Shanahan

      Hi Ann – please message us if you get the inserts so we can make sure you get the correct size – we have a new size intended for the premium shield but not up on site yet. Also – what kind of nipple sensation are you experiencing – is it a pulling pain?

      Kind regards,

      Spectra Team

  82. I’m a mum to a 7 month old baby and will be going back to work soon. I have a small electric pump that i occasionally used to express. Now that I have to build my supply of expressed breast milk, I found that the pump that i have is not good enough. Took a long time and with no great result. Then i found Spectra brand through one of the parenting website. I’m glad I purchased the M1 as it has made my life a lot easier. M1 is super quiet (compared to my old pump), and definitely a lot cheaper than the other leading brand of similar standard. Thank you so much!!!

  83. The M1 is awesome! This is the 4 breast pump I have owed and used! It replaced my Spectra 9 pump. The M1 is quieter and makes pumping at work super quick. I found it to be more powerful than the Spectra 9. I really like the letdown function on the pump too and I love how it remembers the settings you had in your previous pumping session. It is really handy to have the option of having the pump run off power or batteries, especially when out and about. All of the parts are easy to assemble and clean. My only recommendation would be for it to come with a carry case or bag, as it is a portable unit (you can now buy this separately- it has just been released) It is fantastic value for money and I have been recommending Spectra to all of my friends who are expecting. Customer service is fantastic too- very helpful, prompt replies to my questions and queries and above all, superfast postage so that I didn’t have to stress about not being able to pump at work.

  84. I love this pump! I wish I’d done my research and purchased this straight off the bat instead of making the colossal mistake of buying a Closer To Nature pump initially. After 8 weeks of struggling with that first pump, I hopped online and started reading the forums as I was considering a Medela but didn’t want to be disappointed after outlaying yet another couple of hundred dollars. I’d never heard of Spectra before, but a number of people on the forums raved about the affordability and performance of these pumps (particularly in comparison with the Medela Swing) and, as it was a double pump unit with a rechargeable battery,and a closed system to boot, I was keen to give it a go.

    I am more than sold on Spectra now. The pump unit is small and lightweight enough that I’ll have no problems taking it with me when I return to work. All the parts are very easy to clean and maintain, and the motor is a LOT quieter than my old Closer To Nature unit.

    Thanks to the double pump and the suction control, I am able to express in twenty minutes what used to take over an hour with my old pump. That said, if portability and discreet pumping at work weren’t two of my highest priorities, I think I might have preferred to spend the extra $70 for the S2, just for that extra cycle control.

    All in all, I am over the moon with my purchase & I will recommend Spectra to all of my friends.

  85. Very good and effective little pump! Easy to use, easy to pack and it works for me straight away! Spectra M1 is the most affordable double pump in the market and yet it is very effective. Delivery was prompt and communication was very clear. A carry case would be handy but again this is small matter as I can literally pack it into my bag easily.

    I had my doubts before finally deciding on Spectra but now I have no regrets buying it. It gives me confidence that I can continue breastfeeding as long as possible. The letdown menu is excellent and being a double pump, it only took me 20mins to pump. Very important considering I will only have 30mins lactation break during work.

    I will recommend it to all working mums who wish to continue to breastfeed. Thanks Spectra!

  86. I spent a long time researching breast pumps before I decided to invest in a spectra’s M1. It is definitely the most affordable double pump in the market .

    I ended up going into labor before I managed to order it. While in hospital I corresponded with a spectra consultant and she quickly and easily allowed me to order it online and organised delivery to my house for the following day.

    I am happy to say the M1 does not disappoint. It is quiet, efficient, has a great battery life and massage function makes expressing much more enjoyable. If I had one criticisim it would be that seeing as it is portable it would make things easier if it came In a case.

    Overall I have been highly impressed with the pump and the efficiency of spectra staff in promptly responding to emails regarding my order, and putting my mind at ease. This certainly will not be my only spectra purchase and I will be recommending the brand to all my friends.

  87. I am very happy with my Spectra M1 pump. It arrived the day after I ordered it and was very easy to set up and use. Ellen from Spectra has been extremely helpful with all my questions prior to purchase.

    The pump is light and small enough to easily pack into the nappy bag. For me the shield funnel is a bit big but I’m going to get the silicone inserts which should help with that.

    I also have a hired Medela pump which works for me but it is expensive and not portable and as I’m exclusively expressing I need a portable option. I am very happy with the M1, and now have to decide which hospital grade Spectra pump to purchase as well.

    The feel of the M1 pump is unusual, instead of the basic “pulling” motion of the Medela pumps, the M1 pump vibrates and so the feel you get when pumping is a kind of vibrating tickling feeling. A bit unusual but not unpleasant, hard to explain but almost like it massages out the milk instead of just drawing it out.

    All in all I am very happy with this pump and would highly recommend it and Spectra!

  88. Being a first time mum, I was confused as to which breast pump I should buy. I received lots of reviews from friends and colleagues. Spectra was definitely not a brand that was talked a lot about. Medela pumps were highly talked about.

    I did my own research online and read couple of comments from people who had used both brands before and many recommended Spectra. I was quite hesitant regarding the M1 as it is a brand new product and there were hardly any reviews on it.

    The M1 was almost half the price as compared to a Medela double pump. I decided to take a chance and bought the M1. I have been using it for a month now, and have been expressing a couple of times a day as a top up for my boy. I have not regretted my decision at all. When I was in hospital I used the Medela hospital grade pumps available and I didn’t really like them. I was not getting much from those pumps.

    I came home and started using my M1 and found that I was getting more from the M1 as I expressed. The M1 is really easy to use. It is portable and has batteries in it. The only thing I would suggest is maybe a carrier for the pump.

    I would definitely recommend Spectra to anyone as it does a really good job and is so worth the price you pay for it.

  89. Spectra M1 (Compared with Medela Freestyle)

    Pros: very smooth and gentle pump. Only needed to use setting 2 of 5. Nipples not sore or discoloured afterwards. No tugging sensation during pump (weird vibrating tickly sensation instead). In 20 minute session output was slightly up but not outside normal ranges however significantly less massage required. Flanges fit with medela bottles

    Con’s: no timer on the unit (but I knew this in advance) , flanges and membrane unit are one piece, instruction manual fails pretty hard at English, massage mode just plain odd.

    Verdict: At this price the M1 is considerably cheaper than the Freestyle (500AUD) and is only really missing the timer (easily fixed with an app on my phone). The pumping session was smooth and pain free with a good yield. Overall all its an impressive unit and a good alternative on a lower budget.

  90. I have just had a baby with a tongue-tie so establishing breastfeeding has been very problematic and I’m having to express round the clock. I initially hired a Medela Symphony while I waited for my M1 to arrive and I was able to compare the two. I got a similar yield from both and found the tubing was less annoying on the M1.
    I am now using my M1 to double pump every 2-3 hours and it has been strong and reliable. It is very portable and it’s useful that I can unplug it and carry it with me if I need to jump up and do something while pumping (I’m using it with a pumping bra so my hands are free). The pump is pretty quiet and I like that I can easily see the display and reach the buttons on the top of the unit. It would be nice if it came with a carry bag since it’s meant to be portable and the instruction booklet is terrible – fortunately I was able to work out how to put it all together even in a very sleep-deprived state. My only other gripe is that the bottles that came with it are very easy to knock over when you finish, spilling your precious expressed milk. However, the breastshields do also fit onto other bottle types.
    Overall, I am very pleased with my M1 and think it’s excellent value for money. I’ll be recommending it to my pregnant friends.

  91. I absolutely love my M1! At 1 point i was using the Medela Symphony and I feel this does just as good a job as that hospital grade pump and it is so much cheaper and lighter! I love how easy it is and how quick it gets the job done! I have been using it for about a month and overall i am very pleased with it.

  92. I hired a hospital grade pump after bringing our son home from hospital as iI was still expressing most of his feeds. After we got breastfeeding established I still wanted a reliable pump, but wanted to return the expensive hire pump. I did some research and decided to give the Spectra M1 a try,. I was nervous trying a new product without reviews, but was encouraged by the positive reviews of other Spectra products. I have been really pleased with the M1. It is so compact, but still feels quite powerful in single or double mode. It’s also easier to use than the hospital grade pump As i don’t have to worrry about cords, or positioning a large machine. I’m pumping about once a day, but if required the M1 could easily be used more frequently. I’m pleased with the volume I,can express in a short time, especially running on battery power.

  93. Love this pump already and only used it twice so far!! I bought a cheap one at first i knew i would regret it should of just bought this one it is great! compared to other one evenflo so much quieter i mean like nearly non existence i dont have to worry about waking my baby up to pump any more so less anxious now which will only help while pumping and other pump was kinda hurting a little bit but this one no!! and the breast shields are smaller which is great other one was huge it seems now! I would recommend to anyone great as double pumping and single pumping to let down mode works and so simple to set up and clean great that it is portable and built in rechargeable battery so i can take it anywhere and not have to worry about a power point! Love it love it!! I fyour ummimg and ahhing like i was over so many different ones and this one DON’T just get this one.

  94. The M1 is a pretty good pump I upgraded from an Avnet $200 single pump nothing wrong just wanted the double function and was considering the medulla like everyone else lol. I was impressed the noise was pretty quiet but a different sounding pump to my avent (which sounds motory) I probably personally have no use for let down function but see how it could be good for others. I cut a bit of the tube and made it a doubke but I did find the power diminished in suction…when I put it up to one it was very high indeed! Much higher than the avent. I like the dials being able to show you where you are on level wise. When you turn it off it sticks with what you used. I’d give it a 7.5/10 I’d probably go hospital grade rechargeable if possible but spectra aren’t selling it yet but if I was after one single pump definitely agree! In saying that one pump at a time didn’t take much longer I had 135ml in about 10mins so well see..I’m going to upgrade another pump from u guys the big boy! Because I want to! And keep this baby at work! My avent I’d say 6/10 so definitely worth what I paid!

  95. Received our M1 and could not wait to try it straight away. Its just awesome and already love it. After using a Medela one for over a year, i cant believe that i waited this long to buy a Spectra one. Its so much better and less noisier. It will make it so much better at work and much quicker too as i will be able to double pump. Also no one batteries to buy. Bye bye Meldela and Welcome Spectra M1 🙂 Yay very excited about my new M1. Its just awesome 🙂 Love love love it!!!!

  96. The M1 is fantastic! One small, compact rechargeable unit with fully adjustable massage and letdown modes. It works better than the Avent electric breast pump I used with my daughter and I am equally happy using my M1 as I am using my S2.

    Again.. it would be nice to have a little extra length in the tubing and to have a convenient carry case to protect the pump and for ease of transporting. Anyone looking for an affordable, quality breast pump that gives you the flexibility and ease of having portability either in or outside of the home could not go wrong!

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