Buying a Used Breast Pump? Be Sure to Replace These Parts

Buying a Used Breast Pump? Be Sure to Replace These Parts
Are you considering purchasing a used pump? Great! Spectra breast pumps, especially hospital grade pumps like the Spectra S2 really hold their value because the motors are built to last. All Spectra breast pumps are safe for use by multiple users because they are closed systems. If you're planning on purchasing a used Spectra breast pump, here's what you will need to get started...


Even the most rigorous of cleaning and sterilisation routines cannot get those hard-to-reach areas of the breastshield fully clean. Over time, fatty residue and condensation will build up in these crevices, making it a great place for bacteria and mould to live (this is why we recommend replacing breastshields every 6 months).


Always get new valves. This part needs to be replaced most frequently as the silicone loses elasticity over time with each sucking cycle of the pump, and there's no way of telling just by looking at a valve how long it has been used. There are two type of valves on the market - duckbill valves, and valve + membrane sets. Spectra sells both styles which are interchangeable on Spectra breastshields. Generally pumping mamas will have a preference of one over the other. Many mums prefer the duckbill valves because they are one piece and last a little bit longer. Some mums prefer the valve + membrane sets because the inside of the valves are easier to clean. Remember that both styles will need to be replaced regularly.

Backflow Protectors

Get a new set of backflow protectors. Just like valves, these parts degrade over time and need to be Dew 350, you'll need to get new backflow filters.


In theory tubing should never get wet or dirty with proper use of backflow protectors. However, since there's no way to safely clean and sterilise tubing when it does get dirty, there's also no way to verify that used tubing is clean. Grab a brand new set of tubing because you know it will be clean.


Just like everything else that touches your baby's milk, we recommend getting a new set of collection bottles. Click here for a list of bottles that are compatible with Spectra breastshields

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