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Spectra Backflow Filter - Dew350 [Pack of 3]

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**This item is discontinued so will not be restocked once sold out.** Replacement backflow filter pack for the

  • Spectra DEW 350
  • Spectra DEW 300

Each pack contains 3 replacement filters and 2 replacement short connector tubing.



Spectra's innovative design technology ensures that all Spectra breast pumps from Spectra have backflow protection for hygienic, safe pumping.

The backflow filter prevents the movement of moisture and milk particles into the pump motor, which could impair the operation of the motor and can lead to mould build-up.

Over time, the backflow filter supplied with your breast pump will need to be replaced. Simply dispose of the old filter, and replace with a new filter and tubing if needed.

This backflow filter is for use with the Spectra DEW 350 and Spectra DEW 300 models.


  • 3 x backflow filter
  • 2 x short connector tubing