This Amazing Mum Kept Herself Alive Overnight With Her Own Breastmilk

This Amazing Mum Kept Herself Alive Overnight With Her Own Breastmilk

Have you heard about this? An amazing mum has managed to keep herself alive when lost in the forest and get herself home to her bub by drinking her own breastmilk. We at Spectra loved this story and hope it brings a smile to your face, too! Susan O'Brien was taking part in a gruelling 20km run as part of the XTerra Wellington Trail Series inside a forest south of Wellington, New Zealand. Unfortunately, Susan took a wrong turn and got totally lost off the trail... The race was due to finish at 11.30am, but instead of being reunited with her family and 8 month old bub, Susan found herself lost in the wilderness, and facing a night in freezing conditions. Susan says that she thought of her baby and knew she had to do what it took to survive. She dug herself into the forest floor and covered herself with dirt. For nourishment and rehydration, she drank some of her own breastmilk. "I'm breastfeeding my baby so I had a bit of my own milk, I thought that would keep me going". When Susan failed to turn up at the finish line, searchers went into action, and finally she was found the next day by helicopters using heat detector technology.

After being found and reunited with her family, Susan said her first order of business was to give her 8 month daughter a feed.

Photo Credit: NZ Herald

What a legend! Not only is this woman fabulous for even taking part in a marathon when she has an 8 month old (breastfed) bub, she's also managed to keep herself alive in truly harsh conditions with her nutrient packed milk. But hey, we all know making milk is a superpower! Can you imagine being lost in the forest in New Zealand this time of year? Well done to Susan O'Brien, what a hero. Looking for a breast pump?

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