[CLOSED] Spectra Baby Australia's Mother's Day Sale! Buy a Breast Pump Today!

[CLOSED] Spectra Baby Australia's Mother's Day Sale! Buy a Breast Pump Today!


Happy Mother's Day from Spectra Baby Australia!

Spectra Baby Australia loves our Mums, and is celebrating with 20% off store-wide for one week only!

If you're looking for the ultimate Mother's Day gift for the new mum in your life, then look no further and buy a breast pump today!

With 20% off everything store-wide, there is no better time to snap up one of our incredible hospital grade or portable breast pumps.

Celebrating Mums...

Our gorgeous photo above is of a beautiful mum Helena and her son Cayden. Cayden was never able to breast feed due to being born with profound lip and tongue ties, and despite 2 revisions he never latched on. Helena has been pumping for him since day 1! Helena and her husband decided to make the best of the situation and have come to enjoy the experience of pumping.

Cayden has been fed exclusively breast milk, and Helena has even been able to donate almost 300L to 6 other mums along the way. One thing Helena felt a bit disappointed about was not being able to have some beautiful breast feeding photos so with the help of DeePauline Photography they captured their own version to honour and celebrate their unique breast feeding journey!

Cayden loves the pump and whenever Helena is pumping he plays with it, has figured out how to press the buttons and seems to enjoy climbing and pulling on the flanges. He now has his own set of flanges to play with! They have no plans of stopping pumping any time soon.

Helena told us that quite often when she tells people that she exclusively expresses for Cayden, she is met with pity. She was so excited to share her journey with us, and helping promote expressing in such a beautiful and positive way. Have a look at these beautiful photos of Helena and Cayden with their S2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump!

Having trouble deciding??

With 5 of the most incredible breast pumps available in the Australian market, we don't blame you for having difficulty deciding which one is best for you! We have written a couple of guides to help you with your decision! You can check out our handy Spectra breast pump comparison chart here, and our guide to deciding which pump is best for you by clicking here!!

But don't just take our word for it!!

Spectra Breast pumps are widely discussed on websites such as productreviews.com.au, so we recommend you jump on and have a read through reviews on each of our pumps from real customers! The direct link to the breast pumps review section is right here for your convenience!

Breast Pump Reviews

There are a few terms and conditions!

Just a couple of important terms relating to the 20% off sale:

  • 20% off store-wide sale commences on 4 May 2015 at 00:01 and ends on 10 May 2015 at 23:59. All times in AEDT. Make sure you finalise your order prior to this time, as no extensions will be offered.
  • Discount is automatically calculated and promotional code is not necessary.
  • No additional promotional codes / coupons will be accepted during the course of the sale.
  • Get in touch if you have any questions regarding the sale!!

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