Sydney PBC Expo - done & dusted!

Sydney PBC Expo - done  & dusted!

Ready to meet you!

How did you enjoy the Expo? We've just got back from the Sydney PBC Expo and can't wait to hear what you thought. As always, it's hectic - getting around with the pram is a challenge but being able to take in so many brands and products in one hit is brilliant. My daughter loved the stage show and petting zoo and I had bub weighed in the Parent's room as I do every Expo (he's coming along well). While at the PBC Expo we signed up over 2,000 people to our great competition to win a Spectra breast pump (drawn soon!), we sold out of all our Spectra 9 breast pumps and have just a few S2 and Dew 350 pumps left. One of the best things was talking to soo many happy Spectra customers who already have a Spectra pump and came up to say hello! Karrie, Claire, Nicole & Ellen who staffed our stall have all said they had a brilliant time. We love the opportunity to show off our great Spectra breast pumps to mums and helping explain which is best for your needs. We hope you liked visiting our stall and grabbed a sample bag! We'd love your feedback - let us know below.

Starting set up can seem daunting

But we get there in the end

Last moments before opening

And people start rushing in

Busy busy busy

Taking a break

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