Are you a Spectra Mum? Show us & grab $80 store credit!

Are you a mum with a Spectra breast pump?

Spectra Baby Australia has just turned one! In the past year our breast pumps have gone out to hundreds and hundreds of Aussie homes and truly made a splash. But there's still lots of people who've never even heard of Spectra breast pumps and we think it's time to let them in on the secret. We can talk about how great our breast pumps are until we're blue in the face, but at the end of the day what mums REALLY trust is feedback from other mums. SO keep it coming - we want you talking about our pumps! So here we go... Send in a picture of yourself, or your baby - or BOTH - with your Spectra pump and grab an easy $80 store credit - stock up on milk storage bags, or grab some spare valves!

Why do we want pics of you and your Spectra pump?

Well, we hope to get enough pictures to use in new banners... but the other reason is..

Seeing pictures of you and your baby happy with a Spectra pump makes us feel pretty great! :p

So get snapping and email in your pics to and we'll email you $80 store credit. Simple as that!

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