Spectra's Breast Pump Recycling Guide

Spectra's Breast Pump Recycling Guide
We've discussed that breast pump accessories need to be replaced regularly, but what do you do with the old parts? Did you know that some of them can be recycled in your regular household bins? Read this guide to see how you can dispose of your breast pump and accessories.

Plastic parts can be recycled from home

The hard plastic accessories which come with your Spectra pump can be recycled in your regular household bin. Here's what you can recycle.
  • Breastshields
  • Bottles
  • Bottle necks
  • Bottle sealing discs
  • Bottle caps
  • Valves (not the membrane)
  • Backflow protector casing

Silicone parts must be thrown away

The soft silicone accessories which come with your Spectra pump unfortunately cannot be recycled. Here's what needs to be thrown away.
  • Tubing
  • Valve membrane
  • Duckbill valve
  • Backflow protector membrane
  • Teats
  • Massaging breastshield insert

Other parts that are not recycleable

  • Backflow filter (Dew 350 only)
  • Splitter (M1 only)

Can I recycle my breast pump?

Yes, you can recycle your old breast pump; however, you must take it to an appliance or PC recycling center. These places can take apart your electronics and melt down parts to reuse again.

Remember that you should not dispose of your breast pump in regular trash because batteries and electronics can be toxic to the environment. Contact your local authority to find a PC or appliance recycling center near you.

Consider donating your breast pump

If your pump still works great but you're no longer using it, consider donating it! The great thing about Spectra breast pumps is that because they're closed-system, they're safe for use by multiple users. So you can donate your used breast pump (not used accessories) if it's still in working condition.

Is your pump no longer working? If it's still within the warranty period, consider getting it serviced by Spectra and then donating it. If it's outside of the warranty period, you can still have it serviced but at cost. Contact us for more details about this option :)

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