Milk in your Backflow Protector?

Do you notice milk or condensation in your backflow protectors after pumping? Did you know that there's actually nothing to worry about when this happens? Your backflow protector is working exactly as it should by preventing milk and moisture from entering the tubing. If you're consistently finding milk in your backflow protectors after you pump, it simply means you have a strong letdown - and that's a good thing!

What can I do if there's milk in my backflow protector?

That's easy. Just pop it apart and wash it like you normally would with your other pumping kit accessories. Remember to make sure your backflow protector has enough time to completely air dry prior to assembling it again. :)

When should I replace my backflow protectors?

You do not need to replace your backflow protector every time milk gets in it. This just means your backflow protector is working as it should and you simply need to wash and dry it with the rest of your pumping kit. That being said, the silicone membrane in the backflow protector does wear down over time and use elasticity. You'll need to replace your backflow protectors regularly to maintain good suction and performance of your pump (not replacing them means you can lose suction gradually over time, and the pump motor has to work harder to maintain suction which can wear down your pump more quickly than usual). If you're pumping once or twice a day, replace these every 6 months; if you pump more often or are an exclusive expresser, replace these every 3 months.

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