How Long do you Plan on Breastfeeding?

How Long do you Plan on Breastfeeding?
We asked Spectra Mamas how long they breastfed, or planned on breastfeeding, and more than half said for over one year. Here's some of the responses we received:
Always planned to feed for at least 2 years. #1 fed for just over 2 years #2 fed for 3.5 years #3 Is almost 3 and still feeding #4 Is 9 months and still feeding

- Trish

I planned on feeding till 6 months 😂 my 16 year old brain couldn't comprehend going any longer but here we are at 2yrs 8 mnths and still feeding. My now 19 year old brain is over it 100% but knows its the best for my little man.

- Tameika

16mths for my first 22mths for my second They both weaned when my milk dried up when pregnant (second one dry nursed for 4wks) Youngest is 20mth today and still feeding twice a week Makes me 2 months shy of having fed for 5yrs total

- Nat

3yrs plus.. No plans on when to stop. Answer lies with my kids.

- Hilly

Breastmilk for the first 2 years of life

The World Health Organization recommends feeding breastmilk for the first two years of life. Spectra breast pumps are designed to last for a long time, and Spectra Australia offers a 2 year warranty on our breast pumps to make sure your pumping journey is not interrupted. Here are some things you can do to ensure your pumping journey continues without a hitch...

Replace your breast pump accessories regularly

Breast pump parts can wear down causing a decrease in suction, which could hurt your milk supply. Worn out parts also can also mean the motor works harder than it needs to, causing the breast pump to wear out faster than normal. Check our guide for which parts need to be replaced, and how often.

Make sure you're using the correct flange size

Using the correct flange size is super important for maintaining milk supply and having a positive pumping experience. Using the incorrect sized breastshield can actually hinder your milk supply, and in some cases, cause injury. Check our guide on how to measure your nipple for the correct flange size.

Get a hospital grade breast pump

If you plan on pumping long term to maintain milk supply, especially for two years, we highly recommend investing in a hospital grade pump. These pumps are designed to last for the long haul, and have the power needed to build and maintain your milk supply.

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