Breastfeeding Preparation - A Light-Hearted Guide

Breastfeeding Preparation - A Light-Hearted Guide

Preparing for breastfeeding - A lighthearted guide

It seems the moment that you become pregnant, advice from well meaning friends and family begins to pour in. You will hear all about nappies, the best toys, the proper foods to eat while pregnant, and it's very likely you will hear the saying "get your rest now because you won't have a full night's sleep for the next 18 years." If you mention the topic of breastfeeding you will get flooded with stories; some success stories as well as some not-so-sweet tales of struggles. You may get advice on how to prepare yourself for breastfeeding, such as rubbing your nipples with a dry washcloth every day during pregnancy to "toughen them up", your breasts are too small to breastfeed, or use lanolin during pregnancy so your nipples won't become dry during breastfeeding. None of these steps are necessary for successful breastfeeding. In this lighthearted guide, Spectra Baby Australia reveals all that's necessary to prepare for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Preparation Step One: Be a Female.

Being a female is key in preparing yourself to breastfeed. The female body is designed to create and provide nutrients to the child from within, to birth a child, and to breastfeed that child for years to come. The female body is miraculous, trust in it.

Breastfeeding Preparation Step Two: Get Pregnant.

This step will involve a mate, preferably a nice, helpful male of the human species. Once you have procreated, you carry this quickly growing baby inside of you for approximately nine months. Maintaining good health and seeking help throughout your pregnancy will be important. During this time it's important for you to find a positive support team, for baby's birth and your breastfeeding journey. Click here to find information on the Australian Breastfeeding Association's really helpful classes.

Breastfeeding Preparation Step Three: Deliver Baby

Getting the baby out is essential to breastfeeding. You can't breastfeed a child who is still in the womb. Having your support team will help you through this adventure.

Breastfeeding Preparation Step Four: Latch baby to your breast.

Joking aside, bringing your fresh newborn to your chest soon after birth is important. In fact, breastfeeding your baby in the first hour after birth is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure breastfeeding is successful. The skin-to-skin contact and kangaroo care helps the newborn through the transition of being outside the womb; the only place they have known for the past nine months. Find a comfortable position to breastfeed (if you are not familiar with breastfeeding positions have your support team show you some ways to hold your newborn). All your baby to find his way to your breast, with a nice open mouth and leading with his chin, so that his chin presses against your breast and mouth is wide open. Once bub is latched you can stare into his eyes, look at his wrinkly skin, and take a deep breath in. Congratulations, you are now breastfeeding your newborn! Now relax, your body is made to do this.

Of course for a few mums it isn't this easy. Some women have problems with fertility and breastfeeding issues can come up which may lead a mother astray from her breastfeeding goals. Luckily, in this day and age we are surrounded by positive figures that can help a breastfeeding mother. If you are struggling, turn toward your support team, find the advice that fits you and your situation. Keep an open mind, be adaptable and most of all keep loving your child... they will love you back.

Did you have a positive support team help you through your breastfeeding journey?

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