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Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump


The Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump – for mums wanting complete portability and flexibility so they can pump how they like, when they like and where they like!

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Finally, the Spectra 9 has been re-released as the upgraded Spectra 9 Plus, which has all the features you loved about the Spectra 9 but with some very important extras to make your life easier. Read it through:

What features does the Spectra 9 Plus have?

  • The Spectra 9 Plus comes with a complete double kit so you can double pump – pumping both breasts at once saves so much time, which as a busy mum trying to find time to express, you will really appreciate. Double pumping also ramps up levels of prolactin (the milk producing hormone) in your blood, so is better for supporting milk supply.
  • The Spectra 9 Plus has a nozzle for each milk collection kit, making it easy to swap from single to double pumping. Just attach a milk collection kit to both nozzles if you will be double pumping, or if you only want to single pump, you can just close off the second nozzle.
  • Letdown mode – switch with a touch to the letdown mode, which is a light, quick mode designed to speed the start of milkflow, just the way a baby does. This will get you expressing faster and help your body get on board with the job of expressing milk.
  • Easy adjustment of suction strength and cycle speed together – touch button controls allow you to adjust suction strength and cycle speed with one touch. As you increase the suction, the speed will slow down [see the S2 if you want even more control over cycle program].
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery – yes, we know you love this feature. Use your Spectra 9 Plus while plugged into mains, or just use it wherever you like from its inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • LCD display so you can easily see where you’re at with vacuum and cycle settings. There’s a battery indicator so you know how much charge you have left on the battery AND there’s a timer so you can keep track of how long you’ve been expressing.
  • The Spectra 9 Plus is  our most portable pump – lightweight and slimline, it will slip easily into your handbag.
  • Closed system – like all Spectra breast pumps, the Spectra 9 Plus has a closed system, which means that there is no way for milk to get into the pump motor. Milk particles in the pump motor can lead to the growth of mould and is a potential source of virus transmission.
  • As always with Spectra breast pumps, the Spectra 9 Plus has high performance vacuum with maximum suction of 300mmHg.
  • Slow-flow teats are suitable for newborn feeding.

What are the negatives?

  • Doesn’t provide as much flexibility over the pump program as the S2 (but still more than other pumps).
  • Is noisier than the S2 and Dew models (but not as noisy as other pumps – we do try our best to keep the noise down! Please check out youtube for some pump comparisons so you can get a feel for how much quieter Spectra pumps are than other brands!).
  • If you are exclusively pumping or needing to rely on a pump to establish supply, we do always recommend you use a hospital grade breast pump – i.e. the S2 or Dew 350.

If you have an Spectra 9 Plus don’t forget to give us your feedback!


  • Spectra 9 Plus main pump
  • Wide neck breast shield (24mm size) x 2
  • Bottle x 2
  • Slow flow soft teat x 2
  • Tubing x 2
  • Disc x 2
  • Cap x 2
  • Backflow protector x 2
  • Duck valve x 2
  • Power adaptor

All components in contact with your milk are BPA free.

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum range 0 ~ 300 mmHg
  • Cycle length 30-46 RPM
  • Weight – 297g
  • Two Years Warranty
  • Powered by mains or inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Motor life 1,500 hours
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Certification CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001
Vacuum strength


Letdown mode

Cycle speed



Double kit


  1. I have been using my Spectra 9 Plus for over a month now and I am very happy with it. I love how compact it is and that it can be used as a double or single pump (I quickly started using it as a double to save time). The timer is very handy and the functions are easy to use. I ordered my pump around lunch time and arrived promptly the next morning. I’ve already recommended Spectra to friends and showed it off to my lactation consultant, who was just as impressed.

  2. hi …
    I bought this breast pump a couple of months ago …I looked around for a while and was debating between Medella or Spectra . I am so happy i bought Spectra .. I have always had suppy issues butnow can pump a lot than i could before . The massage and suction is so strong . It is so handy … can take it anywhere … I dont go anywhere wirhout my Spectra now … Superhappy

  3. I love my pump! I was recommended by my sister in law to just use a manual and it takes so long and not fun. I love that I can strap on these with a specially-designed bra and not think about it until I either need to encourage another let down with the massage function or when the 15mins are up.

    I wish I had got this one from the very beginning. It needs a charge every fourth session but that’s fine.

  4. Recently bought the spectra s9 plus after using the s1 and absolutely love it, it’s small and compact (about the size of an iPhone) so it fits perfectly in my pocket and I can get things done around the house. Although louder than the s1/2 it’s still quiet in comparison to competitor brands. I love the display screen and that your able to see how long you have until the end of your pumping session and the light up display is handy for night sessions. Because of its small size and portability it’s great for taking out of the house for day trips which means you don’t have to miss out on the Important things in life. Absolutely love spectra products and would recommend them to anyone!

  5. I am so happy I picked the 9+. I have been borrowing my cousins S2 (thank goodness for the closed system!) and was very happy with it. My main use for the pump is to go back to work though so the 9+’s size and battery are much more appropriate for me. The suction and yield are comparable to the S2 so no complaints there. I have since recommended spectra to 2 other expecting friends!

  6. It arrived within 24 hours! Amazingly quick! I have one S1 which I have been using heavily everyday. Have to travel so decided to buy a portable one. Have used this portable one (9 plus) for two weeks now. It works as well as S1, with a little bit more noise though. If you want a pump that is portable and works efficiently, this is the choice!

  7. My daughter was unable to breastfeed due to medical issues when she was born and i have been using the Spectra 9 plus since day 1 for the last eight weeks. The fact that I’m still able to provide her with my breastmilk means so much to me and the Spectra 9 plus makes it a lot easier than other pumps.

    The portability is one of the best features. I’m able to pump at home and while I’m out with relative ease. The pump is quite light and is easy to carry in your bag!

    When I did have issues with the product, customer service was friendly, understanding and prompt and auctioned my request within an hour. I also received a loan pump the next day so I’d still be able to provide my daughter with milk!

  8. I love this pump! Arrived super quickly, so easy to set up… excellent yield! I had been borrowing a friends while waiting for this to arrive but this is far superior… I’d recommend anytime. So portable too, as all the functions I’d need.

  9. Really love this pump!
    Lightweight, long battery life, easy to use and clean, makes double pumping a breeze.
    Used to use Tommee Tippee manual pump, it is now sitting in a corner once I got this pump.
    Highly recommended for mothers who are on the go and looking for something portable.

  10. Never thought I’d say I love a breast pump but I love this product! Obviously designed with a practical knowledge of what pumping mums want and need!
    I purchased my 9 Plus about a month before returning to work and have started building up my liquid gold bank at home and I’m planning to continue using it to pump at work (also using Spectra’s breastmilk storage bags to freeze which have been great as well).
    I was a bit unsure how practical/realistic pumping at work was going to be but after seeing how easy the 9 Plus is to use at home I’m so much more confident about continuing to pump at work.
    Best features of the 9 Plus for me is the portability, it’s lightweight and only about the size and weight of a smartphone (just a bit thicker) and it’s great with the rechargeable battery – I was really surprised how many other ‘portable’ breast pumps out there in the market require access to a power point, just seems a bit behind the times these days.
    Also I was pleasantly surprised how quiet the pump is (might be a funny way to describe it but to me it sounds similar and is about the same volume of noise if your smartphone was on silent and buzzing/vibrating on a bench top) I used a Medela hospital grade pump when I was still in hospital as my milk was a bit late coming in and that was significantly louder.
    Another point is it’s so easy to assemble and to disassemble for cleaning.
    All in all I’m really happy with my purchase of the 9 Plus and would definitely recommend highly to other mums.

  11. I use the s2 pump at home but wanted to have something for when I’m out of the house. The s9 is so portable and light that it makes pumping on the go a breeze. With twins to feed I can’t miss a pumping session so this takes all the stress out of it. Would definitely recommend.

  12. I bought the Spectra 9 plus based on many recommendations and am very satisfied. This is a great pump. Fast postage too. Customer support was very helpful in response to a small issue I had initially. The parts are easy to clean and the pump is small and reasonably quiet. The massage mode is great to help with letdown.

  13. I love my Spectra 9 Plus. I was previously using a single pump of a different brand and purchased my S9+ in preparation for returning to work. So much faster being able to express both sides at once! I also find it quite gentle compared to my old pump. I am very happy that I chose this pump. Now I’m just waiting on a handsfree pumping bra to really make life easy!

  14. How good is this pump? Has made life so much easier. I can pump in the car whilst my husband is driving & have an instant backup supply for emergencies. Perfect for traveling on planes. Is light weight & fits in my handbag. Very happy with this item. Thanks spectra!!

  15. very happy with this purchase. the delivery time was impressive. this is my first pump and it seems to do everything it should. like that it is portable and very lightweight. the charge seems to hold for a day or two- would be nice if it was a bit longer but it doesnt take very long to recharge.

  16. The pump arrived on time as promised! Assembly is easy and battery life is great. Love that there is a capability to pump on both side at once – a time saver! Battery last for almost a whole day when pumping for 20 minutes on each side every 3 hours or so. It’s so small and portable. So much power, even on setting number 2, the suction is adequate. The timer display is handy to help us keep time on how long it’s been in used or when to switch sides. The package comes with full accessories so you can get straight into it. The noise of the pump is very minimal and not offensive at all. The only thing that could be improved is the bottle itself, it may leak sometimes and could not get a tight seal. Resolved by using other bottles or pumping into pre-sterilised bags.

  17. I appreciated the next day delivery as this was crucial for peace of mind for a first time mother. It is very user friendly. Battery life is great. It was reassuring to know that if I did have issues, customer support and service would be approachable and helpful. To hire a similar product from a local pharmacy would have cost $150/month so the purchase price is reasonable. Definitely do not hesitate to spend the money and purchase this product !

  18. I really hadn’t had any experience with pumps previously so did a lot of homework to buy a pump to prepare for returning to work. The spectra continously came up as recommended. So happy with my purchase! I think the price is really reasonable for such a high quality product as I’ve heard of so many people being disappointed with other brands. Battery life is EXCELLENT. Postage was super quick. Pumping is super efficient, getting great output. Fantastic customer service, especially on Facebook messenger. I’m really enjoying pumping with the s9, it doesn’t feel manualised or uncomfortable like I expected. The product is super lightweight, portable and easy to use once I got the hang of the pieces. I have to get a smaller flange but that is easy done. My only suggestion would be to have an attachment on the back of pump to attach to waistband or neck lanyard as I think that would be handy when double pumping in particular as the pump is so lightweight. Super happy with my purchase and will recommend Spectra fors sure.

  19. Fantastic customer service helping my wife and I get her pump. Portability and strength of the pump is great. Massage setting at the start of expressing is a cool little feature, thats really seems to help. Our only negative would be the incompatibility to fit with other bottles, or lack of additional bottles that came with the pump. We’d love to be able to buy another 6 of the bottles like the ones the kit, as the other narrow neck bottles require an adapter and dont hold enough milk.

  20. Love this product. Makes it easy for me personally being a breastfeeding mum that has full days of sports on the weekends. Easy to cart around. Very happy with this product

  21. Fantastic product. Even better than I expected. The fastest delivery I have ever experienced.

  22. Came recommended by friends and hasn’t disappointed. Fast delivery to Darwin, straight forward to use and easily transportable. I will be recommending this product to friends.

  23. I had such a pleasant experience purchasing my Spectra S9 Plus. The delivery was super fast, next day delivery and I’m in Sydney. I had questions which was answered quickly and the consultant was very helpful and even offered me a credit note since the item was not in stock when i wanted to order it.

    I love that i could also contact Spectra via Messenger. I had issues with my S9 pump charging and my issue was resolved quickly.

    I absolutely love the timer on the S9 plus and how small, compact and portable the unit is. Fits in my pocket. I get more output from my new Spectra S9 plus than my other well known brand pump.

    Would absolutely and already have, recommended Spectra to my family and friends.

    Thank you for being such a pleasure to deal with.

  24. Great customer service and quick delivery. Much quieter than my other pump. Easy to put together and use after watching utube clips. Happy with purchase

  25. I have only been using this pump for a few days and so far so good. Quick delivery, relatively comfortable to use, and quieter than I expected. Instructions for assembly were a little confusing (for an over tired, stressed first timer) but it didn’t take long once I found a you tube clip.

  26. I bought 9plus during my baby due, first few day I don’t have enough breastmilk this pump has been so helpful ,keep pumping after feeding,finally I get build up breastmilk for my baby girl .highly recommend every small but so powerful.

  27. I am very happy with the Spectra 9 Plus. Very light and easy to use.

  28. Love this breast pump. Very light, portable and easy to use. It is small and very practical so I can easily use it anywhere I go as I travel quite often. The suction is good and because is double pump, it saves so much time.
    Also, the customer service was great – I received the product within 3 days after I placed my order! Would definitely recommend this pump.

  29. Love this breast pump. Very light, portable and easy to use. It is small and very practical so I can easily use it anywhere I go as I travel very often. The suction is good and because is double pump and save so much time.
    Also, the customer service was excellent – I received the product within 3 days after I placed my order! Would definitely recommend this pump.

  30. I purchased the Spectra 9 Plus portable double pump after recommendations from mothers’ forums online and friends who have previously bought hospital grade Medela double pumps and then sold them to buy Spectra pumps instead. I thought that must mean something and I was not disappointed. I used the hospital grade Medela Symphony pumps during my hospital stay and went home yesterday (day 1) and started using my Spectra 9 Plus pump. The instructions were easy enough to understand and assemble (similar design to other pumps). Cleaning is straightforward.

    Spectra 9 Plus has actually surpassed the hospital grade pump – I managed to get 140ml within 15 minutes – day 6 post partum! (compared with about 95ml max after 45 minutes of pumping using the hospital grade pump!) and this was using one pump only at a time. It is so light and portable and I can take it with me in my bag to work. It is similar in noise to the hospital pump. It is easy to use, has a express and then let down mode and different suction settings.

    My Spectra 9 Plus arrived ONE DAY after I put my online order via express mail – I was impressed with their efficiency and service. Thank you so much Spectra – I am in love with this pump already and it has made breastfeeding possible. Even if you intend to pump regularly or exclusively, I recommend Spectra 9 Plus because it will be able to do the job and it is portable!

    – Call the number provided if you have any questions. The customer service representative is courteous, attentive, and will provide you with great advice without trying to upsell their more expensive products.
    – Next business day shipping for free – can’t beat that!

    – Do the research – most online and offline reviews of the Spectra 9+ are very favourable towards the product.
    – Portability – compact and light, you can take the pump anywhere. The battery charges up in an hour and lasts for about 2 days and 2 nights for me – that’s about 10 pumping sessions.
    – Yield – I’ve used an Ameda hospital grade pump and get a comparable amount of milk from the Spectra 9+.
    – Quick letdown – using the massage mode I get a letdown within a minute.
    – Affordability – the Spectra 9+ is excellent value for money; it’s one of the most affordable pumps that I could source.
    – Compatibility with other brands – the Spectra 9+ pumps straight into Philip Avent Via Breastmilk reusable Containers using the adaptor that comes with the containers.

  32. I’ve had the spectra 9+ for 3 months now and it’s been a great experience so far.
    Customer support has been consistently helpful.
    Love the portability of the 9+ as it means I can get other stuff done while expressing.

  33. I think the pump is very handy. It is relatively small and very practical so I can easily use at work. The suction is good and because is double pump, it saves so much time. I should have bought this earlier and it definitely better than some other brands that I used before.

  34. Spectra 9+ is fantastic. It is one of the best things I have ever bought. It is small, light and handy. I can pump while doing my face makeup . The suction is very good and it isn’t very noisy. However the measurement on the bottle will fade off after a couple of wash and the shield cannot really close tightly on the bottle. Overall it is a great pump.

  35. I am pleased to say I have just received my Spectra 9 Plus in the mail. Postage was speedy! After doing quite a bit of research, I had read nothing but excellent reviews from several comparison sites and also watched comparable breast pump video’s on youtube which included Spectra breast pumps. Spectra was by far my number one pick to choose from for a breast pump if I was going to have one. I chose the Spectra 9 Plus particularly because of the flexibility of being portable and the size. I have pre-purchased this item several months in advance before my due date and am so excited to try it out in the coming future. The product itself is light weight, does not take long to charge and very easy to assemble. It has multiple massage and let down setting to choose from to suit the comfort levels and suctions of your needs.

  36. I purchased the Spectra 9 Plus last week and already love it! I’d tried other brands previously and this pump is much more effective (much better suction) and efficient.
    I love the fact that I can see how long I’ve been expressing for, the ability to use it as a single or double pump, the number of different levels it has and the fact that it has rechargeable batteries (or can be plugged in).
    Also, the customer service was great – I received the product the day after I placed my order!
    Would definitely recommend this pump 🙂

  37. This is my third pregnancy and i am 4 months postpartum. I’ve tried different pumps over the last few pregnancies and i got to say, Spectra 9 plus is the way to go! – Handy, light and the suction is good enough for me to get 180ml in just 9 minutes and it is definitely faster in comparison with other brands that i’ve tried. I am going back to work soon and i am glad i’ve found Spectra 9 plus to make expressing possible without much hassle!

  38. This pump is simply amazing, I’m able to pump 120 ml in just 5 mins and I’m only 3 weeks postpartum. What a time-saver! With my first Bub I used a different brand and it would take me around 30 mins-and I thought it was efficient-little did I know…

  39. Definitely worth every cent I paid for it! Purchased my s9 after being recommended it by a midwife in the hospital I had my baby in. It’s been used flat out for the past 6 weeks and hasn’t missed a beat. It’s easy to transport, I bought a little insulated lunchbox to store it in. It consistently stays charged for about 8 pumping sessions. It’s been much better and more convenient and easy to use than the hospital supplied pumps.
    There are only two small negatives-
    -When I had washed the bottles a few times the measurements also washed off.
    -The machine is a little noisy, but I only notice in the middle of the night or when I’m pumping in the quiet hospital nursery.
    Great pump overall. I’ve been recommending it to all the other new mums in the hospital.

  40. Love my Spectra 9 plus. So convenient, easy to put together and use. It’s gentle and I also pump a good amount of milk. I wish I had one with my older son, would have made life a lot easier. Love it and I was so surprised about how quick it was delivered. Thank you.

  41. I recently ordered a Spectra S2 breast pump and received it within two days of placing the order. Very prompt service. Also my queries were answered without delay. I am very happy with my purchase but believe I should have had the option of choosing the size of the flange. The flanges that came with the pack are a bit too small and now I have to spend more money to get the correct size flanges. This is the only negative that I have found so far.

  42. This breast pump had come recommended and was delivered very quickly. I found this breast pump very easy to use. I have enjoyed it’s portability as I was able to relax and pump comfortably anywhere in the house.

  43. I found the Spectra website great & was emailed back very quickly when I submitted a question. My breast pump arrived quickly – love the free express postage!
    I was excited to use the pump for the first time but found it a bit tricky to assemble as there were no clear instructions as to how to put it together. Maybe a diagram would be helpful?
    Am using the pump multiple times a day – it’s very easy to transport. Not getting as much milk as I thought I would but I may just need more practice.

  44. I purchased this product and it arrived just the next day which was the best part as I had started office and required a pump which could reduce my pumping hours. This product is as per my expectations ,now i pump the same amount of milk within 5 minutes. Its very easy to use.
    I was stuck at assembly issue and the service to my query was so prompt. Its a great product . Thankyou Spectra!

  45. I was researching breast pumps as I wanted to start preparing to go back to work and wanted to ensure my daughter would still get breastmilk. Spectra was recommended to me through members of my local Australian Breastfeeding Association group. The Spectra website was fantastic to help me choose the most appropriate pump for my needs. The Spectra 9 is amazing! It’s so light weight and portable which is perfect to take to work or anywhere. It’s functionally is great, the massage feature really helps & you can ensure comfort with various levels of suction. The instructions were straight forward and easy to understand. The assembly of the pump was simple. Thank you so much Spectra!! I’m grateful I can continue my breastfeeding journey when I return to the workforce.

  46. We have previously owned the closer to nature portable pump and decided to switch to a double pump in order to reduce expressing time. Did it ever! Not only is it doing both at the same time it works more efficiently to express more milk in a shorter amount of time.

    As far as the customer service goes it is second to none, very friendly prompt and helpful. I cannot recommend anything else to anyone. Spectra is the way to go.

  47. Customer service is friendly, flexible and prompt. Quick delivery.

    The S9 plus is more efficient than the hospital grade pump I used while in hospital. It is easy to use and clean. It is portable. Only issue is the noise, better not to use near baby while he is sleeping.

    This is the first and only pump I have. Very happy with this purchase.

  48. I had a pleasant experience with the customer service, friendly and flexible. Delivery was quick, ordered on Monday morning and received 2pm the next day.
    The S9 plus is more efficient than the hospital grade pump I used while I was in the hospital. It is easy to use, to clean, and portable. Only issue is the noise, better not to use the pump near my baby while he is sleeping.
    This is the first and only pump I have. Overall I am happy with this purchase.

  49. Wow! The spectra s9 Plus is amazing. I love it. Makes pumping super easy. Best money spent.
    Fast delivery too.
    Highly recommend!
    Love, love, love this product.

  50. Great pump. Very easy to use, great success rate for me. Very happy with this purchase. Super quick delivery too. At my door within 24 hours of me ordering. Love the massage aspect too.

  51. Awesome pump; have used the Medela Symphony at the hospital and the Medela Pump In Style at home, and this one is equally as good, but portable!! Love the massage feature and the small sleek design of the unit. Only problem is, the bottles are pink and my baby is a boy 🙂 you need to offer pale blue bottle lids too! The bottles are a good design though; he has had fewer wind problems since we’ve used these ones.

  52. I ordered my 9+ the day after my hospital discharge and it arrived by courier the following morning! Very happy with the express delivery. The pump is easy to assemble and to use. Now day 9 of using it and zero issues so far! I think its size will allow good flexibility of use on-the-go later on. Perhaps one improvement would be the option to select flange size on order, but I would imagine it’s difficult for a first time pumper to accurately predict which she would need!

  53. Great product. Very light and quiet and easy to put together. Also great follow up service and express delivery. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  54. I purchased the Spectra 9 plus 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love this breast pump. It is very easy to assemble, use and clean. I love the massage moped and the 10 adjustable speeds for both massage and expression, it allows to be very gentle with the nipples and yet very efficient for the let-down and expressing milk. The weight of the pump is amazing, and it is not too noisy. The product has been delivered very quickly despite the Easter weekend and sales. And the customer support from spectra has been amazing to help me with the manual pump and the 9 plus. In a nutshell: AWESOME PRODUCT AND SERVICES. THANKS

  55. I first read about Spectra breast pumps through After spending some time weighing up the pros and cons of the different kinds, I opted for the Spectra 9 Plus for its compact size and portability. (I figured if I wanted to go on holiday, or pump on the go, it would be immensely useful to have such a portable pump.)

    It arrived very promptly 2 days after I ordered it. Relatively simple to put together. And away we went pumping.

    VERDICT: Excellent. Love this pump.

    I had breastfed my baby not long before, and still managed to get 100 ml the first time pumping.

    I wanted to know what brand bottles were compatible, and the customer support got back to me straight away. And this was on a weekend day, not business hours. Fabulous support.

    I would recommend this pump to anyone.

  56. This product is great!!!!I recently purchased spectra 9 plus and never regret buying it. It was delivered next day. I use it every morning before going to work and I pump almost 120ml in less than 10 min. Which is great for me.
    Easy to clean and portable to carry around. I can pump any where. I recommend this product. It’s a life saver.

  57. Needed a new pump after repeated issues my swing. Medela did not respond despite several attempts to get in touch. Decided to investigate a new brand. So glad I did! Customer service was instant and awesome. Guided me to this pump and answered all my questions. Ordering was super easy and pump arrived next day. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Quiet and portable. Already seeing increase in my volume. Wish I’d bought it from the beginning. Get it -You won’t regret it!

  58. I am so pleased with this pump. I’d been using an alternate brand single pump for 6 months but, with a return to work imminent, I felt that double pumping was the only way I could continue breastfeeding and I liked the idea of something portable. The pump is awesome- so light, efficient and easy to operate and clean. I am pumping around 50mL more in only 12 minutes than I ever did in 30 minutes on my old pump, which is giving me some much-needed time back in my day. My only regret is that I waited this long to buy it!

  59. I recently purchased the spectra 9 plus after my medela swing is not working after a few months in use. and I have to say, Spectra 9+ is a life saver, it’s faster and more powerful. I should buy it first then it would save me a lot of money!

  60. I love my spectra 9 plus double electric breast pump. I was using a single electric breast pump of a different brand and it was taking me 40 minutes to pump every 3 hours, now I have this double pump I can get the same job done in just 10 minutes every 3 hours. That’s quite a significant amount of saved saved! Just over an hour a day rather than over 5 hours a day.

  61. I purchased the Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump after my old pump died while I was at a wedding (very inconvenient!). I need my pump as I am a working Mum with a baby with a dairy allergy, so pumping is a must. I found this pump easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. Exactly what I needed! I love the timer so I know how long I have been pumping for and the double pump has cut my pumping time in half and increased my supply.

  62. I recently purchased the Spectra 9 plus in last February. I really love it because i worked effectively and help me a lot in express my breast milk. This product is the first breast pump I used but it was fantastic as its convenience ( easy to use and easy to move). The service of spectra team is also very good (quick response to email) and delivery was so fast.

  63. I ordered the spectra 9 plus and recieved it the next day, great!
    I have used the pump every morning since and I have to say it is so easy to use and very efficient. I previously had a manual avent pump which took me 20 minutes to get 40mls. This pump I can get 100mls in under 10 minutes which saves so much time and is great when you have a 1 year old demanding you play with them.
    The only issue is the instructions weren’t too comprehensive but the system is easy enough to figure out on your own. I will definitely be recommending this pump to others. It’s something I wish I would have just bought sooner.

  64. I am SO glad I bought the Spectra 9 Plus prior to the birth of my first baby. It was recommended by a friend, and it was a savior when I struggled with breastfeeding the first few days. It was easy to operate and now I have been breastfeeding and expressing and going really well. I would recommend this pump to anyone. The customer service and support and information on the site was also fantastic.

  65. I purchased this pump because my s2 is a little too hard to transport in the middle of the night or if we go somewhere and I need to express… It is light, quiet and tiny! I am in love and sometimes use it over my s2. I had a baby that went straight into special care so I exclusively pump and both my spectra pumps have done a great job at bringing my milk in and keeping my supply up!!

  66. I absolutely love this pump. It’s easy to use and i always get a great let down and amount of milk. Great that it is so portable so i can still do day to day things like drive. .dishes. ..washing all while pumping away. Battery life is excellent and suction doesn’t reduce. I’ve had to change to exclusive pumping 5-6 times a day and is mostly kept up but would probably better suit a 2 a day pumper.

  67. I used a different electric breast pump with my first child and found the spectra double pump to be much gentler which in turn made pumping easier. I would recommend the spectra to anyone looking for a breast pump.

  68. The Spectra 9 plus is a brilliant pump! So easy to use and compact. It is perfect for me to take to work. The let down function lets me pump quickly and effectively.
    There was a little hiccup receiving the pump but this was solved by the great support team who were very helpful.

  69. I purchased the Spectra 9 Portable Double and its been great. Wish I’d bought it for my first child rather than battled with a single manual pump. Even though I pump only occasionally, the cheap price meant it was justifiable to get a double electric and pump the same amount in a 1/4 of the time. With a Threenager and a new born, I dont have the time for a single manual whereas 10 minutes after the morning feed with the Spectra 9 collects about 170ml. Instructions are brief which is both good and bad. Fine for me as a second time mum who knows her way around a pump, but could be daunting for a new mum/ first time pumper. This is where the youtube channel will be great.
    I am especially grateful for the closed system as I’ve seen a medela swing motor full of mould. With the Spectra 9 I am confident that no milk or moisture could get into the motor and this is reassuring as the pump will eventually be packed away between babies.

  70. Love it! Nice and light easy to carry around in a bigger handbag!

  71. This came highly recommended by medical mothers group for portable at work expressing, so far works well, quiet and efficient and very gentle, not much bigger than an old walkman so very portable. Fast shipping to NZ 🙂

  72. Have just purchased a spectra 9plus. Have been particularly impressed with the customer service especially with facebook replies. The pump size is great. Happy with purchase.

  73. I’ve been using this pump for the last three months with my baby on mixed feeding. Delivery time was excellent, and was the same for extra parts I’ve ordered. The pump is easy to use and assemble with good strength. Very portable as well.

    Customer service has also been very professional and helpful. Good value for money!

  74. My spectra 9 plus serves my purpose well. Easy to use and light and portable as I have now returned to work. Excellent price for for being a electric double extracting to unit!

  75. I recently purchased the spectra plus 9 after having our second child. It arrived to our door overnight. It is so efficient and is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.

  76. I love Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump…Excellent electric breast pump works so much faster,easy to assemble, use and clean. Quite to use,small size,very light and very handy so I can take it when we go away to places especially when we are on camping.Spectra Team was exceptionally very quick to answer,reliable,very helpful when I ask for help.Highly recommended. Overall – 100% satisfied with Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump???

  77. Love this pump so easy to use

  78. I’m in love with this pump. I bought the 9+ to use when away from home or on the move. I have an s2 and love it but sitting in one place isn’t always easy so this in a bum bag and teamed up with a pumping bra works wonders. Overall great product and results 🙂

  79. Love this product. Delivered next business day as promised on website, fantastic customer service. As a first time mum, I have found the pump really easy to use and clean. Will be recommending to my friends!

  80. I bought the Spectra 9 plus over the new year’s break and it arrived the very next day! Excellent service, which is so important to stressed new mums trying to juggle everything. Compact, simple and sleek – it’s a great device giving me great results without all the bulk of the borrowed hospital pump i had temporarily. Easy to assemble and use is important also.

  81. Brilliant pump and the mobility of rechargeable internal battery is perfect. Easy to use and delivery was amazingly quick inside 24 hours!

  82. After using a hand pump I needed something that was easier and quicker as I was back to work. After getting advice everyone recommended Spectra and I found that the spectra 9 would work for me. The delivery was quick and I could not wait to use it. The spectra 9 is easy to use and works amazingly.

  83. This pump arrived really quickly after ordering and was easy to assessable. I have had some problems adjusting to a new pump after using a single Phillips for six months, but the customer service has been outstanding in helping me to hopefully resolve these issues which should hopefully result in better efficiency and output. It is worth noting the pump comes without the shields, I would have ordered them at the same time to save on delivery costs. Also the flange size is worth considering before ordering to ensue the right size from the outset.

  84. I recently purchased the Spectra 9 Plus and I am very happy with it. I love the fact that it’s so small yet very strong. Even though I ordered it during the Christmas holidays the delivery time was quick. The customer service is also great.

  85. I am very happy with this pump! Have a premmy baby who just isn’t strong enough yet to breast feed, This pump was recommended to me by a friend and I am very happy with the purchase, Just as others have said – it is light, easy and quick to use and very powerful. Also the delivery time was very quick, even over the Christmas period.
    I would definitely recommend this pump over the other, more expensive brands.

  86. I received this pump 2 days after ordering it and I’m so happy with it. It extracts a lot more milk than my old pump and is a lot quicker. I like that it has a massage mode to help with letdown which speeds things up a bit. It was a bit tricky to put together the first time but I soon figured it out. It only has a few parts and is easy to disassemble and wash. It is also very well priced compared to other similar pumps on the market.

  87. Very happy with this product. Arrived very quickly (very impressed given was the week before Christmas). Had a little bit of difficulty assembling until I realised I had the valve upside down (sleep deprived brain) so a diagram with the assembly instructions would be helpful. Quiet and easy to use plus very portable, would definitely recommend this product.

  88. Awesome breast pump. Portable, powerful and super easy to use, clean and store. Pretty quiet too. The fact that avent bottles (classic or wide neck) can also be used is an added bonus. Can’t recommend enough especially if you’re looking for a compact and portable breast pump that does a great job.

  89. Bought this for my wife, she was so pleased with the product and considering to get the hospital grade breast pump.

  90. Can’t rave about this enough! My son has just turned 1 and I have been lucky enough to continue to breastfeed him (with expressed milk during the day) whilst working full time for the past 7 months.
    I love how portable it is (can keep it in my desk at work), the battery usually lasts a week for me and I have had incredible results – have always been able to get 100ml minimum in 5 mins or less. Have had absolutely no issues with quality etc and still working as well as the day I first used it.
    Only thing to be mindful of is ensuring you have the lid on the spectra bottles correctly (I have had spills before because I have accidentally put it on wonky – I always turn upside down to check now before putting in my bag!).

  91. Purchased this pump as I needed a portable option. Being an exclusive expresser, having the option to be able to move around while pumping made life sooo much easier. Teamed with a handsfree bra, I can easily get other things done and attend to baby while pumping. I find the options great and it is super quiet.
    One thing that would be handy is some sort of hole to be able to thread a lanyard through to hang around your neck, or a slot on the back to thread a belt through.
    Overall love this pump! I love all of spectra’s products actually ?

  92. Moved to this as Spectra came highly recommended and this was the best version for a mobile mum it seemed. So far it is perfect for my needs. Have only used it a week but found it to be very easy to use and incredibly time efficient compared with other pumps I have moved. Also easy to clean for tropics and easy to carry around for a busy mum. Highly recommend

  93. I ordered the spectra 9 plus pump and have been extremely happy with it. It’s not too noisy, efficient, and easy to wash/assemble. Straight forward to order and came quickly in the post.

  94. After a fair bit of research, and asking in my mum groups, I purchased the Spectra 9 plus. This pump is fantastic! It’s easy to assemble and use, portable, and pretty quiet. And significantly cheaper than other brands. Very happy with this purchase!

  95. I recently purchased the Spectra 9 plus and am enjoying the benefits of this portable and highly efficient machine, It was very easy to assemble, use and clean and it has helped tremendously in establishing my milk supply. Pretty impressed with the battery life as well and I like the double pump function. I received the delivery the very next day, very impressed with the speed of order processing!Would definitely buy from Spectra again.

  96. Very impressed with my S9 spectra pump. It’s easy to clean, portable, and recharges quickly. So much easier than a manual pump, and perfect for me doing once a day pumping.

  97. The 9+ is great value! Portable, easy to use and really not that noisy at all! I’m building a freezer stash ready for my return to work and found that this got the job done in days rather than weeks as I was told to expect. Super fast delivery to Tas too! Ordered Saturday and received Tuesday morning! Top marks Spectra!

  98. My baby hasnt arrvied yet, but so impressed with this product already. Easily to assembly ( although I would have liked a few more instructions), small, rechargeable and the option of double pumping if I need it down the line. Customer service was also top notch – quick replies and fast shipping. Ta

  99. Love this the Spectra 9 plus pump which my sister recommended to me. Love the portability and how easily the whole thing assembles. The only flaw that I would say is that the milk bottles do not close properly. I have split milk quite a few times and am currently using another bottle to feed my bub.

  100. A friend recommended this pump to me after she had great success using it when returning to work. I Have had the spectra 9+ For nearly 2 weeks now and love it! Super easy to use, assemble and clean. It’s portability suits our busy lifestyle and I get a lot more milk expressed in a shorter time frame then any other pump I have used. Recommend this product to anyone!

  101. Loving the Spectra 9 pump! It is very convenient and is enabling me to keep my supply up while i’ve had mastitis and cracked nipples. Great delivery time too.

  102. I had previously borrowed a friend’s medela swing which the motor died on me after 2 months and I was in desperate need of a new pump asap. I had planned to purchase the maxi swing that weekend but decided to check product review for which breast pump had the best reviews and Spectra came up. I was then hooked reading all about this brand I had never heard of. I spent that weekend researching everything I could about Spectra including watching youtube reviews and I knew I had to get a Spectra but which model.
    I initially wanted the S1 but it wasn’t in stock and there was no way I could go a week or 2 without pumping so I looked into the S9 and decided to order this as it was in stock. I ordered it Sunday night and it arrived in Melbourne by Tuesday lunchtime.
    It looked awesome and the suction was amazing compared to the medela. I could double pump now and get more in half the time. I use to dread pumping as I had to stay in one spot but this portable pump allows me to pump anywhere and it’s so compact. I was worried the suction wouldn’t be as strong given I wasn’t plugged in and using the in built battery but I express on level 2 when double pumping and that’s strong enough for me. My only criticism would be I wish it would start on the massaging mode instead of expressing everytime you turn it on but I just have to quickly press the mode button as soon as I turn it on. It also remembers the level you last used it at for massaging and expressing. The LCD screen is bright and I love the timer and battery indicator so I can see at night and know when to recharge.
    It’s not so loud during the day but a little loud when I am pumping in the middle of the night in the same room as my baby however given it’s so quick I just pop into the kitchen to pump and go back to bed. Great that it has a backflow protector as this is what ruined the medela as milk got stuck in the motor. Definitely would get another Spectra in future and have started recommending this to friends. Absolutely love it!

  103. I bought the Spectra 9 for when I return to work after 6 months mat leave however due to milk production issues I’ve had to pull it out early. The pump is easy to use, portable and has been a life saver so far! I’ll be ordering the S1/S2 to accommodate to my needs and will def be using the S9 for when I return to work.

  104. Love the Spectra 9 pump.
    Bought it online our first night home with bub & it arrived a day and a half later. Couldn’t be happier with it. Easy to assemble, use & clean. Light, quiet and very portable. I’m a little worried about losing the small one way valves when washing & hope spares can be ordered. Overall fantastic value for money compared to other pumps on the market.

  105. I LOVE my Spectra 9Plus! With my last baby I used a mainstream pump from a retail outlet and by the time I’d been using it for 12 months I hated it. Now I even hate the brand. My Spectra pump is so much better. I can adjust the levels to suit my feelings at the time (sometimes I’m more sore than others) and the massage setting is a great way to start my pumping session.

    The choice of power or battery operation is very convenient. I have the power cord in my baby’s room but I can unplug and take it to my own bedroom if it’s more convenient at the time. If batteries are running low I just plug it in again and run it off mains. No switching from power cord to battery pack etc.

    Delivery of the product was super fast (next day) and customer service has been excellent.

  106. I’ve had my Spectra 9+ for a week now, and so far am loving it! Super easy to use, great battery life & the fact that it is portable is making it super easy for me to continue breast feeding when I return to work! I had never heard of the spectra brand before, but I am so glad I did my research and came across the products! Will definitely recommend to family & friends who are searching for pumps!

  107. I recently purchased the Spectra 9 and am very pleased with the purchase. I had been using a madella single pump.

    The best thing is the battery and not having to be plugged into the power all the time or use other batteries.

    I find double pumping a bit tricky and I have to turn the pump up to the highest level to pump both sides at once. After trying the double pumping I prefer to single pump most of the time so I can get up if I need to and do things with the free hand.

    It would be great if the pump had a carry strap and it would also be handy if it came with a carry bag that you could put it in with its parts for travel and also just to keep it all together.

    Delivery was fast which was wonderful.

  108. The lactation consultant from the hospital recommended the Spectra S2 but as I knew I wanted something portable I took a chance on the Spectra 9 Plus and am very happy with it. After the initial set up (the instructions are not particularly well written) it is simple to use and clean. I get lots more milk than with the manual pump I was using previously, and with a lot less mess.

  109. Based on recommendation by our midwife, purchased the Spectra 9+ double electric pump. The buy is worth every dollar 🙂 Expressing using the pump…gives my husband (First time dad :)) the perfect opportunity to feed our newborn. Also when my baby feeds off just one breast, the pump provides the much needed relief to express milk off the other. The ‘non-bulky’ motor and simple set up…makes it all the more easy to express frequently. Gr8 job there Spectra! And I should definitely mention about the prompt service…in replacing the back flow protector for one of my pumps. Thanks again guys!

  110. Just purchased this on 31/07/2015 and received it on 03/08/2015. Postage is as described and it is ‘FAST’. My wife was happy with the price and the product as it is portable, being lightweight, close system, and easily store. She will be looking forward to use the product as soon as our daughter is ready to come out.

  111. Great pump to have in your handbag.

  112. This pump is better than medela swing (IMO). It’s not as loud as Medela Swing. One extra step to assemble it. But you get a hang of it easily. Like the LCD screen that shows how long I’ve been pumping. Time saver!

  113. This pump is a time saver! it allows me to pump whilst Im on the run wether Im doing house chores or feeding bubs I can pump at the same time! I find I get as much output maybe even more when Im feeding bubs as to when Im using the S2.

  114. Purchased this pump, as I am going back to work soon and needed something light and portable to carry in my handbag. Works perfectly and is as small and light weight as I was expecting!

    I haven’t used a pump before, so was a little daunted by the thought, but this one makes it easy!

  115. I am happy with my purchase of this pump which I am using many times a day for exclusive express bottle feeding. I particularly like the portability of it as I can move around (away from power source) while expressing – mostly trying to keep up with my busy toddler. I was also impressed by the quick response I received to a problem I was having with charging the pump which I was able to resolve from the advice I received online from the Spectra customer service team. I am still trying to master changing settings while trying to double pump but this is a problem I foresee with any double pump (I have ordered one of those hands-free bras – hopefully that will help!).

  116. really liking my Spectra 9 Plus so far. have just used it to start expressing colostrum at 38wks pregnant and its amazing! easy to assemble and easy to keep clean. can’t wait to start using it once bub is born -I want to express so my partner can do a feed every now and then too -great bonding time for father and son.

    I like how easy it is to read -to see how long i have been pumping without having to use a timer, mobile or wall clock is very handy!
    It’s also a lot quieter then i expected -still makes noise but nowhere near what i had thought.

    delivery was really fast…and in fact, the only complaint i have is that the delivery guy just left it sitting at my front door when i didn’t answer (i was in the shower!)…. would have been really annoyed if it had been snatched up by some random passer-by. a $250 pump shouldn’t be left behind, should be taken to the post office for pick up.

    But all in all, really happy so far. great product.

  117. Shipping was very very quick! Great communication, love that it is an Australian company, have been referred to spectra from many others who have tried and tested the products. Pleasantly surprised at how compact this model is. Look forward to buying again!

  118. Recommended by a friend. It’s small, compact and great value! A double pump at the price of a single pump for other brands. Shipping was quick. Very happy with my purchase.

  119. Love this Spectra 9 plus pump! It’s small and compact with long lasting rechargeable battery. It’s so easy to operate and use.. The pumping suction is great too even though it’s not hospital grade suction ( I have S2 pump as well .. It’s just too big for me to bring it out ) .. I love the quality of this small pump .. I am able to get the same amount of milk using this pump compared to my S2.

  120. I have been exclusively pumping for 8 weeks now using the Spectra S2 that was given to me as my main pump and the medela swing as a portable pump. The medela would leave my nipples sore regardless of what size flange I’d use and would only get half the amount of milk that I would get from the S2 which was frustrating cause I know there was still a lot more milk left. I finally gave up on the medela swing and bought the Spectra 9 plus and so happy I did! I have been getting just as much as the hospital grade S2 and have the freedom to move around! What I love the most about this pump is that the battery is charged very quickly, it’s very quiet in comparison to the medela, the size and screen so you can keep track of the session and the longer suction/vacuum to make it more effective.

    Don’t make the expensive mistake with other brands like I did, the pumps from Spectra are by far the best on the market out of the 4 brands I’ve tried,.

  121. I absolutely LOVE my spectra 9. The portable feature is so handy and convenient for both internal and external use. It’s light weight and battery life is great. I needed something for occasional pumping and this is a great product at this price. Can’t fault it.

  122. I purchased the 9 plus portable for travel because I also own the S1 one and I swear by it and Spectra! My first few days home were really trying with establishing my milk supply and as soon as I started using my spectra pumps it was like heaven and I could enjoy my first few days with my bub. This pump is amazing and I have since had three friends buy it after buying other pumps and they too swear by it.

  123. I purchased the Spectra 9 Plus after months of using another pump that a friend kindly lent me, and getting nowhere even though milk supply was good. I absolutely love this pump. It is fast, silent and 10 minutes of pumping a few times a day are enough usually, to have enough milk to build up a bottle for the next day. i was also very happy with the super fast delivery of the pump. I am advising all my pregnant friends about this pump, less known than other brands and only have one regret, to not have used it earlier.

  124. I did HEAPS of research online before buying a breast pump. I knew nothing about them and didn’t want to waste a heap of money on something that was flimsy, noisy and didn’t work well. Buying a Spectra 9 was the best decision EVER! So compact and quiet, easy to assemble and use, good quality, and such a great price for a closed system double pump compared to other brands (plus I got mine during a Spectra sale, so it was even cheaper than usual!). Great customer service – fast postage and online chat service was great when I had a few questions prior to placing my order. I would highly recommend this pump, and this company, to others.

  125. My wife enjoys using your pump. At first, we thought that the Spectra 9 Plus that we bought wasn’t working so we called your customer service and we were given help right away and were able to figure out the problem. Turns out we both didn’t read the manual!

    We thought nothing would compare to the Medela hospital grade pump that my wife was using while we were at the hospital but when we got the Spectra working, it was doing what the Medela was doing minus the expensive cost of course. We love the fact that we can just bring this pump anywhere we go because it’s so light and handy. My wife jokingly said it can pass as an iPod’s big brother! This product is definitely worth recommending to other mums (and dads). 🙂

    p.s. Just a friendly suggestion: I hope you can put an option on the size of the wide neck breast shield so that new customers won’t have to buy another breast shield like we did.

  126. I currently own the Spectra S2 pump, which I love, but wanted something more compact and portable which could be used more conveniently while out and about at work. The S2 has been fantastic to keep my supply up while exclusively feeding my baby expressed milk.

    I had purchased (and tried) a different portable-sized breast pump from another company, but had a very low milk output when I compared it with my output from the S2. That’s when I remembered that Spectra sold other types of pumps, too. The fact that it was a closed system and offered double pumping was a huge drawcard for me, as well as the fact that I was already familiar (and pleased) with my experience with Spectra.

    I wasn’t disappointed. I received the pump within 24 hours of ordering. The pump itself is about the size of a large smart phone (only thicker) and while it’s marginally noisier than my S2, it’s still pretty quiet for its size. I found that the pump gave me a great output and has lasted around 5 pumps already (with plenty more to go, it seems) before I would need to consider recharging it by mains power.

    I have a number of friends who are expecting, and I’ve been raving about Spectra pumps to all of them. Both the S2 and the 9 have been fantastic, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

  127. I purchased this 1 month ago (baby is 5 weeks now. I was told it is strong but not as strong as the hospital ones. To be honest: I don’t even need to use power 5. It is powerful, battery life is very long, easy to assemble, light weight , not noisy at all and I loved it. Excellent product Spectra.

  128. Love this pump, super easy to use, really quiet, light and portable and arrived really quickly. I have also been very impressed with the level of service from spectra who answered my questions so promptly.

  129. Very happy with this pump, I have tried other brands and found the suction levels of the Spectra 9 Plus start very low and gentle giving you a greater selection as you move through the different levels of intensity. I also found the rechargeable battery to be extremely convenient as I am current an occasional user but will be returning to study in the next month and feel confident that with this product I will be able to continue breastfeeding my baby.

  130. I cannot rave about this product and company enough! I never complete product reviews but am so happy to complete one for the Spectra 9 plus that arrived last week (24 hours after ordering – amazing considering I don’t live in a large town) and changed my pumping life!

    I previously had a Medela and thought it was fine until it broke and I replaced it with the Spectra 9 plus – what a difference! I’ve gone from pumping for an hour to get 60-80 mls, to spending 15 minutes to get 100mls+! I no longer stress about my freezer stash, knowing that each day I’m able to pump enough to pop some in the freezer for when needed.

    The double pump is fantastic, and it is so, so, so, easy to use. I absolutely love this pump and endorse it wholeheartedly.

  131. Very happy with pump, once I’d figured out how to put it together ( found instructions were difficult to understand as a first time user) it is super easy to use, clean, and put back together and the portable makes it so convenient. It’s quiet to use as well. Definitely good if you only want to pump a couple of times a day.

    Had to contact the help service at the start because it wasn’t charging but the help (via email) was prompt and solved the problem- which is quite a common problem with the charger not connecting in properly. Maybe this information could be added to the box in future to avoid the problem??

    Will be recommending this pump to friends.

  132. Spectra have a great product – I have found the 9 plus to be exactly what I need for occasional pumping. It is quiet and small so easily portable, it is also very efficient to use – I can get a decent amount of milk (50-100 mls) using the double pump after breastfeeding in about 5 minutes. I have not had any issues with the pump hurting or pinching the nipple, it has been pain free. The customer service and delivery were very prompt.

    The only downside is the instructions – which are not really detailed enough and a little confusing if you have not used a pump before. Once you have it figured out it is very easy to use.

  133. This is a brilliant pump! I exclusively express and use Spectra’s S2 for most of my pumping, but I needed something portable for while I’m out. This has great suction (I only use it on about half power and it’s more than enough!), is easy to use and is a good shape to fit in a bag etc. I also really like the timer function. I’ve tried a number of different pumps since I started expressing and own a well known brands single electric pump. It was more expensive than the Spectra 9+ and is nowhere near as good in terms of suction strength and features! I’ll be recommending this pump to any of my friends who are in the market for a breast pump in the future.

  134. This is a great product! We did our research before buying a breast pump. Originally we were looking at purchasing a Medela Swing as they seem to be the best known. But having read reviews about the difference between open and closed systems, we were put off them, as they are an open system and can be unhygienic. In looking for a closed system we found the Spectra 9 plus. We could not find a negative word about this product so we made the purchase, and haven’t looked back. Firstly, we made the order at about 1.30pm one day and got the delivery about 1.30pm the next day – VERY IMPRESSED! The product itself has been great. Very easy to use and clean. The pump pressure is more than plenty. My wife only uses level 5, and I think it goes up to 9. There’s not much more I can say but that our introduction to the world of breast pumps (a brand new world for me) has been made extremely easy thanks to the Spectra 9 Plus, and the price is great compared to other models. Basically I highly recommend this product.

  135. I love my Spectra 9 plus! It’s very light weight and portable and still quite effective.
    Delivery was quick and the customer support seems great. Perfect to bring on a trip and I love that you can se on the display how long you have been pumping for.
    I don’t use the bottles other than for storage though, as my hub needs slow flowing tests that he has to suck the milk out of as opposed to it coming out when you turn the bottle upside down.
    Can’t find anything else negative about Spectra or the pump! 🙂

  136. Excellent product.I bought this pump as I will be returning to work soon.Its so efficient and saves so much time..It’s exactly as described in product information.I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a breast pump.Thanks to all the reviews above which made me buy this product.
    Keep it up spectra

  137. I was originally renting a pump from another popular brand but it was becoming quite expensive and I could only pump at home due to the size of the rented Pump. I came across Spectra while reading reviews of the pump I thought I wanted. After doing some research and reading reviews I couldn’t find any negatives. I purchased the 9 plus As I wanted something more portable and it has been a lifesaver. I Am extremely impressed by the fact it is as powerful using the battery as it is when plugged into mains power. I would happily recommend this product.

  138. I ordered my Spectra 9 Plus before bubs came., which was a great idea. I started using it almost straight away and am using it every day so I can express a bottle for my partner to help out with feeds at night. The Spectra 9 Plus is so easy to use, not very noisy and nice and compact. Plus I love the portability so I can take it anywhere around the home without being confined to a power point. The price was also very competitive . I haven’t used the double pump yet though so can’t comment on how practical it is to use both sides at once. But am very happy for what I use it for 🙂

  139. I’m so glad I ordered my Spectra 9 plus before the arrival of my little one, it’s been a godsend as we’ve been having a lot of feeding issues and using the pump has helped with bringing on my milk as my little one simply wasn’t stimulating my breasts enough. I didn’t expect the pump to arrive before my baby as I’d left ordering until the last minute but surprisingly it did, it had to be the quickest delivery of anything I’ve ever ordered online, thanks guys.

  140. Love my new pump …
    Brought for the double pump feature
    What was taking me up to an hour with my other brand I brought the spectra 9 is now taking me 20 min tops and still collecting same amount of milk sometimes more love love and I’m spreading the word about spectra to all of my expecting friends
    Great pump at half the cost ❤️

  141. I recently purchased the spectra 9 plus. The delivery time was great for the holiday period. The battery life is long. The pump itself is light and powerful and hope to use it when I return to work. Thank you for the great customer service 🙂

  142. Great delivery time and customer service.

    Very happy with suction and portability of my pump. When my husband and I go out he drives and I pump and we are good to go!

    Highly recommended!

  143. I bought this product as I am going overseas, with my daughter. I was very happy with the Dew, which I used since my daughter was a few days old, but I needed something more compact for travel. This little pump the Spectra 9 plus is fantastic, firstly its very compact and a handy shape for fitting into luggage. It has a message mode at the start which aids letdown if you have difficulty with this. It can be used via the battery or at a power point, which allows you to express anywhere and the double pump is such a time saver, especially when your pumping several times a day!! The display dial is user friendly and even has a timer on it, so you know how long you have pumped for. All in all a great compact product, with the power of a much larger product and finally the price is great too!!

  144. Dear Spectra and prospective consumers,

    Can’t tell you how pleased I am with this product and Spectras customer service 😀
    We bought a Spectra 9 portable double breast in view that I will continue to bottle feed breast milk while I return to work so we had a few requirements when we shopped around:
    1. portable system that wouldn’t be too cumbersome to carry about
    2. Should have a rechargeable battery in case I’m no where near a power socket
    3. Should be quiet enough
    4. Should be no less than hospital grade/efficient
    5. Should be affordable
    And my. Did we struck gold with this product, it ticked all our boxes hurrah!

    The product was delivered promptly and when getting in touch with customer service the replies we got were prompt and warm 🙂

    Thanks guys, awesome people and awesome product!!

  145. Being a first time mum there are so many unknowns and considerations to make when deciding on a breast pump. After some considerable research as well as a recommendation from an exclusively expressing mum i decided to go with a spectra pump. The price point of these pumps are an easy sell.

    I was initially worried that the 9 plus wouldn’t be as good as other hospital grade pumps due to its compact size but it is just as good (i have used a hire pump) with the added bonus of being extremely portable.

  146. SO QUIET, SO HAPPY!!!

    I had not heard of Spectra previously and will admit, I was dubious before buying. (I actually only stumbled upon it from forums of mums saying they were unhappy with Medela and going to Spectra!). I’m so glad I did!!!! And I’ve been raving about it since! The word needs to get out more!

    I’ve had both the Medela Freestyle & Medela Swing and would say the Spectra 9 Plus is definitely better. I was drawn to the 9 Plus because it was a strong, portable, double pump with a cheaper price tag!

    However, the biggest selling point for me was it’s quietness!! I contacted Spectra via Facebook, who promptly replied and assisted me with all my questions! It doesn’t make that horrible dying-duck noise like other pumps, it actually PURS! ; ) It’s really quiet! You can definitely notice the stronger suction too.

    I also like that it is rechargeable! No batteries to replace or remove/recharge. It recharges really quickly and lasts me about a week (used once a day approx 10-20mins).
    It’s also really small and light (about the size and weight of my iPhone 6) and parts easy to assemble. Delivery only took 48hrs from SA to QLD (thankfully because my Swing was quickly dying!)
    If you are wanting a pump comparable to (if not, better than) and more affordable than the Medela range, the Spectra 9 Plus won’t disappoint! Would happily buy again! : )

  147. This pump is fantastic. I bought this pump to give my breasts a rest when my 6month old got teeth and started biting me! Milk is expressed so much faster than using a manual pump or other electric pump such as the medela portable. Within 5-10 minutes of pumping I have sufficient volumes for a feed for my little boy (at least 150mls). It is quiet to use (I don’t know what some of the people on other review sites are talking about that it is a bit noisy, because compared to the medela it is so much quieter). – I don’t think you could really make it quieter given the job it has to do. The only thing that I find annoying about this pump is that the long tubing is a bit of a pain, but the pump is so good at doing job that this doesn’t bother me. There are a few more pieces than with other pumps, but still easy to assemble and easy to clean. The unit itself is very simple to use and the massage function is great. I highly recommend this product.

  148. I recently returned to work and soon realised my manual pump would not be able to keep up with the needs of my 7 month old. The Spectra 9 Plus is affordable, comes with the option of double pumping, and is so easy to use and clean! The massage mode is great, and the expression mode allows me to get about 3-4oz in 15 minutes. No more sore hands from manual pumping! Delivery was extremely fast too.

  149. I’m a first time mother and have found this to be a fantastic product – it’s easy to use, clean and assemble and is a good size to take out with me if i need to express while out of the house. The massage function gets the milk flow going quickly and the express setting makes quick work of expressing. Delivery was also very prompt – i was initially told it was on back order and would be a few weeks, but arrived within a week, which was great.

  150. I love my Spectra 9 plus!!!!! I did lots of back and forth between the different types of Spectra pumps as they all seem so awesome and decided on the Spectra 9 plus and I am very happy with my decision. I did at first want one of the hospital grade ones but the size was an issue with me. I have a 17 month old that loves to help around the house and pick things up and give them too you., so I wouldn’t be able to set it up somewhere perms steely. I also like the flexibility to be able to pump anywhere in the house with out having to move the cord to different places. Another great advantage with the Spectra 9 plus is that it is compact and will easily fit into the nappy bag if I am going to be out and want to pump.

    The first time I used it I only singled pumped and in just shy of 10 minutes I got 180ml which I was wrapped with. Since then I have pumped once a day via the double and I easily get about 160 – 180 ml in 5 – 6 minutes.

    Very happy with my Specta 9 plus and thank you Spectra for making a great breast pump. Also this is my first electric pump and I am very grateful for the lovely ladies who recommended Spectra cause I believe I have saved myself a lot of time, frustration and money but getting this as my first.

  151. Being an exclusive pumper, I love my Spectra 9. It is light, small and portable. Using the Spectra 9, I have as much if not more milk volume than my hospital grade pump at home. Battery last more than 6 pumps (I do 15 mins pumping each session). It is a bit noisy and the light is very bright when used at night but you can just cover it up to reduce noise and brightness (when required). Customer service and delivery was excellent too.

  152. I love my Spectra 9 plus, it s easy use, it is easy to assemble and clean. The instructions are easy to follow. The pump arrived very quickly after ordering which was fantastic.

  153. I’m very happy with my Spectra 9 Plus. The battery lasts for several sessions (at least 4 or 5 depending on how long I pump for), and it’s so light and I love that I can take it from room to room easily.
    The let down more is great too.

  154. This is a great product. I ended up saving up a lot of time expressing. The delivery was quick and I absolutely love this product!

  155. I am a first time mother, and Every since i got pregnant I have been researching pumps because I knew I had to do a trip in december and would be away from for a few days I also knew that I wanted my hubby to be apart of the process as much as possible. So searching for ages realised that i might have to pay a large amount for a pump (that had a reasonable review). Until i stumble upon a review for spectra. The prices were amazing. Their customer service is fantastic and the product itself is perfect for what i need it for. Pretty much couldnt ask for anything more. It also nice to know if i have any problems the facebook page is a great source! Thanks <3

  156. I am just loving my S 9 plus. Its working fine without any complain. The delivery was quick, assembling was easy, and I can express 100 ml in 20 min without any pain. I am glad that I made the right choice by selecting S 9 plus.

  157. totally in love with my S9 Plus! firstly the delivery was fast – ordered on sunday and received a few days later. I am impressed at the yield I have managed to express in 15mins as compared to the medela pisa (emptied the breasts faster and more effectively). not only that, it’s easy to assemble, function, light and less noisy. it makes my pumping session more enjoyable since I am able to get great volume from each session.

  158. Loving my S9 plus over the medela swing I was using. Double pumping saves so much time. The flange leaves marks on my nipples though as it’s not as soft and flexible as the one I have with my Swing. However I’m going to try to silicon insert to see if this helps things.

    • Spectra Baby

      Hi Ange! I’d highly recommend getting in touch with customer service so we can troubleshoot the nipple issues – I think it’s more likely you need another size! Thanks so much for the review!

  159. I’ve had my Spectra 9 for a week now and it’s been fantastic. I’ve had difficulties finding the right pump – many are fiddly to set up, are difficult to change between settings, and leak milk everywhere.

    I haven’t had any of these issues with the Spectra 9. It has a one-touch system for switching between let-down mode and pumping mode, and for increasing or decreasing suction strength. It also remembers these settings next time it’s used.

    I’m expressing great volumes of milk each time I pump, after having great difficulty with this with other breast pumps. Let-down is very quick also, which makes for a quick pumping time. The compact size of the pump is another bonus, as it’s very easy to transport.

    Providing the Spectra 9 lasts a reasonable time without any mechanical issues, I would have to say that it’s excellent value for money, particularly considering it comes with all the equipment for double pumping. On this point, if you can purchase your pump via the refer a friend link, you’ll automatically get 15% off, saving you around $30. Don’t miss out on this saving!

    The only downsides I have so far found with the pump are that it’s a bit noisy, and that the backlight stays lit when the pump is charging. Neither are a big deal for me, considering the price point of this pump.

    Overall, I’m extremely happy with the Spectra 9.

  160. Absolutely love it, wish I had bought it 3 months ago instead of putting up with a manual pump for so long. It does the job in a fraction of the time and is so easy to use. The communication from the company is top notch 🙂

  161. Wow! I love this pump! Purchased it after seeing such great reviews for spectra over the other leading brands. I find this pump so much more comfortable, efficient in extracting milk and user friendly after hiring the medela symphony at a premium price. The silicone shields are also fantastic and are way more comfy than the pumpin pals i ordered from the US to fit the medela pump. Super cost effective too, recommending this brand to all my ladies in the market for a pump

  162. Finally managed to get my hands on a 9plus this week, after waiting since 1st July ’14. Missed out on the sale, as it went OOS almost immediately when the sale came on. But I still can’t use it now as I find the shield too big for me. Am waiting to use the pump on a freemie which I ordered earlier (also delayed). But overall, the product is good, as I have tried my friend’s set before deciding to purchase; and customer service is excellent!! Delivery is very fast too, like 3 days after placing order, as I stayed in Singapore.

    • Spectra Baby

      Hi Vivian – you can’t actually use the Spectra 9 Plus with a Freemie shield! Freemie should explain this on thier site. Please go ahead and order a smaller shield set (you should get a voucher in your email) and then let us know how you go. Also let us know if you want to double check that the problem is definitely the shield set being too bi. You can order another shield set here:

  163. I just got this today and having trouble with it. Not sure if it is because I’m a first time pump user. First when I finished assembling, I found there is no bottle stands like in the pic, thus making it hard for handling the bottles while double pumping. Though I checked the content list it doesn’t have them neither sold separately which I didn’t notice beforehand. Secondly, I hardly got any milk in 10min and it hurt. This I guess could be the ” too big flange” problem. So I guess I need small size breast shields then I found they only come in sets which means I”ll double purchase the tubing, the backflow protectors and the valves. So maybe store for later then which could be long time since I’m only an occasional pumper. Other probs like the screw on the shields are bit short so when I hold both bottles with one arm I accidentally unscrew one. Hopefully I can solve all the problems once I get the smaller shield set cause I gonna really need to pump some for my bub on Thursday.

    • Spectra Baby

      Hi Donna, first of all – which picture are you looking at? The Spectra 9 Plus has never come with bottle stands. With expressing – disappointing for a first go! I am sure we can help you out though, but if you could email us we can make sure you have the pump assembled right, that you’re using the right settings and very importantly, as you point out, that you’re using the right flange size. If you’re going to be double pumping often, you may find it easier to use a pumping bra, or you can make one yourself with an old bra or sports top. You will find it gets much easier with practice though. When you say you need to pump for your bub on Thursday, are you still pregnant? (if pumping when pregnant you’re definitely not going to get much milk). If you just mean you need to pump for the weekend, email in so we can put our heads together and get some good results for you 🙂 Thanks for writing in!

  164. Most best valued portable double pump!
    Light weight and easy to use. Lesser part to clean as the back flow protector is not in touch with the milk.

    Just that the 28mm shield is too big for me and the screen is lit when charging. Hoping it to be off as I charge overnight. Save some energy! As usual the white silicon valve is prone to wear and tear. In hope can get more spares that comes with the pump.

  165. I love my Spectra 9 plus as it’s very comfortable – easy to assemble, use and clean. Instructions are easy to follow and I could use the pump without a hassle. The customer service is great( emails are always answered promptly) and the delivery was on time. Thank you Spectra for a wonderful product!

  166. Bought S9+ during the sale (Spectra Australia ‘s birthday). So happy with the purchase as it is a good deal indeed. The delivery by DHL was fast, as I stay in Singapore. The pump itself also has been a great help for me. Found it more noisier than my M1, but hey it’s a machine after all. 🙂
    Love the LCD display and the size! For those looking for a good electric pump that allows you to pump on the go, look no further, choose S9+!

  167. So happy to receive my s9 plus!! the delivery time was very fast n it was well wrapped in a box! it really shortened much pumping time compared to my previous pump! the suction was gd compared to my old pump n the timing on e screen let me know how long I have pumped .it was a gd investment!

  168. After using a hospital grade hire pump for about 6 months, I’ve been using my 9 plus for about a month now, and am really happy with it! I was worried that I my pumping yield would drop with a ‘smaller’ pump but I have actually been getting more milk, and being able to get out and about with a portable pump has been life changing. Customer service has been fantastic too.

  169. I have been using my spectra 9 plus for a week now, and love it! It’s so light and portable and easy to use! I have just returned to work and was worried about maintaining milk supply as bub is a greedy guts but so far so good, this pump has made expressing at work easy. The only small downside is the measurements are starting to rub off the bottle but the pump itself it great!

  170. Im so glad that i choose s9plus as my companion for my breastfeeding journey..on the 20th days after my 2nd son was born i can yield up to 5oz in each pumping me this pump is not as nosier as i was i am very happy and satisfied with the customer service..thank you for beeing so patient with me 🙂

  171. I am extremely happy with the customer service at Spectra. I ordered my Spectra 9 and received it a couple of days later… so quick! There was something wrong with it charging so I was immediately sent a pre-paid postage sticker to send it back. The pump itself is so light and I’m sure it will be perfect when our first bub arrives in July! I will post another review then!

  172. I am really enjoying my new Spectra 9 plus, it is far more efficient than my old manual pump! It was easy to assemble and disassemble and the instructions are straight forward. I usally wash the parts by hand after each use, but when I am in a hurry I can put the bottles and nipple shields in the dishwasher and go, which is great. My favourite feature is the let down function which gets the flow going within about a minute. When using my manual pump I would sometimes struggle to get a let down and would pump and pump and get no where. Spectra 9 guarantees a let down and I can get on with pumping and the rest of my day.

    Service was fantastic, prompt email replies and fast delivery – I received the pump the next day!

  173. I recently purchased the Spectra 9 plus and absolutely love this breast pump. It’s very easy to assemble, use and clean. I have been very pleased with the quick delivery of the products (next day) and the customer support from spectra (quick response to emails and phone support has been excellent).

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