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4 thoughts on “Contact (07) 3053 8669

  1. Mansi jain says:

    Hi. I just have a question. I have an spectra s2 .. i am in United States. I will be traveling to India. And would prefer to take the pump with me .. there is a voltage difference btw US n India.. could it handle both or would it need any special adapters

  2. Emily Perri says:

    My S1Plus gets power but won’t pump. The battery sign shows when it’s plugged in and the light will turn on. When I press the power button nothing happens. Can you help??

    • Spectra Team Australia says:

      Hi Emily, oh no! Could you send through a video to our Customer Service team, and let us know the serial number of your pump as well?

      You can send it through to [email protected]

      I will keep an eye out for it. πŸ™‚

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