Welcome to Spectra Australia

Hello, and welcome to Spectra Australia's very first blog post! Here's a super brief into to we are all about. We are the distributor for Australian, New Zealand and Pacific regions for the Spectra brand of breast pumps and accessories. We handle sales and customer service - we love customer service so please get in touch if you need any help at all. At Spectra, we're passionate about bringing Aussie women innovative, affordable, great breast pumps and products to support you in your breastfeeding journey. Whether you are returning to work, want a pump to express for the occasional break, need to exlusively pump or whatever your requirement from a breast pump, we have a pump to match your needs and do the best job for you at the right price. We currently distribute through online store Sweet Beats and are actively seeking good retailers to distribute our great products through bricks & mortar stores (i.e. physical shops, not online!).

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