Beyond the pink drink: power foods to boost your milk supply

Beyond the pink drink: power foods to boost your milk supply
This summer the internet was buzzing about a certain pink drink garnished with strawberries that, to the anecdote of many lactating mamas, increases milk production. This got us wondering what other foods and drinks will help a mama boost her milk supply? Spectra posed the question, and here are some of the responses...

Milk Tea

Spectra mama Robyn shared her recipe for milk tea: "1/3 condensed milk, 1/3 milk, 1/3 hot water with 2 tablespoons of milk powder. Don't forget the tea bag of your choice!" Sounds delicious!

Big Salads

Kimberly recommends making big spinach salads: "I mean big like a mixing bowl size salad. Lots of yummy ways to dress them up like red capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, avocado (also really good for your milk) and danish feta! Or in a frying pan melt some butter and add mushrooms, spring onion and tomatoes and pour over spinach and add crumbled goat feta on top. I also mix Moroccan spice into the veggies as they're cooking. I also find that melon helps."

Salads have endless potential, really

According to Virginie, she makes "a magical salad with raw kale, cucumber, broccoli, spring onions, almonds, lemon, olive oil and feta. As far as I'm concerned... unbelievable (and yum)!" Can you possibly have too much of a good thing? Virginie warns it "might be worth mentioning that it's preferable checking baby's tolerance to raw kale and broccoli before having too much!"

Worcestershire sauce

According to Krystyna, "one that always made my milk increase heaps was Worcestershire sauce, believe it or not because it has barley malt in it. I would put it in stews." We've even tried it on salads :)

Serve oatmeal with coconut milk

Oatmeal has long been credited for increasing milk supply. Emily says "oatmeal with coconut milk & blueberries do the trick for me." (Did you know the pink drink has a coconut milk base?)

Brewer's yeast

Dustyn recommends adding brewer's yeast into cookie recipes, but has one very important warning... "be aware they can make bub fart heaps if you have too many!"

Try making some oatmeal cookies with brewers yeast!

Have you tried any of these supply-boosting foods and drinks? Have another recommendation? Let us know in the comments below!

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