Spectra S2 User Manual

Spectra S2 User Manual
Getting to know your new breast pump can be tricky. Here at Spectra Baby Australia we're working on making things easier for you by producing comprehensive user manuals to help you along the way. Our Spectra S2 manual covers many topics, including:
  • Understanding the settings of your S2
  • Assembling your breast pump
  • How to select the right breastshield size
  • How to clean, sterilise and maintain your breast pump
  • Tips for expressing
  • Breastmilk storage guidelines
  • Troubleshooting & warranty information

Click here to download the Spectra S2 user manual!

Need more help with your Spectra S2? Contact our expert customer support team! Our customer support team consists of pumping mamas who have used Spectra breast pumps and know our pumps inside and out. We're here to help you along your pumping journey :)

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