Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Breast Pump - Preorder now

Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Breast Pump - Preorder now

The S1 Hospital Grade Breast Pump is coming....

Okay, everyone knows that here at Spectra Baby Australia we love the S2 hospital grade double electric breast pump. Product reviews on the S2 have definitely confirmed to us that Aussie mums love the S2 and are very willing to put up with a larger breast pump if it means outstanding performance. One of the disadvantages of the S2 has been that it requires the user to plug the pump into the wall - it's mains powered only. For some people this is not a big deal, but for those pumping frequently or who have little ones to run after, it can really be a pain. And now finally we have a solution.

Enter the S1

The S1 hospital grade double electric breast pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery. The S1 is identical to the S2 in nearly every way - though it's colour is blue - but with the very important addition of an inbuilt rechargeable battery. The S2 is already in our opinion the most effective breast pump out there, with a powerful motor, sophisticated programming capabilities so that mums can adjust cycle and suction strength to suit them best, and extras like a nightlight and timer. The S1 has all these things, too, but by adding in the inbuilt rechargeable battery, pumping mamas are going to find pumping more convenient and flexible. A portable hospital grade breast pump? Yes, we can do that.

How to preorder the S1

There's been a lot of interest in the S1 coming up to its release. With the S1 now confirmed to be arriving in early January, we have made the S1 available for preorder. Here's how to preorder: [unordered_list style="arrow"]
  • Click here to visit the S2 product listing and then click on the 'preorder now'button
  • Go to checkout.
  • Select 'Pay Later - Place Preorder Now'. You won't have to pay any money upfront.
  • Once the S1 is available, we will email you. You will then go through checkout and purchase your S1. As soon as you've made payment, your S1 will be dispatched.

Preorder S1

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