Win a Spectra Dew 350 New Mum Prize Pack!

Spectra Baby Australia have put together this great prize pack aimed at supporting new mums. All you need to do is fill out the form below (which is also going to sign you up to our newsletter) and off you go!

What you're going to win

Spectra Dew 350 Hospital Grade Breast Pump

The Dew 350 is the workhorse of the Spectra lineup - a lovely quiet, gentle hospital grade breast pump that will effectively draw out your milk.

Spectra Breast Pads

Two boxes of Spectra's great breast pads - as a new mum may possibly have a few leaky moments, and these are great to sit in your bra and absorb any milk. In the first weeks, hearing any baby cry is likely to start your milk flowing, so don't head up to the shops without some breast pads fitted!

Carrier Bag

We've thrown in a Spectra carrier bag to store your pump and bits & pieces in. Also comes with our incredible nano ice pack and is insulated so you can store breastmilk in here safely

Spectra Breastmilk Storage Bags

A year's supply (or 30 boxes) of our popular breastmilk storage bags. Now, fingers crossed you are not going to be using all of these! (that's a lot of pumping!) but if not they'll definitely come in handy for friends, and for safe BPA-free storage of your baby's first foods as well.

Lactation Consultant Consult

One of the best things you can do as a new mum is seek help if you need it. We would love to include in this prize pack 3 x Skype sessions with the wonderful Debbie Garbin from Go with the flow parenting, or 1 x session with the LC of your choice (get her to bill us - so you'll need her to agree to it). Hope you love it! Now if you're a new mum, please go ahead and sign up to enter - and make sure you share too for anyone who this would help out! ***This competition is now closed***

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