Breastfeeding Immediately after Birth

Breastfeeding Immediately after Birth

Witness the amazing ability of healthy newborn babies to smell their mothers, crawl to their breasts and start to breastfeed shortly after birth. This is known as baby-led attachment, and experts say that it's one of the first things that can be done to establish your breastfeeding relationship with your newborn. This video was produced by the Global Health Media Project and follows the delivery of 3 babies and shows how they move to their mothers' breasts within the hour after birth.

As the video explains, when a baby is born she will smell the amniotic fluid on her hands and will then slowly make her way for her mother's nipple, which has a similar scent. This is just another example of how incredible the birth & breastfeeding journey is! Did you practice skin to skin / baby-led attachment with your bub? We'd love to hear your story!!

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