Breast Pump Reviews

Breast Pump Reviews

Real breast pump reviews from real mums

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I happily switched to a Dew after the PIS. First I was attracted because it was a hospital grade pump for sooo cheap I was a bit skeptical. But once I started using it all doubts were erased! I have reccomended Spectra to all my girlfriends now because the obvious better quality, built to last, closed system for hygiene, and much stronger suction. Hands down better than Medela-no comparison! - Kelley
I've traded the medela swing for the spectra S2 hospital grade double pump. I pump 2-3 times a day and the spectra has reduced my pump time by around 75% and near doubled my output - Amy

I simply could not afford a medela. I was so surprised at the performance of the Spectra 350 compared to other pumps and can say if it wasn't for my Spectra pump i wouldn't have the chance to be able to go back to work and still be able to feed my son breastmilk exclusively..Thanks Spectra !! - Tracey

I used a Medela hospital grade pump in hospital. Then i hired it to take home as my supply just didn't come in and i was in hospital after the birth of my daughter 5 days (c-section). I used the medela at home to increase my supply but i just couldnt get it to work for me - even when my milk came in (3 weeks later) i didn't get much milk under 50ml in an hour of pumping - probably closer to 20ml. So in the end my partner said i should buy a different pump coz it was costing us $50/month so i had a look around and came across spectra. The reason we chose the spectra dew was it was comparable to the hospital grade medela but much cheaper. I could have got a second hand medela from ebay but i really didn't know whether it was worth it (i was getting more milk from a handheld pump i bought from aldi - but my wrist hurt). I got the double pump, and the lovely spectra assistant included a bag, and swapped the bottles for milk bags. I haven't looked back, from the beginning this pump worked so much better for me then the medela, and with practice i have been able to pump much more effectively, now i'm getting 130ml in half the amount of time. I don't use the double pump tho because i find the suction better with one breast - however im also not very co-ordinated holding two haha. - Bianca

I have 4,5 months son and fully breastfeeding. My friend has medela swing and she only get 90ml in 20 mins. With my spectra dew 350, i can pump 160-200 ml during my 10 minutes break from my job. Even when my son was 1,5 months, i had to go overseas for 3 days. My midwife said that I had to pump 4 liters breastmilk for my son.with spectra dew In two weeks I can get 4.5 liters breastmilk and still breastfeed my baby as well. Its very amazing. Spectra dew is truly my life saver. - Kristina

The Medela couldn't get as much milk as I could with the spectra 350. Their letdown function was overrated and their pumps are overpriced. I love the power of the spectra and doesn't need to go to the max to get the milk out of me! At least I don't feel like a cow that much with the spectra! Lol - Coleen

I prefer my spectra 9 because it is a closed system pump, unlike the Medela swing which is not. It's easy to use and very portable, love it! - Tess

I used a Medela Swing for my 2nd child when i returned to work, but decided to sell it before I had my 3rd so it didnt get too old. I have the Spectra 9 for work and and Dew 350 for home now. After doing a lot of research I in the end decided to buy a Brand New Spectra 9 for the same price as a second hand Medela. I love the fact I can do both sides at once and then I can still have time to eat my lunch at work (I only get 30minutes lunch). I love the massage mode even though some times it tickles! Well worth the money. I find the dew great and powerful - It is very quick and I do both sides at once. The 9 is gentle but gets the milk flowing fast because of the massage mode, but not as strong suction as the dew. I have felt that the longer you feed and the more children you have the stronger the pump you need! - Patricia

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