[CLOSED] Attention Breast Pumping Queens! Spectra Baby Australia is Hiring!

[CLOSED] Attention Breast Pumping Queens! Spectra Baby Australia is Hiring!

Update - Thank you so much for your interest in our Customer Service position. Applications are now closed! We look forward to introducing you to our new Customer Service Superstar soon! Claire and the Spectra Team

Spectra Baby Australia is hiring!

We are growing and need a new awesome Customer Service Team Member! We are looking for someone with awesome customer service skills, breastfeeding and expressing knowledge, great communication and initiative to make things happen. Please have a read through the requirements for the position below and if you think you'd be a good fit for us, please go ahead and get in touch (details below)!

About this position

We need a new Customer Service team member! If you are an enthusiastic person with customer service / business experience AND knowledge and experience of breastfeeding and expressing AND you're looking for a long-term role that you can really dig into, please read on! Here's a quick rundown on what's involved:
  • Be on the frontline responding to customer contact via email, Facebook and phone.
  • Access our eCommerce website and cloud-based distribution systems to manage orders when needed.
  • Be in love with our brand, helping breastfeeding mums and giving customers solutions.
  • Help out with admin tasks or projects when needed.
  • Develop a high familiarity with all our products so you can give technical advice, troubleshoot and just be the product guru our customers need.
And here is what we offer:
  • We pay fortnightly, wage negotiable.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team communication via Slack and Asana (you're never on your own).
  • Small, friendly team eager to meet our new customer service superstar!
  • We are an Australian business working in the GMT + 10 time zone. Customer service will be within Australian business hours, but you're expected to be checking in to check for customer issues or problems on the weekend and in the evening.

About you

  • You’re preferably a female and a mother. It helps to be able to identify with our clients!
  • You’re looking for a long-term position.
  • You want to find a company that you can be enthusiastic about, where you will contribute to growth and enjoy helping to build the business and be part of something growing.
  • You’re entrepreneurial - you are never expected to sell (we don’t do sales pitches here!) but you are expected to care about our business and want it to succeed.
  • You’re an articulate English speaker with impeccable spelling & grammar.
  • You have experience in some capacity with breastfeeding and expressing. Whether via a previous job role, professional knowledge, or personal interest - you have acquired and maintained a great working knowledge of how breastfeeding and expressing works, and the issues and challenges that breastfeeding mothers face.

About Spectra Baby Australia

We are a small business that distributes the brilliant Spectra breast pumps that we introduced into Australia 3 years ago. Our growth has been steady and with our customer service needs increasing, it's time to expand our team! We work virtually - so there's no office, and we're from all over, but stay in contact via Slack (team chat software), Asana (project management software) and so on - in fact the whole business runs on cloud-based software like Google Docs. Our current focus is on sales through our eCommerce site and promoting our growth through word of mouth (social media, forums etc) about our EXCELLENT customer service and amazing products, so your role will be super important. If you're someone who would love a role in a small friendly company helping out breastfeeding mums, recommending products, providing solutions and helping them work out how to use one of these 'breast pump things', then please apply! How to apply: Easy! Just follow these steps:
  1. Email team@sweetbeats.com.au and put Customer Service Application in the subject line.
  2. Put a link to your Facebook profile in the body of your email.
  3. Make sure you followed steps 1 and 2 exactly!!
  4. Check again that you followed the instructions exactly - you have emailed team@sweetbeats.com.au with subject line of Customer Service Application and a link to your Facebook profile in the body of the email.We will get back in touch with more instructions!
Once we’ve received your application, then we’ll send you a link to a google form with a load more questions on it so we can really get to know you. Thank you so much for reading our job listing and best wishes for your job search!

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