Assembling the Spectra Dew

Assembling the Spectra Dew

Understanding how to assemble and use your breast pump when it first arrives can be confusing, especially when may also be feeling sleep deprived and have to juggle expressing with your baby. We hope this guide will make things a little easier for you. Remember, we're always here to help - just email us at

Remember to sterilise all parts (excluding backflow filters, tubing and the pump motor before first use).

Let's take a look at the parts that come with your pump:

Step 1 - Assemble valve to breast shield

[hr] Firmly push the silicon duck valve onto the underside of the breast shield. When removing this piece for cleaning, please be careful to remove it gently as the silicon is quite delicate. You can then attach the bottle to the breast shield. In addition to Spectra bottles, other popular brands such as Avent work directly with the breast shields also.

Step 2 - Assemble Tubing

Attach the end of the long tubing with white fitted piece to the breast shield. The other end of the tubing has a blunt end, and this will attach to the backflow filter. Then attach the short piece of tubing to the other side of the backflow filter and then attach to the pump. [divider]

Step 3 - Ready to go

You're now ready to start pumping. Start the suction low, and then adjust to your comfort level. Just add another breast shield & tubing to double pump. It's normal for suction to reduce when double pumping, just turn the suction up to compensate. When single pumping, ensure the cap is fitted over the second nozzle.

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