10 Best Gifts for Pumping Mamas

Do you have a pumping mama on your Christmas list? Wondering about the best gifts for pumping mamas? Maybe you're wanting to make a breastfeeding basket. Here are the 10 best gifts for pumping mamas.

1. Water bottle for breast pumping

Breastfeeding mamas need to stay hydrated and drink a LOT of water, especially while using a breast pump. A great gift for pumping mamas is a large capacity water bottle. Make sure it's easy to operate one handed while pumping, portable, and bonus points if its easy to clean.

2. Breastmilk storage bags

A good gift for a pumping mama building up a freezer stash is more milk storage bags. Milk collection bottles can take up a lot of space, so milk storage bags are a good option especially if she's pumping multiple times per day or exclusively expressing.

3. A supportive pillow

For the breastfeeding mother a good gift is a nice, supportive pillow. You can get pillows specifically designed for breastfeeding, or just something nice to put behind her back while she pumps. It's important to breastfeed and pump in a comfortable position because she's going to be spending a lot of time doing it, and a nice pillow will really help.

4. Extra breast pump parts

For the pumping mama an excellent gift is extra breast pump parts. When parts wear down the breast pump doesn't work as efficiently, so having extra parts on hand in case they get lost, worn down or broken is a must. The part that needs to be replaced most often is the valve, and replacing it regularly is important for pump performance. An extra set of valves or two will make excellent stocking stuffers for the pumping mama in your life.

5. Breast pump travel bag

If she's taking her breast pump to and from work or planning a trip, a fantastic gift for a pumping mama is a breast pump travel bag. Spectra's insulated tote bag is big enough to fit a breast pump, milk collection kits, and several bottles or milk storage bags.

6. Best snacks for breastfeeding

Making breastmilk takes a lot of calories, so a good gift for a breastfeeding mother are some of her favorite snacks to stock her breastfeeding station or stuff in her pumping bag. The best snacks for breastfeeding are high in healthy fats and proteins, portable, and easy to eat one-handed. Look for nuts, granola bars, protein bars and other portable healthy foods to stuff her stocking with.

7. A comfy blanket

If she's pumping or breastfeeding, she might appreciate a soft warm blanket especially if it's cold.

8. Manual breast pump

Even if she's using an electric breast pump, a manual breast pump is a great gift for a pumping mama. She can toss it in her bag just in case. If she's already using a Spectra electric breast pump you can get a manual switch kit that converts the parts she already has into a manual breast pump.

9. Hands-free pumping bra

A good hands-free pumping bra or two is one of the best gifts for a pumping mama. It frees up her hands so she can do other things while pumping, like reading a book, playing a game or browsing the internet. A hands-free pumping bra really is a game-changer, especially if she's pumping multiple times per day, as pumping can be very time-consuming. Make sure the bra you get is soft and doesn't have any cabling or underwire near the breast as that can restrict milkflow. The bra will need to be soft enough so that she can massage her breasts and position the breastshield as needed.

10. Nipple cream

A great gift for pumping and breastfeeding mamas is a restock on her favorite nipple cream. It's hard to recommend one product because there are so many on the market (and in fact, we think olive oil is fantastic for use while pumping) so ask her or take a peek at what she's been using. Hand cream is also a great option as she'll be washing her hands frequently when she pumps.
What's on your breastfeeding wish list this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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