Use Breast Compressions & Massage to Boost Milk Output

Using breast compressions and massage while pumping is essential for many mamas to get the most milk out of their pumping session. Here’s how you can incorporate breast compression and massage into your pumping routine. How to do breast compressions Breast compressions help empty the breast by applying gentle pressure to the milk ducts. To […]

Measuring your Nipple for the Correct Flange Size

Using the correct flange size with your Spectra breast pump is something you can’t compromise on. Using the wrong flange size can hinder milkflow and even lead to injury. Here’s how you can measure your nipple to help select the breastshield size that’s right for you. How to measure your nipple Begin by pumping as […]

Milk in your Backflow Protector?

Do you notice milk or condensation in your backflow protectors after pumping? Did you know that there’s actually nothing to worry about when this happens? Your backflow protector is working exactly as it should by preventing milk and moisture from entering the tubing. If you’re consistently finding milk in your backflow protectors after you pump, […]

Here’s why Using the Correct Sized Breastshield is so Important

Did you know that using the correct sized breastshield can make a huge difference when pumping? Using the wrong sized breastshield can cause injury to your nipple and can also hurt your milk supply by hindering milkflow. Pain should not be ‘pushed through’ while pumping, and if you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort you should […]

How Dads Can Help With Pumping: Robert’s Story

Every day Robert’s wife pumps milk for their 7 month old daughter, Mikaela, while she’s at work. Robert is responsible for making sure Mikaela gets the milk she needs at daycare by prepping her bottles each morning. Here’s what Robert has to say about his experience as a dad helping his wife pump milk for […]

Buying a Used Breast Pump? Be Sure to Replace These Parts


Are you considering purchasing a used pump? Great! Spectra breast pumps, especially hospital grade pumps like the Spectra S2 really hold their value because the motors are built to last. All Spectra breast pumps are safe for use by multiple users because they are closed systems. If you’re planning on purchasing a used Spectra breast […]