Travelling with your Spectra Breast Pump

Are you planning a trip? Here’s everything you need to know about flying and travelling abroad with your Spectra breast pump. Flying with your Spectra breast pump If you’re travelling by plane it’s important to be aware of airline regulations. Check your airline’s regulations and also regulations of your destination and departure airport. If you […]

Use Breast Compressions & Massage to Boost Milk Output

Using breast compressions and massage while pumping is essential for many mamas to get the most milk out of their pumping session. Here’s how you can incorporate breast compression and massage into your pumping routine. How to do breast compressions Breast compressions help empty the breast by applying gentle pressure to the milk ducts. To […]

How to Clean your Breast Pump Parts

When it’s time to buy a breast pump, one important thing to know is that you’ll need to wash your breast pump accessories regularly. There are a few different methods for washing and cleaning breast pump parts and many mamas do a combination of methods. Here’s what you need to know about washing and sterilising […]

Measuring your Nipple for the Correct Flange Size

Using the correct flange size with your Spectra breast pump is something you can’t compromise on. Using the wrong flange size can hinder milkflow and even lead to injury. Here’s how you can measure your nipple to help select the breastshield size that’s right for you. How to measure your nipple Begin by pumping as […]

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