Your Must Have Breast Pump Gear

Breast pump gear: your complete guide for packing your breast pump bag.

Not sure what to pack in your breast pump bag? Here is our must have breast pump gear, plus recommendations from Spectra Mums 🙂

Water bottle

Staying hydrated is very important for keeping up milk supply. Stash a water bottle with your breast pump gear so you’ll always have it while pumping.

A good habit is to drink a glass of water each time you pump. Think of it as replenishing the liquids you’ve just pumped.


Feel like you’re always hungry? You’re not alone. Making milk takes a lot of energy. You’re burning calories every time you breastfeed or pump, so you’ll need to refuel. Include an easy to eat (one-handed) snack that travels well in your breast pump bag, like granola bars, bagged nuts, or cookies.

Lactation cookies! They are my guilty pleasure lol! White choc and macadamia is my ultimate favourite.

– Monica

Lactation cookies are a great snack as they’re packed with galactagogues – ingredients that promote lactation. We’re all for looking forward to something delicious that might give your milk production a little boost. Check our blog for more milk-boosting food and drink ideas.

Spare breast pump parts

If you’re out with your breast pump, the last thing you want is to scramble around town finding a replacement part when it’s time to pump! It’s a good idea to keep replacement parts among your breast pump gear, especially parts like valves and backflow protectors that can break or get lost easily. Keep these in your breast pump bag, or stash some at work or wherever you normally pump. Don’t miss a pumping session because of a missing part!

Spare breast pump accessories like valves, breastshields, and backflow protectors are must have items in your breast pump gear.

Extra breastmilk storage bags or bottles

Like having extra gear just in case, you never know when you’ll need extra breastmilk storage. Maybe you’ve pumped more breastmilk than expected (🎉!) or maybe you’ve forgotten a bottle, but it’s always good to have extra breastmilk storage on-hand. Stock up on extra breastmilk bottles, or extra breastmilk storage bags which pack easily in any bag.

Power adaptor

Even if your pump can be battery operated and is fully charged, it’s always a good idea to pack your power adaptor just in case. Also, if you’ll be away from mains for a time, you may consider a battery pack of some sort, or a car charger if your’re driving a lot.

Hands-free pumping bra

Pack your hands-free pumping bra in with your breast pump gear so you can change into it when you need to pump.

Hands free pumping bra. The kind that hooks to a regular nursing bra is my favourite.

– Tamara

Wet bag or clean snaplock bag

Worried about having access to a sink to clean your breast pump accessories while you’re out? Rather than worrying about cleaning, you can pop them in a wetbag or clean snaplock bag, and store them in the fridge between pumping sessions. Maybe you’re worried about handsy coworkers and would prefer to keep your expressed milk in a sealed bag!

You can get a washable wetbag (like the ones sold for cloth diapers) or use a clean food grade snaplock bag. Toss one in with your breast pump gear each day.

What do you keep in your breast pump bag? Tell us in the comments below 🙂

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