GIVEAWAY – Spectra 9 Slim – **now closed**

We have ten Spectra 9 Slim samples sitting here in our offices, and we think it’s about time they went off into the world and were put to good use! We would love to give them away to mums needing a breast pump. The Spectra 9 Slim is very similar to the Spectra 9, but doesn’t have an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Β The Spectra 9 Slim will have a lower RRP than the Spectra 9 and will be a great, portable option with great features and low cost.

Important these are samples and haven’t been prepared for the Australian market. So you’ll need to use an adaptor when plugging them into power.

We can’t wait to hear feedback from mums using this pump – let us know if the Australian market needs this pump!

About the Spectra 9 Slim

The Spectra 9 Slim has the following features:

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  • Dual phase program – the pump has both a massage mode to stimulate your letdown, and an expressing mode to effectively draw out the most milk.
  • Adjustable cycle – so you can alter the frequency of the suction pattern to best suit your body.
  • Adjustable vacuum – of course, the Spectra 9 Slim allows you to adjust the strength of the suction to your comfort.
  • Mains or battery powered – plug in to the wall to operate (remember for these samples you’ll need an adaptor) or just use 4 AA batteries so you can pump when you’re out and about (not operational in samples).
  • Lightweight & attractive – weighing in at just 220 grams, and with an attractive modern appearance, this pump will easily fit into your handbag, your pocket and your lifestyle.
  • Comes with breast shield, bottle, teat and tubing.

How to enter

You have two options for entry – give them both a go!

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  1. SHARE – Go to our facebook page at and SHARE the competition for 1 entry
  2. POST – Post your best expressing tips in the comments below for 2 entries- your tips will be compiled into another blog post for future readers. Never expressed before? That’s okay! Just post about why you’d like a Spectra 9 Slim.

All entries will be compiled into a list and the winners drawn using a random number generator.

So what are you waiting for! Send us your best expressing tip now and visit our facebook page!

61 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – Spectra 9 Slim – **now closed**

  1. Toni hill says:

    Have a drink of water while expressing or feeding and it will help your milk to come down and hydrate you πŸ™‚

  2. Karen Edwards says:

    I always found I had more success pumping with these points:
    1. A good quality breastpump.
    2. Privacy and feelng safe. You need to be in an area that you are comfortable and relaxed.
    3. Have baby infront of you, or a picture of baby to help with the hormones required for let down
    4. Keep your fluids up and snack healthy
    5. Dont concentrate on how much your getting, Just dont look at the bottle and concentrate on your baby and relaxing. You will suprise yourself when you do look down and see how much is there when its time to!
    6. Relax and enjoy it! its not a chore or a bad experience its an amazingly natural and beautiful thing to be doing for your baby so enjoy!

  3. Julia says:

    Surround yourself with supportive and constructive people who understands (or at least try to)! We express for different reasons (its not exactly a fun task), so its important to stay pumped about pumping (pardon the pun) because it is the next best thing/great supplement to breastfeeding!

    It might be difficult to warm your breasts with a shower or towel before each pump – breast warmers are great alternatives!

    I also found that power pumping at night is great to increase supply!

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