Spectra S9 User Manual

Ready to get started with your Spectra S9 breast pump? Not sure how something works? Look no further as we’ve put together brand new Spectra S9 instructions, updated for 2018. You can download the manual to have on your phone while you’re using your breast pump, or print it out.

Download Spectra S9+ User Manual

Spectra S9 User Manual

The 2018 Spectra S9 breast pump manual contains a host of useful information, including:

  • Tips for expressing milk
  • How to select your breastshield size
  • Spectra S9 spare parts replacement guide
  • Troubleshooting issues, like what to do if your Spectra S9 has no suction
  • Breastmilk storage guidelines


Spectra S9 won’t charge?

Say you’re plugging in your breast pump and it’s not charging. Did you know the most common cause of this issue is the Australian prong not being seated correctly in the power adaptor? This is easily fixed in just couple minutes at home, without any extra hassle. The new Spectra S9 instructions manual includes a comprehensive troubleshooting section so you can quickly resolve issues and get back to pumping sooner.

Tips for pumping more milk

There are lots of things, both on and off the breast pump, that you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Spectra S9. The new instruction manual has a section on practical pumping tips, like how to do breast massages, that you can use both in and out of the home.

Download Spectra S9+ User Manual

How to select your breastshield size

Did you know that there are multiple breastshield sizes available? We don’t all wear the same sized shoes or bras – so why should breatshields be any different? Using the wrong size can cause injury and hurt your milk supply. The Spectra S9 breast pump comes with a size 24mm breastshield, and while this is the most common size, you might ‘wear’ a different size. The Spectra S9 instructions have a section on how to measure your nipple to find the correct sized breastshield for you – and of course, the Spectra Customer Support team can help you with this too 🙂

4 thoughts on “Spectra S9 User Manual

  1. Raeesah Khan says:

    I’ve been using the S9 for 2 months and it’s been working fine, however today it won’t switch off! It will switch off for a second then switch on by itself

    • Spectra Baby says:

      Hey Raeesah – if you bought through us or one of our distributors, please email support @ spectra-baby.com.au and we’ll help you out. If you’re in another country please contact your local Spectra dealer.

  2. Mary says:


    I have Spectra S2 and have been using it since bub was a week old. It’s working wonderful and i have bought Spectra S9 for me to pump at work. However i found that the highest suction in Spectra S9 doesn’t get most of my milk out and i have way less milk collected considering with the S2 i have a lot of milk out and done in 15 minutes which with the S9 to get half of bottle takes me 30 mins. With the S2 i use the highest level 12 for suction. Do you think my body needs time to adjust with the new pump considering i am used to with the high mode?

    • Spectra Team says:

      Hi Mary, thanks for your message.

      It can be very hard for your body to respond to a personal pump after it has become used to a hospital grade pump. 🙁 There is also a lot of difference between the S9+ and the S2.

      The S9+ is not likely to drain you as efficiently as the S2, as the S2 has a greater variety of settings, such as independent cycle speed from suctions strength, where the S9+ has them directly connected – ie the higher suction the slower the cycle speed. The S2 lets you control those two factors independently of each other.

      You certainly can give it more time, and see if there is a setting that works best for you, but we would not expect the S9+ to respond the same as the S2 for most mums, especially as their little one gets older. 🙁

      Do you get a better output if you stay in massage mode at all, where the cycle speed is faster? You can also try using a lower suction level on the S9+ as the cycle speed is faster with the lower suction, and that may help. 🙂

      I hope things improve for you. 🙂

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