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Spectra Milk Storage Bags [Box 30]

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Box of 30 pre-sterilised, BPA-free milk storage bags from Spectra for quick storage of your breastmilk.

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For your convenience, these pre-sterilised, BPA free milk storage bags from Spectra for quick storage of your breastmilk.

Spectra milk bags are self-standing, so they can easily stand upright in your freezer, saving space, and are double-lined and tightly sealable so that can be confident your breastmilk is protected. A measurement scale on the front of the milk bag lets you see at a glance how much milk it contains.


  • BPA free
  • Box of 30 bags
  • 200mL capacity
  • Self-standing & space-saving
  • Pre-sterilised
  • Double-lined
  • Tightly sealable


  1. I was really nervous about putting my breastmilk (also known as “liquid gold”) storage bags, but the Spectra bags put me right at ease. They’re of high quality & don’t leak or break easily like some other brands. They’re also so well priced!

  2. The Spectra milk storage bags are great value for money. I had been using another brand of milk storage bag, but the Spectra bags hold more volume, have more bags in a pack, and are cheaper than the other brand. Postage is super fast, so I needn’t worry if I forget to order more bags until the last minute. Win-win. I’m so happy with the product, that I am recommending Spectra milk storage bags to breastfeeding friends.

  3. Fantastic product and value for money. Would highly recommend this to mums intending on storing milk. Makes life so much easier!

  4. These were life saving with my milk over-supply. Delivery was within days and now we have a great freezer stash, with no icky leaks!

  5. These are the best quality and price milk storage babe I’ve come across 🙂

  6. Great quality, easy to get out of the package and cheapest I’ve found. Will definitely buy again.

  7. Bargain for milk storage. Love that you can pump straight into the bags if needed. My baby is only a week old and they have already been used!

  8. Love the milk storage bags, very cheap and you get a lot of them. Beats having a lot of bottles in the freezer and to defrost them is a lot quicker than defrosting bottles in warm water too. I saw you can pump straight into the bags, I need to work this out as it would be very handy 🙂

  9. Extreamily good price and they are so easy to use!

  10. Great and cheap milk storage bags. Very convenient especially while travelling.

  11. Love them cheap and affordable

  12. Cheap, easy to use and don’t take up much room in the freezer. Best bags I have found.

  13. Spectra products are great. Really helped me with my feeding issues, as I exclusively expressed. If it wasn’t for the spectra double pump I would have stopped feeding my son breast milk at 1 month. Now I’m 5 months on and still going. Thanks

  14. Great storage bags. I have not had any break or leak.

  15. Cheap and convenient. Will definitely recommend!

  16. Good price and very convenient. Doesnt take up much space at all ! Highly recommended

  17. So convenient take up a lot less room in the freezer and as a bonus are the most affordable storage bags I have found

  18. Love these! Wish I knew they existed with my last baby! Would have saved me a LOT of washing up!

  19. Great affordable bags. although i have not figured out how you can pump straight into the bag as of yet.

    but definately alot cheaper and easier to use than other brands

  20. Simply great value and quality milk storage bags, much easier than bottles taking up lots of room in the freezer!

  21. These are definitely the best value milk storage bags I have found, and they’re great quality too. The fact that you can pump directly into them is a huge bonus, and I love that they’re pre-sterilised and disposable, which saves a lot of time and effort. They take up minimal space in our freezer, too, which is also a plus. As milk expands when it is frozen, I tend to mark the bags at the thawed/pre-frozen level before I pop them in the freezer. Highly recommend!

  22. So convenient and easy to use. Love that you can pump straight into them and that they clearly show how many mls they contain – makes life that bit easier!

  23. these milk bags are great and easy to use. They freeze really well and because they stand they make storing a dream.

  24. As a first time mum and inexperienced pumper, I didn’t know about milk storage bags and have found the Spectra bags so easy to use. They are of great quality and I love that they stand up. I prefer warming the milk up in them as it is quicker then I transfer to a bottle prior to feeding. Will definitely continue to use and highly recommend them!

  25. Such great storage bags, makes freezing my milk so much easier. Recommend them to anyone looking to store their milk!

  26. Great way to store your breast milk! Ive brought some in the past for the same price but only a bag of 20! Great value and great time saver!

  27. these milk storage bags are so handy and easy to use! love them

  28. LeaviAlthough I found the bags to be marvelous. I also had some issues. out of about 50milk bags, 3 have done this. when I have taken them out of the freezer and placed it in the fridge, some of the bags have leaked. which as a working breastfeeding mum, it really can be frustrating! Also found the amount wasnt very accurate so would just draw a line to show how much. (especially when freezing as it expands!) But as I mentioned, most were brilliant. thank you.

  29. I highly recommend these for anyone returning to work and needing to pump milk for storage for bubs feeds, they are great. Love the fact you can see clearly how many mls are in them. And the price is a definate bonus for the amount you get.

  30. got these great milk storage bags at the Sydney pregnancy, babies and toddler expo, they are very easy to use, convenient, clean, high quality, very happy, highly recommended

  31. Found these very helpful and easy to use. I directly pump into them and voila. .saves me a lot of time

  32. Purchased these for my partner as she was always complaining about no room in the freezer to store mild so ever since she’s used this with her spectra pump she always raves in about how much easy it is then storage bottles and how she’s never worried there will be no room left in the freezer for the left over milk. She loves it

  33. I got these as an extra with my last pump I never realised how handy they were! They have a sticky bit so you can attach to your pump and pump straight into the bag. Easy!

  34. Very convenient with the mls on it. I used to have to write them on myself and usually wouldn’t know. I would seal them and freeze and then defrost them in hot water. Was great because it defrosted faster through the plastic.

  35. I was given these at my baby shower with a heap of other things from Spectra! I couldn’t of gotten a better present. Thank you to my work mates and thank you Spectra for this amazing product.

  36. Simply brilliant. I plan to buy from here everytime. Finally good cheap milk bags

  37. The cheapest milk bags I’ve found. Very convenient.

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