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Spectra Milk Cooler Kit

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Spectra Milk Cooler Kit with insulated carrier bag and ice pack for storage of breastmilk. Price includes 2 Spectra wide neck milk storage bottles.

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This neat, compact little carrier bag provides for convenient storage of your breastmilk while you are out and about. The insulated interior and ice pack will allow your breastmilk to be stored safely for up to a day.

Coming with 2 BPA-free Spectra milk storage bottles, the Spectra Milk Cooler Kit will provide the complete storage system for your breastmilk when out and about.


  • Cooler bag with handle and insulated interior x 1
  • Gel ice pack x 1
  • BPA free storage bottle x 2



  1. Great product! Perfect size and so convenient that it comes with extra bottles! Definitely won’t go astray when my partner returns to work! Good on spectra for supporting working mums

  2. I just started to use the cooler kit, and I found it is really handy and useful. The volume is quite suitable for me to store my breast milk. Thanks to Spectra.

  3. This bag is great! It keeps my milk icy cold all day and I find its the perfect size. Not too huge but fits enough for a day trip out and about. Love this product.

  4. This is an excellent product. I have found it so useful for keeping milk cool when out and about. I have used it multiple times since purchasing and it is good
    value compared to other similar
    products on the market. It would be a
    great gift idea for a baby shower too!

  5. Great sized cooler with small, but effective gel ice packs which don’t take up much space. I’ve used it a couple if times with my S1 through the day, instead of trotting to and from the fridge. The gel packs have doubled up as cold packs for bumps to heads, knees, elbows. Just wish it came in more colours.

  6. I love this cooler bag! It’s the perfect size to take anywhere with us and the temperature control is perfect. Even now I’m no longer pumping I still use it for my daughter’s snacks and drinks!! Yet another incredible product from Spectra.

  7. The cooler bag has been so handy. It has kept my milk cool for over 6 hours which is very handy for when we have gon on road trips. It has been a life saver for me especially during the terrible heat of summer. This is really a one of a kind product!

  8. Very practical to use when out and about. I’m expressing at work and it’s a fantastic way to store the milk! Discreet and easy to transport at the end of the day. The fact that it comes with 5 bottles is a great bonus.

  9. This cooler pack doubles as a carry case and I love the colour – discreet but also pretty

  10. I would write a longer review but it kept disappearing. Not sure if it is my iPad or what but have this problem all the time with Spectra review. In short brought 3 different sizes cooler bags from Spectra so far for different purpose and love all three. This one in particular does looks nicer due to the colour 🙂

  11. love this cooler bag!!
    i use it when driving from ACT to sydney 3 hour drive…. its still freezing cold when i get to my location.
    great value and great price for whats included.

  12. My spectra cooler bag is amazing! The ice packs kept my milk cold during my entire shift at work. I’ve even used it as a lunch box and the gel packs kept my frozen muffin frozen when usually it would defrosted in other insulated bags and ice packs.

  13. I love this cooler bag! It’s just the right size to take with me to work/on an outing without hampering me, and the gel ice packs are fantastic. They don’t take up much space inside the cooler (or my freezer) and, despite how warm the days have been here in QLD, they keep the cooler nice and cold from when I leave (at 7am) to when I get home (5pm). I’ve even taken to putting my lunch in the cooler at times when I don’t have to express milk, just using it as an adorable pink lunch cooler! 🙂 The five bottles that came with it are just a bonus for the price. Very, very happy with my purchase.

  14. Just purchased this cooler bag. It’s a great size, not too big and not too small so it doesn’t take up too much space where ever I put it or take it. And the fact it comes with extra bottles and the ice bag makes it even more worth it!

  15. I love this little cooler bag, especially now that it’s in pink 🙂
    I use it moreso for taking my daughters solids foods with me to keep them fresh (especially for yoghurts). I didn’t have any way to do this before.
    My friends all comment on how pretty it is and what a good size it is for baby food.
    Thanks Spectra 🙂

  16. Another great product from Spectra. A very handy little cooler to transport around with you. Highly recommend investing in one.

  17. I bought this for my friend and she loves it. I see her everywhere with it. She has now given it to me as she no longer needs it. I wish I had bought myself one earlier!

  18. I bought this off ebay and have regretted it so much. I should of come here! So much cheaper and the same thing. Very handy. My nappy bag only hold one bottle so when I go to work I can take all the bottles in here to keep cool

  19. I’ve had the cooler bag for a few months now. I’ve found it great!
    It’s really compact in size and plain black so not obvious what you’re carrying. It goes to daycare for my daughters bottles. I’m back to buy another one!

  20. My friend gifted me this great cooler kit which I found really handy & useful when I’m out with my bub & also in long nights when it’s difficult to go in the kitchen after every 1 hour.thanks to spectra.

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