Spectra Power Cord + Adaptor 12V


This product contains a 12V replacement power cord and mains adaptor for use with the Spectra S1, Spectra S2 and some Spectra 9 Plus. Please check the voltage on the bottom of your pump’s sticker for correct voltage as the S9+ recently changed. It is compatible with Australian outlets.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please note that this power adaptor may come in a different colour/shape to the one pictured, and is only compatible with pumps that have a manufacturing date of 02/2015 and onwards. If you are not sure whether this adapter will be suitable for you or you would like us to double check, please send an email to us at support@spectra-baby.com.au containing your serial number and we can check for you.

😧 Sorry Mama! This item is out of stock and will be available again late March at this stage.