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Spectra Silicon Massager Insert

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Silicon massager insert x 1 for use with the Spectra breastshields.

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Silicon massager insert for use with the Spectra breastshields. This malleable siliconĀ insert sits inside the shield and cushions the breast, making expressing more comfortable. These inserts can be used to create a better fit with the Spectra shields.

All Spectra breast pumps come with 24mm shields, so if you have the standard shields that came with your pump, choose ‘Fit 24mm shield’.

If you need a larger size, please go up a size in your breast shield.

Please note these come with one in a pack.


Fit 24mm shield, Fit 28mm shield


  1. I spent so much money trying to find ways to make pumping better and never thought of getting this until I looked at an Avent and wondered why the shield looked different and then it hit. So I got these, and OMG… The comfort!!!!!! But unlike others, they don’t leak for me šŸ˜€

  2. The shields work well. The design must have been changed as I found no leaking problems.

  3. The breast shields alone are too big for me and it’s painful to pump. These make the fit much better but they leaked some of my precious milk down the front of my shirt. Hopefully I can find a way to make them work without leaking!

  4. The silicon inserts are very comfortable and made my flange fit perfectly but unfortunately as some has mentioned I had milk leaking all over me. Otherwise Spectra’s pumps are great.Love my spectra!

  5. I was hiring a hospital grade pump from a hospital but after reading such positive reviews on spectra pumps i decided to buy one as i am exclusively pumping. I bought the s1 as i loved the idea of the rechargeable battery to make it portable. I am so happy that i bought this pump. It is fantastic!

  6. What a difference the silicon insert made! I was struggling until I started using the insert, first time I used it I got 80mls in 5 mins!! One very happy customer!! Thank you

  7. I love my S1 but unfortunately cannot use these. I have very stretchy nipples and they get sucked into any size flange. The insert then ends up rubbing painfully and I end up with a ring around my nipple! I think if the insert went further into the neck of the flange it would be amazing.

  8. I’m happy with the feel of the insert. The leaking is dissappointing so I’ll use only first few minutes. I have a Dew and am very satisfied with it.

  9. What a great product! This product makes it so much easier to express and the snug fit is fantastic!

  10. Works well and provides added comfort to the breast shields.

  11. Great item works well. Shipping was so fast. Very pleased with this company and their products.

  12. Soft, comfortable and easy to use. However, like a few other reviewers have mentioned, milk does get stuck underneath and does cause some loss of suction.

  13. I bought 2 of these and really like them. They make my breasts fit the shield more snugly and are very comfortable. The result is a more productive expression of milk. Thank you Spectra Baby !

  14. Bought a pair of these. Couldn’t get them fit properly with S2 model but after a couple minutes of trying they worked fine. Thanks

  15. except for the leaks, i am happy with the massage effect of the silicon. perhaps just like the other user, i should use it for first few minutes, then maybe again before i finish.

  16. I bought these and after using the Dew 350 without and I can’t express just how much better it is with these. They make it so much more comfortable and also allow me to get more milk out per expressing session. They are easy to use, easy to clean and make expressing even easier. Love them

  17. I’ve recently purchase the silicon massager and now had to cut the vacuum letdown from L8 to L4! WOW. I should’ve got this along with my s2! very happy. The suction definitely better with the silicon.

    • Maire Shanahan

      I should mention – the breast shield was probably a little too big for you, so the insert created a tighter fit -> better suction. Sometimes the inserts can create less suction, so if the breast shield fits perfectly, you probably don’t need the inserts. Great to hear it made such a difference Juvi!

  18. I recently bought spectra S2 to help relactate, the normal breast shields were a bit painfuk as I hadnt expressed in a while so I bought these massagers and they are a life saver relactate involves pumping loys through the day and the fact that I can now do it comfortably and I have that option to purchase these is great!!

  19. Great to use and easy to clean
    thank you

  20. Sadly this is the only product I am unhappy with. They consistently pop off the flange and leak milk. I also lose suction with them on rather than getting more milk. They definitely don’t work when using the pumpease bra. I would suggest investing your money in something else.

  21. These inserts are comfortable and I am happy with them. They do tend to get milk under them but I expected that from reading reviews and I have that problem anyway without the inserts. I do think these inserts help with milk flow, massaging as the milk drains out. If they get too much milk underneath I just take them out after a while. All in all, they do make pumping that bit more comfortable and I am happy with my purchase.

  22. Very comfortable and easy to clean and cushions well.

  23. I bought a pair recently. I use these during first 2 minutes only for let down and then I remove theee is no dripping of milk and besides these help in fast letdown..

  24. I bought extras to keep some at work and at home. Very comfortable and easy to use. Also easy to clean.

  25. Because they have the tubing after they get less milk coming back and dripping down you! Much better than other pumps

  26. I found these great to help with letdown when I first began pumping. A little milk always got stuck underneath the inserts but really easy to clean.

  27. I found when using the silicon massager inserts I could not get the shields to fit properly, so I don’t use these. Could just be the size and shape of my breasts though.

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