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Spectra Duck Valve [Pack 2]

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Set of 2 replacement duck valves compatible with all Spectra breast pumps.


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This product contains 2 silicone duck valves for use with your Spectra breast pump. Reduced suction when pumping is often the first sign that your valves need replacing. You should expect to need to replace your valves every 3 or so months if pumping regularly. The top of the valve is quite delicate and can be susceptible to fraying or tiny tears, so if you notice reduced suction or lower milk output then examine this area carefully. Your valves will last longer if you avoid cleaning them in the dishwasher.


  1. These valves are a great alternative to the blue valves! So much easier to clean and maintain great suction!

  2. Thankyou spectra for the great customer service and my spectra s2
    Looking forward to being able to exclusively pump for my newborn
    Thank you again to Georgie for your help

  3. Thankyou for the quick delivery and great customer service. Spectra s2 is fantastic.
    Thankyou to Georgie especially for your help.

  4. As an exclusive pumper who has used many different pumps and pump parts, these are my favourite valves. They are so easy to put on and take off, they stay on, are easy to clean and do not crack or break if dropped like that plastic ones do.

  5. Love these little babies! Definitely stock up!

  6. I exclusively pumped for 3 months before I realised these valves were supposed to be changed periodically! I hadn’t had any issues with then falling off etc. When I ordered my new set they arrived quickly and without hassle.

  7. Long lasting valves. My intital set lasted more than 8 weeks and I was exclusively expressing up to 8 times a day. Make sure you have backup just in case.

  8. Definitely need to spend more money and stock up on these valves. They do not last long at all. When working they are fantastic. After approx one month they fall off into your milk multiple times each time you pump which can be extremely frustrating. Stock up to ensure you always have working valves.

  9. These valves are essential to good pumping – my advice to regular pumpers is stock up! I’m pretty much exclusively pumping and got through my first set in about a month – though putting them in the steam steriliser may have made them loosen sooner. My second set (after the first wash, no steam sterilisation) has lasted about two months. Have just ordered another five!

  10. Just make sure you order a few at a time as the valves don’t last very long at all if you are pumping around the clock.

  11. I thought my pump was broken until I bought these valves and since buying them and using them my supply has begun increasing again. Thank you so much for such a superior product.

  12. I urge everyone to have a set of spare valves for your pump. My milk supply was dwindling so I replaced the valves and holy cow an almost instant increase in my milk. I now change them roughly every 3 months.

  13. I purchased 2 new valves after noticing a reduced milk supply with 1 of the valves I had been using. The new valves made a difference to the supply I am getting and will help me to continue to exclusively pump for my baby. The new valves fit very tightly unlike the previous ones I had been using that had a tendency to slip off while pumping.

  14. These suction valves are great. I’ve been using them constantly for a while and it hasn’t lost it’s suction. Spectra has great products!

  15. These are the best values that I have used. The other product valvues that I have used in the past lost their suction very quickly. I have been using this for 6months constantly and the suction is as brand new. Very impressed with the product and would definitely recommend the Spectra Brand.

  16. Thank you Spectra for such a great product! These valves have saved my breast milk supply. I had only ordered other valves about 4 months ago but recently I experienced low suction on my pump and my supply was decreasing suddenly. I thought I’d order some new valves to see if they were the culprit or if it was actually my pump (S2), and I’m glad I ordered new valves. They have restored the suction and my pump works like brand new again!! I highly recommend all pumping mammas to regularly check and replace their valves. Thanks again Spectra 🙂

    Mind you I couldn’t see any tears or cracks in my valves and they still seemed fairly tight…but I’m glad I ordered new valves.

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