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Premium Spectra Backflow Protector

$13.95 $11.16

Replacement backflow filter pack for the Spectra pumps using the premium breast shield:

  • M1
  • S9
  • S2
  • S1


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Spectra’s innovative design technology ensures that all  Spectra breast pumps from Spectra have backflow protection for hygienic, safe pumping.

This backflow protector creates a complete physical barrier between your milk and the pump motor, ensuring that your milk is protected and that pump performance is maintained.

This backflow protector is suitable for use with the following breast pumps:

Spectra S1

Spectra S2

Spectra 9 Plus

Spectra M1


  1. I love how easy these new back flows are to use and put together. My partner even commented on how self explanatory they are – no backwards floppy disc anymore 😉 Remember to keep a spare set on hand

  2. I was extremely happy with the fast delivery of my accessories, and the parts are very affordable! I would highly recommend.

  3. Very expensive just to replace the membrane, especially with the flat overseas postage fee, and unfortunately they need replacing often to continue to keep their effectiveness

    • Thanks for the feedback, Kate. We do try our best to ensure our prices remain low, unfortunately international shipping does cost us quite a bit even on the small orders! I know Bron has been in touch with you to try and assist working out how to get the most from your parts & accessories when pumping frequently, so hopefully you get some further support there xx

      Spectra Team

  4. Great price and fast delivery on a part that I dropped and broke. Great design too, it prevents milk from entering the tubes which has happened to me on other well known brand pumps.

  5. After breaking my previous back flow filter, I was really happy with how quickly this item was sent to me, within a day of ordering I was ready to get back into double pumping 🙂

  6. I urge everyone to have a spare set of these for your pump. I changed these after 6 months as they had become fairly warn. A great product easy to use, easy to clean and cheap enough to replace.

  7. fast delivery and easy to use

  8. Fast delivery, easy to put together and not a problem to attach to the pump. Easy peasy!

  9. Fast delivery and cheap affordable replacement parts

  10. I recently ordered a replacement back flow filter as a replacement for one that had an unfortunate accident. It arrived within a couple of days and fits perfectly – very happy with the fast delivery.

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