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About Spectra Sales

Things are crazy during Spectra sales. You know those crazy scenes you see on tv of people stampeding during sales? Well, it’s like that. You can’t see it, ’cause we’re online. But it’s happening. This means we need to run things a little different during a sale.

Here are our FAQ for sale time.

Your website is crashing!

Oh no! Unfortunately in the first hours of the sale, thousands of people hit the site and try to checkout once. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the website experiences errors under the strain.

If this has happened, please wait an hour or so and try again. If you’ve added products to your cart, they will still be there when you come back.

I can’t get my order through – can I order by phone?

We know it’s totally frustrating trying to place an order online when the website is having issues. Unfortunately, we cannot take orders over the phone or manually for security reasons.

Your best bet is to wait an hour or so and come back and try again.

Can I add something to / change my order?

During a sale we process hundreds of orders every hour and start dispatching them as they come in. There’s no way for us to find and change orders during a sale.

If you’ve ordered the wrong product, please place another order. You can send back unopened products in saleable condition for a refund. Please note, you will have to pay for shipping to return an order to us.

Can I order an out of stock item at sale price?

On breast pumps, yes. On accessories, no.

On the rare occasions that we are out of stock on a breast pump model, we will make it available for backorder. Unfortunately we are unable to do this on accessories, as it is often less certain when stock will be replenished.

Please be aware that if you place an order containing a product on backorder, your entire order wait until we can ship everything together.

When will I receive my order?

Expect dispatch times on orders placed during the sale to be increased by 3-4 days during the sale. Although we put on extra staff and work hard, it's physically impossible to get all the orders we receive out as we typically do. Sorry!

We are also dependent on AusPost, the courier network and available freight planes to dispatch orders. Our local airport schedules extra freight planes for our sales!

We’ll try and get your order to you as fast as possible.

Happy shopping! 🛍️