Here’s why Using the Correct Sized Breastshield is so Important

Did you know that using the correct sized breastshield can make a huge difference when pumping? Using the wrong sized breastshield can cause injury to your nipple and can also hurt your milk supply by hindering milkflow. Pain should not be ‘pushed through’ while pumping, and if you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort you should definitely check that you’re using the correct sized breastshield.

Changing breastshield sizes makes a huge difference

Spectra asked mums about whether changing flange sizes made a difference for them while pumping. Here’s some of response we got 🙂

It definitely helped me. To start with my first son I thought big boobs meant a big shield size but definitely not the case as I’m on the smallest available ones. Much happier!

– Caitie

Yes, and I had to order my size from another company as they didn’t have them small enough from Spectra. The awesome Spectra team pointed me in the direction of where to purchase. Made such a huge difference! Big boobs doesn’t = big flange as it’s nipple size that counts which surprised me.

– Jessica

Dropping down in size made a much more comfortable pumping experience for me. I don’t think I got anymore milk (I was hoping I would) but I was struggling with milk supply anyway.

– Madi

I had to get a size that was smaller than any of the sizes spectra had to offer. I bought them on Amazon. My production went up once I started using them.

– Nicole

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Changing size definitely made pumping much more comfortable. Had no idea there were different size. I didn’t know it shouldn’t be painful.

– Amelia

How do I find my breastshield size?

If you’re wondering whether you’re using the right sized breastshield, take a look at our breastshield sizing guide!

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