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Here’s why Using a Better Sized Breastshield Might Help You

Did you know that using the correct sized breastshield can make a difference for some mums when pumping? It can help avoid injury to your nipple and can also assist your milk supply. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort you should definitely check that you’re using the best sized breastshield for you. Changing breastshield sizes […]

How Dads Can Help With Pumping: Robert’s Story

Every day Robert’s wife pumps milk for their 7 month old daughter, Mikaela, while she’s at work. Robert is responsible for making sure Mikaela gets the milk she needs at daycare by prepping her bottles each morning. Here’s what Robert has to say about his experience as a dad helping his wife pump milk for […]

Why I brought my breast pump to a family portrait session

Last week this post went viral featuring a tribute to exclusively pumping mamas written by Jaque Hines as she celebrated 1 year of pumping milk for her daughter. Attached to the post are beautiful family portraits taken by photographer Charity Williams from Images by Charity including Jaque and her family AND her breast pumps! We […]

From IGT to solidarity: how donor breastmilk changed my life

Label your breastmilk storage bags ahead of time to make breast pumping at night easier.

Last week Spectra asked mums around the world if they had ever donated breastmilk, or had been the recipients of donated milk. We got an enormous amount of responses and are so thrilled to hear how many mamas are helping each other feed and nourish their babies. Here are some of their stories: When I […]

How the Spectra S2 helped me breastfeed my premmie

With World Breastfeeding Week upon us, it’s a wonderful chance to recognise the different experiences and journey that Mama’s go on. Here, Megan shares her story on the challenges that come from breastfeeding a premmie and shows that whilst it’s different, it is possible and can be just as rewarding. Tell us about your breastfeeding […]

Success with the Spectra S2 – Rachel’s Story

My daughter was born 6 weeks premature, and began her stay in the Special Care Nursery (SCN). After an extremely rough time establishing & maintaining my milk supply with my first child (when I owned both the Medela Swing & Freestyle breast pumps), I was extremely anxious that my milk supply would not meet the requirements […]