We were so thrilled to hear that when Danielle had her triplets at 33 weeks, she was able to express breastmilk for them with her Spectra S2 breast pump!

Spectra breast pump for triplets
Ivy, Harper, and Raine at 6 days old.

Ivy, Harper, and Raine were born at 33 weeks. The babies are tube-fed expressed breastmilk while they learn how to latch.


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Skin-to-skin contact helps the triplets settle down for a nap.

Best breast pump for triplets
While the triplets are in the NICU, Danielle expresses breastmilk with her Spectra S2 to bring to them.

Ivy, Harper, and Raine are almost ready to come home and join their two older sisters.

Day 5, one 10 minute pump thanks to our S2 @spectrababy AMAZING PUMP #spectrabreastpump

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We’re very glad that Spectra has been part of this amazing journey <3

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