Spectra’s total compatibility guide for bottles, breastshields, and more

Your Spectra breast pump comes with everything you need to double pump, including two sets of tubing, breastshields, valves, and bottles, but if you have bits and pieces already at home, then you may want to know what is compatible with what. Below is a guide on everything we know about compatibility. Let us know […]

From IGT to solidarity: how donor breastmilk changed my life

Label your breastmilk storage bags ahead of time to make breast pumping at night easier.

Last week Spectra asked mums around the world if they had ever donated breastmilk, or had been the recipients of donated milk. We got an enormous amount of responses and are so thrilled to hear how many mamas are helping each other feed and nourish their babies. Here are some of their stories: When I […]

How the Spectra S2 helped me breastfeed my premmie

With World Breastfeeding Week upon us, it’s a wonderful chance to recognise the different experiences and journey that Mama’s go on. Here, Megan shares her story on the challenges that come from breastfeeding a premmie and shows that whilst it’s different, it is possible and can be just as rewarding. Tell us about your breastfeeding […]

Complete Guide to Replacing your Breast Pump Parts

Breast pump gear: your complete guide for packing your breast pump bag.

Do I need to replace breast pump parts? Lots of mums are not aware that some  breast pump parts  do need replacing regularly to maintain performance. After a while some parts wear down and can fray or become over stretched and this results in a loss of suction when you are using your pump. Unfortunately, lots […]

What you should know before buying a second-hand breast pump

read this before buying second-hand breast pump

If you’re on a budget or not sure how long you’ll be using a breast pump, then you may be considering buying a second-hand breast pump. There are Facebook groups just for reselling items relating to breastfeeding (the Spectra pumps really hold their value, we’ve noticed!) and of course there’s also eBay. Before you buy […]