Assembling your Spectra Shield Kit

Properly assembling your shield kit is so important for maintaining the health of your breast pump and ensuring you get the best performance while pumping. Improperly assembled shield kits can decrease the life of the motor as it needs to work extra hard or impact the amount of suction you experience while pumping. Your Spectra […]

Use your breast pump to boost your milk supply!

We’ve talked about how foods and beverages can impact milk production, but did you know that you can use your breast pump to boost milk supply too? We’ve compiled a few ways that you can use your breast pump to boost your milk supply! If you’re an exclusive expresser some of these methods are especially important […]

Spectra S2 User Manual

the spectra s2 has fully customizable vacuum and cycle settings

Getting to know your new breast pump can be tricky. Here at Spectra Baby Australia we’re working on making things easier for you by producing comprehensive user manuals to help you along the way. Our Spectra S2 manual covers many topics, including: Understanding the settings of your S2 Assembling your breast pump How to select […]

Exclusive Pumping: 9 things you need to know

First things first, know that what you are doing is amazing! Breastmilk is incredibly valuable to your baby’s nutrition, and if you’ve chosen to exclusively express, you’re in for a challenging but incredibly rewarding journey ahead. To help get you started on your pumping journey, there are some really valuable things that you need to […]

Beyond the pink drink: power foods to boost your milk supply

Pink drink is rumored to boost milk supply

This summer the internet was buzzing about a certain pink drink garnished with strawberries that, to the anecdote of many lactating mamas, increases milk production. This got us wondering what other foods and drinks will help a mama boost her milk supply? Spectra posed the question, and here are some of the responses… Milk Tea […]

Why I brought my breast pump to a family portrait session

Last week this post went viral featuring a tribute to exclusively pumping mamas written by Jaque Hines as she celebrated 1 year of pumping milk for her daughter. Attached to the post are beautiful family portraits taken by photographer Charity Williams from Images by Charity including Jaque and her family AND her breast pumps! We […]