Assembling your Power Adaptor

Did you recently buy a breast pump and it won’t power on, even when plugged into mains? The solution might be easier than you think. Learn how to make sure your power adaptor is assembled correctly, and what to do if that doesn’t fix the problem.

How to assemble your Spectra breast pump power adaptor

If you purchased a Spectra S1, S2, S9 or M1, your Spectra breast pump will come with a power adaptor packaged in two separate pieces. It’ll have the main adaptor, and the Australian prong.

Before you can power your breast pump, you’ll need to assemble your power adaptor. Take the Australian prong and slide it down into the front of the power adaptor. You will hear (and feel!) a loud click. It can sometimes take a sizable amount of force to seat the prong correctly, so don’t be afraid to push hard. You can verify that the Australian adaptor is seated correctly by looking at the back of the adaptor. You should not be able to see the top of the prong when looking from the back. See the illustration below: 
How to assembled your power adaptor with your Spectra breast pump

See it in action

Want to see it in action? Follow the link to watch a short video showing how to assemble the power adaptor.

My pump won’t turn on and the power adaptor is assembled correctly

If the power adaptor is assembled correctly and your pump still won’t charge or turn on, here are a few things you can try…

Try a different outlet

You never know if one particular outlet is not putting out enough power, so it’s always worth verifying by trying another outlet with your breast pump.

Make sure the adaptor is plugged in all the way

Sometimes it’s possible to plug the adaptor into the breast pump but not have it inserted fully. Give it an extra press to make sure it’s inserted all the way in.

Verify that your adaptor plug is pushed in all the way.

Contact us for help

The vast majority of our breast pumps ship without issue, but there have been a few odd occasions when a power adaptor has been faulty. If you’ve tried everything above, please do not hesitate to contact Spectra Baby Australia. Our customer support team is here to help, and we guarantee our pumps for 2 years. Check your pump right away and get in contact with us if you feel something isn’t working properly, or you have questions. We’re here to help 🙂

Contact us

Tip: Consider having a backup power adaptor to ensure your pumping routine is never interrupted should it ever get broken or misplaced.

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4 thoughts on “Assembling your Power Adaptor

    • Spectra Team says:

      Hi Romana, oh no!

      The most common problem we have found when pumps won’t turn on or charge is that the Australian adapter isn’t fully pushed into the charger. It does need a little bit of elbow grease, but you will hear a loud click when it has been pushed down all the way. Can you please take your adaptor apart, and assemble it again, till you hear that loud click?

      Here’s a video that shows how: [video here] (

      Would you mind taking a look to see if your adaptor is assembled properly? If it is then could you please send us a message and let us know the serial number of your breast pump – on the sticker located on the base of your pump starting with AU – and send a pic of the assembled adaptor so we can see it pushed in all the way till you hear that click?

      The other thing you could try – to help narrow the problem down quickly – is to see if you have another 12V charger around your house that might fit your pump. If you do have one around, this would help us work out if the problem is with the power adaptor or the pump itself. Are you able to check this out?

      I will keep an eye out for your message. 🙂

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